High Priced Moo-ver

Here she is in all her glory.  Isn’t she pretty?

Meet Ms. Fancy-Schmancy Clover 1% Organic Milk.  You see, I brought her home from the store yesterday, as I always do. 

However, I happened to glance at my grocery store receipt, which I must admit I don’t normally do.  I also don’t normally look at the prices of the items I always buy, like MILK!  Yes, bad habit but it’s the truth.

So yesterday, I happened to look at the receipt and Oh MY Gawd this little gallon of milk cost $7.50!  What?!

I was udderly (he-he) shocked.  When did this happen?  How long have I been paying $7.50 a gallon?  Did I miss something?  Is there a shortage of dairy cows?  This is from a local farm, why the heck is it so expensive?

So once I got over the shock I dressed her up (with a few things I just had laying around) and took her picture since it’s probably the last time I’m going to buy her.  Okay, that’s a lie but why do I need to drink another mammal’s milk anyway?  I mean that’s just weird in itself don’t you think?

All milk at my house will now be consumed out of goblets and cereal served out of crystal bowls.  It’s the least I can do to perpetuate the madness.

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  1. Deeba 1

    LOL…you are pricelss Cathy. The Queen’s jewels on a gallon of milk. Well I guess every dog has his day, or rather ever COW!!! Mooooooooooo!!

  2. Wow, the price of milk just ain’t what it used to be. Speaking from personal experience though, the price of hay and taxes on pasture make the milk price seem quite reasonable. Maybe you and the Wild Boar should consider grazing dairy cows on some of your land…and producing milk AND wine, the liquid elixirs of life ! KathyB.

  3. Philly 3

    She’s purdy

  4. Dee 4

    Great pic; too funny post! The prices of everything have gone up so much that I’m living in denial.

  5. Barbie with a T 5

    I have noticed the same thing here in Texas, and as a result, we have switched to powdered milk. Mainly because lately I have had to throw out milk because of spoilage, and it is more convenient to mix as we use it. Of course, we do not have a couple of hooligans to satisfy, so it was not a difficult transition. In fact, I feel that it is more nutritional for us to use powdered milk, as it is non fat and can be added to foods in many ways to make them more nutritious. I love the way you dressed up that bottle of milk! I suppose I could do the same thing with the powdered milk box, with that beautiful black and white cow on the front of the box. It is a savings to use powdered milk, but not as much as I thought it would be, because it has gone up in price also. It is just a sign of the times, I suppose.

  6. Leslie 6

    $7.50!!! OMG..that is CRAZY!
    Thank good nedd my local grocery store has their own organic milk..I i THINK it is about $5. But I am like you I dont check prices at the grocery store. If I need it I buy it!
    Love the jewels! Harry Winston??lol

  7. Isn’t it sad that when buying a healthier alternatives to hormone-induced groceries, you end up paying almost double?

    Who can afford to be healthy anymore?

  8. Isn’t that awful? I do the same exact thing. I never look a the price of items at the grocery store before I buy them. I just think “Hey, we need this” and I get it. It’s only later that I discover the same thing you did. It’s nuts!

  9. Going to the store now. I am thinking of having a bracer first;)

  10. Teri 10

    Holy Cow!!! Really, it must be a holy cow of some sort that they can charge that! I go to Whole Foods and thought I paid a lot! WoW! Great picture! Very funny! Is it really that good?

  11. Well she deserves to be dressed up all fancy-like at those prices!

    The other day I went to a convenience store to get milk and a small container of detergent–$17!!!

  12. I love that picture! I would like to see the cow itself. Does she get bathed daily and are her hooves perfectly manicured?
    Great characterization!

  13. Erin 13

    Yikes! I thought $6.53 was bad (at our local QFC). Thankfully, the other grocery stores in town only charge around $4 for Organic milk. I agree with your question – when did milk become so unaffordable?

  14. HoneyB 14

    OMG! I honestly don’t know how much it costs for organic milk around here because we don’t go through enough milk for me to buy much. I know that a gallon of milk here cost (not organic) about $3. I’d drink water. lol Oh, actually, I do drink water!

  15. I allways thought milk was a he… But maybe you’re right, only a girl can be so expensive! You’re funny! Loved the necklases!

  16. Probably quite a while. Have you taken a look at other staples? Bread and cereal are crazy-high priced now. My average breakfast should now be gourmet for what it costs!!

