What Bothers You Most About Certain Blogs?

Obviously you’re here because you read blogs.

It’s fun.  It’s entertaining, BUT are there certain aspects of blogs you just don’t like?

Is there anything that has ever made you not return to a certain site?

Is it an automatic music player or lack of one that gets to you?

Do you ever feel like comments are just a ploy to get you over to another site?

Is there an unspoken blog etiquette?

What about comments that don’t stay on topic?

Does it bother you when a blogger (who does not post regularly) only posts a comment on your site after they have posted a story on theirs?  Therefore, insinuating a tisk for task relationship.

Does it irritate you when you cannot leave a certain blog without completely closing your browser because of their settings?

Maybe it’s awards, tags and meme’s that get your blog blood boiling.

The point is, what do you dislike about certain aspects of visiting blogs?

Don’t be afraid to lay it out here!  However, remember, no one is looking to conform to the standards of what you enjoy or feel disdain.  Just because you say you hate something doesn’t mean someone should change their blog.

Your blog is an expression and reflection of who you are.  It should remain that way.

However, it would be interesting to see if there is an overall theme or distaste for certain things.

It would also be nice to know what you DO like.  This question is not just for blog owners, I think it’s a valuable question for those of you who do not have a blog yourself.

So go for it…rant, rant away!  Name your biggest, bloggy pet peeves.  And loves too.

Speak up, or forever hold your peace.

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  1. Is there protocol, or blog etiquette ? I started blogging after I discovered blogs ( This year ) and encouraged a friend to blog, who encouraged me to blog ! I read blogs that interest me, and I have many interests ! I respond to blogs I feel like responding to, for no other reason than I FEEL like responding to them !

    I hope responding to blogs does not make another blogger feel they have to respond to mine….and I hope anyone who might read my blog does not believe I have an obligation to write what appeals to them. My blog is MY blog….and I hope your blog is yours !

    I do not have any pet peeves about blogs, if I don’t like it I don’t re visit. Sometimes, the new posting on other blogs does not appeal to me, I just return a few more times…and the blog might again be posting something I like.

    Keep up the good and varied work, and I won’t get hurt feelings and quit reading your blog if you don’t check in on mine !KathyB. Promise!!!!

  2. Helen 2

    Well, there are a few things….The one you mentioned about people only commenting when they have just posted (when they only post once in a blue moon). Commenting after you have posted otherwise is Ok I think – it just means you are online! Leaving pointless comments is a bit annoying too – sometimes you can tell they are only doing it to draw you back to their blog – an example would be – ‘looks nice’ . Always makes me laugh!

  3. Alan 3

    Always read your blogs. Don’t always agree with you but it’s always interesting.

  4. HoneyB 4

    What draws me to a blog in the first place is the title…then if I like the layout and content (meaning it matches my tastes!) I continue to visit. I’m not crazy about blogs that are buried in ads. I also saw where someone was actually asking for money to pay for fixing their car – that totally turned me off. Otherwise, I’m pretty easy going. I’m not super hard to please (have to be livin’ w/ the Grumpster!)

  5. Barbie with a T 5

    I am not an avid blog reader. I came upon your blog when my niece sent me one of your recipes…Life is a chair of bowlees. I tried that one and was very very impressed with your website. don’t change anything about it as far as I cam concerned. At least I cannot see anything that needs changing. I am very interested in your future now, wanting to watch your endeavors with the winery, and I am learning things about wine from you that I never knew before. Your photography is superb, your boys are precious, and I like your sense of humor. My sister has a blog, and hers is the only one that I read, but mainly to sort of keep in touch with her, as she lives several miles away from me. Thanks for your entries, I enjoy them daily.

  6. Once I’ve discovered a blog I like, I do most of my reading through a feed reader. My biggest, and probably only, pet peeve is when people only publish partial feeds. It’s one thing when you post something huge, or very image heavy, but when your entire feed shows post after post with 3 sentences in it, I’m not really interested. Trust me, you don’t have to force me to click over to your page to read the rest of your entry in order to get me to come visit and comment. If I’ve got something to say, or if I think you may have gotten some particularly interesting comments, I’ll click over anyways.

  7. I hate those letters that several blogger users make you type to leave a comment. I am all for filtering spam but I rarely get the letters right on the first try and don’t want to spend an hour trying to crack the ‘blogger code’.

  8. I have realized that there are some blogs I like to read and some blogs I’m there for the recipe only and some blogs both.
    I definitely have a problem with the ad loaded blogs, they are very distracting,
    but i do understand that people are maximizing their blog to make money and in these days and times.
    I’ve gotten picky about the ones i spend my time reading. as more and more people join the blogosphere i think you have to be picky in order to try and keep up. so if all i comment is looks great or wonderful post, i mean it. the blog is bookmarked and i move on. i don’t comment as often as others but that certainly doesn’t mean that i don’t enjoy what i read or learn from it.

  9. Missy 9

    My biggest pet peeve – A blog with no feed!!!! I read my favorite blogs thru a feed reader and if I stumble on your site and you don’t have a feed to be found, liklihood is I’ll never read your site again.

  10. ladywalker 10

    Yours is the only blog I read regularly. I don’t really have any peeves, if I don’t like something, I don’t read it. What I like is a blog that is well written and entertaining, and on a clutter free page – your blog is on my daily roster:)

  11. I, for one, enjoy the comradarie that goes along with blogging. I read what interests me. It’s a big world and there is a lot of things I’ve never seen. I can live vicariously through someones eyes and thoughts. I comment for several reasons…to support the blogger, if I have something to say or add. Blogging sometimes can be very time consuming. If there were no comments, I just as well be writing in a journal. It’s a world of pen pals. And I love my pals!

  12. jules 12

    I think a blog entry should be short and sweet or should I say concise and to the point…I have a pretty busy schedule and need to move on quickly…also detest having to scroll through comments before you get to leave a comment and the whole give me your name, rank and serial # just to leave a comment:)
    Finally, if your blog is your business make it a dot com…don’t lure me in just to get another hit so you can make another 3 cents. Oh, I have one more…those obnoxious awards..give me a break I mean I am all for kudos for a job well done but come on boys and girls, I put it on my site so you get a jump back to yours…one big circle jerk
    I’m just sayin’…
    ps You just can’t take yourself too seriously when it comes to bloggin’ …you own your self expression, who cares if you got 37 comments today.

  13. Kim 13

    Cathy, this was a loaded question this morning. Good thing I have my coffee with me so I can think on this one.
    My biggest peeve is when I want to leave a comment and someone makes it so hard,especially when I have to register to leave a comment.
    I love to blog and visit other sites, and only wish I had more time. I come for the food, the stories, the laughs, the photography and the friendships.
    Just because I don’t leave a comment does not mean I haven’t been visiting.
    Great question! Oh, by the way. I think it is awesome you supply us with spellcheck.

  14. abrah 14

    You hit upon one of my pet peeves in your list, the Automatic Music… it drives me insane. Mostly because I am listening to music through my computer already (shameless plug for Pandora Radio) and I end up either with a mish-mash of sound or I need to mute my speakers to make it peacefully through the blog. This is especially annoying if there is just a continuous loop of music…
    And I LOVE photos. At heart, I am a snoop, I think everyone who reads blogs, on some level, is a snoop. :-)

  15. Philly 15

    The hardiest thing for me is getting to read all my blogs. I try to do it in shifts, especially if they are long. I get up early in the morning so that leaves me time. On the subject of what I read, basically everything. If I don’t enjoy it , then I just don’t go back. Sometimes people whine alot on their posts but that is what blogs are for and if it is too depressing for me I move on to a humor blog.


  16. sharon 16

    I don’t have too many pet peeves though the automatic music may be one of them. That is, only if I don’t like the music :)

    I’m guilty of sometimes leaving not so interesting comments. I often catch up on all my blog reading at once. After awhile, i lose my creative touch but still want to give my blog friends a shout out!

  17. Katie 17

    Blogger Drama makes me sad. I’m new and I’m a pretty sensitive soul so a lot of “did you hear what’s going on with these guys…” or “can you believe so and so is doing this…” I hate being afraid that I’ll offend someone in some bizarre way I can’t control and wind up in some sort of flame war.

    Also, because I’m new, I don’t know blog etiquette so I’m constantly concerned that I’ll step on someone’s toes. It would be nice to get a comprehensive list of other blogger’s expectations, lol. I mean commenting, blogrolls, linking, quoting, recipe inspiring, etc… there’s landmines everywhere!

  18. Katie 18

    I second the “not so interesting comments” guilt. Sometimes I am totally impressed by a blog or specific post but I don’t know how to express that without sounding like a stalker. Other times, I may just be routinely checking in and want to share some comment love-cause I know the slow death of “0 comments” and don’t wish that on anyone.

  19. Mostly the blog has to have some connection to food. A skewed sense of humor helps as well.

    There are a half dozen that get checked daily and a lot more that get looked at when and if.

    I comment when I like and if I think it is revelant I’ll post a direct link. I’m not bothered by a comment of ‘that is nice’ but it isn’t likely to get me to look at their blog.

    I don’t mind awards and strange ‘contests’ but I’ll ignore them if they don’t interest me.

    And to get off topic in a comment, some time in the near future I’m going to ask you for wine advice on a menu.

  20. Suzette 20

    I’ll be so glad to read these! Thanks for bringing the subject up.

    The only thing that will ensure I don’t visit your blog a second time is the dang music. I can’t tell you how much I hate some dippy song playing in the background.

    Some of the things you list…I don’t know what ARE. Like meme. What’s a meme?

    I’m such a babe in the blogging woods.

    BTW…when I ran spell check on this, it kicked out “blogging.” WHAT? The blog service has got to get a new spell-checker! :)

  21. Suzette 21

    I wish someone would publish an “everything you wanted to know about blogging but felt too stupid to ask” site. I kinda sorta know what a feed is, but haven’t a clue how to do it. There should be someplace we newbies can go to find these things. Or maybe there is, and I’m too dumb to know it!

