Medicate Me

Even though it's hard to admit, I am a frightfully-obsessed-Halloween-absorbed-lunatic.  I swear I am.

An. Obsessed. Nut. And that's putting it lightly.

My cooki-ness all starts about this time of year too.  I eagerly start watching the store shelves looking for any signs of the newest and coolest decorations or candies that might be available.  Nothing says Halloween like a hot August day. Right?

By September 1st I have usually stockpiled things like caramel treats, Vampire wine, Hershey's grab bags, candy corn, plastic pumpkins and new Halloween blinking lights and skeletons.  You name it, if it's cute, scary, ugly or funny, I'll buy it.  I have absolutely no control over myself.

Last year I came across Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Halloween Fruit Snacks and you would have thought I hit the lottery.  On the box Charlie Brown was a pirate, Sally was a ballerina, Lucy a wizard and Linus a cowboy with Snoopy laying in the middle of pumpkin patch.  So cute and brought back so many memories.  My kids could have cared less.

Not surprisingly my favorite color is orange.  I don't know what came first, my love of that color or my love of Halloween.  Did one cause the other?

I have thrown Halloween parties that have taken thirty days to decorate for and a week to clean up.  I've had adult parties one night and kid's parties the next day.  That almost killed me.

I've had elaborate creepy suppers serving witches fingers, bat wings, dried cherry scabs, brain spreads, puss pockets, suicide ribs, kitty litter cakes and casseroles and maggot stews; the grosser the better. 

I have enough life-sized skeletons, black crows, spiders, owls, vultures, bats and rats to scare the bee-jee-sus out of anyone.

It doesn't stop there.  I have chains, tombstones, more candelabrums than you COULD EVER think is normal for any one person to own, fog machines and cauldrons.  I also collect wooden witches, ugly and cute ones.

I spend days and days making Halloween treats for my kids classes.  Last year I collected sticks to make little broomsticks with candy inside for forty kids.  I loved it!

Halloween takes over most of my garage.

I have enough Halloween crap to decorate several houses on my street.

However, this year the Wild Boar has banned me from buying anything Halloween related.  And rightfully so, I don't need anything else.  But he doesn't understand it's not that said and done for a Halloween-crazed-freak-like-me.

And here's the thing, every August, the Halloween catalogs start arriving in the mailbox in massive proportions.  I robotically and mindlessly start ordering crap because I love every witch and ghoul I come across.

However, this year was going to be different.  I was not going to buy anything.  I agreed, I didn't need anything else.

But there's one problem.  I caved.  Not only did I cave, I went berserk.

I went to the mailbox and there were at least three catalogs covered in the mania that is Halloween consumerism.  Pumpkins and spiders and mummies graced the covers. 

I tried to throw them away.  I really tried.

But before I knew it, I had dog-earred many pages and I was adding items to my virtual shopping cart.

Metal jack-o-lanterns, hanging ghouls, ghastly ghosts, grim gargoyles, spider luminaries, skull wreaths, rusty chains, Halloween crafts, cobweb lanterns, frightening tableware and witches brooms had all been placed in the basket.

And you know what I did?

I bought it!

Gasp!  You have no idea how much trouble I'm in.  NO IDEA!

When the Wild Boar reads this, and he eventually will...


Hold me.

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  1. Paula 1

    We could start a support group for each other. You wouldn’t believe what we do each year at Halloween … in addition to transforming the yard and house, for the past couple of years, we’ve had the kids classmates over for a Spooktacular Party! This year will be no exception, except now they will all be 12-13 years old. We send flyers to the neighbors warning them, I mean, letting them know that there will be some noise coming from our corner that evening. I actually thought of donating all the stuff I’ve got to an auction fundraiser, but then I think … oh, just one more year. *sigh* About the support group …. ;-)

  2. HoneyB 2

    LOL, oh Cathy, everyone is allowed their weaknesses. When the Wild Boar reads this he can think of his own. ;-)

  3. I hate Halloween sort of but I understand these obsessions…I know that feeling of just waiting for the other shoe to drop and full disclosure must come but it is so hard to say the number.
    How much???
    HOw MUCH????
    then you are so busted and so guilt ridden…
    until the next episode.
    You Must Distract Him!

