Nature Is A Mother

Here we are, two and half years ago, in beautiful Galveston Island, Texas.  This beach is currently under water due to powerful Hurricane Ike.

This picture is a little deceiving but the wall you see behind us is very, very, very high.  I am amazed seeing reporters standing on top of that wall and watching the water now come over the top.

I wanted you to see how massive the beach is in Galveston.  I’m just astounded at the force of this hurricane and how far and high the water had to travel in order to be spilling up and into the street. 

Be safe today Texas, you are in my thoughts.

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  1. Deeba 1

    Yes, be safe Texas. We were at Keemah Boardwalk last summer. Spoke to my sis in Houston last night & the entire area has been evacuated & shut down. My sis is further inland but were expecting power outages etc. Was watching CNN a while ago as Ike made landfall. The nature of ‘mother’ is obviously unpredictable! Be safe guys!!

  2. Barbie with a T 2

    We have evacuated from Galveston to Fredericksburg, Texas, and my sister and her husband have evacuated from Port Arthur to Athens, Texas. We are both safe and sound. But our homes are in terrible danger. I live on the bay, and so we are definitely going to flood, in fact the West end of the island is all going to be underwater.
    Anyway, at least we are safe and we are just praying to find our homes liveable when we return. The hurricane has another few hours to pound our island, and then hopefully it will start to subside sometime today. I loved your pictures of you and the boys in front of the hotel on the seawall. You guys get around don’t you? I am lucky to have internet here at the RV park, so I can still tune in to your website each morning. That is my habit and it is nice to have those comforts of home with me on my evacuation period.

  3. Shirley 3

    My thoughts and prayers are with those in the affected areas of Texas as well.

    Best to you and your family, Barbie T. I am so glad you are safe, but can’t imagine how hard it is to be safe, but displaced and worried about your home.

    The pictures are lovely, Cathy. Always bittersweet to look at pics from a spot you’ve been to before a devastating hurricane. We had one of our best vacations in Charleston shortly before Hugo ravaged it years ago.

  4. sassy 4

    I watched CNN till 1 am this morning, hoping and praying life has been spared for those who stayed.

    I can`t even imagine the terror and destruction, i see the pictures but i know it has to be so much worse than what television can show us.

    Good Luck to texas this morning.

  5. Anna 5

    Sending out prayers to the people of Texas. I live in Savannah, GA and we have been spared over and over again. It’s horrifying to think about what those storms can do.

  6. I am glued to the boob tube as well. It is scary how many people decided to stay on the island…

  7. I hope that all of those who opted to stay behind are safe and unharmed.

  8. tipper 8

    The scenes coming out of Texas are heartbreaking. I too hope all are safe.

  9. Cheryl 9

    What a great thing for you to do to give all of us “seeing” Galveston for the first time underwater a bit of insight into its pre-hurricane appearance/beauty.

    We are remembering all there today.

    (You had me at the title with this post…perfection!)

  10. Whitney 10

    My parents live in the Houston suburbs and we have a very good friend with a business (arty gallery) in Galveston’s historical district that I just know is underwater. My parents have trees down in our backyard but luckily none hit the house. Its not over yet but I have been really worried all night for them.

    Thanks for this post.

  11. Thank for posting those pictures, they really put things in for perspective.
    Prayers are going up from SC this morning, also.
    I remember Hugo. Not pretty!

  12. Kiki 12

    I was in Miami during hurricane Andrew, Mother Nature is an unbelievable force.
    Nice Post

  13. Having trouble posting today–hoe I’m not double-posting!

    These hurricanes are scary–I hope all are safe!

    Very cute pics of you guys on the beach!!

  14. Erica 14

    I was in Galveston a few years ago as well, and I hear you on that wall. I remember it as huge.

    Did you get a chance to go to the Galveston museum for the hurricane they experienced in 1900? It was amazing how they rebuilt after that devastation…hopefully this one won’t be as bad…

  15. Teri 15

    So eerie… so sad to look at your pictures and look at how calm it once was. Lots of prayers for Texas. I can’t even imagine….

  16. Alisa 16

    Prayers going out to all those affected. Keep safe.

  17. HoneyB 17

    My thoughts are with those in the midst of the storm also.

  18. I was in Galveston two months ago. It is certainly a beautiful place and our thoughts are also with those in the area.
    We have a cattle buyer who has become our good friend and business associate in the area. We tried to talk him into coming up, but he said he had to stay since all the barns and fences most likely won’t be standing after Ike leaves town.

  19. Amber 19

    What a gracious post. And you are a beautiful family, the love is obvious.

