I Love Country People

I’m sure I thought at one time or another I would be too sophisticated to live in a rural area.  That I couldn’t live without all the “things” a city has to offer.

At one time I imagined I would die without a mall in my town.  But somehow I’ve survived the last five years without one.

In the very near future I will be living in an area where places like Target and Costco are 30-50 miles away.  I no longer care.

Movie theaters, yeah right. 

Gas stations…it will require planning.

Restaurants?  Not so many.

The UPS driver will be one of my most welcomed visitors.

But what I have found, is so much better than all of those things. 

First, I think some of the nicest people who inhabit this planet are living in Oregon.  No offense to anyone living anywhere else! 

Some are simple people who have hearts of gold.

Others are new neighbors undertaking the same vineyard plunge we are.  They are wonderful.  I can’t tell you how nice it is to interact with individuals who share the same passion and drive for something. 

But the people who live here in the Oregon countryside are not unsophisticated at all.  They are educated and helpful and inspiring.  They are friendly, so unbelievably friendly and solid individuals.  Their kindness really amazes me.

For instance, this is Willie.  Oh my gawd we love Willie.  We met him today and he will be clearing our land and doing tree stump removal for the vineyard.  He is, hands down one of the nicest guys we have ever met.  We love him and my boys adore him.  Willie has lots and lots of tractors and heavy equipment required for vineyard establishment.  The Wild Boar is in heaven having someone to talk tractor with. 

It’s funny because as the saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side” no longer holds true for me.  I have found there is nothing “greener” than doing exactly what I’m doing.  For that I am so grateful, and it’s a good place to be.

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  1. Tracy 1

    You are fortunate that you have figured out some important things already in your life. Isn’t it amazing when we can sort out what really matters. I’m glad I found you and can share in your journey.

  2. You need a good guy to help with the land clearing and all that goes into the prep work before you can even begin building.Make him a friend, wine and dine him and his friends and keep them around if their work is good ! This is a true necessity when building and developing your country home ( and winery ). After all these years we still call our old time reliables who do quality work. Some of them are a bit pricier than average, but well worth the investment !

    I am so excited for you and your family ! Your boys are the age my kids were when we first moved to the country to start from scratch and raw land to build our home. Hopefully yours will not take as long and you will be growing grapes and producing wine soon enough for us to be able to journey south and sample and hopefully buy the fruit of your hard work ! KathyB

  3. I thought you were on holdiay. I didn’t realise you’d actually moved to start a new and exciting project. Congratulations.

  4. Lori 4

    i am happy for you, cathy. you sound like you’ve found your place in the world, and it’s such a wonderful place! and anyway, who needs restaurants when they cook like you!!

  5. Congrats…. I’m very happy for you and yours. It takes a lot of everything to start new but it is so worth it. I can’t wait to read about it as you live it. Just think more new recipes from that area. Yum

  6. Following a passion seams much more interesting than shopping in any target or costo. That place is gorgeous and if it’s filled with good people that’s as close as you get to paradise, isn’t it?

  7. I think it’s so cool that you are doing this. I am in awe of everything you’re doing and I’m looking forward to seeing it all unfold on your blog.

    However…Oregon is WAY different than Orange County, huh? Like a totally different world…but in a very good way!

  8. Cathy, you are so happy! And it shows in your posts. You are living a dream and taking us along with you. You are not the only fortunate one!

  9. Steph 9

    I’d love to live 30-50 miles away from Target, especially if I was surrounded with beauty like that all the time! Can’t wait to see more of your dream come true!

  10. Kim 10

    Cathy, I am a country girl at heart born and raised in a beautiful area with fields and horses and all sorts of wonderful things that I miss everyday. Good for you, and a little planning is worth it.

  11. Its a great feeling to be doing exactly what you want!! Who needs Target when you’ve got all that beautiful countryside! How lucky to be living your dream!!

