If You Don’t Like Blood, Leave Now

Okay, so there’s not that much blood…anymore…but there was…A Lot Of Blood.

And this is reason 5,287 why I suck at handling any type of emergency situation when my family is involved. 

I become paralyzed, immobilized and completely useless.  It’s not blood that makes me squeamish, it’s the thoughts of what could have happened.

Yesterday, the Wild Boar came in from the yard where he was gardening.

However, he was limping and yelling (he never yells and is never dramatic in any way) for me to get a towel and all I see was blood.  EVERYWHERE. 

I immediately turned to stone, becoming completely worthless as I saw the waterfall of blood running down his leg, into his boot. 

I just stared as he pushed his way by me, getting his own towels, his own giant bandages and his own water.

All I could muster was, “What the hell happened…what…what….”.  Great, right?  So helpful.

All I heard was something about the weedwacker and my knees went weak.  I didn’t even want to look.

He was yelling for me to help him. The kids were freaking out.  It’s was a total scene, made worse by my inability to assist because I can’t stand the pain inflicted on those closest to me.

If it were a total stranger I would have no problem taking charge while I cleaned and bandaged it up. 

But immediate family, I’m a total wreck.

So here’s the carnage…

Now let me say, this is nothing compared to the initial wound, however these cuts are pretty deep. 

I was amazed at the loss of blood caused by this wound.

And yes, we are getting ready to buy chainsaws and farm equipment, don’t think I am already panicking.

Anyone else have this problem?

I’m lame.

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  1. Diane 1


    I’m a lamer too when it comes to dealing with cuts and things.

    I squirm when my partner does DIY with sharp knives and tools. I can’t look.
    I’m also not good at putting on plasters.

    However I love watching TV drama which involves ops and blood and gore!

  2. HoneyB 2

    I used to panic. I think being calmer comes with getting older. I still don’t like blood though. Makes my tummy turn. Glad his damage wasn’t worse!

  3. You better lay in a stock pile of gauze, bandages and alcohol ( for drinking after accidents ) because there are so many perils awaiting you all while you build your dream in Oregon.However, most perils will come with minor injuries and extreme headaches caused by dealing with local permits, inspectors, contractors, builders…..

    Really, sorry about your husbands’ injuries, they look painful. And yes, I can deal with my own blood but panic if my family is gushing blood…even gushing bloody noses. KathyB.

  4. Raina 4

    Your not lame, I do the same thing only I think I might be worse, I cannot deal with vomit or blood I freeze for a quick second than I react being a single mom I have to but it is never by choice, I would prefer to run screaming from the scene but I don’t think CPS would think kindly of that idea. It always amazes me that the smallest cuts can create the most blood.

    I am glad the hubby was able to get aid for himself and looks like he is on the road to recovery! Never too late to start the kids in a first aid class just incase they have to fend for themselves!! :)

  5. Dee 5

    Yikes! Hope your man is healing up okay. I don’t think I could handle a chainsaw or anything remotely destructive anywhere near my family.

    I’m usually pretty calm in serious emergencies – my man’s hand got run over by a car once (car theft, long story, he’s a musician) and I was eerily calm. But I also have an overactive imagination so I imagine the worst.

    You’re not lame.

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your hub’s injuries … hope they heal soon!

    You’re not lame at all – I think I will panic even more if I were in your shoes!

  7. Leslie 7

    OUCH! That looks just like what a weed wacker would do!
    Blood I have NO problem with..but PUKE on the other hand..no thank you!!

  8. Ouchhhhh! Hope he’s felling better now… and you too!

  9. Debbie 9

    It’s a whole ‘nother ball of wax when it’s someone you love that is hurt. Natural reaction.

  10. Colleen 10

    Three words:farm life, construction, and home improvements

    My husband is a construction worker…I have seen limbs hanging, holes through body parts with the object still in them…the works!

    During the course of home improvements (read that as gut everything and start over) My Dad managed to slice through his knee cap with a chain saw when I was little and also lopped off most of his thumb. DH has done a million things too since we bought Green Acres.

