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I always have a hard time finding a wine I like to serve with delicate seafood and certain vegetables.  Some wines really distract or take a toll on the flavors often found in these dishes.

This changed however when I started serving the Italian varietal known as Vermentino with the aforementioned foods.

A while back I posted about the 2006 Uvaggio Vermentino having some great qualities to stand up with difficult wine-food pairing combinations like asparagus.

Jim Moore, winemaker and proprietor of the Uvaggio label, recently contacted me to let me know the newest vintage of Uvaggio Vermentino has been released and is currently in stores for our drinking pleasure.  Thanks for the call Jim!

Last night I served the 2007 Uvaggio Vermentino with a simple roasted salmon that I dusted with smoked paprika, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon; broccolini and brown rice were served on the side.  The wine complemented the flavors perfectly.

I urge you to give this alternative white wine a try.  Remember, we had this conversation already?  You all agreed you were going to give alternative white wines a try?

The Uvaggio Vermentino is a good place to start.

I really like this wine because it is not overdone and will not overpower the food you are serving.  

I could taste every bite of the salmon and the wine complemented the food well without detracting from the flavors and textures.

The versatility and vibrance of this wine makes it a pleasure to drink.

The 2007 vintage is pale gold in color with a light fruity aroma of melon and citrus.  Its good acidity and neutrality on the palate make it perfect for serving with many foods.

It is also a wonderful wine to serve with appetizers as it won’t overwhelm the palate.

Give it a try, at least you’ll be able to say you did.  Because that’s important right?

So what did you have to drink last night?  Anything interesting?

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  1. Harry 1

    What did I drink last night? Chambolle-Musigny

  2. Last night I had very nice water, but the night before I had wonderful green winr from Portugal. Do you know it?

  3. Last night I had very nice water, but the night before I had wonderful green wine from Portugal. Do you know it?

  4. Dee 4

    A 15 year old sherry casked single malt. Neat. In little antique sake cups. Odd, but good.

  5. I had a glass of cool, fresh, refreshing…water. :) I told Ben that you were building a winery and he was already trying to figure out ways to ferret himself up there. So if you see a spastic blond girl prancing through your fields chasing a crazed man in stretchy grey shorts, hanes t-shirt and $200 loafers, don’t shoot….

  6. Bunny 6

    You already know I’m as green as they come as far as wine is concerned so here’s my question…..What are alternative white wines??

  7. Barbie with a T 7

    No wine here last evening. We had bourbon instead. But I am definintely going to try the Vermintino. We eat a lot of seafood around here and I am looking for the perfect wine to serve with it. But we also use a lot of Cajun seasoning on our foods. It is difficult to pair wine with Cajun food for me. Somehow I feel it calls for a more spirited wine. But I will try this one as an experiment. Thanks for the tip.

  8. You don’t need to ask me. I am painfully predictable. Chard. *sigh* But that looks fantastic!

  9. I’m really enjoying learing about different wines from you and I will definitely give that one a try! Also, I love the pic you took w/ the pool in the background!

  10. I had Sogno (SEWN-yo) Vermiglio. Its a fabulous local winery, El Dorado, CA. I have enjoyed all of their wines that I have tried.

    link to

  11. Katie 11

    What makes it an alternative? I have a lot of trouble with white wines. It’s hard for me to find a balance between watery, boring and unpleasantly acidic. I’ll have to see if the wine shop has this one, and give it a try.

    Last night we had Encyclopedia Tempranillo, it comes in a carafe-shaped bottle. It was a good one.

  12. Suzette 12

    I enjoy wine, but I have an uneducated palate, and when I get to the wine store, my head just spins. I hope that reading your blog on a regular basis will help me sort some things out. After I get to the wine-drinking stage of the South Beach Diet, of course. SIGH…

  13. Maureen 13

    I absolutely cannot wait to find this wine! We eat a lot of seafood and veggies in this house and while I sometimes don’t worry about the perfect pairing, many times I just have a hard time. Thanks for this review!

  14. Candy 14

    My usual. A glass (or two) of Bogle Chardonnay. If I can find this one, I’ll give it a try. If it’s in my price range ;)

  15. This wine sounds delicious and I think I’ve seen it at my local wine shop…I’m going to check the next time I go in.

    All I had to drink last night was Paul Newman’s Organic lemonade. It’s so good I will drink and entire carton by myself in one evening.

  16. melissa 16

    Last night I had a very lovely grape kool-aid. It wasn’t over powering but yet it wasn’t light. Not too much sugar… Ha ha I need a life.
    Great wine tip I will try it.
    Do you know of a great fall wine? You know something that just makes you feel like fall.

