What’s She Thinking Now?

Alaska’s Governor, Sarah Palin, was selected as the vice-presidential running-mate of John McCain for the November election.

It really stole Obama’s thunder after his speech on Thursday night.  Do you think it was planned?  Oh absolutely!

Some reports say it was a last minute decision by the Republicans to pick Sarah Palin because her nomination was kept such a closely guarded secret.  I doubt it.  I think it was a perfectly orchestrated move by the Republicans to rob Obama of his moment.

Maybe it was the station I was watching, but there was barely a mention of the historic speech given by Obama accepting the nomination for presidency the previous night. 

Anyway, it’s an interesting move by the Republicans to pick a generally unknown but very popular (within her state) woman for the ticket.

It makes me wonder, would Sarah Palin have been chosen if Hillary was Obama’s vice-presidential selection?

I must admit an Obama-Clinton & McCain-Palin race to the presidency would have been an interesting showdown. 

Right now I just really want to know what Hillary Clinton is saying behind closed doors?  I would really love to know. 

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  1. Barbie with a T 1

    I am thinking that Hillary is being real coy about the whole matter and just waiting for the 2012 election. She made a big enough splash in this campaign to carry over into that election, and people will remember her loyalty to the party. But it is very interesting and intriguing, almost impossible to make a prediction about the outcome of this election. There are so many different aspects that are confusing the issues. Like most people, I feel that the campaign has been going on way too long and will be glad when it is over.

  2. Mike 2

    I’m a politics junkie, but this election season has left a sour taste in my mouth. I feel like it has all become such a silly game with less meat than ever and I’ve just become wholly disenchanted and disinterested in this cycle. For instance, I understand that the VP choice has political implications, but I don’t see this as bringing McCain a whole lot of capital beyond trying to woo the still-feeling-alienated Hillary supporters…and that’s nice and all, but that doesn’t seem like a good enough reason for someone to run for such a high office.

  3. katie 3

    I just think she was a ridiculous choice for a man in his 70s with numerous health issues. It may seem grim, but seriously what if she became president? She has no federal or foreign policy experience, it would be disasterous. I think Hillary supporters should be offended that the McCain camp thinks they can be won over by the presence of a vagina. Palin is no Hillary Clinton by any stretch of the imagination. This whole campaign has just been ridiculous. Ever since Tim Russert died I just can’t listen to it any more.

  4. I love Sarah Palin. I have been following her for more than 2 years. ( Her career) She would be very capable of leading our country. Not that I don’t like Obama but his running mate is old, not well liked here in New England and he’s been in Congress something like 33 years and doesn’t have squat to show for it. He could drop dead because he’s as old as McCain. It’s a very scary time we live in.

  5. Lol, me too and I’m not even American!

  6. Philly 6


  7. tipper 7

    Just when you think all the surprises are over-there’s another one. I too wonder what Hillary is thinking.

  8. Boy.. what a confusing pot of soup! It’s all show…in my opinion.. What the heck are the repubs doing? Why not my man Mitt? Who the heck is this chick? All for grabing the votes of the ‘women only’ demos who wanted a woman on the ticket for her sex… Will the demos get split??? Now that they have a woman to ‘turn to’?
    Does a VP actually do anything? Seems like the only time they really ‘step in’ is when the Pres. is down…and yet, does the Pres. actually have any power, any true decision making capacity, or is the Pres. really just a ‘figure head’ for all the power hungry heads behind him… so many behind the scenes deals being cut – nationally and internationally.. I don’t think we really grasp who truly is in charge… It’s not one individual.. It’s several.. who have a fall guy, or fall gal….
    That’s my opinion… Now I’ll read the rest!

  9. jancd 9

    I hope that Hillary had a good laugh out of the Republican choice. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  10. Jamie 10

    My husband has been talking about Sarah Palin since spring. Hmmm…maybe that’s not good. ;)

    All kidding aside, I think it was a brilliant, but risky move. I’m looking forward to watching the debates. I’m thinking she could tear Joe Biden up!

    But as one news commentator said this morning, it still comes down to who is running for president.

    I never talk politics on my blog but I did post about this Friday because it was such a surprise move.