    And speaking of green acres…I won’t even get into the injuries I’ve seen on farms. Picture BIG nasty farm equipment and all the things that get caught in it that people stupidly try to fish out by hand. Duh….but they do it anyway.

    Girl…I’ve seen it all. Thankfully over the years of shock and trauma I have become quite the skilled surgeon and amazing NASCAR driver of my old Volvo as we race to the ER. :)

  11. i grew up living on 3 acres–in new jersey that’s practically a farm–and had all of the tractor, weedwacker, chainsawing fun i could handle. today, husban-dito and i have a lawn service, for our own safety. :) hope your hubby is doing better soon.

    as for you…maybe you should get some smelling salts for the house to help jolt you back into the moment during a crisis. hee hee.

  12. Ouch.

  13. Krissa 13

    I think I might be the complete opposite… When my kids are hurt, I’m very calm and get them to the ER no problem. I think I act that way so they don’t freak out, but when it’s ME who is injured, I act like a complete bumbling idiot! Just ask my husband….

  14. You’re not lame. I’m the same way, especially with my family. I was having deja vu while reading this. A couple of years ago, my husband fell off the roof and scraped half the skin off his shin on the shingles. Massive amounts of blood! He came running in yelling too. I reacted just like you did.

  15. Barbie with a T 15

    I am exactly like you are when it comes to blood. I got stuck by a palm branch one day while trimming, and it bled. I immediately almost fainted. I had to sit and let the dizziness go away. Anyway, I have another problem with my husband. He is elderly, and his skin has become very fragile with age. Every time he works around the house or in the yard, there is blood. He can just rub his arms lightly and the skin will tear and because of the medications he is taking, he bleeds profusely. He has slowed down some, but he still insists on doing things himself instead of hiring it done, so we have blood very frequently. Last night he was chasing a bug across the floor trying to step on it, and stumbled against the wall, and there was blood under the skin in a big, big patch on his arm. But thankfully he did not break the skin, so all the bleeding was under the skin. It makes a really ugly looking blotch. The Wild Boar is young yet. If that would have happened to my husband, I am afraid to think that he might have required a transfusion. I do hope that everything turns out okay and healing takes place quickly. I bet you have cut your fingers in the kitchen a few times. It is so easy to do. My sister just yesterday cut her finger while cutting up a chicken (while she was on the phone with me) and she sent me a picture of her wound. It was an ugly gash, almost as ugly as the Wild Boar’s leg. I can tell you and the Wild Boar to be very careful with the power equipment while working on the vineyard property, but I know you will be anyway. At least you don’t have to scream “is there a doctor in the house?” I just wanted you to know that I and many other people in our family share your same problem….blood, panic, fainting, etc. It goes without saying, I know exactly how you are feeling.

  16. Susan 16

    I am also lame when it comes to those I love. Im great with strangers!

  17. If I am the only one to handle it, I do okay. If someone else is there to handle it, I let them.
    When my son broke his arm, you should have seen me running through the house grabbing keys, cell phone… Saying, “Oh, shit, oh shit, oh shit. It was funny afterward. But I handled the situation. Like you, I can handle a situation when it’s a stranger. If it’s my family it’s different.

  18. I am okay helping others with their bloody stumps, etc. but when it’s my own blood, I have a tendency to pass out. Makes it so much fun for the techs at the doctor’s office when they have to draw blood:D Luckily for us, we have a nurse in the family to whom we turn whenever anything icky like that happens.

  19. I’m glad the Wild Boar is okay! Dh advised me to always wear long pants when weed whacking and it didn’t take me long to figure out why.

    I don’t freeze up in an emergency involving family. I might do the wrong thing, but I don’t freeze up. However I did almost lose it once when dh came in from the garage holding a rag full of dark red fluid around his hand. He’d been using the saw and I thought he’d cut off a finger. I was ready to go look through the sawdust to find it so we could take it to the emergency room to be sewn back on. It was only transmission fluid on the rag. He did it on purpose to trick me, the butthead. I was freaking out and in tears, but I punched him good for it. He says he’s learned his lesson between that and one earlier incident. All I can say is he’d better have.

