A Word Is Worth A Thousand Pictures

There are certain words that evoke strong mental images and most of them are not nice…but here it goes anyway…you’ve been warned.










Fire In The Hole.










Unfortunately the mind takes on unexpected thoughts while driving three hundred miles with children.  Only two-hundred and fifty left to go.

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  1. Flea 1

    I don’t know about a third of those. The others? Ewwww! But I was warned. :)

  2. HoneyB 2

    haha. I’ll never forget the time I was at this church that was being built talking to some people I had grown up with and their kids got at each other. Next thing I know I hear one of them calling the other a “butt sniffer”. That sure put an image to mind also and made me burst right out loud laughing!

  3. Were your children saying those in the backseat? Or was it you day dreaming about being some kind of gangster? ;)

  4. You poor thing! You’ll be inventing new curse words before long.

  5. Bunny 5

    Are we there yet! You forgot Butt Nugget my granddaughter’s favorite word.

  6. Some of these I hadn’t heard but could figure out. I’m still scratching my head over these:
    Frum-unda-cheese (Never mind. I think I just got this one.)

  7. Lori 7

    I just fell out of my chair laughing, when I got to those last two sentences. Then I had to go back and reread,because it all made a different kind of sense. You are just SO HILARIOUS. Been there myself, my crazy friend.

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    You occupy your mind in strange ways, but it is very interesting! I usually say the rosary on long road trips. Whatever you do, makes the trip go by quicker. Some of those words did evoke some really funny images in my mind. I could not keep from laughing out loud at some of them. Sea hag is a good description of me as I walk the beaches early in the morning! You are a hoot! lol

  9. Have fun!

  10. Leslie 10

    Momnesia….yes I totally have Momnesia!
    Here is another word for you..


    (A dingleberry is lint and feces that gets stuck in your butt hairs)
    Nice huh???LOL

  11. JulenaJo 11

    Been there!

  12. Mom, Mom! Mom? MOM? MOM!!!!!
    Yes, these are the words that induce Momnesia. Repeated over and over again can lead to being shit-faced. Which can lead to many other things on the list. I’m recovery from Momnesia. After 23 years, the cause of my ‘nesia’ are out on their own. One asked me last night if I missed them. Imagine the shock and horror on the face as I replied “No, but I still love you with all my heart. Now, go home to your house.” (kidding. Not kidding. kidding. Am I? …………sometimes).

    I can’t wait to see the list at the end of the trip?

    Have a good day! I’m off to deal with hubby’s skidmarks and do poop patrol in the backyard. Pray for me, I have three 100 pound dogs. :)

  13. Claudia 13

    Is it wrong that I want to open another blog and call it Sea-Hag something or another??!

  14. I’m partial to sea-hag!!

  15. OK, you guys play weirder games of mad libs than we do. . .

  16. Hershey swishes come to mind…I’m in the gutter…there’s no help for me!

  17. sassy 17

    I`m going to play this game with hubby on our next road trip, sounds more fun than counting road kills!

    I have not heard the hershey swirls, but have heard hershey squirts…….ewwww

  18. This is great! I particularly loved “fire in the hole.”
    I like:
    Getting It On
    Keeping It Real
    Oh, and the “F” word. You know I love the “F” word.

  19. jancd 19

    I had to laugh because my parents lived 300 miles from us and we had to make that trip many a time with three lovely kids. They do grow up, though and one day you will be making that trip with just the hubby and it will be strangely quiet and even boring at times. Enjoy them now.

  20. You know.. I knew we had a certain special bond!

    So.. am I a twisted sister for stopping all my home chores so I can comment today? I mean, what a blog slut, I did not comment on the potato posts, or wine posts, or your lovely snacks/drinks posts but here I am posting on the trash talk post!

    I must add a few to your rad list:
    Twisted Sister
    Corona Sister
    White Trash
    Talking Trash
    Richard Cranium (Dick Head, for short)
    The Twins
    The Girls
    Little Shits (about my kids – said under my breath when no one can hear me)

    I’m gonna need some definitions on some of those words of yours… I am clueless and live under a rock..

    And girl.. Only 50 miles into the trip? You need some Momma’s Little Helper… aka your ice-chest full of cocktail goodness…

  21. Rayrena 21

    Oh, I didn’t see my favorite; snot rocket!

    Good luck serving the remaining 250 miles of your sentence…

  22. Teri 22

    uh-oh sounds like a typical family trip! but you sound like you have you’re own therapy! Usually some of my words slip out loud though… typing them on a blog and getting feedback sounds much more therapeutic! Hang in there!

