Uninvited Guests

Yes, solicitors.

They bug.

Lately I can’t even hide my normal disdain for the telemarketer or the dinnertime knock at the door.

I’m not interested in their books, magazines, insurance or whatever else they are selling. 

I used to carefully check the peephole in the door to see who it was.  I didn’t want them to know I wasn’t answering.  Now I don’t care if they see or hear me.  I feel like they are invading my space and time.

I don’t let the phone salesperson even get through their whole spiel before I cut them off with, “Sorry, not interested”.

I’ve never been so blatantly rude and I understand they too are trying to earn a living but, it’s not for me.

I never know whether to let them get through their whole speech or is it kinder to cut them off early than make them think you are somewhat interested?

Now if it’s kids, that’s different.  I buy more Girl Scout Cookies than anyone I know.  I buy popcorn from Cub Scouts and everything else kids are selling.  I’m a sucker for that.

I am just not interested in vacation packages from a guy on my front porch at 8:30 in the evening.

How do you handle the occasional intrusion?

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  1. Laura 1

    Hummm Not only am I curious but I am FIRST LOL… so paul Harvey what about the rest of the previous story???

    In answer to your question I cut them off I can’t stand to listen to the spiel and if they dont end it I lay the phone down and pick it up later…

    Have a great DAY!

  2. Laura 2

    did my comment get eatten by cyber space?

  3. yves 3

    I’m afraid rude is best. If I have time, I will interrupt the caller and tell him/her our policy is to always first obtain the name, personal phone number and credit card info of the caller before proceeding. Also we need to know their dinner hours so we can call at the most appropriate time! :)

  4. Alan 4

    It wouldn’t work with knock on door salesmen but when the Jehova’s Witnesses called I invited them in and discussed the Bible for two hours. That was 30 years ago; they’ve never been back!

  5. HoneyB 5

    Luckily I normally only get phone solicitors – the worst one is the “NYS Police Association” scam looking for donations. I happily tell them my uncle is the Chief if Police in my town and any donations will go thru him – then hang up. I cannot stand people calling trying to sell me something I don’t want…and if they can’t take my no thank you, I just hang up on them.

  6. Philly 6

    I hand right up, do not even say I’m not interested


  7. Shel 7

    I have a sign that’s laminated and posted beside my door:


    We are content with our religion, we have chosen our charities, and we can’t keep up with our current selection of magazines.

    We don’t want your advertisements, we will support our country in our own way, and political discussion only upsets everyone involved.

    If we desire knowledge, we shall seek it. Thank you for understanding.”

    I was inspired by something online- we mostly get the crap stuck to your door, and the random kids selling something that isn’t food. (I do buy the cookies and popcorn, but I find friends with kids who are selling it.)

    Our pizza delivery dudes are usually very amused. :D

  8. April in CT 8

    Since we signed up for the do not call list telemarketers aren’t an issue now. When we moved in, however, the VERY day the phone service was turned on we got calls. I just let the machine get it because we have caller ID, but my husband takes a different approach. He’ll pick the phone up and SCREAM into it then hang up.

  9. Kate 9

    I have always been a sucker, especially for children. In my position, at the school where I’m employed, I used to get children coming in all the time asking me to support their causes by buying something. And I always did. Until about 3 years ago when I purchased 3 little rolls of wrapping paper that ended up costing me thirty dollars. Finally, I put my foot down and I don’t buy anything anymore from anyone. (Unless I am in love with it and then they are sworn to keep the secret of the purchase!) And when the phone rings and there’s that ‘pause’, I just hang up.

  10. We rarely get any door to door salesmen out here. That’s a huge advantage of living in the country. We do have the occasional Jehovah’s Witnesses, but I don’t mind talking to them if I have time even though I’m not interested in joining their church. I had one very nicely dressed guy come out to try to get me to open up an account with his investment firm. It was very odd for him to be out in the middle of nowhere in his suit trying to sell something like that.

    I do try to buy from kids because my kids have been there. I won’t buy popcorn from the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts though. Our Pack and Troop sold that one year and we never sold it again. It’s nasty and overpriced, and I’m embarrassed for BSA for not finding a better product. Girl Scout cookies are overpriced, but at $3.50 a box, anyone can afford to buy at least one. They’re also really good cookies!