  22. Music… it startles me sometimes. And it’s such an individual choice. I can love someone’s blog and not love their music.
    The word test… why? Why do you have a password that is so complex I get it wrong half the time?
    I’m ambivilent about awards and ads, both of which I have. If someone thought enough of me to send an award, I can post it. I may not always but I do now. I like my blogher ad, but I’m not sure I’ll keep the other. I would hate to become “ad-driven”.
    As far as drama and what not… I try not to read too much into it. People come and go, that whole “you owe me a comment” thing is small potatoes. I may do it once, but if their content is that appealing to me, I likely won’t be back.
    As far as the big drama, it always disappoints me. I’ve stopped commenting on some blogs because of it.
    Things I love? Humor, food, photos, slice of life, interesting stories… you know, like your blog!

  23. blair 23

    Hands down, it is music, even if I like the song. If I hear music I won’t visit even if I load the feed into my reader (though that has not happened), in general if there is automatic music I am gone before I can read the blog in the first place, a true deal breaker especially since most times people are stealing from someone else’s bandwidth to do it.

    Just a thought for those who don’t like people who post and then comment as if expecting some reciprocity… it may be that time is an issue here; the blogger has time to write their post and go and comment on the sites they like and not that they post and comment with the expectation that the comments will elicit a response… I know I do this, but I do not expect comments, to me blogging is not about comments (though they are nice to get) it is about the blogging.

    I like blogs that show the human behind the words, that make me think… “this is someone I would like to know”.

  24. I am hormonally incapable of reading long-winded blogs. And fattening ones, too;)

  25. I always feel sort of guilty that I don’t always get to read and comment on everyone’s blogs. Chances are I’ll at least visit the blogs of anyone who comments on mine, but I sometimes hate the pressure of feeling like I have to say *something* every time I visit a blog. It doesn’t always feel right to just stop by and say, “Well, that looks good,” just because they posted on mine. Yet then I feel like an outsider in the blog community. I know I can’t get more readers, or be more included in some communities and forums if I don’t participate everywhere.

    But those are my own issues. They’re not issues with the blogs I read.

    Really, I’ll read most blogs. I love getting insight into people’s lives and kitchens. People fascinate me. However, I really hate it when I read someone’s blog consistently and comment regularly and my comments are NEVER acknowledged and my blog appears to never be visited by that person. I can understand not responding or visiting after I drop by and make a single comment, but if I’m regularly on your site, it might be nice to acknowledge my comments and pay me a visit. I’ve stopped reading certain blogs because of that. I know one can’t personally respond to everyone, but an occasional acknowledgement is nice.

  26. rachel 26

    Let’s see.
    It bothers me if someone spams around just to leave a link to their blog, I don’t like automated music players on blogs and I like original layouts or at least when people take the time and make the effort to make their blog their own. :-) Good post, very thought provoking.

  27. Cheryl 27

    Truly, I have to second the music auto-play…maybe if they had a “click for background accompaniment” option rather than forcing it upon me! ;) Personally, and it seems like I’m the oddbird, I like to go to the sites directly(rather than through a reader) so I can see all the marginalia…their blogrolls, awards, pictures, etc.

    Like others have mentioned, the camaraderie and discovered kindred spirit with some other bloggers has turned out to be a pleasant unexpected benefit. Selfish as it sounds (and may actually be) while I write with a voice that seems to assume “an audience,” it’s mostly for me. While comments are validating and day-brightening, don’t think the pieces are audience driven. (Other than maybe my kids when they look back…)

    Think many of the blogs I frequent are similar in that…free with opinion, personal perspective and experience.

    A very thought provoking post, Noble Pig! (or should I just abbreviate all this to “Nice post!” ;) )

  28. Cass 28

    First, I can’t believe that you said you sucked in my comments…because honest to godess you are in my fav 5 of blogs to read.

    Things that bother me on blogs….I’m pretty open to most things but blogs where all the person does is complain fall off my reader really quickly. I tend to take on people’s worries and I just can’t expend energy in that way. I also can’t stand constant product placement…it’s irritating. Also blogs that are WAY too long…if you have something to say it’s okay but the million word essay’s bore me.

    I like blogs that are constantly switching it up and I like pretty pictures.

  29. Marcy 29

    Wow Cathy, good topic. I don’t think there is any ONE thing that would keep me from visiting a blog except dirty/explicit material. Most of the blogs I read are from moms, just like me, and their day to day stuff.
    Sometimes if I find a post boring and don’t want to read th page and a half, I still leave a comment that shows I was there, because whether or not anyone reads the longer than life post , that blogger still took the time to write it so it must mean something!
    I like the music on blogs, and I feel if someone doesn’t like the song that is on my blog then they can stop it if they want to. I personally like going thru others music lists I might just find something that I like that I’d never heard before.
    I have two blog awards, but weren’t fishing for them, just happy I got them and if I get another so be it:)) I pass them on like a good little blogger!
    Hope that gave you enough of answer:)) Have a great day

  30. Marcy 30

    I second that Suzette!

  31. Blair, I agree with you about your last paragraph. I have made virtual friends this way and they are amazing people.

    Cathy, music puts me off. And I don’t read foodblogs without photos.
    I love your blog but I don’t comment as much because I wouldn’t know what to say about wines (I know nothing about them, unfortunately).

  32. magpie 32

    Automatic music is an automatic turn-off.

  33. Leah Q 33

    Really Great post idea! OK, Let me rant….

    Dislikes: too many ads, super cheesy layout, missing posts when you do a search, crazy colors making reading impossible without creating a headache, fluff posts: posts that really don’t say much at all for information, when you sign up for their newsletter you receive so many posts you end up un-subscribing from their nonsense, blogger – I am in the process if learning to use wordpress, I find the comment sections on blogger do not work as well…though they have excellent help tips.

    I run a variety of blogs, for my different subjects; feng shui, food recipes, rants and raves, divascopes, and a dog blog (in his own words of course) among others.

    I do my best to keep a clean site, free from chatter, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

    I love sites which are properly labeled, easy to navigate, leave comments, etc. I happened to have stumbled upon your blog and have been hooked from day one. I may leave a comment every day, but by no means does this mean I am looking for a comment back on my site at all.

    Like others have mentioned, I too ad my little old comments only when I feel moved to do so. I us ‘stumble!’ a lot for finding new sites to point out on my rant and rave blog, but there is a lot of junk out there along with greatness and it is exciting to see and find quality material out there…

  34. This is probably the best posting I have ever seen on blogs. Not kissing butt but true.

    I think we all should feel free to say anything, write anything, and do anything you like. In life, nobody can make others entirely happy. Let alone picking one family member as an example or even someone who love you most or you love the most. You can’t even make that person 100% happy or make everyone in your family happy. Someone will criticize you about anything. And I think we should be happy to see critism coz that’s certainly a form of honesty.

    Personally, I don’t expect anything writing own blog. I use my personal blog for own hobbies, education, and work/career, not just leisure. I am not writing it to be the world famous blogger. I write personal or cooking journal everyday anyway until friends and family persistently asked me to do it. They saw me writing wine, beer, cheese and cooking journal in the past. And heck, they don’t even leave a comment for me after they read it :)

    As for music, I in fact just put them up because of my mom.

    Expectation makes you unhappy in anything you do. People who write personal journal oftenly not professional writer. I am sure many of us aren’t.

    Blogging is an expression form of own happiness. I am sure 99% people on the blog are happy writing whatever they want.

    Even a psycho one writing about wanting to kill the whole world..

    Happy blogging…rant and rave is cool too.

  35. a few of my personal dislikes include blogs that are drowning in ads, the visitor-stalker thing that says “curlywurlygurly arrived from pt. pleasant, nj 2 minutes ago”, music that i can’t figure out how to disable, and difficulty leaving comments. sometimes i think it would be easier to hack into the pentagon than leave comments on some blogs.

    on the plus side–i LURVE your spell checker. :)

  36. Erinn 36

    I made a big etiquette mistake when first blogging, which actually leads me to the main reason I’ve come love it. After my big no-no, a very kind, fellow blogger, lovingly and gently pointed it out to me. She then became a blogging friend and one whom I’ve met outside the blog-o-shpere. I’ve met, virtually, some of the nicest people from around the world. If I don’t like a blog I don’t go back. I guess my biggest peeve is crappy photos, if they are bad I will not go back.
    Other than that? I’m pretty much all about the love. (I keep my speakers muted, so haven’t come across the music thing, does sound annoying though!) :)

  37. You guys should check out Jennifer at Playgroups are No Place for Children, link to playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren.com, because she’s been doing a weekly tutorial on Saturdays. I have learned so much from her, including about RSS feed readers.

  38. THE ONLY COMPLAINT I HAVE WITH YOUR BLOG IS… It kick in my ulcer at 2am when I drool all over your yummy recipe and food pictures.

    Oh, one more complaint. It contributes to my weight problem because I tend to come in to look for good recipe to cook on my days off. Because another hogs in your family have already tested and approved it.

    Yeah, one more. Your writing is entertaining because you write about real life, not a pretentious one.

    Oh, one more. You are not a bioche when you dine out unlike your crazy friends. Basically, you are thoughtful and considerated.

    Those are my complaints about your blog. And thanks for reading my blog sometime. My gramma is the most horrific thing next to scary movies. Such a shame for an American born but grew up in another countries. My patriotism is unquestionable but gramma and spelling slow down my writing.

    Is there any learning center on blogging lounge where I can submit my writing for a proof read before I can post it…

    I guess not, huh :)

    Passionately blogging,


  39. I read a lot of blogs during the day. I’m supposed to do it at lunchtime but I sneak in some during the working hours too:) I don’t have a lot of time for commenting so I usually only leave one if I have something to say. I think that there are some bloggers who want to comment on everyone’s blog and sometimes the only thing they can say is Nice Post or something similar. I know quite a few people browse through my blog but very few leave comments. It’s nice to have someone acknowledge they read your blog.

    My pet peeve is the automatic music. I usually have my ipod playing through my computer so it’s a mess when they join.

    I had a password on my comment section at one point because I was getting spammers and when you clicked on their link, your computer froze.

    Kind of disjointed – sorry.