  20. Deeba 20

    Thankfully I’m made of firmer stuff Cathy!! I’ve had my fill of blood ‘calamities’ ever since the boy was born; thankfully the daughter sailed through calmly. I’m one of the few in my family who handle all this in a very matter-of-fact way…& life goes on! Hope the Wild Boar is feeling much better now!!! Cheers & take care…

  21. Steph 21

    I grew up with a brother, father, cousins, and uncles who were always hurting themselves. So, I guess I am used to it…I am pretty good in those situations. If I am doing something to help, I have no problems. However, I fall apart when I am with someone who needs help and I am unable to do anything to help.

    My cousin was in a horrible car accident a few years ago, and it was when she was in the ICU that I decided to become a Nurse.

  22. OMG he weed-whacked his leg! I’m like you–I can’t stand to see a family member in pain. If one of the kids is doing that could potentially hurt them and i know I can’t get to them in time–I close my eyes. It’s totally pathetic.

    I’m glad your hubby is ok–that must have really hurt!!

  23. Katie 23

    Ack, I bet that hurt! Glad he’s ok, sorry for all of the drama.

  24. Suzette 24

    Yikes! That looks nasty. Hope he doesn’t get a lot of infection from that. I have a dear friend who lost an eye due to a weed whacker. No…she didn’t weed-whack her eye. Can you IMAGINE!!?? What happened was the whacker threw a stemmy piece of dried grass into her eye. It came out easily enough. Bled a tiny bit. But, infection set in and it was the infection that eventually got the eye. It was a mess! I think about her every time I weed-whack my yard. Without goggles, of course. And usually with shorts…and no shoes. I do everything wrong. I’m an idiot.

    Thankfully, blood doesn’t bother me. I don’t know why. I just push on through the gore. My daughter totaled her car a few blocks from the house, cutting up her face somewhat. I followed the ambulance to the hospital and held her hand all through the emergency room ordeal, watching her wounds be opened and cleaned out and eventually stitched. I realized that day I could handle pretty much anything. Of course, it wasn’t ME probing around in those cuts! Watching is much better. :)

  25. Egghead 25

    Here is the thing. I am so squeamish when I allow myself to think about cuts, blood, shots and all. In fact when I do think of these things or watch them on television my feet hurt and I can’t keep watching or thinking about it. But I found when there is an actual emergency, family or not, my adrenaline takes over and I am the first to take charge and pull it all together. This goes for cuts, heart attacks (neighbor), broken bones, etc. I don’t know where it comes from but I am thankful it does. But the farmer? He is exactly like you. God forbid I ever need help in an emergency.

  26. Dragon 26

    Poor Wild Boar. I think I’m the opposite. There is a switch in my head that turns on whenever there’s an emergency and crisis in my family. I remain calm, focused and somehow know what to do. It’s when the initial crisis is over that I fall apart.

  27. My sister once broke her collerbone and you could see it poking out of the skin. I actually ended up taking care of my mom (who passed out) and sister and almost drove us back to the house at 14.

    Then, Ben once sliced his finger while washing a glass in the sink. I was in hysterics, bawling and such a wreck I went to three different hospitals before I found him.

    I understand. The Babies getting neutered was enough to make me sob and blubber.

  28. You are so not alone in this. My husband injured himself OVER A WEEK AGO, and just now thinks that maybe he should go to the doctor about it. I think I may have to blog about this soon. I need to get a picture like you did though. I wonder if he will let me do it?

  29. Flea 29

    I don’t have trouble with blood. It seems I have trouble with long-term injuries, with no defined time for healing. Blood, though, not an issue.