  12. grace 12

    hooray for country people! i’m familiar with a few of those “simple” folks of which you speak, and they are truly the salt of the earth and totally worth knowing. :)

  13. Jeff 13

    No clearance special at Target could ever wipe the smile off your face from looking out your back porch at that beautiful landscape.

    I live in a rural city in which I can drive a couple miles and pet a cow (heck I want to milk one call my uncle and head to his farm). I would not trade it for the world. The people around here are the first to help you out if you ever need a hand, chicken, or some vegetables. Even the farmers selling at the farmer market are willing to freely give up their growing knowledge just to help you knowing that you may never need to head to their booth again.

    Once again beautiful area.

  14. Suzette 14

    You have quite an adventure ahead of you, don’t you? I’m so glad you’ll be letting us come along for the ride.

    Some of my favorite people live in Oregon. I think you’re going to love it there! Give us a general idea of where you are going to be – without giving up too much personal data, of course. Oregon is so variable in its geography. I can’t imagine a vineyard anywhere near my two friends, for instance – and they live quite a distance from each other.

  15. That’s what I call Nirvana!

  16. sassy 16

    I live in a small rural community, not out in the country, yet we have to drive 20-30 miles to buy even underwear!

    You`re right, it just will take planning and lots of lists, but, you will adjust easily, and i have a feeling you won`t miss the big city once you get settled.

    Waking up every morning to the sites around you will melt all that city girl habits out of you.

  17. Candy 17

    It looks absolutely spectacular. I am so envious. And I live near at least 3 Targets. Not as great as you would expect.

  18. willie looks really fun. I am excited for you!

  19. Cheryl 19

    Gorgeous countryside. Gorgeous adventure awaiting. Gorgeous land-clearer. ;)

    Enjoy the ride, indeed!

  20. Alicia 20

    I am happy for you..It looks so peaceful!
    I would have fits though without my fountain diet coke.

  21. dawn 21

    I live in a semi-small community (not so small in the summer though), so I know what you’re feeling. I loved going along with you to Oregon. Does Oregon get humidity? Some of these pics remind me of countrysides of Italy.

  22. Flea 22

    Awww! You’ve found your slice of heaven! And the best people on earth are the ones closest to the earth. Enjoy!

  23. Looks like you’ve find your own little slice o’ heaven. Isn’t it funny how our priorities change as we get older?

  24. Fran 24

    Where we live in Maine, you have to drive to do anything! We have to take our own garbage to the town transfer station. You don’t drive into the garage on empty, cause if you do, you are gonna have to use the gas you have for the lawnmower to make it to the gas station. There is no quick runs to the grocery. And you know what? I love it. It is freeing. I’m not sure I ever want to go back to the way it was. You are definitely going to love it too.


  25. Well, I’ve always lived in a small town, although I went from 10,000 people to 500 people when I moved to be with my husband. It’s not far from my hometown.
    Even though my hometown is small, it is big enough to have Wal Mart and Atwoods and nail salons, etc. The town I live in now, Cheyenne, has a dollar store, a small grocery store, a convenience store, 2 flower shops (weird, I know) and a bar.
    It’s been a small adjustment, getting used to these things being gone. And, like you, I thought I would be getting accustomed to unsophisticated people. While their grammar may not always be perfect, these are some of the smartest people I’ve ever met. There are few tasks they can’t accomplish. I’ve always been a hard worker, but their definition and mine is very different.
    Living in a very rural place has its disadvantages, I’m not gonna lie. But I think the rewards are much greater. To me, there is nothing better than the rich relationships living in a small town gives you. When your eye doctor’s mother taught you 1st grade and now his son his your eye doctor and you have taken their entire family’s wedding photographer, they become more than friends.When you know not just the person, but the entire family, you become invested in their well-being. This last week a young man, 33, was killed in a car accident. He left a wife and two children, ages 2 and 4 months. His name was on the lips of the entire community. We dug in, took care of his parents’ cattle, made sure his wife had all she needed done. Of course the community’s loss isn’t as great as his family’s, but everyone felt like they lost someone great, too, last week.

    Lists and planning do help. But, with the internet now, I can have freakin’ anything I need shipped to my house.