  40. Trisha 40

    The automatic music is a big problem for me when the player is buried in the blog somewhere. Put it at the top so I can disable it quickly if I want to!

    What attracts me to a blog – the writing. If I get a strong personality in the writing I usually stick around. If the blog is interesting, I stay!

  41. The only thing that I really don’t care for on a blog is excessive negativity. Bloggers who do nothing but whine and complain, whose blogs always carry a sad tone, or who constantly attack others turn me off. Everyone has bad days, and I like to encourage people when they are down. Someone who cannot seem to find any joy in life and who cannot be cheered and encouraged will just drag me down whether online or in real life, so I tend to cut those associations short.

    There’s a lot of variation in the blogs I read and enjoy. I love learning about different types of people and seeing different perspectives. The best bloggers always mix it up quite a bit, though. They have funny posts, introspective posts, and they share from their own interests and expertise.

    I have to admit that I probably would not have been interested in reading your wine posts if they weren’t on a level anyone could understand and laced with humor. All wine all the time might get a little boring for me too. You have a very balanced and funny blog. I learn something new every week here. Oh, and look! You were my first blog visit after my trip. That’s probably has a lot to do with the fact that your posts are delivered to me directly via email, but you would have been one of the first stops anyway.

  42. Sabrina 42

    I like reading blogs. It is fun to see life in other parts of the country or world. I don’t have a blog myself so I don’t know all the etiquette or terms. I usually ask my friends who do blog. I generally do not comment because what I have to say has usually been said, or I don’t want to write ‘nice post’ just to say something. Is that wrong? I think my biggest pet peeve is that reading blogs is addicting. I check in on blogs daily and get bent out of shape if there isn’t a post. I am petty. But I love pictures.

  43. Christy 43

    Good questions!

    Automatic music has always driven me mad. I usually leave unless I had a really good reason for going there.

    For the most part, I don’t feel like comments are a ploy, I look for the best in people and have not become that cynical just yet. There has been this one person who has commented twice on my blog and every word in his sentence was a url link to a different Indian Medicine blog that he runs, I just deleted them. The entire comment was along the lines of “I like your blogâ€￾. Each word was a different url link to something in his blog! LOL

    I do believe there is an unspoken blog etiquette, but its mostly just common sense for folks that are friendly. If someone comes to my blog, I do make it a point to visit theirs. If someone comments on my blog, I do make it a point to hang around their blog long enough to have something to comment on. If someone lists my blog on their bloglist, I do make it a point to list theirs. I also make it a personal point to respond to each comment left on my blog, even if it is in one big comment from me in which I address each person. I hope I will always be able to do this. It just seems that if they take the time out of their day to read what I post and then take further time to comment on it, it isn’t too much for me to take the time to type a sentence or two in response. A lot of people who comment on my blog are letting me know they tried my recipes as well, which seems horribly rude to me if I can’t offer a simple “Wow, thanks!â€￾. Maybe that’s not typical blog etiquette, but it’s just being nice.

    These are just things that I do. However, I don’t consider others who don’t do the same to be rude. We don’t know what goes on in folks lives and such, I still enjoy reading their blogs regardless of their level of feedback for readers. Hey, its nice that they allow us this window into their lives to begin with.

    I don’t mind comments that don’t stay on topic. I think it just shows a blog is establishing a community around it. If they are blatantly just posting to draw readers to their own agenda elsewhere on the web (which has nothing to do with the interest of my readers), I’d just delete the comment as readers wouldn’t enjoy finding it there anyway. It does not enhance your blog or your readers experience there.

    I like seeing awards on people’s blogs. I know how much folks put into them and how excited they are just to know people are reading what they write. To get an award from anyone is very exciting and they’ve earned it.

    So what do I not like about other blogs? Not much, really. Automatic music, which I seldom encounter, puts me off a bit. Other than that, I think people who blog are very generous and kind to allow us to be a part of their lives in that way.

  44. I guess what bothers me the most is when I *think* I’ve written a good or funny post–and then no one comments on it. That gives me a complex!

    Another thing I’ve seen occasionally are “contests” where you have to add the blog to your blogroll or write a post about it in order to enter–it makes me feel used!

    In other news–we made the peach drinks last night. OMG–they were delicious!!! Thanks again for the recipe!

  45. linds8 45

    I too hate the automatic music! I maybe check on a few blogs while I am at work, I said maybe! I normally have my sound muted but sometimes I don’t and when I click on that blog with music it blares out of my speakers and I get embarassed! I then just exit the site w/o reading anything!

  46. Teri 46

    I just “stumbled” upon your blog and happened to enjoy your recipes and photography and your sense of humor. I am new to all of this blogging stuff. Usually only read food and photography websites. Since reading yours I thought I should set up my own blog. But it really is most intimidating, there are so many facets to it and if not done right, I do see that it can really upset people. I didn’t realize what this was all about. That is why I stopped leaving comments on your blog, I thought… whoops, this is some exclusive thing only for bloggers…. I just loved reading this and enjoyed it so much I thought I would leave a comment! Dumb me!

  47. Becky 47

    Great post!

    I am a new blogger, and I have already had one snarky commentor. I decided when I started blogging that I am not going to get involved in ANY blogging related drama. It’s too “high school” and so I just deleted the person’s comment and moved on.

    I think it causes you to question WHY you have a blog. What was my purpose for blogging? Well, I love to write, and I have lots of spare time at work to do so (my job involves a lot of waiting).

    Oh, and I totally agree on the music – that’s very frustrating.
    :) Becky

  48. Ali 48

    I once got a comment from a girl who grumped about how she had left several comments at my website and I had not done the same for her.

    I almost always check out the blogs of ppl who comment at my site, but unless I feel I have something specific or relevant to say to them, I don’t comment.

    The fact that she thought I owed her that annoyed the crap out of me. I try to be nice and comment when I can, but I don’t OWE anyone frivolous/meaningless comments.

  49. dawn 49

    I have met some wonderful people since joining the blogging-world. I wish most of these people lived in my neighborhood as I would love to be friends with them. I truly mean that.
    I agree there are some blogs out there that have way too many ads and that annoying music playing, but what gets me kind of upset are those food bloggers that make the really fancy schmanchy stuff, have these devoted fans leaving wonderful comments, but yet never ever visit other food blogs? What’s up with that? Or if they do visit other food bloggers, they only visit the ones that are part of the fancy-schmanchy club; like it’s an elite underground super club of food bloggers living in a gated community together. Thank goodness there aren’t many of them out there, but there are a few and they act like their “stuff” don’t stink and look at their fans as some sort of devoted sycophants always at their beck and call.

  50. dawn 50

    Cathy-darling I am not referring to you, you already know that :-)

  51. There really isn’t a lot I don’t like about blogs. There are some I obviously like better than others, but for the most part I enjoy just about everyone I’ve ever visited.

    I guess the one thing I hate is automated music. Some times you’ll go to someone’s blog and the music is so loud it’s a little scary. If that’s the case I just hit the mute button and read anyway. It’s not usually enough to turn me off.

  52. I’d concur with those that talk about ads (and music) being distracting. I don’t begrudge people their right to post the ads … but, I’d really prefer not to look at all the clutter. Or hear it, for that matter.

    I also enjoy the community created in blogging. It’s great to get online, check out what people are up to, and post a few comments if I feel I’ve got something to add. Sometimes it’s just a short “kudo”… other times it’s something more involved. But, I do think it’s nice to show others that we’re reading what they’ve written.

    I haven’t been at blogging very long, but it’s really become a passion.

  53. I don’t like the music players because sometimes when I look at blogs I should not be listening to music. Plus, the music attracts my kids, and I sure don’t want them lurking over my shoulder.

  54. Sassy 54

    The Automatic Music is the biggest turn off for me, very annoying.

    Being i am fairly new to the blogging world, i don`t have alot of turn offs. i just generally read what interests me but tend to lean towards humorous bloggers. Basically, i just enjoy reading about other peoples lifestyles and interests.

    I don`t expect bloggers to feel they have to comment on my blog. I leave comments when i feel the need or want, and really expect the same from others.

    I have to say, I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  55. I am not in the know on blog ‘do’s and don’ts. I comment when the post grabs me and I feel like I need to say something..

    I read tons of blogs, or, should I say, I skim tons of blogs! Most have to do with my hobbies…

    I don’t like: Foul language. Drives me insane… I also don’t like bashing, or rudeness, or mean people…

    And spelling.. I can understand missing a word or two, but heck… if a person continuously spells ‘easy’ words wrong, it just irks me… Drives me crazy, in fact!

  56. Daisy 56

    I never thought about it, but I like what Becky said, “Without the comments, I might as well be writing in my journal.” I live pretty far from my family and many of my friends, so my blog is a way for them to continue to see me (though they rarely comment – I don’t mind at all… I know they’re there.) Still, I can’t help but like comments…I’m a sucker for ’em.

    I also like Katie’s comment about “no so interesting comment guilt” and wanting to stave off the zero comment days cause she knows what they’re like. Come to my blog, Katie! (Just kidding). I think that’s great. I do like the sense of community in the blogging world.

    I don’t like music unless it has a point – if I go to a classical pianist’s blog or visit the site of a band, it makes a little sense. Putting up one’s favorite pop or country artist or that song that was crazy-popular when you were living your glory days just doesn’t work for me.

    And no pictures is bust. I love pictures. I love blogs with pictures. You rarely see a magazine without illustrations and I think there is a reason why. Quick reads, unlike novels, benefit so much from adding that “thousand words” (you know, “a picture’s worth a thousand words”). Well, if you’re posting a thousand actual words, I’m not hanging out at your blog long.

    Which is not to say that the photography has to be superb – though that’s nice. Just some image to illustrate what it is you’re expressing through words is nice.

    You’ve got great photos, Cathy! And thanks for all those days when you warded off my zero comment status!!!

  57. Debbie 57

    I am always interested in other blogs, layouts and designs. My problem (with mine) is that I am old. LOL Seruiously…today I am 49. :~) okay, I’m not really THAT old, I just don’t know how to change my layout. Would love to, but not sure how to. There you have it. oh, and the name…it’s too late now I suppose, so, I guess what bugs me about blogs is my own!