    Speaking of blood and family injuries, did you know that you can’t give blood if you’ve come in contact with someone else’s blood in the last 12 months? I found that out the hard way. Sucks being mom to boys. Now I make them clean their own wounds. :)

  30. Betty 30

    A weed whacker huh? My being country girl,I would seriously suggest getting some one to help teach you/the Wild Boar and anyone else close to you in the fine art of handling dangerous equipment. Chain saws are extremely dangerous. During the 2004 hurricanes in Fl. my husband & I got some real workouts with the chain saws. Chain saws if the chains are not kept sharp will get stuck in a log or whatever you are cutting & the danger of jerking the saw backward/upward can result in some really nasty injuries. Please be careful.Get some expert instructions on the care & feeding of the saws etc you will be using. Have a blessed day.;>)

  31. Teri 31

    When my son was 2 (now 18) was learning to walk he fell and hit his head on some garden bricks (yes, stupid me let him walk around the garden bricks, why??!!) he didn’t hit it hard, but it bled like no tomorrow… and looked like bloody murder. I went into panic mode and scooped him up and brought him in the kitchen and screamed, CALL 911, CALL 911 like a complete idiot, my husband came in all calm and grabbed him out of my arms took a washrag and assessed the damage.

    He said, “Look, nothing but a little break in the skin right at the hairline. It only bled like that because it’s on the head! No need to call 911!”

    I guess we all react differently when it’s our loved one! A weed wacker is nasty though! Better get a really good first aid kit for the future! That must have hurt!

  32. Marjie 32

    If it’s my own blood, no problem. I can clean up and butterfly back together my kids’ head wounds. If it’s a splinter or something like that, THEN I become squeamish. Stupid, eh? When my 3rd son sliced the tip of his finger damn near off with a pocket knife, I taped it together, put a clean sock over the whole hand, and off to the ER. I warned the nurse when she was opening it that it would spurt everywhere, and she just dismissed me; what would a mother know, anyway. Then she hollered at me because I didn’t do anything when my son’s finger started bleeding all over the place; I just said, Hey, I told you to have a doctor in here to stitch it before you opened it up! Hubby actually stitched up a friend’s arm once (30 years ago) after the guy had been in a bar fight; said vodka’s a great dual purpose substance, antibacterial and painkiller. I nearly died just thinking about it after I left the room. Yeah, I think blood bothers a lot of us.

  33. haha – I totally get this. I’m usually the one who’s freaking out saying, “what happened … what HAPPENED” – like knowing is going to make it all go away.

    A few weeks ago the boy had gone up to brush his teeth and head to bed, I went to get a big plastic tumbler cup to put water in and of course, because I’m too short, I couldn’t reach it. So I stood up on my tippy toes and caught the corner of it and went to slide it closer to the edge so I could get it, but in reality what happened was that it tipped over, which tipped over another plastic cup which knocked the big green glass Starbucks mug off the shelf and into my lip.

    Split my lip clear open and there was blood EVERYWHERE. Ron and the boy came running in to see if I was ok and they were both standing there still – I was saying, “get me some ice” and trying to catch the blood that was going all over the floor and my shorts. They both stood there trying to figure out what to do. I know it was probably only seconds, but when you are pouring blood from your lip, it feels like forever.

    Ron finally tried to get the ice out of the freezer door and it wouldn’t come out … so he pulled out the whole ice bucket to get me a handful of ice. They were freaking out more than I was at this point wanting to take me to the hospital for stitches. I opted to keep ice on it and let it heal. All I could think of at that point was, “Thank God it wasn’t the week of a big show”.

    So I think that seeing your loved ones hurt naturally makes you stand like a deer in the headlights – even if you are a manly man and a boy – haha

  34. Alisa 34

    And here I thought my husband was the only one weird enough to take pics of his encounter with the weed whacker. I am completely fine when The Kids are injured, until after, but when my husband gets injured, well, I’ve fainted over a splinter before. It was a HUGE one though. I think it might just be the fear that something will happen to him and not only will I be left on my own to raise these hooligans, but I’ll have to get a job as well. :) So, no, you’re not alone.