  17. Marlene 17

    I would cease to buy milk if I saw a price tag like that…was it milk gauging? Really funny post though.

  18. Marcy 18

    Thats just NUTS!!!

  19. Welcome to California. We have “higher” standards for milk here and therefore higher prices. California milk is different than milk from other states. no joke. If you want to sell milk in CA you have to abide buy CA milk laws.

    PS. All you need to drink is water. herbal tea is good for you too. Milk is not the best source of calcium, and we really don’t NEED it. We drink very little milk here and never a plain glass of milk.

  20. annie 20

    We are so used to buying pretty much what ever we want, when we finally look at a price it is shocking. I was looking for “cheese sticks.” 12 for $6!!! They aren’t that good, so they went back in the dairy case and I’ll do without. Uuhmm…milk and cheese. Do you think the cows are up to something nefarious?

  21. Rayrena 21

    I’d love to hear from the producers why their prices have increased so much.

    I’ve always wondered why grassfed beef costs so much too. Isn’t the grass, I don’t know, free? There’s no cost to ship in food, lower vet costs, no money paid to chemical companies for antibiotics. I almost balked when I first started shopping for it then found a rancher with very very decent prices.

  22. Marjie 22

    Dang! My new milkman delivers pasteurized, non-homogenized, organic milk. And it’s only $5 per gallon. I thought that was pricy! Sheesh!

  23. Louise 23

    But the billboards from that farm are soooooo cute! Oh, reading the funny ads is free? Right. Still, that price will certainly instigate a change in habits.

  24. Oh, dahling, your milk looks lovely…

    7 friggin’ 50???? Ouch! Ouch! Yeah, goblets and crystal bowls… definitely!

  25. Karly 25

    We can’t even buy a gallon of organic milk at our grocery store…it only comes in half gallons and they are $3.98 a piece. CRAZY! I don’t buy it. We got through a gallon every two days (sometimes more like every one day), so I’d have to take out a dang loan just for milk!

  26. Tanya 26

    Holy cow (heehee)! $7.50 for a gallon of milk!? And to think I balk at $4/gal. Yes, that milk needs to be served in crystal goblets!

  27. Jeanette 27

    Well, the price of that milk is determined by supply and demand.

    There is a limited supply of “organic” milk compared to “non-organic” milk. And that is because to produce organic milk, you need to feed the animal organic hay and grass products. These products of course are more expensive for the person running the milk farm.

    You can top that off with the fact that your average family can not afford milk at that price. That means the price for organic milk makes it prohibitive for a lot of families.

    That now means that the demand for “organic” milk is low.

    When families in North America are willing to pay the price for all organic foods, because they are much healthier for you, then there will be enough demand for the average milk producer to convert his operation to “organic”.

    And when that happens, there will be more supply and that in turn, should allow the price to drop.

    I know, does not solve the problem of the moment, but that is just how things work.

    It really is no different than what the auto manufacturers are going through right now.

    There is a current glut of SUV’s and other vehicles that consume a lot of energy. People want energy efficient vehicles to drive. They are not buying the vehicles that consume a lot of energy. So right now, the price of those gas hogs is dropping, dropping, dropping, no demand.

    On the other hand, those same people are willing to pay more for a vehicle that gets economy gas mileage.

  28. misty 28

    we pay just a dollar less for our organic milk. CRAZY- and yet- what are we to do?

  29. . . . from now on? Don’t you always dine in such a fashion? I would think that multi-course dinners would naturally facilitate crystal-gobletted milk imbibing and cereal taking? My dear … what were you thinking? (And don’t even mention “plastic” in my presence.) :D We of the intolerant-to-milk crowd have no gallons to lug nor receipts to gasp over (but I’ve heard it’s happening all over). So … cut out all those “extras” from the budget and go broke in style — with goblet in hand. Soy milk in Waterford around here? Why it may just catch on with the Madison Avenue crowd.

    You crack me up! ; )


    “Happy Cow” milk makes me smile. Stay local, stay organic, stay healthy, become poor . . . it’s a GOOD thing. : )

  30. That is the best picture E.V.E.R!!! The feather boa is the clinchers.

    But yeah, organic milk here is DOUBLE the price… and a 4L (gallon, I guess) jug of regular milk is already $4+ (CAD).