  58. krysta 58

    funny… i was just thinking about this. you read my mind cathy!

    bad layout and bad photos (if your new to blogging you have a pass) are the two things that really bother me the most.

  59. Misty 59

    Honestly, I don’t visit them if their blog is too “busy” if there are too many bold graphics. I don’t much care for the automatic music players. I don’t care if people comment to me or not. I don’t get my feelings hurt. I love reading your blog. If you like visiting mine, great, if you comment great, but if you don’t…my feelings won’t be hurt! You are a great blogger!

  60. Amanda 60

    OKAy okay okay. I just went to her site, just learned about RSS feeds and just put one on my blog. I hope I did it right…I really dont comprehend the lingo.

  61. ALF 61

    An interesting question here…

    I try not to get too worked up about my own blog or other peoples blogs. For me it’s just for fun.

    I do not like when my Grandma reads my blog and gets all upset that I’ve been drinking beer and then sends me emails about how I she thinks I’m an alcoholic. That is annoying.

  62. What a great post. I’ve ALWAYS hated music on websites. When Ron and I used to design sites it was a huge pet peeve of mine and I absolutely hated when a client would ask us to put it on their site. I’d cringe behind Ron saying NOOOOOOOOOOO – but if it’s what the customer wants, you have to do it – thus the reason we don’t do that anymore – haha.

    Other than that, I really don’t have many complaints. I read all the blogs via Google Reader (thanks to you) and LOVE that. If I get bored with someone, get irritated by their written voice or find that I’m just not interested anymore, it’s very simple to unsubscribe and move on.

    Being as where’s my damn answer is still fairly young in the blogging world … maybe that will change in time? I’ll have to get back to you on that one – haha

  63. Claudia 63

    1) I hate the music on the blogs.

    2) Don’t comment if you haven’t read my post. I can tell right away if you’ve read it or not. “Awesome” doesn’t freaking cut it, not when I’ve just spilled my guts.

    3) Baby blogs. I love the ones with pictures and I’m guilty of putting up shots of my kids, but I don’t need to know about what kind of diaper you used and what color your baby pooped today.

    4) Ads on blogs.

    What DO I like?
    1) Well written posts with pictures. I’m a visual chick.

    2) Someone who checks their grammar.

    3) Easy to read blogs.

    4) People who show their true character and not some blog persona.

  64. I hate wordsy blogs. They bore me. Get to the point. Tell a cute story or an interesting insight and sign off. Nobody has the time or desire to know every single intimate detail of one’s life.

  65. misty 65

    ohh… you know, the biggest thing that bugs me is people reading through readers. I use a reader, but I open every blog. I just use it to notify me who has posted…

    other than that, i love how diverse blogging is. I guess i won’t read those “blogs” that are only product reviews with a more personal post thrown in ever few dozen review posts…

  66. Egghead 66

    Music players are the only thing that really bother me but I would not say that they are an end all to reading someones blog. If I like it I read it regardless. I just turn their player off if it bothers me.

    I love cooking blogs, blogs with photos and humor. The thing I regret is that I feel like I don’t have time to read or write as much as I want to. But my issue with my busy life.

    Great questions.

  67. I guess I haven’t been doing the blogging thing long enough to come up with any complaints. I do try to support as many writers as I can. Good post!

  68. My biggest pet peeve is the auto music. Drives me nuts. And I hate the idea of feeds. I obsess about my layout, paragraphs and line breaks. I hate that people can just read the text. And pu-lease, spell check.

  69. Rayrena 69

    I’m glad to hear about commenting after a post. As the mom of a toddler, I often post, then run around reading my favorite blogs and commenting. It’s not for reciprocity, just that when I have a chance to post, I also have a chance to comment. Although I do read blogs through a reader so I ALWAYS read them, but only comment when I have a bit more time. I can read fast, but giving feedback takes my addled brain more time…

  70. I don’t like blogs that are controversial or sarcastic just to stir up more comments. I don’t like overly narcissistic blogs.

    I like authenticity in blog writing — bloggers who are who they are.

    I like blogs that try to connect with its readers. (Like yours).

  71. Wow! This was an interesting read. I usually don’t read other people’s comments but this post made it essential. I’m pretty new to the “Blog Scene” so I really appreciate the constructive information. I walk away from here knowing what I already knew: WE ARE ALL UNIQUE. Isn’t that GREAT???!!! : ) (Sorry to those of you that hate a smiley or all caps — I gotta be me.)

    I see that blogging preferences are like dining preferences: Some prefer fast-food and everything must be THEIR WAY while others delight in going into a new restaurant and choosing the Chef’s special. Oh, and then there’s everything in between. : ) (There I go again.)

    My only “peeves” (that really is a scrunched up and frowny word) include coarseness and that BIG BROTHER “You are here … you came from here … you left to go here” thingy. Is it really so important for the author to know all that? I avoid visiting those sites too frequently.

    Blogging has been a wonderful way to connect with so many people around the world. So far all has been smooth and delightful, though I can tell some of you may visit me and run away screaming. That’s okay … there’s a place for everybody.

    Thank you Cathy for broaching this enlightening topic. I never know what Noble thing you may offer up each day. (Can you tell I’m a Chef’s special kinda girl?) ; )

  72. Mike 72

    Haha, there are so many truths to this post. I’d added Flash-block types of plugins to Firefox just to prevent music players or overly intrusive slideshows, etc from loading and borking up my web browsing experience. Having 20 tabs open and crashing the browser for some glitzy thing on one page got old fast.

    I also get peeved by the drive-by commenters…especially when not only is it clear they didn’t read my post, but its 100% irrelevant! e.g. a reply to a comment I left on their blog or even just 100% promoting some event they’re hosting. I try not to junk comments on my site if I don’t have to, but I refuse to just be someone’s ad vehicle. The occasional troll comments though surprisingly don’t bug me–sure, I might junk it, but lol, I get a chuckle.

    The commenting tit-for-tat thing can be pretty annoying. I do my best to keep up with the blogs in my reader, but I definitely am not able to with how work/life has been the past few months, so I hope I don’t come off as a tit-for-tatter. :o The world needs to slow down so I can catch up, lol.

    I’m definitely guilty of being overly wordy…I figure I make up for it by having too many photos! ;-)

    The memes, awards, etc drive me batty. At first, I meant well when they came my way, but I never got around to posting a response. But they just kept coming in…lol, and coming and coming. So I never bothered. With my posting schedule, my blog would be memes for a year. As much as I appreciate the recognition and the kind words from people (and I most definitely do), I just want to keep my blog solely focused on food, not trivia about me.

    But enough ranting from me. Fortunately, there’s more good than bad out there, or I wouldn’t so happily still be a part of the community! :-) I love the support, enthusiasm, and seemingly limitless creativity from the food blogging community, whether its the food, the photography, writing, etc.

  73. I guess I don’t have any big complaints about blogs. If I did, though, it would be more generic posts. The thing I really like about blogs in general is the lack of censorship that you don’t have when writing for traditional publications. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not.
    Also, I’ve never had my browser lock up on a blog. It happens often on some people’s myspaces. Since I’m so tech illiterate, I can see me having stuff that might freeze someone’s up and not even realize it.
    Good post.

  74. Tara 74

    I think the biggest blog turn-off for me is a cookie cutter template. Ya know, the kind that the blog domain lets you chose from. I mean, I am not a pro at web designing, so I will chose one of the pre-existing templates provided, however I always go in a tweak stuff to make it look better. It’s like a car or a motorcycle, I don’t care for it “stock”, I prefer it customized.

  75. Rayrena 75

    This has been a very interesting post Usually it’s the post that you want to read in it’s entirety but this one is ALL about the comments.

    My pet peeves are similar to most others:
    1) Auto music. My style of writing and personality are very different from my taste in music. Does that make sense? I am a pretty calm peaceful person who loves taking care of people but I listen to Amy Winehouse on the way to yoga and crank Sublime when the kid isn’t with me. If I had a music blog, you might enjoy my music list but people who read my blog are usually there for the food, not my crappy taste in music!

    2) Messy or busy layouts. I tend towards clean lines. It helps keep me sane.

    3) Too much negativity. Some snarking is entertaining but mostly, I want to feel uplifted and inspired.

    4) Links that take me away from the blog. A link should open in a new window so I don’t have to keep going backwards to finish reading your post. If I wait to check the link after I’ve read your post, chances are I forget. Then the link is not useful.

    5) I have to agree to another about leaving comments repeatedly with no acknowledgment. On very popular blogs I understand that the author cannot respond to everyone, but if only a couple people comment, it’d be nice to be acknowledged (which I have to do today, oops). It makes me think that you aren’t reading your comments, then really, why should I bother?

    Things that are a bit annoying but I can deal with:

    1) Ads. Try to keep them off to the side. I’m all for you making some money but don’t make your readers pay the price.

    2) The thingy that announces that you’ve arrived on a site and where you’re from. A little creepy.

    What I love:

    1) Seeing someone’s personality through their writing. I don’t mind long winded posts because it gives me a better glimpse of who they are.

    2) Pictures! If you write about your garden, your kids, your food, I need pictures. Otherwise, it’d be like a blog music with no sound clips.

    3) A sense of humour.

  76. Kiki 76

    Nothing really annoys me about blogs. If they do annoy me I just don’t read. I do like when people comment and even if it sometimes is to get traffic to their site well that’s a compliment to mine. They clearly thing someone’s reading mine!

    Your blog is always gorgeous and I visit to look and get tips. I dont’ always comment because how many ways can I say wow.

    Keep up the great blog.

  77. I read all my blogs through a FeedReader and only pop over to comment. So, I really can’t stand partial feeds.

    I play on the Internet with my mute button on, so I don’t know how many sites have music and which ones don’t. Automatic music really annoys me, but this seems to be a nice fix for that.

    I really dislike sites that make it difficult to comment.