  35. Eeeyy…Weedwackers scare me. I’m not particularly squimish, but am not sure how I’d respond to large amounts of blood coming out of a family member of friend.

  36. krysta 36

    i hope wild boar is okay… you need lunch or dinner at chez panisse now.

    my husband and my dad are like you when they see blood, i however do the opposite. i actually slow down and am very cool like a cucumber. which drives my husband even more crazy. don’t feel bad i think there’s more people like you than not.

  37. giz 37

    Eeuuuuhttp://www…I doubt I would have handled it any better than you did. Some people are just so good at mobilizing and doing the right thing – not me.. It looks better in the pic but I’ll bet it was pretty ugly.

  38. misty 38

    oh my gosh… That’s horrible. I tend to turn into “don’t react- only function on clear thinking” crisis mode.
    BUT— I’m yet to see a ton of blood…

  39. Cami 39

    I have the same reactions you do, except that I tend to curse, and yell and run in circles followed by fainting. Seriously. When I was 14 (20 years ago)my father who had been mowing the lawn came dragging into the house screaming like we had never heard before, EVER. Blood was pouring from his foot. Turns out he had been moving the lawn, backed up, and tripped over one of the lawn sprinkler heads. The lawn mower (a stand up model) mowed over his foot and had severed 3 toes. Apparently, the mower did not automatically shut itself off. Products Liability, anyone? Anyhow, I took one look at the situation and started screaming. Then the room started to spin and close in on me, and I started to faint. Luckily, my mom, my great-uncle (who was a surgeon and was visiting from out of town)and my great-aunt took charge of the situation. My great-aunt was able to catch me and haul me off to the guest bed-room while my mom and great-uncle got towels and ice and drove my dad at warp-speed to the emergency room. When I came to, my aunt had sequestered all us kids in the guest room and was trying her best to distract us. At the hospital they were able to re-attach all my father’s toes and he suffered no long-term ill effects. My father never did any type of garden/lawn work after that. My parents hired a lawn service and that has been the arrangement ever since.

  40. Daziano 40


  41. I’m the opposite I handle emergencies quite well as a matter of fact I delivered my own grandgirl along side of an expressway :o)

  42. ELRA 42

    Oh dear, I hope his okay…and I hope you are okay too!

  43. I am SO OK with blood, doesn’t bother me at all. Even if it’s my family.
    You’re not lame. :)

  44. Leah Q 44

    The photo fantastic…the story, priceless…as for handling blood, you are not alone… many can freak out…I am glad he is alright and that no stitched were required!

  45. Sandie 45

    Eew, ick. I’m glad your hubby’s ok.

    My husband practically chopped off his hand a few years ago. I vomited before I could offer to help (yes, I have a strong gag reflex). He (and his hand) eventually recovered, but I’ve not been able to live down the label of “puker.”

    It’s not very ladylike now, is it?

  46. Cheryl 46

    Ooooof. Just came to. What was your post about?

    (You’re not alone. Not even my man’s blood and it got to me!)

  47. Marcy 47

    Yuppers Cathy, only my thing is vomit. I don’t do vomit. I can hardly handle my own vomit much less anyone elses!

    As for blood, I worked in the medical field for 10 yrs, that does not bother me. One time , when I worked in general practice, my father called saying he’d had an accident with his weed whacker and could the doc put a few steri-strips on for him? I told him to come in, no prob. His idea of needing steri-strips turned out to be a need of like 10 stitches because he almost cut the end of his index finger off. I sent him across the street to the ER, after calling them and asking them to fasttrack him, because I was afraid he’d put up a fight, or leave.
    Glad the wild boar didn’t have more damage.

  48. Knowing WHAT to do helps. Take a first aid course. Blood = apply pressure. It really does help.
    I am having a contest come by and see.

