How Much Does It Reflect On Us?

It’s hard, really,really, hard to not get caught up in the politics of the Presidential election right now.

Every station, newspaper, radio talk show, headline, blip, frequency, radio wave, moonbeam…is just slowly sucking me down the political turnpike.  And we all know there are often very few redeeming qualities there.

I have always had a healthy interest in the political machine but this year’s election…IS GETTING REALLY INTERESTING.

Anyway, Friday’s announcement of Sarah Palin taking the Vice-Presidential nomination was big news.

However, as dramatic as it was, a new storm of unsettling controversy has overshadowed it.

The announcement of the pregnancy of Sarah Palin’s seventeen-year-old daughter now looms over the ballot box.

But how much does this new turn of events really affect the poll’s?  Would it change your vote?

Does it make her a bad mother, governor or leader that her daughter finds herself in a less than desirable situation?
Of course many political strategists like to say this turn of events will hurt her and McCain in the polls.  Others say she has not been a mindful parent.  However, it’s pretty difficult to control every moment of your teenager’s life.  Almost impossible really.

So should the pregnancy of her daughter be politicized? 

Is this really news? 

What’s the relevance here?

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  1. HoneyB 1

    No, I don’t think it should be, but people will. When people go on about things like that they aren’t thinking that they have something they don’t care to have over expounded on. But then again they are safe because they aren’t in the lime light. At least for now.

  2. Yes, and what is the relevance here ? My heart goes out to the family, there are a lot of decisions to be made and hopefully the family will keep in perspective the true issues . Their family, their daughter, the next generation…and I hope and pray they will seek true wisdom before they act.

    How tragic for anyone to be in the eye of the national media when family crisis hits. I hope we all, whatever the political inclination, cast a kind eye and heart towards the family.KathyB. Oh, it won’t change my vote !

  3. Debbie 3

    No it shouldn’t be. But the entire family is now forever under the glaring spotlight because of her job. It’s just like Dick Cheney’s daughter being gay.

  4. I don’t think it should. Being someone who works in the media, I know journalists. They’re simply out to get a big story and protect their favorite candidate. At work on Friday, all anyone could talk about is how terrible McCain is and bash him. When I tried to present a opposing point of view for the sake of discussion, they blew it off. The media is out to control the nation’s vote. And I can say it with certainty, not conspiracy theories!

  5. Anna 5

    I don’t think it means she’s in any way a bad mother, but I wonder what she thinks about abstinence-only education…

    I also wonder how Dick Cheney and Sally Kern can be against gay rights when they have homosexual children.

  6. I was pregnant my junior year of high school. Nothing my mom could have done would have prevented that. I had birth control, I didn’t take it. Duh! I don’t think she should be slammed for it and I’m glad Obama said he won’t discuss it. Of course his own mum was only 18 and unmarried.

  7. Leslie 7

    They are making mauntain out of a mole hill!! I mean if the girl was 11 and was pregnant…well then yes. But you cant attach your self to your 17 year olds hip 24/7 for goodness sakes!

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    In my opinion, when you enter into politics, you know that everything past, present and future is going to be exposed, and the candidates running for office should just stand tall and stand up for their beliefs and cover their past accomplishments in their campaign speeches and debates so the public can fully understand. Americans will make their own decisions when it comes to voting, about whether the details of their private lives is important or not, and in the end, the best man or woman will prevail. That is the American way, always has been, and always will be, and the president, vice president, republican or democrat cannot please all the people all the time, there will be winners and there will be losers, but as long as the American people exercise their right to vote, nobody should complain about the outcome.

  9. I was the good kid in high school. I was an honor student and the only person one friend’s very strict parents trusted with their daughter. They supposed she couldn’t get into trouble if she was with me. For the most part that was true and she would have done better to listen to them a little more. I rarely drank and I was *always* the designated driver, always watching out for my friends who were not so responsible. Yet, I was pregnant when dh and I got married. I think I was the last person anyone ever would have expected that to happen to. The truth is, I could have gotten pregnant as early as 16 and that I am fortunate it was not by my first boyfriend. (Dh was only my second.) It had nothing to do with my mother’s parenting skills.