    But, given all these things, if the blog is good, I make the sacrifices. :)

  78. I guess that I’m different. Since I’m a proffesional writer in the journalism world and an aspiring novelist, to me a blog is simply part of what I do. I tell stories (for free!) about my life and things I dream up. I leave comments on other people’s blogs when I like them, and hope they like what I write. Again, as a writer, you want to know people like to read what you write. Additionally, blogs are powerful marketing tools, so why wouldn’t you seek out blogs that you thought were well connected? That’s not why I leave comments, but I can see why others do. If you’re knitting stuff on an etsy shop, you’d want to show it off to folks (and hope they buy a few mittens!)

  79. What a great topic! I’m new to the foodblogging world and I’m still trying to get on my feet. The thing I really don’t like is when they make it so difficult to comment! Sometimes I get so annoyed I forgot what I read and what i was going to say… Also i don’t like about blogs that have 2 wide columns on each side, that you have to scroll a lot until you find the actual post…

  80. Dragon 80

    I’m not a fan of blogs that have music on them. More often than not, it startles the heck out of me.

    I am a fan of you blog. :)

  81. Terrie 81

    I’ve been researching the blogosphere lately to determine the very things that you are asking, because I’m in the beginning stages of setting up my own blog (soon. real soon.)
    I think the thing that irritates me the most is when people (who sound otherwise very intelligent) are careless about spelling and punctuation. You know, basic things that any high school graduate should know. To me, it distracts from the person’s prose and makes me question their respect for their readers.

    The thing I like the most is when a blogger gets personal and allows the reader to really get to know them. I understand it’s probably wise to maintain a certain amount of annonymity on the Internet, but it’s nice when writers reveal something of themselves and their personality on their blogs, too.
    I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now and enjoy your occasional flights from food to vent or otherwise express yourself to those of us along for the ride. Thank you!

  82. This was a great post, Cathy! I’ve really enjoyed reading what everyone had to say.

    I have hundreds of food blogs in my reader. It’s the only way I can keep up. I click through to the posts to leave comments as much as I can, but lately, I just don’t have that much time. I hate the partial feeds too. Sometimes, I’ll just skip it and try to come back to it later.

    I love music, but those automatic players do annoy me. Whenever I put music on my blog, I use a simple player that the reader can turn on if he/she wants to listen.

    One of the sure fire ways to keep me away from a blog is when it loads realllllyyyy slooooowly. That drives me totally freaking nuts! Some people have so much crap on their sites that it takes forever to load. It’s a shame because there are some really great blogs that I like that are victims of this. And, I hate having to sift through tons of ads just to find the actual content. Some seem to go overboard.

    The drive by comments get on my nerves too. I appreciate every reader who takes the time to comment, but sometimes it is painfully obvious that they didn’t even read my post. I don’t comment as much as I’d like to, but when I do, I try to make each comment personal and reference the post, so that the blogger knows that I read it. If I didn’t, I’d probably be able to comment a lot more, but then it wouldn’t mean much.

    I do understand the quid pro quo game of commenting. You comment on mine – I comment on yours. It was easy to do when I would get about 10-20 comments per post. When I started getting 40-50 or more, It became kind of oppressive. I never had time to write my posts or visit the blogs I wanted! What I’ve started to do is leave more generalized responses to all, and answer specific questions, etc. This has helped a lot.

    I have noticed that certain bloggers will only leave me a comment AFTER I’ve visited and left one for them. Although, I suppose I do the same thing, because reading a comment from someone sometimes reminds me that I haven’t visited them in a while (unintentionally). There are so many blogs out there now, that it is really hard to keep up!

    It does kind of hurt my feelings when I am a faithful, long-time reader of a blog and never, ever get a response to any comment I have left there-even to questions I’ve asked. There is one in particular that I have been reading for almost 2 years and have commented on more than I can count, and I have never once gotten either a response or a visit from that person. In 2 years, you’d think that one of my comments would have been interesting enough to respond to! I just don’t go there much anymore.

    I really hate it when people leave comments that are basically ads for their own blogs or events. It makes me feel obligated and uncomfortable.

    Oh, and 1 more thing – for god’s sake, use spellcheck!

  83. Fun, but squirmy topic! I read through some of these comments and think, “wow some of you must be the most awesome bloggers EVER to be so critical of others!” Of course, inside, I definitely agree with some of the things being said.

    Here’s the thing. I do believe that everyone has a right to basically do whatever they want with their blog (within the boundaries of decency.) With that said, there are lots of ways to attract and maintain readers. Some people love heartfelt, wordy, higher level thinking blog posts, others go for humor and brevity.

    The whole reciprocity of commenting thing is a real stinker. For me, I *try* to visit everyone who visits me…sometimes it can take me MONTHS to return the favor. I read above that people get irritated when someone comments right back on their site, like they’re trying to fish for further comments. When someone has said something witty or especially insightful, I want to go check them out right away! Now I’m going to be paranoid that they think I’m only trying to get them to visit again.

    Blogging. It’s a lose-lose situation. But also a wonderful community. Quite a conundrum!

    And thanks to Marybeth above for the shoutout!

  84. Hmmm… sometimes I do post comments after people leave them for me, but my big excuse is that I am sometimes away from all blogs for several days and I like to do everything at once… write, read multiple entries, comment… I see you commenting all over the place and I am amazed by all the information you take in every day.
    Anyway– peeves… I like to surf at work, so anything that’s going to pop up with a loud obnoxious noise or nude photo is something I won’t return to. I think the self promoting comments are tacky, and I’m not wild about anything that flashes.

  85. Terrie 85

    Repeat after me: 49 is NOT old! 49 is NOT old! (Just turned 49 on 7-1!!)

  86. melissa 86

    So much has been said already I don’t need to add much. I’m only going to focus on one point – I have no issue with someone not linking to me or commenting on me even if I link/comment them. And I hate when people DO have an issue with that. I just don’t think your ego shouldn’t be that fragile.

    This is a GREAT post Cathy. I’m glad you asked these questions and I got to read what everyone had to say.

  87. Sadie 87

    I can’t stand a music player on blogs. It bugs me… A LOT.
    Of course their is the obvious too many ads that become annoying.
    Other than that, I’m not too judgy with blogs. After all, they are an expression of the author themselves, and you just can’t judge a book by it’s cover… or a blog by just one of it’s posts.

  88. I think there is no such thing as blog etiquette. The more you blog, the more you find your own style. You sample a bit of what others try and decide whether you enjoy it or not. And when the others start their snark, get an adult beverage and laugh over the hilarity of it all. There will always be someone who doesn’t like something, and as long as you’re publishing what you enjoy, then none of the rest matters. After all, people will always talk…

  89. shelly 89

    I hate when the automatic music players but I love pictures.

  90. grace 90

    great, now i’m totally self-conscious about my own blogging behavior! :)

    two things that make a blog worthy of my visits:
    -appetizing pictures
    -humorous writing

    that’s it, in a nutshell. good news, cathy–you qualify! :):)

  91. I just look for variety. I don’t wanyt all the blogs I visit to be the same. But I have no dislikes except swearing.

  92. Tanya 92

    At first I thought there might not be anything that really truly bothers me about blogs, but after looking at some of the comments, I realize there are a few things.

    1. Yes, the auto play music is annoying. I’ve never come across a blog that has one of these, but I’m always experiencing it on MySpace. I make sure my speakers are turned down all the way.

    2. Ads and widgets everywhere. I don’t mind a few well-placed ads/widgets, but when the entire blog seems to focus on these and NOT the content of posts, I get bothered.

    3. Blogs with really bad design elements. This ties in to #2, but I’m talking more along the lines of the “theme” of the blog. I’ve run across some very “loud” designs that hurt my eyes.

    4. Word verification for comment posting. Blogger is the WORST because half the time I can’t read what the phrase is and after a couple of tries, I give up and don’t leave a comment. Sometimes I enter the correct phrase and I still can’t get verified.

    5. Poor grammar. Please, if you’re going to start blogging, use complete words and sentences so I can actually understand what you’re saying.

    That’s about all. I don’t worry too much about the etiquette of commenting and replying to comments. I make sure to at least TRY to reply to the comments I receive, but I don’t worry if other bloggers don’t reply to mine.

  93. melissa 93

    “However, I really hate it when I read someone’s blog consistently and comment regularly and my comments are NEVER acknowledged and my blog appears to never be visited by that person….”

    From the sentence on, I could have written it myself. I hate that too. I have two blog links I am considering dropping because of it and a few I dropped in the past. Like I said to Cathy in my comment below, I don’t mind if you don’t link me, I don’t mind if you don’t comment me, but at least do the only remaining thing you CAN do and talk to me from time to time, on your own blog. I just feel if I have been visiting you for months and months, at least respond to my comments from time to time. I’m visiting because I genuinely like you and think your food is wonderful. So give me at least that one out of the three ways of saying hello… just so I don’t feel like you hate me/don’t want me even visiting in the first place.

  94. melissa 94

    OK, I have to keep blathering away hahaha…

    Some people mentioned drive by comments. I was just telling my husband the other night about someone I see who is linked to many, many others and gets an average 40-60 comments per post… and I seriously don’t think they read anyone else’s posts at all. They just see the picture, scroll down, regurgitate the name of the dish in the title and write “_____ looks and sounds great.” Ummm… O_o It would be one thing if they did it rarely – I admit I have skimmed too. But it’s all the time (I see it on a bunch of blogs this person visits, I’m not complaining about it for mine) and makes it seem like a) they’re just trying to generate more visits to their page and b) that they are a self-centered jerk. On that basis alone, I want to delete. I think I will.

  95. melissa 95

    OK, I have to keep blathering away :P

    Some people mentioned drive by comments. I was just telling my husband the other night about someone I see who is linked to many, many others and gets an average 40-60 comments per post… and I seriously don’t think they read anyone else’s posts at all. They just see the picture, scroll down, regurgitate the name of the dish in the title and write “_____ looks and sounds great.” Ummm… O_o It would be one thing if they did it rarely – I admit I have skimmed too. But it’s all the time (I see it on a bunch of blogs this person visits, I’m not complaining about it for mine) and makes it seem like a) they’re just trying to generate more visits to their page and b) that they are a self-centered jerk. On that basis alone, I want to delete. I think I will.