    We only get calls from our credit card companies or things that are through them. I find that annoying that they’ve got that loophole in the do not call list. I just want the card. I don’t want to hear about all the other junk you have to offer.

    The most annoying thing is the junk faxes because they waste my ink. I call the numbers to get us off their list, but I’m convinced its the same companies faxing over and over to offer us vacation packages and investment tips.

    When I do get a sales call or someone at the door, I try to be very nice about saying no. I always answer surveys, too. (Sometimes that pays off and you can get paid to be part of a focus group or do further surveys.) I try to cut them off quickly but in a very nice voice and by saying “No thank you, we aren’t interested, but have a nice day.” They make that hard to do, though. The good ones have learned how to keep from taking a breath until the full pitch is out there.

    I worked in telemarketing for a very short period. It was one of the most depressing jobs. All that rejection and rudeness all day long! Then, a few weeks after I quit, I found out the company I was working for was a scam operation. I have never been so glad to have been such a complete failure at something. I never made a single sale.

  11. My husband will do the same. He’s more knowledgeable and can discuss Scripture better than me. He talked to a couple of the ladies for a few hours one day and brought up too many things they didn’t have answers for. They sent some of the elders back the next week. Of course my husband wasn’t home that day and I had to talk to these guys who were more on the level of my husband. One of them wasn’t very nice either. He was obviously peeved that dh had confused the other two. That wasn’t dh’s intention. He was just having an honest discussion and didn’t agree 100% with everything they said.

  12. this is what i say to telemarkerters who actually get past my caller ID “i’m sure you’re very good at your job, but i’m not interested.” they are usually rendered speechless by this and i use the opportunity to say “thanks and goodbye!”

    when they are at my door, i just peak from the upstairs window and then refuse to answer the door. lol.

  13. Barbie with a T 13

    I know not everyone cannot take the giant step that I took recently, but moving to the wilderness on a tropical island worked for me! No more door to door solicitors anyway. (maybe moving to the 88 acres, surrounded by a nice fence is your only recourse). As far as the phone solicitors, our phone was bombarded with telemarketers right and left, as well as our cell phones.(mostly recordings) So I entered our phone numbers on the national no call list (I did this online) and that has helped immensely. Occasionally a call with get through, but very infrequently. At least we have all the peace and quiet we want. We do get the occasional local organizations who will call with some fund raiser gig….but I simply tell them that I am not interested before they get through their speech. I don’t feel it is rude to stop them before they get started. I feel it is more rude to let them go through the whole thing and then tell them I am not interested. Anyway, the only pests I have now are those greedy seagulls whom I feed every day. They don’t give up! But I love them.

  14. Yes, I’m curious about yesterday’s post, too. I woke up thinking about it this morning. I can’t get it out of my mind. It really upset me and I find myself thinking about those other three families I’ve known.

  15. jancd 15

    I had a relative work for Edward Jones Investments. That company calls on people cold turkey by having them knock on doors unannounced. I thought that was very odd. I would never open my door to a guy dressed in a suit saying he worked for Edward Jones. That’show they do it though.

    If anyone knocks on my door, I look out my little side window, with my big dog barking wildly, and look them in the eye and say, “not interested.” Then I walk away and go about my business. Same thing with phone solitors. Stop them in midsentence with, “not interested,” and hang up. They do not call back. It’s quick and painless for me. My husband patiently listens and takes forever to hang up. Drives my crazy.

  16. I actually went ape-crazy on someone trying to sell new phone service this week, he rolled his eyes and continued talking to my husband. I won’t say if he lived to walk to the next house or not.

  17. Barbie with a T 17

    I have one big question? When a telemarketer calls you on your cell phone and the number is embedded on your menu, if you try to redial that very same number a recording comes on saying that it is not a working number. How do they manage that? If it is not a working number, then how did it call your number? Darn scams.

  18. Steph 18

    I don’t have a landline at home, only my cell phone, so I don’t get bothered that way. Whenever someone knocks on the front door, I know its not anyone I know, because everyone else comes to the side door. I just never answer it!

  19. Some college kids stopped by one day to sell a magazine subscription. I told them it was a no solicitation apt complex. He started aguing with me. My husband, who had had a really bad day at work, came to the door. He told the kids to leave. They had the nerve to tell him to F!*@ OFF. He’s 6’4″. They were not. He chased them through the parking lot. And haven’t been back since.

