It’s Here! It’s Here! Potato Ho-Down’s In ‘Da House!

It’s here friends and fellow Potato Ho’s, the first ever, Potato Ho-Down!  Yee-HAW!  Scrape your boots off, sit down, grab a drink and enjoy the food porn.

Madame Spud, our Ho-Down mascot, is quite taken with all the beautiful entries that have been prepared and delivered to the round up floor.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who participated in this month’s event.  It was a huge success for our first go round.

This round up is something Krysta (Evil Chef Mom) and I came up with as a way to honor our all time favorite vegetable and accept our existence as Potato Ho’s.  The rest is history.

This event will continue to make it’s way around the blogosphere every third Wednesday of the month.  I hope you will all join in for the fun.

To see who’s hosting in the next few months, check out the rules, the links to Potato Ho posts (up soon), participants or just to check in…VISIT OUR NEW WEBSITE…set up specifically for this monthly event.  It’s our new DEN OF INIQUITY a CLUBHOUSE for us Ho’s.  Go check it out, it’s awesome!  You don’t even need to know the Ho-handshake to get in.
Now as stated in the rules for this event everyone had to submit their recipe with their Ho name, (their first pet’s name and their middle name).  For me that would be, Sparky Marie

So enough talk already, let’s get to the food!

Our first dish is from the very talented food blogger Madame Val.  If you have never been to her site, go there Now!  She is an amazing cook and photographer.  You will leave drooling.  Madame Val also claims to be one of the biggest Potato Ho’s out there.  I won’t argue with her.  So without further adieu, this dish is Potato Ho “Bellini Valium’s” (More Than Burnt Toast) Garlic Scape Vichyssoise.  “The garlic scapes in this dish give this cold potato soup an incredible flavor!!!”  Potato Ho’s love flavorful food.  Madame Val is currently on a garlic scape quest.  Go see what she’s up to in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  You won’t be disappointed.

This next entry was made for us by Madame Laura.  She lives in the Midwestern United States and loves to cook for her family.  She makes beautiful recipes, I just saw one for Portuguese Sweet Bread on her site; be still my heart.  This dish is Potato Ho “Delilah J’s” (The Spiced Life) Paella Hash.  “A rustic potato skillet hash bringing the flavors of paella to life without all that lousy work involving the rice.”  Since we’re Ho’s we love less work, so this is just perfect!

This next delectable entry has been sent in by the one and only Madame Magpie.  Magpie leads a busy life in New York with her daughter and husband.  I love reading about her musings and takes on life.  The dish she enters todays is Potato Ho “Schwartz Catherine’s” (Magpie Musing) Potato Salad.  “Herby, tangy, easy potato salad with NO mayonnaise.”  There’s that word “easy” again…perfect for us Ho’s.  And no mayo will let us retain our ho-ish figures.  Good thinking Magpie!

Now because Madame Val is an over-achieving Potato Ho (theirs always one in the bunch), this is the second dish she has submitted to the Ho-Down.  It’s a beauty isn’t it?  This is Potato Ho “Bellini Valium’s (More Than Burnt Toast) Nugget Potatoes with Pesto.  “With all those new potatoes and fresh basil in our gardens, this pesto and potato combination is a summer marriage you don’t want to miss.  The flavor combination is memorable.”  I think you’re right Madame Val, it sounds memorable.  I’m sure all the Potato Ho’s of Canada, where you live, love you for it.

Just look at these matchsticks.  Madame Christie makes her way here all the from Down Under…it’s winter now in Australia…Brrrr.  Madame Christie has a knack with food styling, everything always looks so delicious over at her place,  Brace yourself before you head over there, it’s indulgent food porn at its finest.  Her dish here today is Potato Ho “Milky Lee’s (Fig & Cherry) Stir Fried Chilli Potatoes.  “A posher, healthier version of chips to serve with seafood.”  Ho’s love poshness.  Thanks Madame Christie!

Madame Cathy has outdone herself with this appetizer.  Cathy live’s in California and if you’ve ever visited her blog then I know you’ve been laughing.  She is one of six author’s writing for a great blog that includes a little bit of everything.  These ladies crack me up daily with their wit and wisdom.  The above plate of goodness is Potato Ho “Maxine Denise’s (Where’s My Damn Answer) Loaded Potato Patty Appetizer.  “Just like a loaded potato, only better.  Red, gold and purple potatoes are mixed with goat and blue cheeses, bacon and rosemary.  Put them all together and fry them in a pan.  Get ready for a combination that will rock your world.”  This is ho-licious, I mean seriously.

Can you see the glistening of these potatoes? This comes to us from Madame Lennie who resides in beautiful Toronto, Canada.  Madame Lennie loves to cook, write and create all kinds of beautiful things to look at on her site most especially photographs-she takes amazing photos.  It was a no brainer for her to create Potato Ho ”Daisy Darcel’s” (Eat, Write, Create) Fancy-Schmancy-Potatoes.  “These fancy-schmancy spuds are sure to tickle your taste buds and impress the family and friends.  Especially when you mention the Herbes de Provence.  Gets ’em every time.  And only you have to know how darned easy this recipe is to prepare!”  Ho’s like Herbes de Provence.  They make us feel very worldly.  Merci, Madame Lennie!

Skins bring back the best of memories don’t they?  Madame Shaye who currently lives her days in Central Indiana enjoying life and cooking for her family has revitalized an amazing rendition of an all-time-favorite dish.  These are Potato Ho “Daisy Elaine’s” (Smarter Than Pancakes) Tater Skins.  “Super easy and highly addictive tater skins that are perfect for your next party.”  A true Potato Ho never misses a party, these sound perfect!