  4. Barbara Thompson 4

    GO CRAZY! It only happens once a year. It is a fun holiday for you and if you balance the enjoyment you get out of it with the extravagant purchases (all reusable next year), it is just another investment. I would love to see your place all decorated up! I will make pumpkins out of oranges and black marker, set them as a centerpiece on the table and that is all I do. My young ones are all grown up and moved away, so I got rid of all those ghosts and ghouls years ago. So go ahead and splurge because before you know it, your houligans will be grown up and it will be good memories for them. Hope to see some good Haloween recipes on your site..I might actually make some of them and use them for decorations as well as enjoy eating them. Happy Early Halloween.

  5. Nell 5

    “Hello, my name is Cathy and I’m a Halloween-aholic…”


  6. Karly 6

    Ooh, I love Halloween! I’ve been asking my kids what they want to be this year and my husband keeps rolling his eyes at me like I’m too early or something! Whatever! Halloween is the best time of year! Fall is my favorite season, Halloween is full of cute little witches and pumpkins and ghosts and candy, and I LOVE IT ALL. There. I feel better for getting that off of my chest.

  7. LOL. I understand how you feel! I was in Michael’s the other day looking at all the Halloween and Christmas stuff. I kept thinking, “I could get this and that and this and that” and “OOH! I need to make stockings for Christmas” and “OOH! I need to make a giant fake grave in the front yard for Christmas.”

    I’m dangerous starting Oct.1.

  8. Bunny 8

    It’s Christmas for me. I have boxes and boxes of Christmas decorations yet, how could one more hurt.Ceramic trees for every room, Victorian Santa’s are my weakness. Cute little snow men and woman. Christmas table clothes,every year there has to be a different theme for the Christmas tree. Which of course means new decorations for it. wooden sleighs, pantsuit’s, nativity scenes…i feel your pain.

  9. bunny 9

    pantsuits?? hee hee it’s suppose to say pointsettas

  10. Shaye 10

    Oh my gosh! WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!! I’ve already started shopping, too. (And dh has already reiterated that we have NO MORE ROOM FOR HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS!) I am absolutely cracking up!
    I actually just bought a skull mint mold this week, but it was for decorating my son’s Indiana Jones birthday cupcakes. (See, the trick is to try to incorporate what you can through the rest of the year, then justify buying new by saying, “See, I use the stuff year round! We can’t get rid of any of it.)
    How can Halloween not be everyone’s favorite holiday? It has decorations, it has festive food, it has parties, and no pressure to invite all of the obnoxious relatives over or buy gifts! :Sigh: I’m happier just thinking about it!

  11. Cathy, I am totally shocked that this is your weakness, who would have thought…..and to think we have 2 1/2 months to go of Halloween buying left. Looks like we will have to hold you and medicate you. PS, you should have never let the wild boar know about your site-my husband is clueless as to how to find my site. Free rein is what I have.

  12. Leslie 12 crack me up! My husband also has an unhealthy obsession with Halloween! Not to mention that his birthday is a few day before O’ Hallows Eve! So you know he milks the whole month for all its worth! I must admit Oct 1st is fun because that is when all the orange and black takes over my house. But by Nov 1st I am ready to rip everything down and burn it because the extra clutter is killin me!!!!Hopefully I will be out of my fat jeans by then!LOL