  96. Laura 96

    Holy moly. Well anytime you ask about people’s pet peeves (or read the answers to someone else’s inquiry), the risk you run is discovering that maybe you tick people off! :)

    My pet peeves… well I agree with some of the people who think there are blogging cliques. They can be annoying. I’ve never encountered the music but I guess my computer is frequently on mute. I find the comment thing hard, like a lot of people seem to. I mean sometimes, all I can truly think to say is that dish looks yummy–I mean maybe that is all the post really had (a recipe), in which case I am glad I read it, I have copied it into my to try file, but I have no idea what else to say about it!

    My favorite blogs have good writing. I have tried to improve my own photography, but pictures are not why I like food blogs.

    I too enjoy when people share a lot of their personal lives (well if they are entertaining when they do so), but I am also completely paranoid, so while you will hear about my kids and family on my blog, I limit pictures to my dogs. And it is not that I judge people who don’t–really I envy them because they don’t lie awake at night conjuring up wildly unlikely scenarios in which their kid’s picture on a blog leads to his kidnapping or something.

    Hmmm… that’s all that is coming to mind for now.

  97. Bunny 97

    First, I’m glad I’m not the only one having a problem with the security letter thing. I was starting to think it was just me and I needed new reading glasses or something. LOL!! I really haven’t been blogging that long, just since March. I like recipe blogs but have found a couple of blogs that don’t have them that I love as well. I think people select they’re favorite blogs the way they select they’re real life friends. You want to be comfortable on they’re blog, beable to comment, like the personality and know they’re friendly. That’s what makes me want to come back. I comment because I believe in encouraging people, if they’ve posted a good recipe or have an interesting story, I want them to know I appreciate the effort and time it took to post it and yes I liked it. I don’t like a blog home page that’s so confusing to me that I don’t know where to leave a comment. The ads aren’t a problem. Sometimes I come across a dark color for a background like black that makes it hard to read the post but if I like the blog that doesn’t keep me from going back. I don’t like vulgar people, that’s a complete turn off and I stay away from those blogs. All in all I’ve had a very good experience blogging and hope I continue too.

  98. This has been useful! I posted my lengthy response this morning and was just checking back in.
    I have officially removed the verification requirement from my comments!
    Thank you!

  99. cassie o 99

    hate hate hate music players

    i usually read to my own music or the tv
    sites with sound are an automatic skip

  100. Dana 100

    I really hate automatic music or tons of ads – I’ve even been to blocks with pop-up ads – so annoying!

    I always thought entering the security code was annoying until I started getting spam comments. Adding the security code requirement stopped the spamming, so now I totally understand why it’s needed!

  101. Elle 101

    Wow, interesting topic! I have to say I’ve never come across a blog with automatic music. Where have I been?

    I also find the word verification things a little (ok, maybe a lot)aggravating. Especially if I get them wrong, hehe!

    I have a lot of blogs in my reader. A lot! And just like everyone else, I’m busy–especially in the summer with all of my kids home. I post every 3-4 days, usually–but sometimes it’s longer. It takes me a long time to get through my reader, and by the time I do, some of you guys have posted another 3 or 4 posts. It’s really tough to keep up. BUT! That doesn’t mean I’m not reading. I may read your last 3 or 4 posts, but only have time to comment on one or two.

    As far as replying to everyone that comments on my blog–if it’s a question, I’ll always respond. But lately, it’s hard to find the time to reply to every single one. I’ll try to be better at it, though.

    I don’t get angry if I comment on someone’s blog and they don’t reply back to me–I’m guessing they’re busy, like I am, lol!

    What blogs do I like?

    I like people that are genuine. If I feel like they’re being honest and it’s coming through in their posts, I’ll keep reading. They don’t even have to have the greatest photos, because mine aren’t, either. :)

    I don’t even mind if comments seem like drive by comments! Why? Because we live in a busy society–we’re all pressed for time. So if someone even takes 30 seconds or a minute to leave me a comment, it’s good enough for me! It’s very much appreciated, in fact! I don’t need Shakespeare to make me happy, just you being you.

    (I have to laugh, because when I hit Submit Comment, I had the verification number wrong and had to fix it, hehe.)

  102. Leslie 102

    Very informative I must say!
    Nothing really annoys me. If I hear music and I dont like it I just mute my speakers. I am glad I didnt see a bunch of comments like..Oh I hate that Hungry Housewifes video posts!LOL I am still a bit unsure about doing them!
    I am still pretty unclear if one is supposed to answer someones comment by leaving a comment on thier own site, or going to that persons site and answering the question on that persons site?? Am I making sence? Seems like I am rambling!!I know me personally..I always go to that persons site to answer their question or return their comment. But I see others leaving return comments on their own sites. I just dont know which one is correct!
    I REALLY enjoy humor and good photos.

  103. Liz C. 103

    Hmmm… I keep fluctuating on the music issue. When I first add music, I think it’s great. Then, when it starts driving ME crazy, I know it must be driving others crazy. So, it goes up and then it goes down.

    However, I have loved your blog from day one and wouldn’t care if you had all the annoyances known to bloggers. I’d still come to read you.

    Others blogs I am not so lenient with. I can’t stand blogs that ask for money in any way, no matter how great the cause. I get enough of that In Real Life. Thanks anyway.

    I also dislike blogs that have anything that flashes or blinks, causing me to be momentarily distracted. Besides, it’s annoying as hell.

    While I comment on other people’s blogs because I truly like their blogs and what they say, I also get a bit peeved when a blogger never, ever returns a comment. It’s like someone said earlier… I might as well be writing in my journal.

    I don’t expect anyone to comment everyday, although it would surely give me a huge head if they did. I could use a bit of that, lol. But, I’m happy if people just comment on the posts I’ve made that I feel are really good. When I’m just screwing around, I don’t care if people respond with a comment or not.

  104. Laura 104

    I removed mine too!

  105. Laura 105


  106. jodycakes 106

    Well…I too use Google Reader and love the fact I can do a quick scan of my faves and go back to comment later!
    I sometimes do leave short comments because I have nothing further to comment about…but if it is something thought provoking to me…and image, a story, a recipe…then I will definitely leave a longer comment – I want to be heard by my cyber buddies.
    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the peek into other peoples’ worlds.
    I mean, is this voyeuristic or what???
    There is a blog I’ve been reading for YEARS now…I have befriended someone I may have NEVER met otherwise…watch his life morph into something he thought it’d be!
    Too cool!
    Thank you so much for keeping us on our toes over here!!!
    And I truly appreciate your writing…
    ::rambles on…::

  107. Harmony 107

    My biggest bloggy pet peeve is that…I get behind on reading them. Honestly, all of the blogs that I have stumbled upon…I adore, whatever little quirks or ticks that can be a distraction to someone else…I am drawn to it. I love the individuality of blog land or the blogosphere. But I always end up getting behind on my reading…that is my fault. I would just hope that the bloggers that I am a loyal reader of, can acknowledge this and know that I will always be back for more…someday! But you already know that I just love you to death…don’t ya?!

  108. Can’t say that there is really anything that annoys me that much. Truth is I visit blogs I’m interested in, when I have time. And don’t if I can’t or don’t have time. As simple as that.

    That said, this is a very interesting topic, especially given all the comments/feedback. If I had the time I would read them all for my own knowledge. I’ll have to get back to this at some point…

  109. Amber 109

    Okay the first thing that annoys me is it didn’t like the security code I entered and I didn’t save my comment and I have to do this all over, but oh well. I only like security codes when they work for me. Now…I definately don’t think I will add music after all the comments. I would love a mentor to guide me through all of this. I do not know how to make my site prettier or post a photo behind my title, add RSS etc.. I read blogs if I find the person interesting, the photos and recipes enticing, and if they make me laugh or just happy. My goal is to become respected over time and it is also there for my friends and family to enjoy. I leave comments when I can and try to comment on the whole page of DB that I am on because it is nice for people to know that someone took a peek. For those of you who have been doing this a while and grew up with computers you are way ahead of many of us. I grew up with hippies instead. And I prefer the friendly stuff like pay it forward and baking groups that sort of unites us and starts friendships, over way too many awards and ads. But hey, if your ads are making you a ton of money let me in on the secret. And your spell check is fun, it says I can change blogging to bludgeoning.

  110. noobcook 110

    First time visiting your blog, but I’m not commenting to get you to visit, k? ;D

    Pet peeves – music in background, more than 15 seconds to load, google ads embedded in the middle of a post (it’s ok if they are at the beginning or end), super blurry pics, sites with ridiculous captcha …

    What I like – commenters who share personal insights like how they will do certain dishes differently, the tools they use, and people with a sense of humour :)

  111. Bridgett 111

    I really don’t have any pet peeves regarding blogs. They all reflect what the blogger is trying to say, so whether they want to kick it up with some music they love, add a few ads for profit, etc, then I say go for it. It is all a personal preference and there is no right or wrong, in my opinion.
    I don’t feel people need to feel obligated to post with each entry on my blog, nor do they need to feel to use or acknowledge an award or tag I may have sent them. Knowing me, it was sent out of admiration, not for attention, so use it as you please.
    Blogging for me has been an absolute treat and I have met some wonderful people. Who am I to judge what they do on their personal blog? I am thankful for all their visits to mine.