    Sometimes we like to think we are more responsible for other people’s actions than we are–especially when it comes to children. The truth is that everyone makes their own choices. We may influence those choices for better or worse, but each individual is responsible for their own actions. A 17-year-old is certainly old enough to be responsible for her own actions. If you remember 17, you likely remember that no one could tell you anything, particularly not if you’d already made up your mind.

    Some people are suggesting elsewhere that Palin is a bad mother to have accepted the nomination with a special needs child and a pregnant 17yodd. I think that’s silly and quite a personal judgement as well. (Do I tell my neighbor what career choices are best for his/her family?) I’ve been googling duties of the VP. It seems there aren’t a lot of formal duties. I don’t see why she cannot be VP and a good mother at the same time. It’s not like she can do the work of carrying and delivering that child for her daughter. Her daughter might prefer to have mom’s love, support, and advice–from a bit of a distance, whether that’s actual distance or mom having some other things to think about. I know I’d go nuts with my mom hovering over me. Let’s not forget she will have her husband’s help with Trig as well as much more help available to her than most parents of special needs children probably ever get.

    Really I think Obama’s response to this whole thing has been the most appropriate. I really admire him for how he has handled himself. I wish all politicians and armchair quarterbacks would do the same and about much more than just this. (I’m not referring to you or anyone here in saying that. I’ve seen some lengthy discussions elsewhere that have really irked me.)

  10. Kari 10

    I hate to see the media exploiting the situation with Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter. People make mistakes, and, when it’s your child, you’re going to stand by them and support them. This just shows me that Sarah Palin is a devoted mother, as well as a strong, conservative woman. This makes me admire her all the more.

  11. Personally, I think it’s none of our business!
    Political, whatever it takes to make the other guy look bad.
    Shameful, if you ask me.

  12. It shouldn’t be a factor, but it most certainly will be. This is an unfortunate situation, but it is a private one that has no bearing on the political issues at hand. I’m tired of seeing the media use candidates’ children as fodder for their own agendas. It happens all the time.

  13. I think it is a shame that Bristol has everyone in the country talking about her pregnancy.
    She is at a young age and is, I would think, going through a difficult time. It is hard enough to be in the public eye so young, but add to that her pregnancy? Let her be! She is a brave young woman.

  14. Lori 14

    I think it’s just appalling watching people from every conceivable side spin this. I’m not a religious person at all, but I am a person who has had an awful lot of life happen to me, and I find myself thinking about throwing stones in glass houses.

    Anyone who raises children to their mid- to late-teenage years knows that at some point a parent has to let go of the idea that they can control everything their child does, everywhere the child goes, etc. My oldest daughter once told me (she was 17 I think) that at some point I was just going to have to trust that I raised her well. Which means that she would learn from her mistakes, take the consequences of them, bear the results.

    I’ve noticed that people have a hard time pulling their own egos out of the game, for the good and the bad. If their kid goes to Harvard, it’s all about how great they are as parents! If their kid makes a mistake…..well, it’s often their concern about what it means about them that drives their response, more than their concern about their kid. Not sure if I’m being very articulate, this topic gets to me.

    Parents can be so cruel to other parents sometimes.

  15. Bunny 15

    Well lets get real here, in my opinion most of the people that will be judgemental about this will be men because most women will have the common sense to know that you can’t but your teenager daughter ( or son) under house arrest till they’re 21. Shit happens in ANY family. This is not the first teenage daughter to get pregnant, they need to get over it. Hopefully she will be a wonderful mother and start using birth control or stop having sex. So what’s the big deal? I’m more upset about the septic tank of male politicians that we have that go on the computer after children or have affairs, or are involved in illegal activities. Ok I need to stop cause ai’m getting mad now!!!