  49. You’ve spilled your first blood, you are officially in agriculture now. Trust me, it won’t be the last.

  50. Daisy 50

    I’m just fine with others’ wounds, but it’s my own that are terrible. I’ve amassed plenty of random emergency medical information throughout my life, and it’s shame that when it comes to applying it to myself, I’m lost (like not too long ago when I nearly cut my finger off using a serrated carving knife on a baguette – I put a towel on it, threw my hand above my head, and refused to get it stitched until I was forced to stare into the gaping wound… where upon I almost fainted.)

  51. Howdy 51

    Oh… Blood, stitches, run to the emergency room… NO PROBLEM!

    At least that is until it’s over… then it’s a different story.

    Like the time my son (at 11) had oh 20 some stitches put in some gashes in both of his knees – I did not bat an eyelash… until the nurse started wiping the area and putting on the bandage and was YAKKKING at me about how to take care of it… I finally held up my hand and said “I can’t listen to you right now – I have to lay my head down” and she stopped and I rested.

    Or when my youngest had a surgical pin removed from her finger… he just yanked it out with a pair of pliers… but nope while the nurse was putting on the new cast/splint I had to lay down .

    Hmmm lets see… my oldest daughter was sent for a lung scan following some chest pains that they wanted to rule out blood clots… in my defense I started that day with a migraine headache – so I didn’t feel too bad laying on the floor in the bathroom at the hospital… just for a few minutes.

    I’m good until it’s over… then it’s over for me!

  52. When Drama Queen was almost two, she fell into a coffee table and had a huge gash by the side of her mouth (4 stitches). I was holding her and my mom was cleaning the wound. I fainted. I am lame.

  53. dawn 53

    umm no thanks. I scrolled to the bottom of this and straight to the comments. (didn’t read anything). I don’t do blood or NEEDLES. So, I hope whoever got hurt in your family is ok now.

  54. tipper 54

    I’m the same way-I totally freak out. Hope he’s better soon.

  55. I really, really should not be laughing, but how on earth did you get him to pose for the picture? I’m guessing most guys would not want weed-whacker injuries publicized. :-)) I was going to go mow the lawn, but maybe I’ll wait a while!

  56. dlyn 56

    I hate seeing it, but I handle it. Then I fan my husband who will have probably fainted at the first drop of blood. such a weenie :D

  57. melissa 57

    I’m with you. I won’t even cut my husbands hair. He (my husband) reminds me of Tim the Tool Man and Everybody Loves Raymond at the same time. Oh look I was standing on a stool (a stool!) cutting over my head with a razor blade and the stool broke and I cut my hand. Duh! After all these years it doesn’t bother me as much but now when he gets hurt I bitch because now my day has to wasted at the ER waiting on him. I’m sooo selfish.

  58. Debbie 58

    I don’t have the problem you have until after it’s all over…then I fall apart.

  59. Wow, I am pretty good when it comes to emergencies. Although, I don’t like to see my puppies in any pain.

    Chain saws scare the crap out of me. Don’t do it, don’t you do it.

  60. Aubrey 60

    You are not alone. When my now 15 yo was 6, he fell out of a tree at my in-laws. I heard him wimpering, went outside, saw him lying on the ground, bone popping out of his arm, turn around and walked right back inside. Told my hubby, go out there now, our son is hurt! I’m SOOO not a good mommy!

  61. I know how you felt. When my son fell down the stairs and cut his head open. His mother held him while I drove to the hospital. Then the doctor wanted me to hold him while he stiched him up. I all but fainted and Betty went into the emergency room with the doctor and held him for the stitching.
    If he did that with a weedwacker don’t give him a chain saw.

  62. strange enough, i can handle the blood but my husband? he wilts with just a speck on anyone.

  63. Vicki 63

    Human injuries I can handle no problem. But when my 3lb baby chihuahua got a chewy treat stuck in her throat and was choking and yelping, I froze, the only thing I could do was thrust her at my husband before I collapsed in a blubbering heap.