  20. Chuck 20

    I have a big, black (totally harmless)dog and an underground electric fence that keeps him in the front yard. When he see people coming up the street he gets up off the porch and heads to “greet” them. This includes growling, sprinting along the property line and pouncing up and down in front of them. If they walk up to him, they would be licked to their hearts content. If I am outside, I usually yell “Heal, Spike, Heal. No biting!”. His name isn’t Spike and has no clue what “Heal” means. They usually sprint to the other side of the street and keep right on going.

  21. dawn 21

    It is rude, I don’t like them calling or worse knocking on the door. I never let them give their full speech. I just keep saying no thanks while closing the door; it really is the only way to get rid of them. Remember if you give them an inch they take a mile. They are very very clever salespeople and know exactly how to grab your soft spot.

  22. I’m not going to describe just what my first wife did when confronted with a Jehova’s Witness at the door but it caused them to back out the door and run.

    In NYC you can buy signs with praying hands with circle and slash.

  23. Nell 23

    How did we ever survive before Caller ID?!? (and the National Do Not Call List?)

  24. We’re lucky enough that we don’t get many door-to-door solicitors in our neighborhood. But, we do get the occasional phone call (despite being on the “do not call” list). I don’t begrudge the poor TM’s their right to make a living, but I really don’t like the interruption. So, I avoid contact.

    DH doesn’t mind confronting them, and he is a hoot when it comes to telemarketers. Once, he sang all of his responses in an operatic voice… another time he answered every question with a question. In most cases, the telemarketer gets frustrated first and hangs up.

  25. With The Old Goat working the odd hours that he does, I no longer answer the door. Everyone that knows us, knows they should call before coming over so they don’t scare the crap out of me.
    My position is this… if I wanted to buy something, I would already be in the process of researching it, I wouldn’t be relying on a door to door salesperson to show up someday. And I think it’s incredibly rude to pedal religion door to door. I have no problem leaving religious salespersons on the front porch for an eternity.
    I am a sucker for the girl scouts in front of the grocery store and have been known to go back in in the store to get money so I make my enormous purchase!
    We are on the do not call list, so I don’t get sales calls anymore. Thank goodness!

  26. Marcy 26

    We don’t get so many door bangers as we do phone calls. We have caller ID and most of the time if we don’t recognize the numer we don’t pick up.
    On the occasion we do accidentely pick up, we just nope, not intereesteed and hang up.

  27. Suzette 27

    I’m with you! I think it’s far kinder to cut them off and send them on their way. Soliciting is a numbers game. The more contacts they make, the higher their chance of a “hit.” So, sending them on to the next victim as quickly as possible is really doing them a favor. What I WANT to do is say something like “Make your mama proud – get a real job.” But, I know that would be cruel and mean, and I just say “not interested” and hang up before they have a chance to refer to their canned speech in reply to “not interested.” I really hate those. I work with an orchestra that hired telemarketers this spring. I was so embarrassed! They gained about $22,000 in subscriptions…and it cost them $13,000. Kinda ridiculous, if you ask me. But, nobody did. :)

  28. Candy 28

    I handle it very badly, I’m afraid.

    The worst is the local mall with its kiosks. There is one in particular who sells hand creams, and their workers stand at attention with silver trays full of samples and they literally stand in front of you demanding you try one. I have all but knocked that guy down. I did, once, tell him to find a real job. I felt bad about that but not bad enough.

  29. Howdy 29

    If it’s someone on the phone then I listen only long enough to determine it’s a sales or survey call… then I talk right over them and say ‘Sorry but I’m not interested’ CLICK… and that’s the end of it.
    At the door it helps to have a dog that BARKS HER EVER LOVING HEAD OFF when someone knocks. At our old house we had a gated front porch to keep the dogs contained. If someone has come through the gate and knocked then – I open the door just a tiny bit – tell them to wait just a minute – then hold the dogs collar with one hand and try and hold the screen door closed with the other… over the frantic barking and lunging at the screen door I tell them I’m not interested and they quickly exit the porch and firmly close the gate… LOL That was always such fun… LOL

  30. Leah Q 30

    Yes its always quite unnerving…to have people show up at your door all the while you are trying to have one of those rare moments when the family is all together.