  23. Good Sunday morning to you, Noble Pig.

    Uh-oh, I only recognized about one-half of them !

    Clearly, you get a much better ‘lingo’ education when you have children… :)

  24. I use every single one of those words plus many others that I shan’t mention on your blog. But my favorite on the list was sea hag…as in “I woke up this morning, took a look at myself in the mirror and realized I looked like a sea hag.”

  25. On your way north? It’s been a while since we did a road trip, but I remember how I felt like I was losing brain cells with every mile we drove! I hope the rest of the trip goes well!

  26. dlyn 26

    Are we there yet?

  27. Fran 27

    My kids, who are 26. 24, and 21 are particularly fond of “prairie dogging” to describe an urgent need to use the restroom. And because I am actually a 13 year old boy at heart, it makes me laugh out loud everytime they say it…snicker, snicker.


  28. What a great new car game – We usually stick to Slug Bug – Not anymore you have given us something to strive for!!

  29. ALF 29

    We always played the license plate game on road trips but this game seems like much more fun.

  30. Sometimes I’m grateful to be ignorant. EWWWWWWW! Bake some cookies freakster!
    You’ve been looking at too many Halloween catalogs.

  31. Alisa 31

    I am never so thankful for all the great technological advances as when we make the pilgrimmage to my parents’ house. I love nintendo. I love DVDs. Good luck.

  32. Ann 32

    Never heard of pregorexia, but I think I may be recovering from it. Thanks for helping me classify my neuroses!

  33. Marjie 33

    Done the road trip thing. Not a believer in electronics in the cars, and my kids predate them anyway, but you can always turn up a twangy country station and tell them to “wail with Willie”. It’s better than wasting your sanity telling them to stop it NOW before you park the car and kill them! Once, I actually turned the car around; I never had to use that threat again. I only got 2 miles before a truce was reached amongst the back seats, BTW.

  34. Tanya 34

    I went to Urban Dictionary to look some of these up, because I’m apparently not cool enough. Most of them are on there, except for wellderly. When I looked up “fire in the hole,” even though I had my own idea of what this is, I found this lovely definition:

    “V/N: The act of gaping someone or somethings anus and then proceeding to pour gasoline into the rectum and dropping in a match.”

    That is frightening.

  35. How ’bout EARWORM…love your list though…will have to think of some more to share with you!!!

  36. Emily 36

    My personal favorite…Ring of Fire. Yep. That one’s burned in my mind forever.

  37. dawn 37

    Skid-marks!! Remember that Sex & The City episode? Ohhhh LOLOLOL!!!
    Right now, I’m tanorexia

  38. Mike 38


  39. Harmony 39

    LOL..those are great…but wogging?

  40. Debbie 40


    Good luck with the rest of the 250 miles.

  41. Laura 41

    Oy. Hope the next 250 miles goes by fast!

  42. Dragon 42

    I was fine until skid-mark. Ewwwww!

  43. Cheryl 43

    Perhaps embarrassingly, I knew the bulk of these…

    For us, the trick is remembering which are highly inappropriate (considering origin/usage…e.g. skidmarks)for six-year olds. Hubby slipped up the other day pre-roller coaster and said, “Sarah, we’re gonna ‘sack up'”

    And yes, she’d already put it to use. Won’t that be a fun note from the first grade teacher if we can’t de-program?

    Do you have a good one for the dark-purple/blackened by red wine tongue? Looking for a good slang word for that phenom…

    Have a great trip!

  44. This is funny because I always think about words that I think are very descriptive. Like NO other word could describe that thing more perfectly than that. For example – guffaw (sp?)

  45. And I thought I was well versed. Goes to show ya. I don’t know like half of those.

    Sounds like a fun trip…where ya’ll headed?

    Have fun…and get shit faced, but not bitch slapped, go hot tubbing but don’t be a sour puss, and I hope you get to do some spit swapping with your hubby…but whatever you do, stay away from the Frum-unda-cheese.

  46. Tipper 46

    I like to think about words too! Even the crazy/bad ones.

  47. Christy 47

    Happy Birthday! I hit the big “40” at the end of this year :-(

  48. krysta 48

    butt hurt. god, do i hate that saying but it rings true for so many things.

  49. I can honestly say, I am not a Pregorexic.

  50. Kate 50

    You crack me up.

  51. Audric 51

    I love you.


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