  16. Nancy iin MI 16

    Will it change my vote? No. What’s the relevance of the story? It proves to me that when she says she is pro-life, she really is pro-life. However, I agree with Obama on this one (probably the only thing I agree with him on!) that families should be off-limits in a political race; especially kids.

  17. I think the real victim/pawn here is the baby’s father. I have to wonder how much it is his choice to marry Bristol? And yes, I know it’s his fault in the first place, but he’s getting sucked into something huge.

    But curiosity aside, I really think the children of candidates should be absolutely off limits.

  18. I saw this comment from Obama –

    “I have said before and I will repeat again: People’s families are off limits,” Obama said. “And people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn’t be a topic of our politics.”

    I may not agree with everything he stands for, but I really respect him right now!

  19. krysta 19

    i’m of mixed feelings about this… i was 17 when i was pregnant, so i can imagine how much more scary it would be with the news cameras on you and your mom in the spotlight. i don’t think mc cain vetted her as much as he should have, if he makes this rash of a decision about a veep what about everything else? i think abstenience only programs obviously do not work and palin is strongly for those type of programs. and her husband works for b.p. which isn’t widely known yet.

    so her candidacy is so confusing to me but yet my own life is confusing to myself… so maybe people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  20. I agree that her family’s affairs are really not “our business” but the way Palin responded to the news of her daughter’s pregnancy is telling. She said stuff like she’s “proud” of her daughter and “proud to become a grandparent. That doesn’t sound like straight talk to me. I’d have a lot more respect for her if she said she was disappointed in her daughter. So, to me, her reaction gives me a lot of insight into her.

  21. Marjie 21

    Her daughter’s actions are her daughter’s actions. Of course she can’t say she’s disappointed in her daughter. None of us wants to admit to the world that their kids have done something we don’t like. But I think her pride in her daughter stems not from the girl’s behavior to get pregnant, but from her having learned at home that pro life means pro life, even if it means at the same time that this poor girl has sacrificed her entire youth for this child. And yes, that is the sacrifice she has made. In 20 years when that child is grown, Bristol will be 37, she will have grey hairs, she will not be toned and gorgeous, and her youth will be gone. Sarah Palin has to be proud of her daughter for making this choice, in accordance with her family’s beliefs.

  22. She’s a minor and, as such, I don’t think she should even be discussed. But then, that’s not the kind of society we live in, is it?

  23. I guess I don’t understand why a teenager’s mistake is news. Anybody who has had a teenager should know you can’t control their every action.

  24. Cheryl 24

    Should be off limits…but as far as it “hurting” the McCain/Palin ticket, I have to think absolutely not…

    If Bristol had gone against the upbringing we assume she had — and obtained an abortion on the sly — THAT would be a bigger “negative reflection” that no doubt the press would have a tougher time relinquishing.

    And ‘fessing up, while I think Obama is a fantastic motivational speaker, I have never planned to vote for him (and still don’t), BUT, my respect for him went up greatly after his public statement on the issue yesterday. Think he is a good man, I just don’t share his ideas on what this country needs and how to get there.

    (It IS hard not to get political right now…it IS exciting…and for that, I’m grateful!)

  25. Sue 25

    Let who is without sin cast the first stone. She is surely safe….

  26. Alisa 26

    I hope that this is taken in the vein that I mean it, not to start a working mom vs. sahm debate, but…she has 5 kids who need her. How can she even consider taking a job where her time will not be her own? I know parents can’t control their teenage children, so while the pregnancy is a difficult situation, it is theirs to handle. She threw her family in the spotlight when she chose politics as her career though. It’s not like one enters that profession not knowing they are going to be scrutinized for what time they take their, you know. I think the Clintons have shown that while it’s publicized, it certainly doesn’t harm their career any to have scandals. Sometimes, it even helps them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if the American public as a whole holds public figures to any moral code. Now, this poor girl is going to be judged and condemned just to get to her mother.

  27. Whitney 27

    Her mother knew that Bristol would be put into the spotlight whether it is appropriate or not to do so. I don’t know why she would accept the VP nomination and make her go through this.