    If on the phone, I say loudly and nicely – Im sorry, please remove my number – I am on the do not call list and good luck – they usually still need to say some closing shpeal (sp) but I do the yada yada – ok gots to go and hang up the phone..whether they are still talking or not…

    and caller id is essential…

    but putting both your cell number and home number on the do not call list certainly helps.

    as for people coming to my door, im lucky – it delivery men (always cute)while my dog licks the glass door at them – of course the dog likes them too…

  31. We were tearing out an overgrown flower bed last weekend, it was hot, we were working hard, and a young man selling home security systems came right up to us as we were working to try to sell us one. My H wouldn’t make him leave, and the guy kept asking to come into our house to evaluate our security needs!! Um, no thanks buddy, I’m not letting a stranger come in and scope out my house…sounds like you want to come back and rob me later! Plus, he wouldn’t given any specific details of his product or anything. I finally told him to bug off, couldn’t he see that we were busy, and hell would freeze over before I let him in my house!

  32. I let my 100 pound Alaskan Malamute answer the door. The offenders tend to back away very quickly. :)

  33. Our uninvited guests are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. I always feel bad cutting them off but I really feel very comfortable in my faith and I don’t need to be saved by another. I usually take their literature and answer a few questions before I have Helen yell for me to come help with an “emergency”. As far as telemarketers, we rarely answer the home phone anymore. Anyone important will leave a message and friends and family know to use our cell phones.

  34. i DO NOT like solicitors!! they come to work all the time. some girl came on monday and just couldn’t believe that i didn’t want to get my oil changed and get the great package even though i had just had it changed 2 weeks ago!

    i also buy lots of girl scout cookies though!!

  35. I answer the doorbell naked ;)

  36. I have done a lot of things to stop soliciting. I bought a sign for my door, slammed the door in someone’s face (he was being really pushy) and even pretended to be deaf. Yes, I’m not proud of myself. These days, I simply point to the no soliciting sign and say, “I’m sorry, I don’t buy anything door to door.”

    And frankly, if Mr. Clairol isn’t home, I hardly ever open the door.

  37. Laura 37

    sounds to me like you did exactly the right thing, if he would not tell you about his product or what company he worked for I would BET he was seeking entrance to your home to see what you have and plan to rob you. You might want to call your local police and give them a description of him as he may truely be a thief and it could help them protect your city/ town ect.

  38. We get so many telemarketers calling where I work. I usually cut them off and say, “We’re not interested, but thank you for your call.” and hang up. If they call back, I’m not nice anymore.

  39. I hate getting phone calls from telemarketers at any time of the day. Most of the time if it says “unavailable” on my caller id, I won’t pick it up. I refuse to. If I do answer a call I just tell them not interested, remove this number from your list and hang up.

    Of course, you could do what my dad does…he has fun with them. He’ll ask them the name of the person they’re looking for at least 5 times, he’ll ask them to spell the last name over and over, you name it. He says they just get frustrated and hang up on him. He thinks it’s the funniest thing ever. :)

  40. Jules 40

    I always end up talking to the Jehovah’s Witness ,they know all my kids name ,even the cats name!! My husband once circled the block for 10 mins wating on them to leave!!!

  41. I used to listen to the spiel–but now I just cut them off w/ the “no thanks” on the phone and I usually don’t even open the door.

    I do buy tons of cookies and popcorn though!

  42. Alicia 42

    I always tell them I am not the homeowner.
    We had a discussion the other day about putting up a NO SOLICITING sign. We’ll see how long it takes me to get around to this.

  43. I just don’t answer the door and tell the person on the phone, “Not interested.”

    Usually, the salesperson would stop and say some thank you or other. If the salesperson is persistent after my “not interested,” then I just tell them, “I’m going to hang up now. Sorry.”

  44. We have a security guard that escorts people out of our hood. Nice benefit of living where we do. As far as the phone, caller ID is useful. I dont answer if its an 800 number. If for some reason they get me I just say “not a good time” or “not interested”.

    What I would like to say is “find a better gig, honey. This job has got to be awful.”

  45. Kids: always buy from
    Adults: never even let ’em get a word out! I’m rude, too, I guess.

  46. Jules 46

    I don’t answer the door!

  47. Egghead 47

    We are on the do not call list but still some calls slip through. I am polite when they first call and tell them before they ever begin the spiel that we are not interested and when they move on to the next tactic for a no answer I just hang up. My husband, however, will listen for an hour without interrupting. He has way more patience than I. We don’t get many sales people at our door living waaaaay out here but occasionally we do. We just say we are not interested and shut the door.