  13. Max 13

    Ah ~ Halloween is an adult holiday as far as I am concerned. I know the little ones love it as well, but it certainly is not the same for them as it was for us when we were younger ~ too many sickos in the world. We just moved to a new neighborhood and we scored big (o.k., HUGE!) where Halloween is concerned. Our neighbor is a H.F. as well…his stuff is straight out of Hollywood. His yard is unbelievable! I spoke with him about it. He told me he adds a new piece every year. These are beyond elaborate! All the decorations have moving parts ~ I can not even begin to explain them. I spent 3 hours looking at everything last year and enjoyed watching and listening to everyone else that came to see this phenomenal display. I will send you pictures Nov. 1. You will be impressed! Halloween trivia: did you know that 10/31 is also Nevada day? The day Nevada entered the union, in 1864 (the 36th state)…you can use your Halloween obsession as a history lesson ~ MTOWTSAC (more than one way to skin a cat). Cheers!

  14. Haha hehe hoho….I’m like that about all Holidays!!!! lol I have tons of rubbermaid containers in my storage area of my basement filled with Holiday decorations! Christmas is the worst! lol I have so many decorations I can’t possibly put them all out every year..I have to rotate! It doesn’t help I use to help manage a San Francisco Music Box Co! Talk about feeding a holiday decoration addiction!

  15. Well, that is simply adorable. I’ve tried to become “Halloweeny,” but it just isn’t for me.

    Thanksgiving, however, is a different story.

    I say, if it gives you pleasure, do it. Have fun. :)

  16. Katie 16

    Ha! Right around the start of school is when the Halloween itch starts for me, too. I can’t wait to see what creepy snack and treats you make this year! That’s my favorite part: the bloody worm hoagies and eyeball casseroles.

  17. LOL, I think you might need a 12 step program!

    Christmas is my obsession. I belong to boards where we talk about it all year. It’s bad.

    What is vampire wine?

  18. Oh my gosh. Yesterday Darling Daughter and I went to iParty to check out the Halloween decorations and costumes! We LOVE halloween!

    In fact I even have a little sign on my back door that says “Witch parking only. All others will be TOAD”.

    I didn’t mean to leave it up all year but forgot it when I packed all the other stuff away.

  19. Fran 19

    You go girl! You make me proud! I love Halloween too. And Christmas. And Easter. And……..

    Don’t stop what makes you happy…


  20. Claudia 20

    HA! You’re a Halloween Whore! * snort * You’re in SOOOOO much trouble!!!!

  21. Leanne Rioux 21

    Well we ALL have our weaknesses, it could be much worse! You could be a drug addict.
    Why not try and sell some of the older goodies on ebay? Then you will save some room and some money? Just my thought.

  22. melissa 22

    I love Halloween. Our neighbors don’t believe in it and our children play together. Their kids tell my kids they will go to …. if the trick or treat. So we kind of hide that we go. Sort of. Not this year though. I’m going to put out all of my stuff and not feel bad about it.

  23. I’ve never gotten into Halloween much. I did love taking the kids around trick or treating when they were little and figuring out costumes. If the weather was perfect fall weather. And, well, I sort of both loved and hated it. This small town we live near now would be the perfect place for trick or treating. It’s very Mayberry. The only problem is that my kids are now too old to trick or treat and no one really goes around to the houses here anyway. They all go into Wichita where they can hit a ton of houses and score big–and fight the crowds and the dangerous traffic, but hey, it’s all about the huge sack of candy.

    Fall is my favorite season though and I go a little nutso over it. When the budget allows, I go all out. Once the kids are all grown and we have more expendable income, I’m sure I’ll spend all summer working on fall decorations, even before we have grandkids. The kids were so sweet last year and humored me by going along to the Pumpkin Patch to pick pumpkins and play on hay bales. They warned that if I expected them to do it again that we’d have to borrow some of the younger cousins for the day though. They felt just a tad silly. Apparently the Pumpkin Patch is not cool for teenagers.

    I’ve noticed the fall decorations going up in Hobby Lobby, some cute fall tea towels in Walmart, and of course the start of school–all of which leave me eager to begin my fall decorating. The smells and colors of fall, the crisp feeling in the air, these are my favorite things. I even try to stock up on the fall Kleenex boxes and candles so I can use them all year round, and I chose colors that remind me of fall for the upstairs walls and bathroom counter. It gives me just a hint of that cozy fall feeling throughout the year.