    I just love that she is for abstinence-only education yet can’t get that message through to her own daughter but yet she wants schools/the state/etc to only have this as an option? Pretty clear that it doesn’t work.

    I really hope this country moves forward with Obama/Biden. It is what we really need.

  28. I want to give that poor girl a hug. I don’t think it should be politicized at all. That being said, I was not voting for that ticket anyway.

  29. Misty 29

    It really doesn’t change my opinion of her. I am excited to see the election. I will NOT vote Obama. He is the last thing this. I agree though, it is hard to not get caught up in politics right now. But, we all have the right to vote. I love to research all of the info on candidates.

  30. Misty 30

    I agree 100%. While I may not like him, I totally respect him more now.

  31. Im a libertarian republican, with conservative leanings, especially fiscally. I like Palin, I liked the family statement re: this issue. Its a non-issue for me. 17 was an acceptable age to have a baby 2 generations ago. It’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world either. Anything is possible when you have love and support from your family.

  32. If Palin were not so outspoken about abstinence, I don’t think it would matter as much. I think McCains’ decision is an absolute joke and I’m pretty embarrassed for our country. Personally.

  33. Plenty of good people with good parents have unplanned pregnancies. That doesn’t change the fact that I wouldn’t vote for the Mcain/Mcain with ovaries ticket.

  34. I don’t think the pregnancy reflects on Gov. Palin’s parenting. I think her decision to enter the presidential race, knowing full well it would catapult a vulnerable young woman into the national spotlight, does reflect on her parenting. If both she and Senator McCain knew about this, as they claim, then they are either clueless/ignorant of the media and internet pundits or they are selfish/uncaring politicians. My feeling is – shame on them!

  35. Laura 35

    I know nothing about Palin, so for me it is hard to say. But while I feel in general it should NOT be news, I would find it newsworthy if Palin were a hardcore “family values” no premarital sex, judgmental, religious-right blah blah blah type Republican. But I have no idea if she is.

    I am glad Obama would not discuss it (from what I heard–I don’t follow politics much). And I am glad that McCain was not deterred by it when asking her to be the VP candidate (it is my understanding he knew beforehand), since I think it is a lousy thing to be deterred by.

  36. heather 36

    this presidential race has focused on lots of controversial issues, and only a few of them have any bearing on what the candidates will do in office. that’s about par for the course, though, as far as i’m concerned. the media is always hyping things up and while politicians and movie stars can expect people to be overly nosy about their personal lives, i don’t think it’s always our business. and all those extraneous issues (gender, race, etc) shouldn’t affect people’s votes – but you know it will affect some. i agree with the other excellent comments about not being able to control other people’s choices. especially children’s choices. palin can believe in abstinence even if her daughter doesn’t.

  37. It’s an off-limits topic as far as I’m concerned. I can see how it sort of “stains” the ticket of course. Republicans try to come across as the “family values” (whatever that means) party and its base shun sex outside marriage, particularly in teens, but I suppose if the kid had had an abortion it would have been worse. If the Palin herself were single and pregnant she’d never be elected. It is natural and human for people to wonder how much “control” Palin has over her children and will likely make people question, “How can she run the country if she can’t keep an eye out for her children?” There might also be some male chauvanists pigs (of the non-noble sort) who will say it’s proof women can’t handle a family and a political career.

    I wouldn’t have voted for her anyway, so maybe that’s why I have a hard time caring.

    I’m more concerned about the huge amounts of negative campaigning and the horrible misinformation being spread out there. People really do want to believe the worst about others. No matter how many times the stories get debunked, people still believe them. I swear if someone out there said Obama tortures puppies and eats babies, people would believe it (to prove this I made up a fake news story about Obama being a lover of puppy torture and put it on a MySpace bulletin and some of my friends actually believed it). We need to vote on issues and not on who is better at trashing the other side.

    Palin is a horrible mother though. BRISTOL? What kind of name is that? There are thousands of beautiful girls’ names out there and you name your kid after some town in Rhode Island!!!