  48. Cathy C 48

    Sometimes I do not answer the door unless it is the kids from the block. On the rare occasion that I do I will be polite and say thanks for stopping by but we are not interested. If Hubby is home I send him to the door especially if it is a man knocking. Living in Mayberry we have lots of door knockers.

  49. Lisa 49

    This is what my husband does to telemarketers. “I will be happy to listen to everything you have to say, but first let me tell you about JESUS!”. And he screams JESUS. They always hang up.

  50. Ruthanne (in Seattle) 50

    The national do not call list works well for me! We did not have calls during the time we were on it and when it was time to sign up again and a few calls had come through I would just say “we are on the Do Not Call list, please take us off of yours and DO NOT CALL Again!” Apologies and and an assurance that they would not call. And they don’t. . . in our experience anyway.
    Anytime any one interrupts me in my own home, I have the right and ability to maintain control!

  51. Hang up…is that rude? :)

  52. Neen 52

    1) We don’t have a landline, only cell phones. Haven’t had a telemarketer yet. Though they will, someday, expand that far. 2) We live in apartments, so we’re usually pretty lucky about no intrusions (although at our last apartment people would shout at our open window about supporting the trees or the Democratic party or something). 3) I once dated a guy who had to work for our alumni association’s telemarketing outfit to earn a buck. He was a really friendly, talkative guy, and really felt bad about what he was doing for a living. It made his day when someone would take the time to chat with him, even a few joking sentences about how obnoxious his job was, and he really felt bad when folks would yell at him.

    All this to say, I do interrupt telemarketers (like my alumni association!) and hang up, but I always try to be very nice and jovial about it.

  53. I usually cave and listen at least. Try my hardest not to buy, but sometimes I fail at that.

  54. Lex the mom 54

    Too true – the feeling of being invaded.

    My hub likes to set the phone down & let them rattle on. “They have to pay for the call” is his philosophy (with flat rate services anymore, I disagree).

    I don’t let them go on – I will cut them off & tell them to place our number on the “Do Not Call” list. The recorded ones are the worst, but I do the same thing.

    As far as sales visitors – I am entirely rude (okay, not entirely – except once in a while). My hub on this front – is a HUGE sucker! He can’t tell them to leave, he can’t cut them off, he can say no, but he turns 12 shades of red.

  55. Daisy 55

    My grandmother had this AMAZING Gone-with-the-Wind accent. She had this kind of older-lady tone of voice that meant business and always sounded like the authority on every subject. And even though she could be blunt, she was nothing if not a good, honest, proper southern woman.

    One day, I stopped by to say hi, and my grandmother started to lament the frequency of telephone solicitors. She reached the end of her story and her voice rose in a crescendo and she said, “So tonight, when they called and asked for ‘Woodfin ____” (my grandfather), I said ‘Well, honey, he’s just died and gone to heaven, so you can’t speak with him.”

  56. Daisy 56

    I should add that my grandfather piped up from his leather chair and said, “You haven’t killed me yet.” (Part of the fun banter between the two.)

    Anyway, that particular solicitor had been a regular and never called back!

  57. Thankfully I live down a gated alley, so I don’t get knocks on the door ever. I rush through phone calls though and also cut them off with a, “thanks! not interested!”

    In college we had door to door Mormons and my favorite time was when my friend Amy answered (who is atheist) and told them that God was none of her business. They stammered something and wandered off.

  58. Kim 58

    With religious people at the front door I usually tell them we are Muslim. That usually tears it. Sometimes I speak Farsi to them – they usually just back away! I need to try that on the phone. I have eliminated all contact on the phone as I have my daughter answer it and she just says I am not available – but she is going to get tired of that soon, she is 16 and growing tired of my games.
    Gosh I love this blog!

  59. Better than my husband that’s for sure!

    I will buy chocolate from kids, but for the rest, I’m not the most welcoming one. One the phone, we had a caller that kept calling for Hubby, daily almost, while Hubby was at work (of course), so one day I told her, to stop calling because he had died! She just said “oh…sorry” and that was the end of that!

  60. Nobody ever comes to my door to sell except kids.
    Telephone people I consider fair game for my telephone game. I try to keep them on the phone without ever letting them tell me what they are selling.