  11. Good Sunday morning to you Cathy ! How are you ?

    I would hazard a guess that Hillary is cursing jealously under her breath,filled with bitterly invective about why she would be a better choice than Mrs. Palin – and planning on running again in 2012.

  12. Totally planned. Bastards.

  13. Yes, extremely interesting. the debates oughta prove to be something to watch…Hils is prolly banging her fists, saying DAMN IT!!!

  14. I really dont like either candidates. Obama has CFR connections (council of foreign relations) and will be catering to other countries the next four years to win back Americas good name (read BUY, as in more taxes). He was also spotted at the Bilderburg conference this year, another world elite group vying for power of the world.

    McCain was one of the KEY members of the Keating Five savings & loan scandal of the 1980s. I dont know how the media doesnt cover this. Check out a brief summary of McCains role: “What is the Keating Five? here…

    link to informationclearinghouse.info

    Sarah Palin is different from them all. She is a total outsider and willing to fight any corruption… dem and repubs alike. She is pro Constitution, which the other two candidates arent. How can you run for president and not be supportive of the Constitution??? Anyways, Ron Paul was leaning toward her as his VP pick (as early as December 07) if he got the nod for repub nomination. But, we all know what happened there. The mainstream media doesnt like to hear the truth. And as Ron Paul likes to say “Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” Ron Paul dropped out of the race because his wife ended up in the hospital in critical condition from some intestinal problems. It sure makes me wonder if she was poisoned to knock RP out of the race. RP was this countries last hope. Its now gone the way crooks and criminals. Check out the movie on google video called “the money masters”. Or better yet, “America: From freedom to fascism”. Two eye opening movies. if you like those then check out “Terrorstorm”… they should all be on google video!

  15. Lo! 15

    Oh, it was so TOTALLY planned.

    This is an interesting development, and (like you) I’m SO curious to know what’s being said behind the curtain!

  16. Boy, did you open a door for opinions! haha
    I, like you, would like to know what she is thinking. And also, if Obama is thinking he made the wrong decision. No turning back now. Imagnining him, uncontrollably, kicking his own behind is amusing, also.

  17. Oh Cathy…I totally agree with you on this one. Just last night my father and I were discussing this and we both agreed that McCain chose this woman just to steal Obama’s thunder and one up him, since he did not pick Hillary as his running mate.

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I wonder if she will bring McCain in more votes or not. I personally don’t think so. I do not believe any woman who was going to vote for Hillary will automatically vote for McCain because he picked a female running mate. I believe women are a whole lot smarter than that.

  18. Ohh I be she is pissed! And if McCain wins, her head is going to explode!

  19. It’s crazy! Either way it is going to be history inthe making for sure.

  20. Kiki 20

    Hil is laughing her ass off at such a ridiculous choice. McCain is pandering by choosing Palin who in her own words has no idea what a vice president does:

    Alaska has more corruption than the lower 48 combined, so I have a hard time believing she’ll fight corruption, especially now that she has been bought by the Republican Party.

    Well, it’ll be an interesting 6 weeks.

  21. Natty 21

    I wonder seriously how big this whole “PUMA” movement really is. I can’t imagine its more than 1% of the voting public. I hope Hillary comes out and points out how different her experience is from Palin and will be very disappointed if she does not.

    I have a feeling Palin is not going to be the VP pick by November anyway.

  22. Suzette 22

    That huge bang you heard was the Republicans shooting themselves in the foot. I think they just widened the margin between Obama and McCain…by quite a lot. It will be interesting to see the next round of polls come out.

  23. Tonjia 23

    I think McCain is committing professional suicide. A female governor with 2 yrs experience and a former beauty queen? Puhleese! Hillary is probably laughing her ass off.

    I dont think it will hurt Obama at all, if anything it will help.

    Bad move, Senator. BAD move….

  24. Leslie 24

    Oh yes this should get very interesting..Probably will get almost comical!

  25. HoneyB 25

    ohhhh, I would love to know too!!

  26. She’s probably furious because she knows if anything happens to McCain and he wins that Palin is the first woman president, not her!

    Well played, McCain. Well, played.