  112. whoa how do you keep up with all the comments???
    Um I hate Dooce cause she has a chip on her shoulder or a craw in her saddle…it bugs me when people say controversial stuff just for shock value or to piss people off. I almost wanted to make a site the antidooce.com because her and my backgrounds are the exact opposite. I guess maybe you didn’t want a specific blogger but I see her on everyone’s blog roll and she is just an obnoxious self centered twit!!! At least that is her cyber vibe…she could be a nice person…nahh I don’t think so ha ha

  113. Wow your a genius. What I like, VARIETY. I love meeting all kinds of different people in different parts of the world. I love blogs from California that post pictures, it soothes that part of me that misses that life. I read cooks, vets, farmers, want be country people, single moms, moms with serious challenges, funny people, artists, happy people, complaining people, and on and on. My favorite part about blogging is finding out how many people are in the world and trying to make their spot a better place. It’s inspirational really. The news is always glum. Environmentalists are most always grim and freaked out with worry. War protesters have their ax to grind as do war mongers. Personally I just like regular life served up in a unique way. I like people.
    What I don’t like is phony baloney. I used to put every blog I went to on my side bar so I could find them again. OK I’M an IDIOT, but shoot it was the easiest way. The problem is if you think you like a blog and change your mind how do you erase it without hurting somebodies feelings? I have erased some. If they never visit mine they can’t get their feelings hurt because they don’t know. I don’t like it when people are just interested in big numbers, what is this the 6th grade? I don’t really care for music, unless it’s very tastefully done. I love how Wisteria and Roses uses music that compliments her subject matter, beach sounds with beach scenes etc.
    I hate the stinkin crooked letters and mess up all the time. I love it that you use numbers. I don’t use anything. I also like your spell check and would like to know how you do that.
    I don’t like profanity or being gross.
    I love pictures and stories about kids. My favorite story of your hooligans was the T-Ball game where your son scored in a different game. PRICELESS. The best blogs are like people genuine and fun.

  114. Deeba 114

    Oooooh what a nice opportunity to rant. I love blogging but wish i had MORE time to visit every blog I’ve bookmarked. I feel frustrated when I can’t find a feed (like I can’t find on your blog Cathy, so I know when there is a post). Auto music is a big no-no; music is a very personal thing. I might love James Brown, while you might think I’m mad! Also, I don’t think every blog I visit, must visit mine. Though, I do want to visit everyone who stops by my place. Am I confused or what. Hmmmmmmm…the other thing is too many blog events, each of which I want to be part of, & I’ve dented the household budget trying to put a foot in each door!! My fault entirely, so this is a guilty rant!! PHEW…now that’s been offloaded, thank you for the brilliant opportunity & have a GREAT day! xoxo Deeba

  115. Hmmm…blog turnoffs = automatic music, pop up ads, some blogger accts that don’t allow name/url comments. lol

    Blog turn ons = good writing, especially humourous writing…clever witty etc, pretty pictures, innovative recipes or ideas (most blogs I read are recipe blogs)…but first and foremost, it’s the writing. :)

  116. barbara 116

    Blogs that take too long to load because the photos. Something I was guilty of doing until I discovered how to compress (I think that is the word) them.
    I always visit someone who leaves a comment on my site. I feel under pressure to comment on sites sometimes just to let them know I’ve visited. I don’t always have the energy to respond individually to comments left on my blog and have resorted to a group thank you. I more likely to read a short post than a long one. I don’t like lots of adds in the middle of the post.

  117. Tatiana 117

    I like having a smooth routine in the mornings at work, while drinking my coffee. I like to click on my favorites, opening them up as tabs, and go through them, one by one. However, when a blog makes it so that I can’t close it unless I close everything out, or they have an automatic music player, it disrupts the whole process. I like having my tabs in order and being able to go through them without running into problems like that. I prefer a blog that’s able to fit like a normal tab, and that I can get through like one.

    Now for things I love about blogs: pictures, witty comments, and fun everyday stories, but you already have this.

  118. thotlady 118

    I also hate the letters and as I get older it is harder to read what the letters are. Making me work to comment isn’t going to make me not comment!

  119. Donna 119

    My biggest peeve is not personally responding to everyone that comments on my blog. I desperately want to and I really try, especially if there’s a question. I’m an overachiever and I feel like I’ve let everyone down when I get into that busy mode. It’s not that I’m not interested or don’t care to reply. Sometimes I just can’t. All this to say, just because I feel I must reply to comments left to me, doesn’t mean I should expect the same…and I don’t.

    Case in point. When I fist joined Tuesdays With Dorie, I felt like the newbie, but that was way back in March when the list was manageable…like 75 members. I used to check each and every blog out and comment on every one of them. Now the list of 236 is sooooo overwhelming, I don’t even try. That makes me sad that I’ve lost a good chunk of my blogging friends and I know I’m missing some really good blogs out there.
    So, there’s my guilty rant!

  120. Ann 120

    I hate discovering that I need to register to leave a comment and I hate the security letters/numbers thing (though it isn’t so bad when it’s right up front as yours is). I personally think a blogger should have the time to weed out the spam so that the rest of us have fewer hoops to jump through. I also dislike lots of distracting junk in sidebars. Music is annoying and makes it difficult to surf at work. As for awards and memes… I’m very torn. Awards are a lovely thing to bestow, but the requirement to pass them on feels like chain letters, which I dislike. When I receive an award or get tagged for a meme it means I have to work it in to my planned posts, find other people to award or tag, and potentially write about things I would not otherwise choose to. Generally I tend to let the chain die off, which makes me feel guilty.

    I don’t expect people to reply to my comments at all. I used to reply to comments, but have stopped as I just don’t have the time– if I kept it up I’d have to stop leaving comments on other blogs! While I love getting really thoughtful comment, I don’t mind the occasional quick hit comment (like “Gorgeous photo and flavor combinations!”) because I am also guilty of that– sometimes you just want to let someone know you were there and appreciated the post but don’t have the time to write something long and thoughtful.

  121. Deborah 121

    I’m gonna have to go through and read these comments – it would be good to know!!

    There are several blogs that I have stopped reading for several reasons. If they are too negative or talk badly of other bloggers, it turns me off. I’m not a fan of the auto music players because I’m usually playing music on my computer and it blasts out. I hate bad spelling and grammar, and when a blog is just not interesting. And if you have to be registered to comment, I usually won’t comment.

    I’m drawn to blogs that like the same things I like, or cook the way I like to cook. Good photos are always a plus, but 50 pictures for every post is a little overkill for me. I’ll still read a blog if the photos are bad but the writing is really good, but if it’s bad on both accounts, I probably won’t take the time.

    There’s probably a lot of things I could mention. But everyone before me has probably mentioned them all!!

  122. Wonderful discussion that you’ve started– that is a major reason why I love your blog. I don’t have children, I’m not married, don’t know a thing about wine, but I do love reading about all of these things that you talk about. In fact, I rarely read the content of most posts from other blogs because I’m mainly interested in recipes. I always read your posts because you keep everything so varied. That’s the most important strength of any blog.

    Dislikes: Too many ads! So many people have said it, but it’s truly irritating. All sorts of product endorsements are also frustrating.

  123. Kristen 123

    Ugh – I hate the number verification that Blogger uses. I can never read it right and always seem to have to do it 2-3 times.

    Typepad, I think, also has the verification, but this time on the 2nd page. I imagine I submit my comment and the half the time forget to do the verification on the next page.

    Music on a blog drives me nuts, but it doesn’t keep me from visiting.

    I love great writing, funny stories, simple eye catching recipes, etc. Your blog, for example. Perfect!

  124. melissa 124

    I am new to blogging. reading other peoples blogs and writing my own. I don’t understand lot’s of things. The whole link thing is still messing me up. I don’t expect anyone to come and read my blog just because I commented in theirs. It’s very confusing. I have spent more time lately reading blog 101 than writing in my blog. When I get time to blog my brain is fried. Love this website.

  125. Flea 125

    Not much will turn me away if it’s an honest blog. Well, over the top profanity. Continuous whining. Constant ragging on one’s husband. All ads, all the time. I’m looking for honesty, real life. Basically what I look for in friendship. Commonalities. Most of the blogs I return to have those things in common and lack the things I dislike. Oh, and I look for snarky humor and regular posts.

  126. thotlady 126

    Thanks for coming by. I love your site. I hate to cook but love to bake.

    I can cook…I just don’t like doing it very often.

  127. I know I already commented on this once, but I’ve thought about this post some.
    Truthfully, I like all comments. Of course, the ones that praise me as brilliant are better than the ones that scold me an idiot, but I’d rather get the latter than nothing.
    I guess I’m kind of a needy artist. As much as I want to put on a tough exterior on my posts, I just like knowing someone has read them. I guess I don’t mind if they leave comments wanting to drive up traffic to their blog if I get feedback on mine.

  128. Lex the mom 128

    I, too, am with you on that last paragraph. I have stopped reading certain blogs because of that, as well.

    I do my best to get to the blogs I love to read daily, but that doesn’t always happen. I’m thinking I need to utilize the reader. Even if I don’t comment all the time, my favorites I read as often as I can.

    When people visit my blog, I don’t bombard them with music, nor do I expect comments. It is nice to get them, though.

    I think a good rule of etiquette in blogging is a rule of thumb in life – “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”

  129. I’m very late discovering the blog world, but am pretty much addicted now. Things I DO like:
    Interesting, well written stories,
    Unpredictability & variety,
    Educated, well thought out opinions.
    Things I DON’T like:
    Ads, ads, ads. I want to read, not shop.
    Noble Pig, your blog gets a 10 from me!
    So that’s it. But I think I’ll go adjust the security level on my blog comments section! :-))

  130. Lex the mom 130

    I replied to the one commenter here – but I forgot to mention something. I enjoy reading about people & what goes on with them. I enjoy sincerity and life experiences, whether they’re sad or hilarious. I think I am much more drawn to the blogs that have honesty in them. Honesty in who the person is who’s writing it. Tha person doesn’t necessarily have to be a good writer, just able to convey the honesty.

    A pet peeve of mine is the letter verification on Blogger. It is really annoying &, honestly, I don’t think there’s a need for it – especially with the option to moderate comments. I use neither feature & I’ve only been spammed once. Simple solution if you are spammed – delete the comment(s).

  131. Dee 131

    I’m not hot on the music – only because it gives the game away when I’m trawling and meant to be working :)

    I visit a few blogs regularly, only because I like what they have to say, however they choose to say it. I don’t get very many comments so I value each, and I always respond with a visit. But I don’t expect the same when I leave a comment.

    Interesting post. Fascinating responses.

  132. Lori 132

    I love pictures and occasional variety. Maybe what someone did on the weekend or on a trip. A tiny glimpse of life outside the kitchen. :)

  133. OpaqueArthur 133

    My pet peeves are anything indicative of lazy writing: A blog entry filled with links so the reader who wants to fully understand the entry has to navigate away from the site.