  31. Sandie 31

    Best milk photo EVER. It’s almost seductive enough to warrant the hefty price tag!

  32. Heck, a regular store-brand gallon of milk here is $5. Besides, doesn’t she look pretty in pearls?

    Pretty soon you’ll have to buy the cow to get the milk! He he!

  33. Tara 33

    I love it! Hilarious! This fits my mood today perfectly. :)

  34. I totally understand. I went to Whole Foods and bought their overpriced raw milk because I wanted to see if the hype about raw milk was for real. I thought, “Why am I paying more for milk that’s more likely to give me some terrible disease?”

  35. Bunny 35

    I can’t believe a gallon of milk costs 7.50 in Ca. I myself drink tons of milk and the kids do to. We don’t by organic milk, I’d be in the poor house for sure if I did!

  36. Amber 36

    I work in a supermarket. I have done this for 30 years next month. SOMEONE please find me a wonderful man to marry so I can quit.
    This is too funny. I think we should dress up things at my store too because everything has gone up so much. I even tell people their total then I say…”really? let me check.” Yep. But I once charged someone $17,000 for produce, that was fun. When I saw their face I thought I better check my computer screen, oops
    do say that milk is one of the main items you should by organic for your health, not to mention the earth.

  37. Mrs. L 37

    OGL…I buy the same milk…I haven’t bothered to check the price in quite a while. I’ll have to do that when I get home. I have a feeling I’ll be getting out the good jewelry and some crystal goblets too.

  38. Becky 38

    That is to stinkin’ funny..

  39. That better be some TASTY milk you have there!!

  40. Love that photo.
    We’ve also been fairly shocked by the rising prices of everyday items. $7.50 for milk… eek, ook, GOUGE!

  41. Can we come play dress-up at your house? Looks like fun!

    I didn’t know organic milk was so expensive. We get chemical-laden milk and drink about a gallon a day around here.

  42. Next you’ll have to check the price of the extra large grade aa eggs. Or start raising your own chickens :)

  43. Shirley 43

    We pay $5 for non-organic milk. Just love your milk and don’t worry about the price tag. When you think of all the bottled water we buy in our daily lives, $7.50 a gal is still probably a bargain (or at least an even trade). It costs a lot for the organic dairy guys to get you that gallon of milk. Now other stuff at the grocery store, I will complain about … but not usually stuff I absolutely love and couldn’t live without. ;-)

  44. Jenni 44

    Uh…did that milk come with $5.50 taped to the side?

  45. Organic hay has gone up and organic corn. To get organic milk the poor farmer has to feed the cow only organic food.
    I wonder if he has to milk by hand since the milking machine is not organic.
    The process that took most of the fat out was that organic.
    I gave up ssking and just get milk.

  46. shelly 46

    I thought $2.98 a gallon was over priced! Holy COW! Tee Hee.

  47. Kristen 47

    Wow – $7.50? Eeks!
    I’m like you and don’t usually look at the prices… I have to buy milk, so they’ve got me there!
    Love Ms Gussied up Organic Milk there… you should take her out on the town :)

  48. Flea 48

    OMG! Here I am all put out to be paying 3.45 a gallon. Granted, it’s not organic and it’s skim. Still.

  49. melissa 49

    I’m right beside you! Only my husband does most of the grocery shopping so I don’t look at the receits! He wants me to get a cow, some hens, a couple of goats and some of what he calls bully beefs. That way we can grow it and eat it. He’s INSANE. Come the cold of Feb I would have them all in the house cause its too cold out. And no way am I touchin any poop hole that aren’t my kids.

  50. melissa 50

    Huh, I left a really long comment and it didn’t post! Anyway, love organic milk, hate to pay for it.

  51. I gave up the organic milk when I gave up home delivery. I have found milk without the growth hormones and I spend about 2.89 a gallon on it. I’ve never priced organic milk and I’m surprised and yet not.
    I do love the pic!

  52. Grass fed beef costs more because it takes longer for each cow to bulk up and make it to market. in other words, corn fed cows bulk up and get sent to slaughter faster so there can be more turn around.

  53. Gee for $7.50 a gallon, it shouldn’t just be organic it should be orgasmic! Well, it was pretty while it lasted!

  54. Laura 54

    I’m not surprised you received so many comments for this because it is truly genius.