  64. Laura 64

    There is a rather (in)famous story about me when I was around 12 or so and my mom was catching for my brother, who was (fast) pitching, and he hit her in the nose–total nose bleed. Was I helpful? No. Was I paralyzed? No–I bawled like a baby. I think my mother claims I had hysterics. Mind you I was not hurt in any way and all she had was a nose bleed–but the blood was gushing. So I get it.

    Having said that I know I have grown out of it a bit–I tend to be proactive and do stuff now–but I also, as my husband will attest, tend to yell at those around me if they are not reading my mind and doing what I need them to do.

  65. Sassy 65

    you are not alone. I am EXACTLY the same way, thank goodness hubby has been around during any and all major upsets.

    It is`nt only blood, that i wimp out. it is choking also. Once my 3 year old daughter had swallowed a part to a metal puzzle thingy. She was`nt actually choking, but it would`nt come up, she`d cough, then nothing. While i was running around in a panic, hubby sat her on his lap, rubbed her back, relaxing her. Within minutes, she coughed it up. She`d still be coughing, and i`d still be running around like a chicken with my head cut off if it had been left to me. I am soooo pathetic this way.

  66. Bunny 66

    When my kids were little and they had to go to the doctors and have something done they’re father would have to stay with them and I’d go out of the room cause I couldn’t stand to watch it. My son was into wrestling when he was younger at school and the thought of somebody hurting him just drove me nuts, twisting him up like that and the look on his face , ugh. No your not alone!

  67. Oh, that’s an ugly wound! I am impressed he posed for your blog :-)

    I only panic when I know there’s someone else who can take charge, otherwise I perform and then throw up or pass out when the crisis is over.

  68. grace 68

    ouch! i’m super squeamish around blood, especially my own, which is odd considering i deal with it in large amounts monthly…

  69. When I was a little girl I split my chin open on a cement bench in the yard. I crawled into the house and my dad took one look at my hand cupping a chin full of blood and he passed out cold. Good thing a few other “non related” adults were around to get me to the hospital!

  70. Thank goodness he’s a doctor! I wish I had one ’cause I’m a disaster when there is blood within a mile radius. Glad he’s ok!

  71. Katie 71

    I can not stand blood. Makes me sick to my stomach. I am right there with you.

  72. I too am a nervous wreck when it comes to these things…
    I told my mom that I wouldn’t have kids due to the fact that I couldn’t deal with vomit or blood – she said that it is different when it’s your own…I find this hard to believe. HA

  73. melissa 73

    I’m very calm. Good in a crisis. On the other hand, if Steve were hurt to the point of it being a life or death struggle… well, I think it would hard for me not to start panicking or crying. I don’t like to think about it. :(

    I’m glad your dear husband is okay, relatively speaking.

  74. shelly 74

    Next time he wants to shave his legs tell him there is a nice little invention called ” the razor”

  75. I totally hear ya Cath. I am fine with my own blood and generally the blood of strangers but when it is someone I care about I get a pit in my stomach and kinda lose it…

  76. I just can’t believe your husband let you photograph his wound for your blog. That’s love.

  77. Jude 77

    What the… I was totally not expecting that. I thought you were making black pudding or something :)

  78. Lore 78

    My mom trained to became a nurse only to discover she couldn’t stand to see a big amount of blood. I remember having some childish accidents as a kid and she always managed to wash and bandage my wounds. When I grew up I asked her how could she do it and she told me that she knew I could only rely on her for doing this and she managed to overcome her problem when it comes to close family. Things have not changed when it comes to wounded strangers.

  79. magpie 79

    Ouch. My husband does similar things to his hands with various kitchen and woodshop tools…

  80. reason #8725 why jewish men shouldn’t ever weed wak their own property.

    jewish dr’s make a PHONE CALL !!!

  81. Kate 81

    You are not lame. People react differently to shocking situations, and Cathy, this was one. Seeing blood and gore has never really upset me and I am fairly calm in emergency situations. However, I cannot cook. I do not want to cook. Well, maybe I want to, it’s just that it’s not something I ENJOY doing. Therefore I am lame. We even now?

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