  24. Is your head going to start turning around excorcist style…because that would be scary!!!! I live in a condo so not even one child comes to my door at Hallowe’en…you might appreciate this post

    link to

  25. Trisha 25


    I can completely understand your addiction – though I personally obstain with no problems.

    Is there a support group for your problem? Maybe you could start on! Of maybe your husband could!

  26. Egghead 26

    I love Halloween but not for the same reasons. It is my husbands birthday and my sons is on the 28th. We always celebrate this day but not as big as you apparently do. I have decorations but rarely buy them. People give them to me for my birthday. No I have never once asked to mentioned it but it just seems to happen.

    Your obsesson reminds me of my sister-in-law at Christmas. I have never seen anyone own more decorations, lights and stuff than her. And she just keeps buying year after year. Her attic and garage and house are full of this stuff and her house even has some of it up all year, mostly new stuff she buys for that year. Kind of a sickness.
    I am at the stage that I want to downsize so I don’t buy anything anymore. I just love to look at it.

  27. Sassy 27


    I am an old woman now, i used to be a Halloween freak also, i decorated to the hilt, dressed as a witch every halloween, my kids thought i was nuts, the after halloween sales were pure ecstacy for me.

    But alas, my children are grown, have moved away, Halloweens are quieter now, and i miss those crazy halloweens. The after sales have lost their bright glow, although, i do pick up a few things but, not the same.

    I was forced to trade my Halloween addiction in for my Christmas addiction.
    well, ok, i have always had a x-mas addiction too, but now, it`s gotten worse.

    So, Wild Boar, go easy on her, let her enjoy this obcession as long as she can, don`t take away her ghouls, witches and ghosts, oh my! Cuz, we could seriously scare the crap out of you.

  28. Amy 28

    Pagan consumerism at it’s finest… embrace it!

  29. OMG Cathy–I am SO into Halloween!! Every Halloween our yard is transformed into a graveyard and it gets more and more elaborate every year! I have a LOT of zombies!! And I have thrown my fair share of Hallowwen parties w/ severed hand ice floating in the punch bowl. Oh, and I own a fog machine. And some cauldrons!

    I can’t resist those catalogs either!!

  30. LOL! You must have pantsuits on the brain!

  31. Teri 31

    Confessions of a Halloween-A-Hollic!
    What is it about Halloween! my gosh all the cute stuff! I collect all the old fashioned things… i will have to have my blog ready soon with pix.. but i have so many halloween things. You are soooo funny! I’ve even gone to extremes of Ebay for antique pieces for halloween (cheaper ones anyway or I’d be a dead woman)and I never shop on Ebay for anything else. Every year I tell my husband… I’ll only buy ONE thing a year for halloween… uh, yeah, one!

    Now I have to know one thing… I’m dying to know, what catalogs did you buy out of!!! I hope Wild Boar doesn’t see this blog today! And if he does…. just look at how happy this makes her!!!! Wonder how much more you will find, it’s still so early???

  32. I desperately wish we had Halloween in Australia. It sounds like so much fun! I love all things spooky so it doesn’t stop me from making Halloween related treats but it sounds like you’ve got it all going on there!