  38. tipper 38

    It should be off limits-but clearly its not-just watch the news.

  39. Ava 39

    When you agree to be in public office, everyone will know everything about you. Period. Does it make me want to change my vote? No, because I would not vote for a ticket that Mrs. Palin is on anyway. She is not qualified to be VP and with McCain as old as he is, she might have to be president. No, no, no.

  40. Suzette 40

    I absolutely think this should be off-limits in the political arena. Having raised a daughter, I know how much I prayed during her dating years…and I consider myself a very good mom. I’m MUCH more interested in the outcome of Troopergate. Plus, I’ll be watching interviews and will eagerly await the vice-presidential debates. But…in all honesty…I think McCain already pushed me off the fence with his choice.

  41. Mrs. L 41

    Should it be off limits or a non-issue? It is with me…except if if becomes an issue. If “family values” becomes a rally call for McCain/Palin I would really take a look at someone who put politics above their family (be it man or woman).

  42. It doesn’t make me change my mind about her. It does make me want to ask her if her opinion about abstinence-only education has changed. God knows I don’t want my boys doing the deed when they are 17, but I will make sure they know the safe way to do it just in case.
    Let me tell you what does change my mind about her:
    This June she gave a graduation speech at her church where she told the audience that the War in Iraq is a messianic mission and that by remodeling the Middle East we are doing God’s will. She also asked the people in the audience to pray for the completion of a $30 billion national pipeline, which her husband who is employed by British Petroleum will benefit from. It worries me that her pastor has said on multiple occasions that critics of George W. Bush will go to hell.

  43. CJ 43

    I agree with the position that it reflects on Palin as a mother that she would accept a VP nomination knowing that her daughter would be dragged through the mud on CNN. I haven’t decided who to vote for yet and probably won’t for a while yet but this incident has pushed me a little more to the left than I was before.

  44. Of course it should have nothing to do with the election. But the press and the oposition will see to it that it does. Just like Obama’s pastor. The important things we ignore the things t6hat don’t count we magnify.

  45. I’m about the business of casting a vote not a stone. I have always been amazed at the notion that if “I” couldn’t imagine doing it then it must be wrong. How silly is that logic? I couldn’t imagine just about every invention man has come up with (or even the few that my husband has blazed the trail in discovering and profiting from greatly), so are these great men and women wrong or bad or stupid for carrying out their course?

    Often when people discovered I had a severely disabled son they pitied or sainted me on the spot. When they discovered I had TWO handicapped sons I floated before their very eyes. When my three daughters showed up eyes narrowed. When they learned I homeschooled they flipped. “I can’t imagine how you do it … ” “Don’t you know what causes this?” and other unsavory remarks quickly morphed into “YOU’RE CRAZY!” Hmmmm … “they” couldn’t imagine doing what I do EVERY DAY without complaint so “I” must be crazy? Hmmmm … strange logic that DOESN’T CHANGE MY LIFE ONE BIT.

    So, I simply say to Sarah Palin, “I may not walk in your shoes, but my pumps have hobbled over some pretty painful cobbles in my life and I haven’t given up being all the woman God called me to be. I don’t judge you (or your daughter), I shall merely continue to evaluate your credentials for the job in question.” So far … she’s answered a lot of “3 am calls” in her life already … and she’s still carrying on. There but by the grace of God go I.

    Cast your vote folks … keep your stones in your pocket and carry them home to decorate a flower bed in your OWN garden. : )

  46. Me neither. Well put. It’s irrelevant to me whether Palin was careful to educate her children about sex. But it had better be relevant to the Republican party. I just heard a young one saying “it’s a victory for the pro-life movement,” but isn’t it more accurately a failure for the “abstinence-only sexual education” movement? One and the same, I thought. Am I wrong?

  47. Terrie 47

    Sarah Palin’s daughter and the less than desirable position she’s in is none of our business. I used to be one of those parents who would now be saying something smug about this topic, but I have learned by unfortunate experience that parents with the best intentions and parenting skills in the world do not completely control what their children do when they are not home. I wish both of them the privacy they need and deserve on this subject.