  61. I handled things the way you’re beginning to now. BUT, you think that’s bad. I still can’t get used to things here. People put their catalogs in your mail slot with a note of what day and time you need to put it back out for them– with or without an order. Like I have time (and space) to keep up with everyone’s stinking sales stuff! And phones are usually linked to the home, so getting unlisted is pointless.
    I’d put up a “no soliciting” sign, but here a Solicitor is a Lawyer. :-)

  62. I think it’s better to politely ask what they’re calling about and then let them know I’m not interested. If they persist then I say “thank you for calling” and hang up. The door-to-door solicitor is a bit more difficult for me. I usually hang in there for a few seconds and then plead extreme poverty. I used to let them in my house. That’s always a mistake because I might as well write a blank check.

  63. Lennie 63

    Cathy, please check my blog! You are — deservedly! — an award winner! Congrats! :-)

  64. I usually just say I’m bathing the baby. I don’t own a baby, but I don’t like to hurt their fellings… :(

  65. Dragon 65

    Starting in September I’ll be able to add my name to the no call list here in Cananda. Can’t wait!

  66. I have a marketer from some knock-off yellow pages whose been calling me NONE FREAKIN’ STOP, trying to sell me super expensive ads to a book not circulated in my area. It’s really grinding my nerves.

  67. Laura 67

    For business telemarketers I am rude, I don’t care. However we are magnets for the cops and firefighters trying to raise money and I always have a harder time cutting them off (which kinda makes me even more mad actually). I usually am polite and let them say everything they need to say. Which means of course them trying to convince me once after I have said no we don’t have the money.

  68. ALF 68

    It’s the worst because I never want to be rude because afterall, they’re just trying to work but they’re so pushy and usually don’t take no for an answer. It’s like hanging up on them is the only way to avoid a 20 minute conversation. I usually just say “no thanks” and hang up.

  69. This is horrible. I know some other women who are in similar situations. It makes me thankful for my super husband

  70. Erinn 70

    I guess I’m a coward, I screen my calls and if I see a stranger at the door I hide!
    Sad, but true, and it helps me keep my sanity! ;)

  71. kj 71

    I don’t get people at the door. On the phone I just interrupt, say not interested thanks and hang up. So much the same as you I think. Sadly it’s a part of life nowadays.

  72. I totally agree with you! The other day I had a religious group offer to clean my house and convert me to their ways. Then there was the woman who looked exactly like my neighbor. I was trying to restrain my dogs while my husband tried to politely tell her to go away. She wouldn’t leave and literally argued with him for 10 minutes. She even offered to do her sales spiel in our house and play with our dogs. I was horrified!

  73. Sassy 73

    Other than not answering my phone to numbers i do not know, i have to be rude to telemarketers, they simply will not let you off the phone unless you are. So, i am……when i answer.

  74. I used to be a door to door salesman of pest control myself. We always did better in the poorer or middle class neighborhoods…they usually had bugs.
    But it was a love/hate job because it could be so fun and also so hard to get told not interested all the time.
    Even though I did that for a living I am still like you with solicitors…I cut em off early and I never buy anything at the door or on the phone.

  75. I try nice, and as soon as they don’t take “Nice Jenny”, I give ’em hell.

  76. Flea 76

    Two ways: for door-to-door, I have two large dogs. I hold their collars and let them bark away as I peek around the door.
    For the phone, I immediately say, “Please take me off your list.” They have to, by law, or they’ll be fined $500. Oh, and I registered with the Do Not Call list. It works really well.

  77. Since we’re on the no-call list, we actually get very few telemarketing calls. We get some “surveys,” (since they and political calls are exempt from the do-no call list) but I usually just say, “Oh, I’m sorry! We don’t accept these calls,” and hang up. Or, I just hang up. Or, I just don’t answer (caller ID)…depends on my mood.

    If someone comes to my door, and I don’t know them, and they didn’t arrive in a vehicle (a sure sign that they are solicitors), I won’t answer it.

    My babysitter sells things for band and gymnastics, and if we ever want to go out for sushi again, it behooves us to buy from her. ;) Small price to pay for excellent service. And, one of my friends has a son who is in the boy scouts, so we always support him.