    Or: “One year ago on my blog” entries. Isn’t that what archives are for? If I want to read old material, can’t I search for it?

    Things I love: spellcheck on the comments!

  134. Cassie 134

    I hate it when I get totally into a blogger and their life and then they just stop blogging. WTF! I want to know what happens next in your screwed up life!

  135. Rita 135

    – i read all kinds of blogs
    – i read from a reader ;)
    – i am pretty much online 24-7
    – i try to comment, simply to let the blogger acknowledge there is SOMEONE HERE reading their heart & soul all poured out in their bloody blog ;)
    – i don’t return each & every comment in my blog anymore, as ppl don’t bloody read them anyway :p i just try to visit their blog and comment instead

    I LOVE:
    – any blog that cracks me up
    – any blog that doesn’t bore me
    – any blog that’s visually awesome
    – any blog that screams out “CREATIVITY”

    I don’t dig:
    – automatic music player
    – any blog that makes me depressed
    – any blog that bores me
    – blogs which turned too commercial, they are NO LONGER what they used to be

  136. Sarah 136

    I blog for fun and prefer to read blogs that are created for fun. I expect other bloggers to adhere to a very basic set of rules:

    1. Give credit where credit is due; and
    2. Be nice (unless you’re really peeved, in which case you need to email the blogger directly and deal with your issue privately);

    The rest is up to the blogger!

  137. hands down it’s having to type the damn letters that are impossible to read and remember. i find it totally annoying.

    also, i want to be able to not like something and say it. sometimes i feel like it’s all a little too kissy kissy lovey lovey on food blog comments. like everyone just needs one big group hug. i think that gets on my nerves. but i’m from nyc…

    so i just read about 6 of your posts. just catching up. the traffic story was too much. i have experienced the abridged version of that. the judge dismissed me as if i’d said nothing and gave it all to the cop. i was seething…

  138. What I like: excellent, expressive writing; topics worth reading (I’m not interested in little Johnny’s first poo-poo in the potty, but it might be a good read if humor or insight is included); photos that are clear and on topic; blogs that include links to information and other blogs I might be interested in; blogs that tell me about life in other parts of the US/world.

    What I don’t like: automatic music (seems to be a universal dislike; too many ads (another universal); blogs that self-promote too much, like an ongoing ad; poor spelling and grammar–we all make mistakes, but at least use the spell-check; blogs with too many cute-sy features like bouncing balls and smiley faces.

  139. Alisa 139

    The first thing for me is those automatic music players. The next thing is too many ads. While I don’t mind if people make money off of me visiting their site, please don’t beg me to visit your advertisers, or beg for comments.
    I also need the page to be organized and easy to navigate. I have limited time on my computer.
    The tit for tat comments don’t bother me, I think that’s kind of respectful to people who take time to read your site. Once you start getting into the multiple comments, it could be unfeasible time wise of course!

  140. Kim 140

    The only gripe I have is when you feel like you really should not be there reading that blog. Like you are not really welcome. I used to go to this fellow’s blog and every time I commented it never showed up – however other comments showed up. I tried several times and I ended up feeling like I was not really welcome or perhaps it was not an open blog. I have only felt that on this guys blog. I have made lots of friends blogging and generally like it but that was weird. I really like your blog – very funny!

  141. Yes! Deciphering those scrambled and blurry letters drives me NUTS. Sometimes I think bloggers have that feature only because they don’t know how to go in and turn it off.

    It drives me NUTS!

  142. Lara 142

    Hmm. I’m racking my brain to see if there’s anything specific that turns me off of certain blogs, and I don’t think there is. Mostly, I read certain blogs because I like the content, the author, or both. (Usually both, I suppose). If a blog doesn’t keep me interested, I stop reading. Simple as that!

    Ooh, but I do hate that feeling that I have to reciprocate with comments. I am not good at reading regularly, and instead like to gorge on a bunch of posts at once (in case you didn’t notice my comment-fest over here no your blog today!)! And I like avoiding blogs by people that seem overly obsessed with whether they are in the “cool blog” crowd, because, well, that’s annoying.

    Otherwise…my affinities for blogs are the same as mine for people!

  143. Shaye 143

    Hey! I finally found a blogging peeve! Earlier today, I went to the site of someone who commented on my blog. I was really excited about reading their site because their comment mentioned that they live in my area. Then I got to their site and saw that they have a widget that says EXACTLY where I’m visiting from. There was my hometown–the one that I’m so careful to be vague about because I frequently post pictures of my family–displayed right next to my name and blog name. Now I don’t want to visit anymore, and the site really looked like something I would have really liked! :(

    (I’m sure it’s a little paranoid of me, but I don’t think very many of us give a lot of detail about exactly where we live.)

  144. Kelly 144

    I was really involved in a blog for a few months, it was a food blog, it was healthy and she had a lot of great recipes.
    I guess the honeymoon was over, because I realized she does not like onions, and I can’t let it go….how can you be a foodie and not like onions?
    The last straw was she was asked to publish a cookbook and from that point on she would show the pix, but the recipes were Top Secret, until the book publishes….I chose a quickie divorce and deleted her from my favorites(:

  145. Dislikes : Automatic music, ads, a black background which makes it hard to read posts or see what you are trying to leave as a comment, memes and word verification.

    Also selfish people who post regularly, you link them and comment regularly on their blogs – and they rarely if ever comment back on yours.

    Blogging is a friendship of sorts, albeit cyber and not face-to-face.

    Friendship is a two way street. If you don’t care about getting comments, then why not turn them off altogether ?

    I think a lot of bloggers aren’t genuine about the whole thing. They like receiving comments, but have excuses for not giving them.

    Then they get all self-righteous and act like they don’t “owe” someone a comment, or they shouldn’t “have to” leave comments or they are “busy” or whatever nonsense means they are just me-me-me takers who don’t have a give-and-take, reciprocal ethic.

    Likes : Blogs that post regularly (at least once or twice a week), have attractive layouts, pictures in their posts, load quickly, and have interesting, honest, personal things that they write about, and/or a good sense of humor, and acknowledge comments on their own blogs in some way.

  146. mama 146

    I don’t blog, but read them. I love blogs about farm life, gardening, and other “home-making” how-to blogs. I like the ones that inform and teach on those topics.
    I HATE the blogs that load sllloooowwwly from too many large pictures. One or two pics are ok, but dozens just take too long to load. I hate music players, cookies, and scripts that slow the loading. I usually just deny scripts on blogs that have too many using firefox and noscript if they do have useful information for me.
    I basically love blogs that teach me about better homesteading and home-making, yet load fast enough to be easy to read.

  147. OK so I’m late to the party…but high upon my list is music on blogs. It would be one thing if it started right up, the minute the page opened – I’d still not enjoy it and find it distracting — but that’s often not the way it happens.

    You’re happily enjoying the pictures on the blog, or reading an entry and them BAM! Out of nowhere Justin Timberlake starts wailing about bringing sexy back!

    Soooo not what I was expecting. After a change of pants (because lets face it, it scared me!), and turning my volume all the way down, I try to go back to the offending blog, but alas, the experience has been marred for me.

    These blogs I bookmark with a side note, in capital letters – “MUSIC” so I know to turn my volume off.

    I think the commenter above me, Annie, summed up my other intense dislikes. If I elaborate on that I’ll end up calling someone out and I really abhor blog drama…although, this has brought up something I really get angry over and that’s the huge A-List bloggers thinking we, the peons, owe them a debt of gratitude for paving the way for all of us. Don’t even get me started on THAT!

  148. I share many of the dislikes voiced already:

    Music–I like choosing my own music and playing it when I want to hear it. Usually blog reading time is quiet time. How can I get into your writing if some song pops up and starts playing?

    The stalking/tracking thing:

    If I see my name and location appear suddenly on the site, I immediately close it and don’t go back. I know we’re all tracked in some form, but I don’t want my info displayed that way.

    Drama, whining (especially repeatedly, everyone has an off day and wants to vent occasionally), lack of a response to my comment sometimes (when there are many folks commenting, I totally get that the blogger can’t respond), cursing (most of the time, if you can’t say it without cursing, you probably should just skip posting) … probably my biggest issue is when I can’t go backwards or forward from a site, it forces me to stay there. Then I NEVER go back. I recently found this out after I had already linked to another blogger. Clicked on delete for that link immediately. None of us should be held in captivity.

    I like entertaining writing. It doesn’t have to be great or scholarly, but just true to the person and an enjoyable read. I like wonderful recipes. I love humor that comes from true stories. I believe in commenting as often as I can because that’s what makes blogs successful and I know how I want feedback to keep going and be inspired.

  149. Laurie 149

    LOL! I just learned how to turn the security letters off yesterday!

  150. pita 150

    the music thing doesn’t bother me much, but i always have my speakers on mute. they have been on mute unless i have a reason to turn them on since way back in like 2001. i got tired of different websites with crappy music. i also don’t like the ones that have the weird little moving over lays. i’m not sure what you call them, but i’ve seen drifting snow flakes over the whole page or weird sparkles that follow the cursor.
    i don’t like the drama and pot shots on some blogs about other blogs. i stopped reading one blog that had some good recipes on it because in every other post the blogger was taking a shot at another blogger. i don’t know if it was jealously on her part or what but it got old quick. i could do without the swearing on some blogs. occasional swearing doesn’t bother me, but when every other word is the f-word, i probably won’t be back to read you blog.
    i mostly read food and craft blogs. and i get really annoyed when reading a food blog and they don’t give the recipe or a link to the recipe. if you don’t want to type it out, fine, just give me a link. it’s rather cruel to post a yummy picture but not tell me the recipe or where i can find it. the exception to this annoyance is the tuesdays with dory as i understand the concept behind that and encouraging you to buy the book, but at least there is an explanation for that.
    i love seeing the fun stuff: goofy pictures of the kids, recipes that didn’t turn out the way they were planned, craft stuff made by the little kids, etc.
    some of the security codes can be funny. if you ever read skippy’s list, you’ll see some of the funniest ones out there. a lot of the commenters will add them at the end of their comment.

  151. Isaiah 151


  152. Rhett 152



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