  27. Liz C. 27

    I’m betting Hillary is saying plenty of four letter words, lol. However, I could care less if it was planned or it wasn’t. It was an interesting choice, announced at a very key moment in time.

    Since I not Republican or Democrat (I have issues with both), I think it’s a very unique iron thrown in the fire, so to speak. I would love to see someone like Palin get to Washington and start kicking some stale ass. There are so many who have been there too long and do NOTHING, from both parties.

  28. Well, personally I find Sarah Palin refreshing in much the same way I find Barack Obama somewhat refreshing and exciting. I don’t agree with either of them completely on their politics, but I have become pretty jaded by all the politicians with more experience. Their lack of experience could be considered a plus in some ways. Perhaps it means they aren’t so ingrained in the whole corrupt system.

    I think the comment that McCain’s crowd expects Hillary supporters to switch parties due to the presence of a vagina on the ticket more than a bit harsh. And incorrect. I believe the move was calculated just as much, if not more, to firm up votes from conservatives within his own party who find him too liberal. Furthermore, as a woman voter, I can definitely say I would not merely vote for anyone with a vagina. I can’t imagine ever voting for Hillary. If Hillary had been chosen as Obama’s running mate, I would have ceased all consideration of him receiving my vote. It’s not a matter of voting for any woman, it’s having the *right* woman to vote for.

    On the other hand, with Sarah Palin as McCain’s choice, I do find him suddenly a more attractive choice. She may be virtually unknown to some, but she’s been on my radar for a while. She is more conservative than I am on certain issues, but I like her style and I do believe she might be able to get things done.

    My mind isn’t made up. I’ll still be voting based more on the presidential candidates than their running mates, McCain’s choice has made the race more exciting and palatable.

  29. Tanya 29

    Okay, here goes: this was a planned, very calculated move by McCain to choose Palin as his running mate. Personally, it feels like he’s pandering to us women who want a female in the White House, whether it be a democrat or a republican. What bothers me is that he thinks he can lure Hillary supporters just because Palin is a woman. She has completely different views than Hillary and so much less experience! I’m not going to completely betray my views just so we can have a woman in the White House.

    This is definitely one of the most interesting, historic elections ever and I’m looking forward to the next few months.

  30. Betty Cornelison 30

    HooRay for John McCain!! If you go back & listen or read Hillary’s speech at the convention,,she did not mention Sen.Obama in a very glowing light to the extent that most of the Sen.’s backers have. She was very contrite in her speech. If you watch her body language,very stiff, not like Hillary at all. Shame she didn’t get the nomination. Oh Well,McCain-Palin has my vote..

  31. krysta 31

    much to say on this subject but i won’t do it on your blog… if he thinks i’m going to vote for him because he picked a woman… well, he’s an idiot. her, she left me feeling very blah. now, if obama is a smart man he’s release the clintons (kind of like releasing the hounds) hillary would chew her up and spit her out because you know she chomping at the bit to… especially after palin’s 18 million cracks statement. hillary would eat her alive.

  32. Harry 32

    You may bet your boots that, had Hlary won the nomination for the Democrats (God forbid!), the Republicans woul have chosen a black Vice-Presidential candidate!

  33. Hillary released a gracious statement I thought… but, yeah… I so wish I was a fly on her wall during Palin’s speech!

    And, btw, ummmm… that coffee cake??? I soooooo want some!

  34. Raina 34

    It is a desperate act, everyone knows it. The Republicans are going to do whatever they can to get some attention as all the focus has been on the Democrats really since the reasons for the war were made public to people smart enough to realize…It is a sad time when a historic moment is made and yet someone can try to overshadow it with something like McCain tried to do. Facts are facts though and the facts are 38 million people watched Obama’s speech. He will be the next president of the United States…Go Obama!!!

  35. Chou 35

    This has certainly made our family discussions more interesting–the Republican side is jazzed, the Democratic side is confused. Great fun.

  36. Marjie 36

    Brilliant! Personally, my “dream team” would have to have included Bobby Jindal, but I like Sarah Palin more as I watch her. She’s a good speaker, pretty and confident, and she doesn’t seem to give a fig what anyone else thinks, just about doing what’s right! If I were Hillary, I’d be pissed – even moreso because Sarah paid homage to Hillary in her speech Friday. This will be really interesting.