  48. I think you are absolutely right!

  49. Kate 49

    I think I’m a pretty good person. And I know I was (and still am) a good mother. But I can’t control how my one son is living his life. And it shouldn’t reflect on me. I think it’s none of our business. But if she’s going to be running this country one day, which she very well may if McCain is elected, then the media will make it our business.

  50. Marcy 50

    wow, HMMM, I don’t get involved in politics much, but my hubby does. We discuss issues from time to time, but at some point my eyes glaze over. If I don’t understand something, I will ask him to explain it to me. I haven’t given this subject much thought, will have to get back to you on this!

  51. This is the hot topic today, huh?

    I agree with what Barack Obama said about people’s children being off limits. I thought that was an extremely classy and politically savvy thing for him to say.

    I will say this…they were talking about this whole mess on the Today Show and one woman said that Sarah Palin does not believe in schools teaching sex education or effective methods of birth control. My first thought was “No kidding…apparently she doesn’t believe in teaching them to her children in her own home either.”

    Just my two cents…

  52. Where should I begin (as I listen to the hooting and hollering in the background because Bush is speaking at the RNC). Wow. They all sound so desperate. But I digress.

    I’m annoyed that McCain chose Palin to be his running mate, but I’m annoyed by way too many things about this election. It would be quite pleasant if the media evaporated for a while so I could think, but they’re omnipresent.

    I’m annoyed that Palin was chosen seemingly as a distraction instead of what she could bring to the ticket or office. I think her own party is patronizing her, which shouldn’t be a surprise, but I’m sort of a Pollyanna once in a while.

    I’m annoyed that although many conservatives can talk about family and church and values and leading by example, that now, it’s okay that a 17-year-old girl is pregnant, and that getting married will fix it all. I wonder how difficult it is to over look something when it’s in front of your face after one has maligned so many others for so long for the very same reason.

    I respect the fact that Palin reported the news herself even if it isn’t any of our business at all. Ever.

    Okay, I feel better now.

  53. To answer your original question…it doesn’t reflect on us…it reflects on John McCain and whether he badly wanted to find the absolute best candidate, or whether he wanted to quickly find the most tactical candidate. Buzz is saying he did not know she was pregnant when he chose her. You decide.

  54. Obama said it best…this is a private family matter, not a political moment.

  55. No relevance whatsoever. Another negative attack by a rival (or the media) seeking to discredit an opponent or dig up juicy personal info.

    It is truly no wonder that this great country of ours (or at least those running it) has become the laughing stock of the world.

    Kind of a shame, but you know what…to heck with them. I love this great country of ours!!!

  56. Natty 56

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think this story does matter to a certain extent. I’m an Obama supporter so I can’t answer that in an unbiased way but here’s how it impacts my thinking:

    1) I don’t reall believe McCain was aware of this situation before picking Palin. I can’t believe Palin was sufficiently vetted before being chosen and reflects poorly on both of them. I wonder how she thought all of this through to the end? Did she think it just wouldn’t come up?

    2) It shows that Palin is ruthless. I cannot imagine opening up my teenage daughter to this sort of scrutiny during what must be a very stressful and complicated time. I simply can’t fathom it. I would feel the same if she was a male candidate (John Edward’s presidential bid raised similar questions for me. He has young children, his wife will die. Did he really need to be running the nation at the same time too?)

    3) She is in favor of abstinence-only education and has been quite vocal about the fact that she would not favor an abortion for her own child, even if she was raped. I highly doubt that her daughter really chose to have this child and get married. Yes, that’s the party line, she might have even said it, but having been raised in a very controlling, very religious family with a powerful matriarch, I feel strong empathy with her daughter. I do not want this woman in any sort of position where SHE could start to make decisions for MY future daughter.

    4) Her daughter has been out of school for months and is being homeschooled… I don’t know who is homeschooling her, since her mother is on the campaign trail and her father is working. This literally brings tears to my eyes. I feel terrible for that kid.