  33. My mother-in-law loves Halloween as well. She decorates her house, dresses up in a costume and goes nuts. Of course, she lives in a neighborhood with very few kids so no one really gets to see all this except us…

    I’m not a Halloween person but I do have a gift for making killer costumes. I get this from my mom. My mother could whip up the greatest costumes in the world from very little. My daughter has had some really great costumes over the years…

  34. ha! i was debating earlier this week if it was too soon to start posting about my favorite holiday–halloween. guess not! hubs and i have a huge, blow out party every year, complete with zillions of decorations and spooky music, food, et al. this year halloween is GREAT–it’s on a FRIDAY so i don’t have to work and can go trick-o-treating. (i’m only 34…lol)

  35. Alisa 35

    You can come hide out at my house. Bring all the Halloween stuff here, he’ll never know. I’ll “hide” it for you. You do know the best hiding places are always out in the open right? So, promise not to get mad at me when you see your goodies decorating my house ok? I love Halloween too. I think because I can decorate the outside of my house and go all Martha Stewart-ish. I never knew I had a hidden Martha until I had The Kids.
    Good luck with hubby. Just tell him it was necessary for the boys. If they have a bad Halloween it will just cost you therapy $ in the end.

  36. There may be help yet…

  37. Rayrena 37

    I’m so gonna watch you guys on Oprah after your husband writes to her to ask for her help in curing his wife’s crazy obsession! Seriously, this is Oprah worthy. Plus, I bet there are crazier obsessions, at least yours is cute.

    I didn’t even know there were catalogs for Halloween treats! Catalogs. Plural. Scary.

  38. I love Halloween because it’s purely for fun. There’s no obligation or significance, just lots and lots of candy.

    Also, I don’t know what Pus Pockets are, but I hope the Hot Pockets people don’t hear about them. It sounds like exactly the kind of thing they’d be interested in selling.

  39. I knew there was a reason why I liked you! I too have a Halloween addiction. Just last week I went to Yankee Candle and bought some of their new collection…Mr. Bones. Too cute. I’m happy to see I am not alone.

  40. Tracy 40

    If you are really looking for a cure, I’ll tell you what might work. Move to a small house. You just won’t have the room for storing all the decorations/clutter. When we moved, we went from 2000 sq.ft. with a 2 car garage down to 1250 sq. ft. with a tiny 1 car garage. Needless to say, we have had to par down considerably (but it was absolutely worth it). Now for Halloween the focus is on carving pumpkins, what treats to give out, putting fake spider webs all over our outside plants and getting together with friends for trick-or-treating. It was actually a relief to make this change.

  41. laura 41

    you know there is help for people like you…therapy, hypnosis, a patch…or better yet buying your favorite NICU nurse halloween scrubs, especially the glow in the dark ones.
    good luck with the wild boar.

  42. I share your love of Halloween. I used to do the house up every year. One year we had folks driving from other parts of town to see the house. That was the year that I dressed up as a dead zombie bride fresh from the graveyard. My dress even had tire tracks across it! (Zombies aren’t always careful in crosswalks)
    Unfortunately I scared one young lad so badly he tumbled backwards off the front porch. He wasn’t hurt, but when we moved the next year, I stopped cold turkey because I didn’t want to scare anyone that badly again!
    So I get your obscession. And I hope the Wild Boar will find it in his heart to forgive you.

  43. I just love holidays in general – I start in the fall and roll right to New Years. Make sure and post photos so we can share in your obsession!

  44. Sandie 44

    LOL… you sound just like my husband. He’s addicted to having the best display come Halloween Eve!

    During last year’s shopping and decorating extravaganza, he surprised me with a bunch of gourmet-inspired Halloween treats, so it made his spooky obsession slightly more tolerable ;-)

  45. Cheryl 45

    Hand to heaven our local wine shop was just relieved of three bottles of Vampire this week.

    Hoping the Wild Boar has mercy. Enthusiasm over ennui anyday.

  46. Harmony 46

    There, there we all have our vices. So yours is an uncontrollable need for Halloween merchandise…we can work through this…I know we can. ;)

    You have to take pics this year and post them…I am so excited. Oh…and orange is my favorite color too!

  47. Daisy 47

    I’m looking forward to seeing some recipes for sweet Halloween treats! After this post… my expectations are high!

  48. Tipper 48

    I hope you’ll take some pictures of your decorations for us!! Halloween will be here before we know it for sure!!