  26. Sandie 26


  27. With your love of cooking, eating in shouldn’t be a problem. And all the shopping you can now do online, you don’t need the stores the way we used to – and you don’t have to deal with hordes or people either. Movies – meet Netflix. They’re just a little behind schedule and now you have an excuse to build a killer media room. The only thing you really need is high-speed internet which you WILL have, right? Because without that, you might as well just give up now:)

    Other than gas, I see this as a grand adventure! Good luck with everything – I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  28. I grew up in a small town and I hope to raise my future kids in one some day. But for now I am a city girl and I love my Target. (We didn’t have one anywhere near my small town, so I am enjoying it while I can.) And I am discovering that I love to vacation in small destination towns. They are so cute and friendly! Good luck with the land clearing!

  29. Rayrena 29

    Oh Cathy, my skin got all tingly reading about how much joy you’re having :) Your boys are going to have such a rich life. Hope you keep meeting great people on your journey!

  30. Alisa 30

    Congratulations for living your dream! Have a ton of fun and even more success!

  31. There’s nothging sweeter than contentment. EnJOY it! : ) Funny how all those “trappings” of city life fade when the heart smiles at the freedom to pursue a dream. (“Bless UPS” and “Thank you Lord for the internet” spill from my mouth regularly.)

  32. You know, once I thought the same thing, that I couldn’t live without proximity to restaurants, theaters, etc. . .but then the movies started sucking big-time and going out to eat doesn’t seem exciting anymore because we can often make things better at home. And cheaper. I guess I grew up. Finally.

    Congratulations on the move! Best wishes for your journey ahead. . .and we’ll keep reading. :)

  33. misty 33

    it sounds lovely, to me… As much as i love restaurants and movies, I think it’s because they are here and so readily available.

  34. The pictures of the land around your home are beautiful, Cathy.

    I can totally understand why you love it there, and the others things no longer seem so important.

    You have the richness of nature, the soul renewing qualities of quiet and beauty, and the calmness that comes along with the land…

    Lucky you. You were smart to have made an effective choice like that for your life :)

  35. Marjie 35

    We’re 20 minutes from all the “stuff of life”, and I wouldn’t go any closer. I have 10 acres, and UPS is my bestest friend ever, and with the internet, I can get anything I ever want, as long as I can think more than 1 hour ahead. CVS delivers free if you spend 50 bucks, and just how hard is that? I really hope you continue to enjoy your new land, life and neighbors; it’s so pretty there!

  36. ALF 36

    That is a life that I would like to at least try living. I’m sure sure if I’d love it but I would like to at least know that I tried it. Maybe someday.

  37. Laura 37

    I won’t lie, I do miss having a good bookstore to browse. But otherwise I am with you completely.

  38. I have the shopping mecca nearby and I never go. I dread the traffic of even driving by it. I do like being close to the bagel shop though! And Costco.
    You’re property is beautiful. I can’t wait to drive south for a visit!
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much!

  39. krysta 39

    cathy, you can feel the happiness coming through the computer screen. it must be nice to find a place that you know is home.

  40. Marcy 40

    OOh tell Willie I like his truck!
    Those pictures are very pretty, all green, you can almost smell country looking at them. Hope the clearing and stuff goes great!

  41. Ya’ll are creating a vineyard! That’s so cool! Talk about slow on the uptake (me). I completely agree with you. Right now we’re in our starter home, but we home to move out to the country for our second house. Eventually, I’d like to use some of our land for a dog rescue. I think trees and blue sky beat Target anyday! And how lovely you have such wonderful people near you. Country folks lean on each other, so it’s good you have someone nice around!