    But, really…we get very few intrusions, and I hope it stays that way!! (Knock on wood…) :)

  78. Rita 78

    i always get calls from telemarketers. i just replied in english and they’d give up (they are all chinese speakers). sometimes they apologized or said they’ve got the wrong number. most of the time, they just hung up on me.

    talk about bein RUDE


    the english speaking stance so far also works for annoying real estate agents, street market researchers, etc etc etc


  79. grace 79

    i don’t answer my phone unless the call is from a number i recognize. i don’t answer my door unless i’m expecting someone (i live alone–it’s a necessary precaution). that pretty much does it for me, but i understand that it might not work for normal people. :)

  80. Tipper 80

    I just wonder why they come or call at supper time.

  81. They really come to your door? Damn, that is messed up.

    I thought the days of door to door sales were ancient history…

  82. marye 82

    umm..well I would LIKE to handle it by sending MArc to the door with a chainsaw and a bloody apron…..

  83. My sister handles these intruders by placing a sign on her front door, which she leaves there all the time, that says “If you have a clipboard, we don’t want any.” It works and it is amusing to watch them come up to the door, see the sign and then walk away.

  84. I’ve recently been dodging a salewoman for a knock yellow pages that’s not even circulated in our area. I’ve told her 6 times I’m not interested, but she keeps calling. SO, new plan is to tell her I’m the baby sitter.
    The worst, though, is bill collectors for my man’s ex-girlfriend. They lived together like 7 years ago. (We’ve been married 5). I normally tell the bill collectors that she doesn’t live in here in a fashion that suggests I am chemically balanced.
    However, one called about a week before I delivered our first kid. When I said I didn’t know where she was, they acted like I was lying. So, I went into uber emotional rant about how I’m super fat preggers and how this negligent bill payer used to sleep with him, which is something alllll pregnant women want to think about. I angrily yelled,
    “SO, you can see that I don’t, in fact, know how to get ahold of her and, if my husband does, he certainly isn’t going to admit it to me, a hurricane of hormones.

  85. I have a ton of homegrown tomatoes just looking for a use, so this is going down tonight. By the way, if you’ve never had a tomato straight from the vine, you’ve missed one of life’s most orgasmic (yes, orgasmic, not organic) experiences. It’s like this: sex, 6 pack drank in 45 minutes, fresh tomatoes.
    Also, these photographs are amazing. They look like they came from a cookbook.

  86. I gotta couple of ideas. “We are all farting in here and the room has green fog in it.” or for the phone marketer,”we are at a crime scene investigation. How did you know the victim? You may need to be questioned regarding this homicide, what is your name and address? Are you available for questioning? I think they might go ahead and hang up.
    So on the other side, what if you have found a product that undersells and overdelivers for real, and since your not a salesman can’t quite figure out how to share it with people?

  87. I recently got automated telemarketing calls day or night. This is no way to get rid of them. And accidentally discovered a way to remove my name of their contact list.

    Keep pressing ZERO button many times. Until it confirm that your name is removed from their list.

  88. Liz C. 88

    Oh Yeah. I’m a sucker for kids selling for their organization, but I detest door-to-door people, no matter how *great* the product they’re selling is. My standard response is to yell “No thank you.” through the glass door and use hand gestures signalling “No”. However, the last time I did this, it turned out to have been the guy who was here to repair a gas leak in our lines, lol. That didn’t go over too well with the hubby.

  89. Tovie 89

    It’s set up as an outgoing line only. So they can only place calls, not receive them.

  90. Amber 90

    I read your paranoid mom post so please don’t think I am also. I am more afraid of the dark than I am people because yes at 51 I still believe in the boogeyman. Any ways, I hate the phone calls so the do not call list has been a great help, but if they do get through I figure that since I pay the phone bill for the # they just called, then we are going to talk about what I want to talk about. God, politics, the ex, whatever. They don’t seem to like that too much but hey it is my house and my phone. As far as at the door, children are welcome and I always try to buy. But adults…never. Here is the paranoid part. A couple years ago we were having home invasions in my town and they were horrible. So in this day and age I just do not think it is appropriate for an adult to give you cause to worry about opening your door, sort of like the beggars who surprise you at your car in a parking lot, sometimes people get robbed and it is just scary. Okay, that’s it. I wonder what fun spell check has for me…and save.

  91. My mother, a sweet English lady (and I mean lady!) used to pant and say “what are you wearing?” They’d hang up fast!

    I do what you do, but I add, “please remove me from your calling list.” I figure if I respond quickly they can get on to the next call and not waste my time and theirs. I don’t think it’s rude, just thoughtful. And efficient.


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