  55. A gallon of skim here in Long Beach on the Mississippi coast is around $4.90-$5.00 or so. I read recently that there are NO dairy farms in the southern six counties in Mississippi. I don’t know where they bottle this Winn-Dixie milk we get here.

    Clever image!

  56. yep it’s weird to be drinking the breast milk of a cow when your a full grown woman. yep, weird.
    As to the crown jewels, hopefully the shock of the rising prices that you don’t have to worry about will get the wild boar a chilled salad plate. And you’ll do a post with him smiling happilly and we will all smile at you the wise pig and the wild boar.

  57. Liz C. 57

    Hmmm… Organic milk makes the price of artichokes seem like a great deal (at $3.99 each). So, what is up with that? Are they feeding the organic cows caviar or artichokes or what? I’m afraid I’d have to boycott that. grrrr…

    I’m afraid prices are going to get much worse and they might just stay that way. The times, they are a changing… It’s no longer our parents’ world, is it?

  58. WOW! That dear is why I don’t shop organic. I mean I’d love to, but I simply can not afford to pay such a premium for everyday items…

  59. well, maybe look at it this way: your $7.50 milk isn’t ridiculously expensive, all other varieties are artificially cheap? I’m being kind of silly — 7.50 is a lot — but at least your dollars are going towards a sustainable farming operation. (I’m assuming it is at least.) And the cows, I imagine, lived an extremely happy and healthy life. I say bravo!

    And you are very funny. I forwarded this to my mother, and she called me hysterically laughing.

  60. Pam 60

    It frustrates me that organic anything costs so much money – especially milk. I finally found hormone free milk, for a reasonable price, at Trader Joe’s.

  61. anything with the words ‘organic’ usually fetch a much higher price huh

  62. grace 62

    good googa mooga, cathy! $7.50 is exorbitant! i hope it was some tasty cow juice. :)

  63. Misty 63

    That is hilarious Cathy & SOOOOOO true! Great picture!

  64. Egghead 64

    Ouch! That is crazy expensive. I have to admit I don’t really pay a huge bit of attention to the cost of mile. Mostly because I don’t buy it as often as I did when all my kiddos were home. But I do buy organic and it isn’t quite that expensive.

  65. HO.LEE.SHIT.

    And you’re in California! So you can’t even figure it traveled a long way (like from The Dairy State, *ahem*) to explain the cost! That is crazy, yo.

    I’m glad you gave her her due.

  66. Laura 66

    Like you I rarely look at prices. But it is my “udderstanding” (yikes it is contagious!) that $7.50 is pretty standard right now for a gallon of organic milk. I pay $3-4.50 for a half-gallon.

  67. tipper 67

    I’ve noticed the prices of all grocery items inching up higher and higher.

  68. Alisa 68

    They said they raised the price of milk because of the price of gasoline. Gas has gone down, but milk?

  69. Kate 69

    It IS madness, isn’t it? I can’t believe how much organic anything costs and the milk is out of this world!
    Love love love how you dressed her up and took her photo, though!

  70. oh but that lounging cow….
    gotta have the lounging cow.

  71. HOLY COW!!!

  72. Melissa 72

    I buy the same brand… *looking for receipt from Sunday’s shopping to see price*


  73. Taina 73

    I understand your shock! It’s kinda amusing to me though…here on Kauai (Hawaii) ‘brand-name’ milk has been upwards of $10 /gallon for several years. We got a Costco about 2 years back. It was funny to see the generic brand milk prices at Walmart and the grocery stores slide down a few bucks to try and compete with Costco price, which currently is about $5.50 / gallon (not organic). But if you want to buy the Hawaii dairy brand, it’s regularly $9! I don’t know who’s buying it but someone must be!

  74. Victoria 74

    Egad! I better start checking the three gallon cartons of organic milk we buy. Then, again, I doubt I’ll switch. I just can’t stand to think of drinking hormone infused milk and giving it to my grandchildren when they visit. Wonder how much it costs to own a milk cow and pay the grandkids to milk it? Somehow I think my suburban neighbors might freak. But maybe we could make it a community cow and share it and the milk? We could even get together and make yogurt, cheese and buttermilk? The possibilities are endless! lol!

    Funny, but it makes me think of the crazy movie Meet the Parents and the milking the cat scene. Gahhh!!!


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