  42. Richard 42

    Cathy – I think you have found one of the fundemental truths about people who primarily make their living directly in agriculture or supporting agriculture. I grew up in Kansas (2 million people in the whole state)and agriculture is obviously very big there. You find that people naturally step up to help their neighbor without thinking about “will I get sued if I do this?” If you learn something new about a new agricultural practice everyone talks about it and shares it around coffee at the local cafe. One of my fondest memories while I was at Kansas State studying Dairy Science and Computer Science was milking cows at 4:00am finishing when the sun was coming up and then heading off to the local cafe for breakfast. The conversations there were priceless! I especially enjoyed talking to the older farmers and ranchers. Of course now at 53 almost 54 I would be one of those “older farmers!” I can relate to your husband enjoying talking to others about tractors, mine was draft horses. As a cancer survivor I am very big on finding what is best for you and enjoy it to the fullest as you never know when a day could be your last. Welcome to your slice of “heaven on earth.”

  43. I love it that you’re taking us along on this fascinating journey. I love that you’ve identified the good in being AWAY from all the excitement that a city can bring. I love the fact that your kids have the possibility of learning these lessons early on. It’s awesome.

  44. sharon 44

    Who needs neon lights when you have trees & mountains as your scenery?! Even better, to be surrounded by nice and giving people is the greatest blessing.

  45. Diane 45

    I’ve got a yearning for some of that green living myself. Somewhere a bit further away from neighbours and the hustle and bustle of being able to see 70 houses from my window. Somewhere the sky means the ground and doesn’t disappear behind a warehouse unit and where a plant that produces newspaper is a tree and not a huge printing factory.

  46. Leah Q 46

    im super happy for you! – that you have reached this new level of awareness – to be in the right spot at the right time – to know how ‘blessed’ you truly are- is simply perfect…so many more good things are going to come to you, one after another – I look forward to you sharing more with us…

    It’s also wonderful to see and have others share to good….you inspire many, including me!

  47. Leslie 47

    You are ohhh so lucky to be moving away from all of the hustle and bustle of the “city” life! I am about over it and ready to move to the mountains!

  48. Paula 48

    Welcome to Oregon! It’s a beautiful place to live, and a wonderful place to raise children! Looking forward to witnessing your move and settling in here!

  49. tj 49

    …Yes, having a mall nearby and Target, Costco, all of that at your fingertips is soooo overrated. Living in the country, breathing fresh air, seeing the stars shine brightly at night, hearing crickets, frogs or just silence – oh the silence! Nothing like it…

    …And I’ve found living in the country that it is like living anywhere else – you have your good people, like Willie there, and you have your bad people too but that applies anywhere you live whether it be city or country…

    …Many blessings as you embark on this new journey in your life… :o)

  50. Harry 50

    I wish you luck and joy. After 30 years in the hotel and restaurant industry, I now have a small vineyard in France. I have never worked so hard in my life or had so much fun.

  51. Mike 51

    It looks like a great place. And knowing you, I could see rows and rows of different grape varietals growing ;-)

    I used to have mixed feelings of living off in a more remote area…but now, I would definitely prefer it. Peace, quiet, and more freedom to enjoy the land!

  52. Barbie with a T 52

    I know exactly where you are coming from when you say your grass is greener on your side. I recently moved to the place of my dreams, wilderness, bay front property, no close neighbors, 15 miles from our small town. No mall here either. I do a lot of ordering online and the UPS man knows well where to find us. I have no desire to travel anywhere anymore. It is like “been there and done that”. You will love being out in the country, I am positive. From the pictures you have taken of your property, it will be a gorgeous view from all sides of your home. Congratulations on your progress so far. Locating the ideal spot is the most important part of building your home. Of course, you also had to find the right spot for the vineyard too, but you will appreciate the country the very first time you wake up in the morning in your new home and listen to the peacefullness. You will probably have some of the most beautiful sunsets in the whole wide world. (except for the ones here where I live, of course) :)

  53. tj 53

    …Love the comment up there by ‘Richard’ – perfect…

  54. wonderful, I hope to live in the country before I die. Has been a life long dream. since we are two miles from the college our course is set for awhile. so glad you have this opportunity and save a bit of your berries for cooking you’ll be glad you did.

  55. Rachel 55

    sniff, sniff…that’s right, I’m crying. You’re probably not suprised! I’m just so damn happy for you and the WB!