  17. Cathy 17

    For the fall, since foods become heavier in style, I would stick with full-bodied reds or whites.

    For reds, wines like Zinfandel, Syrah/Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are good choices.  For whites, Chardonnay or Viognier also work well.

    However, all the wines I listed above, with the exception of the Viognier, can be vinified in a lighter style as well.  It becomes a matter of finding one you like that stands up to more the more substantial meals of that time of year.

  18. Cathy 18

    This wine runs $11 a bottle.

  19. Cathy 19

    The trick in a good food/wine pairing is to balance the flavors, the intensities and the weights of the foods and the wine.

    With food, your dish can include three components: the food type, the preparation and the sauces.  You want to balance the flavors of the food and pick a wine with similar balance.

    With cajun spices I would choose a full-bodied Zinfandel.

  20. Cathy 20

    Alternative white wines are those less popular than white wines such as Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.

    Some examples of alternative white wines would be Gerwurztraminer, Albarino, Gruner Veltliner, Viognier, Vinho Verde and Vermentino, to name a few.

  21. dennisw 21

    I’m impressed by the brown rice
    As far as your land goes I’ll tell you exactly when the water will run out. The summer.

    Find out how dry it gets in the summer
    You might want to incorporate drip irrigation BEFORE you plant vines

    Israel is world leader in drip irrigation. Word to the wise is sufficient

    Good luck

  22. krysta 22

    does a glass of calistoga mineral water count?

  23. Last night I had big ole glass of iced tea. And it was divine. :)

  24. I love your wine posts. Now I’m off to finish painting the bathroom. I have a feeling that afterwards there will be a trip to the store around the block. Here’s hoping PA stores have the Uvaggio!

  25. Great review…I’m not scured.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this.
    I had a glass or so of Dancing Bull Cab – this is what I was making a red sauce out of…so, when in Rome…Hee hee hee.

  26. dlyn 26

    We opened a bottle of Villa Masetti Pinot Grigio 2007. Not bad – a bit light in flavor for my taste but nice just the same.

  27. Hmmm – Last night had Grey Wolf White wine called “South Paw” and it was yummy – But really I need to try your suggested wine to go with the 100lbs of Salmon that Hubby just brought home from Alaska last week.

  28. Good Tuesday afternoon to you Cathhy !

    I’m not much of a drinker, never aquired a taste for alcohol – except in baking :)

    So what I had to drink last night was ice water with the juice of half of a fresh lemon squeezed in it.
    And then later a green iced tea :)

  29. Sorry! I had Coke Cherry. It went fine with the hot dog.

  30. Dragon 30

    Unfortunately the only thing I drank last night was diet gingerale. :(

  31. Bunny 31

    Thanks Cathy! I love it when your posts are about wine, I always learn something.

  32. I had a glass of Nestquick with Oreo & Banana…at 4am.

    In fact, I had Vidal Blanc from Sakonet Vineyard (RI ) with Salmon last night and went to visit vineyard again while enrouted to Newport.

  33. Debbie 33

    How interesting for I dropped off my good knives to be sharpened and picked three white wines we have never had. Fun to try new food and wine.

  34. Mike 34

    Noted! As my cooking has continued to branch out, my meager wine knowledge has not, so I must admit, I’ve been pairing it with dinner less and less. I’ll have to check this out this weekend (I’ve been trying to do one seafood dish each weekend). Thanks for the tip!

  35. Good call on the Zinfandel with Cajun spices.

  36. Neen 36

    Hey, thanks for the tip! We’re slowly starting to get into wines again, and are just bedazzled by all the options available here in California.

  37. mindy 37

    Thanks for the tip, Cathy! I’ll ask my local shop (the Whip In in Austin, great people!) if they stock any Vermentino this weekend. :)

    Me, I drank a few Negro Modelos with my veggie burger last night at the movies! (We saw Tropic Thunder, and for any of you naysayers out there, it was hilarious!)

  38. My alternative white of the summer has been albarino, but you sold me, I’m gonna have to go check out a Vermentino.

    THANKS for the tip!

  39. Liz C. 39

    Last week while in Austin, I went to my favorite wine store and stocked up. I wish I’d known about this one! At least I’ll have something to look for next time. I got wines by country this last trip, which included Spain, South Africa, Italy and France. Their store is set up that way. You shop by country, which makes it really easy. Can’t wait to go find this one!

  40. if you interesting with me, please email me , thank you

  41. I learn something new everyday or get to read about other people’s experience which is why I love reading blogs.


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