    Sorry to be sort of out of step with the rest of the comments. I don’t think this poor girl should be dragged out into the media spotlight but she’s there because of her mother’s choices and all of this presents problems for me.

  57. Egghead 57

    It won’t make a difference to me. Her personal life with her children is her business…

  58. You can never control a teenager completely, that I know first hand. However, asking for privacy isridiculous, she gave up privacy when she accepted the vice presidential candidate role. I think she needs to quit now and take care of her family.

  59. Amber 59

    I do not believe what some say, that the best man or woman will prevail…it will be the one who gets the most votes. Let the current President be my example. There was a time not too long ago when women and blacks were not even allowed to vote, and I am so thrilled that I was here to see history made when a woman and a black ran for President.

    Why was this teenage pregnancy not brought out before the VP choice was made? I find it very hard to believe that McCain knew. And if so and he chose her to get the womens vote, then he offends me with such little confidence in my own intelligence.

    I will say that this reminds me of the people in so many of the churches I have loved and left who are pious and speak of the immorality of others until it affects them. I was an unwed mother at 22, so I do not cast stones because I have been there and it is a very difficult place to be.

    I just wonder if the shoe were on the other foot if the Republicans would have handled it as graciously as Obama did…”This is a private family matter, not a political moment”. Now that is taking the higher road something he has done throughout his candidacy. Which is one of many reasons why I am voting for him. I will not vote for negative politics, that is how Hillary lost me. So. no this will not affect my vote, but the whole mess is just becoming a comedy of error

  60. Dragon 60

    I’m not a Sarah Palin fan but to answer your questions: No. Yes (unavoidable). Absolutely None.

  61. Flea 61

    I’m the mother of a 15 year old. I’ve worked very hard to instill good morals, work on friendships, life lessons, etc. But she has an insatiable curiosity about the opposite sex. And she’s making very sneaky, grown up decisions lately. And I can’t MAKE her stop thinking the way she does. It’s really tough being a mom. Tough being a teen. She definitely has her own personality, and I’m not going to make her be someone else.

    That said, I’m intentionally not giving her tools to make wrong decisions. Like driving and a cell phone. And we keep having the conversations. And I keep praying.

    I don’t envy Mrs. Palin. Her daughter has made some very unwise decisions. And is almost legally an adult. I’m not going to throw stones at the mom.

  62. No it’s mud slinging. You cannot control your teens. I think she is a very cool woman. To me it’s more of a question why she would be willing to relocate her family when they have such a great life where they are. Her husband is a hunk. She has a lot on her plate with the little Down Syndrome baby too but apparently she is quite a woman. Peoples kids need to be left alone on both sides.

  63. Daisy 63

    I’m more concerned about the fact that she has a baby than that her oldest daughter is pregnant. I say this without judgement – clearly she needs to be spending time with her family. I would be concerned about electing ANYONE, man or woman, to the vice presidency who has such a young baby to care for. At the same time, if the rest of America thinks it doesn’t matter that she’ll have a less than one-year old to care for if she gets elected, than so be it. I’m struggling with letting my own ideas about life get in the way on this one because I’d be much more apt to vote for her when her baby gets older (even if he has down syndrome and needs extra care, general childcare seems more appropriate at that age).

  64. I too find myself judging Palin by her childrens’ names: Bristol, Piper, Track, Willow, Trig. My apologies to all of you Willows out there, but by the names of these children I’ve decided Palin might just be one soda short of a six pack.

  65. Aubrey 65

    You can’t deny that McCain and his camp would be all over this like white on rice if it were Obama or Biden.

  66. Kate 66

    I love your blog. I gave you an award because of this.

  67. It made me mad actually. Like that family didn’t have enough to deal with without the media frenzy.
    I do like that someone stated the other day that her response to her daughter’s pregnancy shows she’ll walk the walk when it comes to pro-life issues.

  68. Laura 68

    I’m glad to know he said that.


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