  49. dawn 49

    Well, there is one good thing in all this Halloween madness that you can tell the hubby, at least you aren’t obessed with Christmas decor. I mean that would be insane, and 10x worse, right? Yes?
    So you must love the Martha Stewart halloween stuff she does. I always thought martha really knows how to do Halloween right. That one catalog she puts out for Halloween is incredible. I am not really into it, but when I see the stuff she does it, holy sh*t, amazing.
    So, does all this addiction mean we’re going to see you on Oprah? If so, can you tell me when so I can tape it? :-)

  50. L. Conway 50

    I hope you’ll show us pictures of your decorations and gorry food recipes.

  51. Shel 51

    Oh yes, I’m addicted as well. My Hallowe’en decorations far outnumber my Christmas decorations. I even bake and put myself in the poorhouse to make up treat bags for my husband’s (college aged) students. :P

    I’m nervous about this year, though. We had all our porch decorations either stolen or destroyed last year, and it’s really hit me hard. It’s sad that I’m afraid to decorate my front porch, and afraid to get excited about my absolute favorite holiday ever. :(

    On a lighter note, we discovered Vampire wine last year, and it is *awesome*. I think we had the rosé? I can’t remember. But I’m definitely getting more this year!!

  52. Marjie 52

    My “Wild Boar” has to keep me away from what he calls “Kitchen Crap”. Anything, Everything. He laughed like it was the end of the world when I found a measuring glass marked in ounces, tablespoons and teaspoons. He cheered gleefully that it only cost me (or him) $3. And don’t even start him on the fabric stores. And my Thanksgiving obsession? He’s afraid I will cook myself to death. Not eat too much, just cook for 6 days straight without sleep, and drop dead, leaving him to manage 25 people and a dog.

  53. barbara 53

    Halloween is not really celebrated in NZ or Australia, Although some shops promote it each year.

  54. When I read this headline on my blog list, I totally thought you were going to be writing about a really successful wine tasting.

    But, then I got here and loved this post. I’m a fan of the Halloween, too, though I don’t think quite as much as you do, my friend.

  55. I never knew that anyone could get that excited about Halloween. Now I know why Lionel puts out a Hall Now I know.oween train. I always thought ” Who in the world would buy that”.Now I know.

  56. Rachel 56

    Oh it’s a good thing you’re cute…and funny…he’ll have to forgive you! Moving to the midwest takes Halolween and Fall to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL for me. I would say I’m moderately into it, but I may have to step up my game this year!

  57. We are obviously twins seperated at birth:) My birthday is October 30th so I am also a Halloween baby. My parent gave me a Halloween b-day party when I was 9 where they turned the entire basement into a haunted house.

  58. You’re so busted. But, judging by you writing this post, I’m guessing you wanted to get caught. Maybe to lighten the load/repercussions when the new acqusitions actually arrive at the house.

    I don’t really get the Halloween thing, but I know a guy that is also obsessed with the stuff. It’s all over his house and they throw massive parties for Halloween. So, you’re definitely not alone.

  59. magpie 59

    Pictures! We need pictures! Do we have to wait until late October?

  60. Suzette 60

    I’m a Halloween freak, too. I wasn’t…until I moved to the Northeast where I reveled in the fall color. I often put out lots of pumpkiny things and then took away those that were Jack-o-lanterns, leaving just the pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I loved have such a fall-ish house. I haven’t decorated for Halloween since moving to Memphis. I moved every bit of my fall decor. I need to get up in that attic! You may have given me the needed push.

  61. Howdy 61

    LOL… you can come stay with me if you need a place to hide til after.
    I have a friend who got married on Halloween… and both he and his bride had several costume changes during the reception. All the guests were encouraged to come to the reception in costume… my husband and I came as tea bags… yep – I was Chamomile and he was Earl Grey.