  56. Terrie 56

    How lucky you are, first to have identified what you want out of life, and secondly to be able to make it come true!
    To all, like me,who are pursuing dreams,keep planning and working and someday we can say we were inspired to keep going by a Noble Pig!

  57. Green Acres is the place to be! Farm livin’ is the life for me!

    No, really, you just can’t beat the rural life and the warmth of a small town.

  58. Egghead 58

    Yes there are some great people around these parts. However, I have to admit just about anywhere I go I find very nice people and not so nice people. Just have to be friendly and weed the good from the bad. Beautiful countryside and I am so glad you are able to realize your dream. Nice post.

  59. Cathy,
    I had to come back and read through the comments since I am a rural dweller. Man, you have some kind readers. Country people get an unfair rap sometimes, but I can see you have open-minded folks.

  60. And it shows in your blog! There’s such a great “vibe” about someone who is happy with their lives.
    I know vibe is cliche… I really couldn’t think of another way to describe it though– if it wasn’t midnight, I might’ve been able to find a way to weave something about a divining rod in here :-)

  61. I lived in the country almost all my life. I was very happy and never wanted to live in the city.
    But now family values move me to Neenah.
    You never wanted to live in the country but have discovered how wonderful it can be.Life takes strange turns and twists.

  62. Catt 62

    How so very awesome you are! You brighten my day. Everyday. Thank you!

  63. Karen 63

    I live in SoCal.
    I want to be you! I would happily, in a heartbeat, give up all the “conveniences” and be up there. In fact, my husband and I have considered a move up to that area.
    Alas, our moms are still here and our youngest has about 5 years of school left.
    Just know that I am green with envy…

  64. Tipper 64

    Good for you!!

  65. MsMVNJ 65

    My gracious, Cathy, you are embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. It’s so wonderful of you to share this with us. :-)

  66. I live in a small town with one traffic light and this year we splurged and got a rotary…

  67. dlyn 67

    Country “networking” is like networking no place else on earth Cathy – you never know when you might need help from someone – or when you might be able to help them. Circular living in the extreme! I can’t wait to see how much you love it!

  68. Kyddryn 68

    Oh, I am SO moving in to your guest house…whether you will or no!

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  69. Bunny 69

    Cathy you’re gonna love it, fresh air, beautiful scenery and hard working friendly people. What’s not to love!

  70. Dee 70

    Posts like yours put things into perspective. Thank you.

  71. Keep posting those pictures! They make me a little homesick, but I love ’em!

  72. Lore 72

    You know I’ve always said country people are much more human, kind and warm that those that live in big cities where it all becomes sort of a jungle. It looks like a beautiful place to live in, I’m sure you can’t wait to move there :)

  73. eliza 73

    thank you for saying that Oregonians are nice people! although i am one of the transplants, i end up being a nicer person than if i’ve lived in CA :D
    good luck with your vineyard, looks like you have tons of things to take care of!

  74. uhhhh…do you need a new neighbor? seriously-we are ready to take the same kind of plunge and out of Brooklyn–you are totally inspiring me further…

  75. Dragon 75

    I think I can be a country gal if I could find me a property as goregous as yours. I’m so jealous. :)

  76. HoneyB 76

    Country living isn’t bad at all! We live where we have to travel an hour to get to any “real” civilization and love it.

  77. Country people are great.

    Wine industry people are great.

    Being you at your new winery project for a day – priceless!!!

    Relish it Cathy. You are super fortunate – and have LOTS of work ahead of you…

  78. Elle 78

    You have yourself some beautiful countryside there, Cathy!

  79. mindy 79

    Wonderful post: I’m getting teary-eyed here in my suburban cubicle, over my plate of microwaved food. One of these days, when we’ve gotten small-city-life out of our systems, I think we’d like to be in a more rural area. Open spaces! Real people! No road noise from the highway!

    I’m so excited for you guys, setting off on this endeavor, and can’t wait to watch the progress. :)


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