    I live in California. I understand earthquakes. Unless the building falls on you they are not so bad. Tornados and hurricanes frighten me much much more and I think just about everyone in California would agree. My heart is with all.

  20. Your photos gave this some real context for me – I can understand better the gravity of the situation.

  21. Marcy 21

    Wow Cathy, those pictures sure are pretty! It is hard to believe that it is currently under water… we have relatives in Houston that we have not heard from, and we know they decided to stay and ride it out..say a prayer please

  22. Liz C. 22

    We still don’t know if our friends beach houses are okay, but reports are saying many of the houses on stilts have gone down in that same area, destroying them. Luckily, our friends have been back here for the last week anyway, so they’re safe. They also have the best insurance available.

    When it’s all said and done, I think the people of Galveston will say it could have been a lot worse.

    Apparently, they are waiting for the backside of the hurricane to shed its damage. So, it ain’t over til it’s over.

    What I can’t believe is that hurricane is still churning itself in a whirl over land, leaving damage in its path.

  23. Your pictures do help to give some perspective.

  24. Suzette 24

    I watched the news coverage most of the night…feeling so helpless. Galveston and Kemah hold so many memories. My loved ones are most likely just fine, based on where they are…but their power is out and so I haven’t heard for sure. I’m not too worried – but there are plenty of other folks that need our prayers.

  25. Laura 25

    My mom spoke to my uncle today- a Texas resident. He is okay thank goodness.
    I have never been to a Texas beach and your pictures just broadened my world a bit.
    Thoughts and prayers for Texans in crisis.

  26. Erin 26

    Mother Nature can be a frighteningly angry mother. I can relate. Thanks for thinking of all our friends in Texas today.
    ON a lighter note, I’d love to participate in your potato hoe down. I’m going to come up with my own recipe though, since I lifted the one on my blog from Cat’s Pajamas.

  27. That’s so nice. We were in Shreveport at my in-laws and had to drive through the night last night to avoid the storm. I’m so glad we did–today it was 40 mph winds and rain!

  28. Bunny 28

    MY prayers and thoughts are with Texas.

  29. Laura 29

    Impressive pics for those of us totally unfamiliar with Galveston. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Wow.

  31. It’s so sad. Be safe Texas.
    Your family is beautiful :-)

  32. WOW, that really does put things into perspective.

  33. PookandHouse 33

    I have recently seen “An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore”. Great documentary movie. Everyone should watch. Hurricans are getting a lot worse than ever.

    Hope we all realize how important it is to slow down global warming.

    My prayers go out to Texas.

  34. Mrs. L 34

    We were supposed to go on vacation on Galveston Island the first weekend in October to visit a friend doing testing at the NASA center there. We still haven’t been able to get in touch with the B&B we had reservations at. We are hoping they are all okay.

  35. jancd 35

    Well, here we are sitting in Houston, Texas on a Monday night still without power or water!! What a mess. Thank goodness my daughter in Spring got her power back and we are staying with her tonight. This part of Texas took a big hit as everyone knows, but until you live without power for a few days, then the water goes and you can’t flush, that’s when reality hits you. Keep us in your prayers!! Good time to start that diet……. ha!

  36. Cathy,
    Thanks for the thoughts. My husband and stepson are still down in Houston, while I drove to Sacramento with our kids and animals.

  37. Egghead 37

    I have never been there but it looked like such a beautiful place to be. I am so sorry that all of that damage has taken place and my thoughts are with everyone there. Great photos.

  38. mindy 38

    Cathy–first–thanks for the your appreciation of the Texas coast. I really am fond of Port Aransas, a few hours south of Galveston. I’m always amazed at other people’s limited perceptions of Texas, and so appreciate your enthusiasm. :) It’s a wonderful place, despite it’s shortcomings.

    Yes, that was one heck of a storm. My folks are 30 miles north of Houston and will be w/o power for a bit, so they’re heading north to visit my new nephew for a few days. They were lucky, though. I’m kind of used to these storms, but really, a great deal of people in the coastal towns will suffer terribly–a lot of loss of land and property, not to mention the loss of life for those that tried to stay behind.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts!

  39. Thank you for the awesome pics…with the lovely San Luis in the background…my fave place to stay down there…
    I am hoping that they are able to rebuild back to where they are now…
    They are saying that it could take up to 30 days just to restore power and open up the roads…yowzer.
    Luckily we came out fairly unscathed…but mother nature can show her ugly little head when she wants to…:)

  40. that girl down south 40

    Thanks. We need it.


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