  62. Kelly 62

    Gotta love those Pagan Holidays! They’re so few and far between!(:

  63. Nuthin’ better that the spookiest Halloween! Go for it, busted or not!

    P.S. – How many acres do you need to have a break-even vineyard???

  64. Erinn 64

    You are hysterical! We’ve got your back, virtually speaking! Happy Halloween in August, Boo!

  65. Flea 65

    You poor thing! Is there an addiction group for this?

  66. Oh yeah, I’ll be sitting beside you in the holiday decorators anonymous group. From the end of August through November 15th, I’m forbidden to enter the seasonal aisles of Target and Dollar Store. TORTURE! I have to constantly sneak things in and pass them off as old stuff I didn’t use last year. I think Mr. Clairol knows and just looks the other way, the dang enabler.

  67. Oh I wish you lived in my hood!
    I was just thinking about getting ready for Fall.. and hosting a Halloween party for kids and parents this year! My girlfriends and I always had parties during our college years.. we rented awesome costumes, had our makeup and hair done, decorated to the hilt! Fun fun memories….

    You must post photos of your new loot!

  68. Mary 68

    You would love my friends in Pittsburgh! They were married on Halloween, with all the appropriate trimmings!

  69. I adore Halloween too! What catalogs did you order from?

    Two years ago, I went to Pottery Barn after Halloween and I stocked up on some amazing stuff – crows, an owl, leaf garland, indoor decorations, etc.

    A friend of mine was looking at google earth and even noted that my Halloween obsession was partially captured. Although you can’t see the cobwebs or haystacks, you can see we are decked out:

    link to

    These are my obsessions for this year so far:

    1) I don’t have the room for this one, but I love it because it also plays scary music:
    link to

    2) Too cute:
    link to

    Ok so share some Halloween shops when you have a chance.

  70. If I send you something Halloweenie related, does that get you in trouble?????

    I have some ideas!!!

    Halloweener’s Anonymous – look out.

  71. Mrs. L 71

    Halloween is my favorite holiday. Michaels puts their Halloween stuff up at the start of July. I’ve been buying Halloween stuff for weeks!

  72. WB – Like what’s he going to do… string you up as part of the ghoolish decorations?

    Check this out- I can see you doing this stuff & the boys will probably luv it

    link to

    Trust me… if my like were a bit more stable – like actually living in a house with my husband… I’d be so much like you. I just love Hallowe’en – especially dressing up in the creepiest costume I can muster.

    My co-worker & I have made a pact to dress up this year – even if no one else does :D, at work

  73. Lori 73

    So funny, I can’t wait for some of your Halloween related food/party posts to come out!

  74. Laura 74

    Too funny! I am not a Halloween person myself (I know, appalling) but I get it nonetheless. We all have wacky weaknesses.

  75. Dragon 75

    Looks like you need medication AND a support group. :)

  76. Rita 76

    what you need is to send some of those halloween goodies to me and decorate my place hehehe

  77. We all have our “issues” Cathy and frankly yours don’t sound too bad at all. As a matter of fact, it sounds like lots of fun. Can I come over for Halloween??? ;)

  78. I’m right there with ya, Cathy! I love decorating for Halloween. If ya need someone to go to bat for ya with the husband, I’ll be there! I’m your backup! It’s a sickness. But it only comes around once a year. This is my first blogging Halloween. I can’t wait to see what everyone does for Halloween on their blogs!!! Now you’ve done it! You’ve got me started thinking Halloween!

  79. Leana 79

    Happy Birthday

    Great selection of books. Good luck to all.

  80. Kate 80

    My God woman, get a hold of yourself!!

    You got some splainin’ to do, Lucy.

  81. Kristen 81

    I’m on the side of not loving Halloween. I don’t hate it, but I don’t go crazy for it.
    We have neighbors that live across the street who are waaaay into Halloween and deocrate like crazy. We have lines of cars up and down are street each Halloween for a good couple of weeks. It is quite entertaining!
    Maybe your husband will accidentally skip over this post ;)


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