  37. It means, of course, no matter which party we pick we get a historic change. Either the first Afro American President or the first Woman Vice President. Change is coming.

  38. Isn’t everything in politics calculated? Either way it is change….hopefully for the better. :)

  39. sassy 39

    I see it as a desperate attempt at success for the republicans, and i find it ironic that after listening to McCain harp on Obamas lack of experience in foreign policy, he chooses someone who has NO experience in that area.

    Also, after the Democrats speeches, i can`t believe a republican, whomever he/she is can top the Dems.

    All i need to do is look around me and know that if the Republicans win, it`s death to this country. We are so close now and at only took 8 years to fall this low.

    Plus, can we really stand to look at that cheek of McCains for 4 whole long years? I think not

  40. I am really not excited about anybody. I don’t want to pay any more taxes than I already do, not for any reason. I don’t care if your a Republican or a Democrat, when push comes to shove they’ll all get in bed together. No one does the unpopular things, and seems the right things are just a fuzzy haze. We have gone so far away from what’s right. Each man seeks to do what is right in there own eyes. Divided we fall.
    Anyway, all I really wanted to say is that it sems like this Sarah lady is a pretty cool woman. But who would want to leave a totally cool life in Alaska to come to Washington? I mean really her husband is an outdoorsman, what’s SHE thinking?

  41. Dee 41

    So would I :)
    Malaysia is in political turmoil right now. Actually, it’s like a bad soap – there’s intrigue, and daggers flying, with some sodomy thrown in for good measure *sigh*

  42. I dunno, Katie. While Palin can’t match Clinton’s experience, she’s also not a carpetbagger who snatched a NY senatiorial seat by moving north.

    That’s key.

    The Democrat screeching over Palin — to include the disgusting accusations about her daughter promoted by Andrew Sullivan and Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga — is revealing.

    I doubt the McCain camp thinks that Hillary supporters can be won over by such a trite presence — won’t use your lowbrow term.

    Conservatives are usually more aware of implications than liberals. If they weren’t, there’d be an Andrew or a Markos at the RNC. But there won’t be.

  43. Leah Q 43

    I actually just adore the photo of her with her one of five children sitting in the store picking up the head of a just shot still bleeding, eyes opened caribou – NOT! I am at a loss as to why he would pick her….I already have my choice – voting for those who do not hunt for pleasure… we do not need another dick as VP….

  44. Have you heard the rumor that Palin’s last baby is really her daughter’s baby? If that turns out to be true, I do believe it will be the nail that seals McCain’s coffin. Bye-Bye!

    I for one wanted to see an Obama-Clinton ticket – and not necessarily in that order.

  45. I love dips also. This looks amazing and fairly easy.

    This has a great presentation.

  46. Sorry, replied on the wrong post.

  47. Claudia 47

    One day, I want to hire you to cater a party for me. :) No one would leave. Or, they would, but they would follow YOU home. ;)

  48. Seriously… I would love to be a fly on the wall in the Clinton household.

    Did you see the news that Palin’s 17-year old daughter is 5 months pregnant? Wonder if the McCain campaign knew that before he picked her?

  49. I totally agree w/ you that it was carefully orchestrated to announce his running mate on the heels of Obama’s speech! The whole politics game is so sneaky!!

  50. Dragon 50

    I think Hillary saw the writing on the wall and knew that if she didn’t clinch the nomination, she wasn’t going to be VP. I was very impressed with her speech.

  51. Flea 51

    Definitely calculated. That’s the political machine at work. More power to the Republicans for using their collective head and playing this for all it’s worth. It’s a fight, you know.

  52. Mrs. L 52

    Hilary is probably hugging her daughter for not being underage, unwed and pregnant!

  53. You know Hilary is stewing somewhere and plotting her next move.

    We have not seen the last of the Clintons…

  54. Syrie 54

    Cathy it’s hard for the whole world not to get caught up in US politics. It’s just so damn exciting. I love, love, love this dip. I’m going to make it this weekend.

  55. Egghead 55

    I would love to know what she is thinking as well. This really is turning out to be quite an interesting election.


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