Madame Jenni has provided us with a real treat.  She and I agree that perking up an often bland American diet is the spice of life.  Her life, living on the Kansas prairie, with her husband and children is testimony to how beautiful simplicity can be.  Even Potato Ho’s appreciate simplicity but Madame Jenni has outdone herself with this recipe.  And by the way Jenni is as smart as whip.  She’s in the “this Ho knows club” as far as I’m concerned.  Here she presents Potato Ho ”Bare Becky’s” (Prairie Air) Aloo Gobi.  A potato-cauliflower curry to make your taste buds sing and dance.  Now, Potato Ho’s love to sing and dance, so bring it on!  Sounds delicious!

My partner in Potato Ho crime, Madame Krysta, has ramped up the stakes here for the perfect summertime dish.  Krysta lives in Northern California (not too far from me)  with her hubby and four sous chefs who worship her.  She is another self-proclaimed Potato Ho princess…potatoes are not safe around her, they disappear as quickly as they arrive.  She offers us Potato Ho “Christina Shane’s” (Evil Chef Mom) Bacon and Egg Potato Salad.  “What’s better than bacon, eggs and potatoes?  Nothing.  It’s my new threesome…’cause I’m a Ho that way.”  Ahhh, spoken in true Ho form!  Thanks Madame Krysta.

It’s hard not to gush when I see this dish.  It takes french fries to a whole other level.  Madame Amanda is another Northern California resident who enjoys cooking healthy, satisfying meals for her family.  She does not disappoint us with Potato Ho ”Peaches Marie’s” (Daily Diner) Sweet Potato Fries.  “We love homemade french fries.  Really, what’s not to love.”  We agree with you Madame Amanda, all Potato Ho’s love a good frenchie.  Thanks for keeping us healthy!

Madame Dlyn takes no prisoners with this dish.  Her garden in Upstate New York has been overrun with potatoes this year, which is not a bad thing for a Potato Ho.  Her entry into the round up,  Potato Ho “Riley Marie’s” (Dylnz) New Potatoes in Garlic Cream.  “New potatoes in a light sauce full of bright flavor.”  Potato Ho’s are attracted to bright and shiny things so this meal suits us perfectly!

Another amazing blogger, Madame Kristy, tempts us with this entry.  Madame Kristy is also another fellow Californian who puts keeps me in stitches daily.  She is co-author of a blog with five other talented women, there is always something new on their site…sometimes hourly!  Her entry, now get ready for this one, is Potato Ho “Goshua Lynn’s” (Where’s My Damn Answer) Six Hotties Magic Sweet Potato Chips & The Flying Bleu Goat (heart attack) Dip.  What Potato Ho doesn’t like food magic?  Perfect Madame Kristy!

Madame Rita from Portugal has graced us with this beautiful potato dish.  She calls herself clumbsy.  From the looks of this dish I think she knows what she’s doing in the kitchen.  This is Potato Ho’s “Indy Anna’s” (not Jones) (Clumbsy Cookie) Tortilla de Papas.  “It’s a Spanish tortilla (like a frittata) made just with potatoes and onions.  It’s delicious.”  A tortilla made out of potato’s?  This is like hitting the Potato Ho jackpot.  Yahoo!

Just looking at the crunchiness here gives me the chills.  Madame Mrs. L. gives me the low-down on what is happening in and about the food world as she blogs from her home in California.  She owns a massive collection of cookbooks and shares recipes from them often.  Her entry into this round up is Potato Ho, “Trixie Belle’s” (Pages, Pucks & Pantry) Breakfast Potatoes.  “Pan-fried potatoes that will melt your heart.”  All Potato Ho’s know what a treat a fried potato is.  Yum.

Wow.  Sinful to the max.  Madame Karly has gone and taken us to Potato Ho heaven with this one.  Karly is a Mom who blogs about her life adventures with her family and success’ in the kitchen while living in Illinois.  She is a hilarious and a very colorful person who tells it like it is.  Her entry in all its glory, Potato Ho “Cinder Lynn’s (Wiping Up Snot) Potato Croquettes.  “These Potato Croquettes are little balls of mashed potatoes, bacon and cheese.  These balls have been rolled in bread crumbs and fried until they are crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.  Healthy?  Not so much.  Delicious?  Very.”  All Potato Ho’s love balls…he-.

Look at these, all the way from Hong Kong, Madame Rita has sent a dish our way.  Rita makes some of the most beautiful food I have ever seen.  If you have never visited her over at her place you must go take a peek, you won’t be disappointed.  Her entry for this event is Potato Ho ”Jackie Dewi’s” (Mochachocolata Rita) Oven Baked Potato Shrimp Cakes (aka Perkedel Udang).  “The idea of oven baking these usually deep fried perkedals (Indonesian deep fried potato cakes) intrigued me.  I wanted to satisfy my longing for a deep fried crispiness fix and maybe live my happy life a little longer to eat more deep fried goodies *grin*.”  Potato Ho’s love to live long full lives.  Looks like this recipe will get us there.

This is something I never thought of before.  Of course Madame Marye came up with it, she’s a true Potato Ho genius that way.  There is not much I can think of that Marye doesn’t know how to do.  Always full of inspiring commentary Madame Marye never ceases to amaze me.  She leaves me hungry with her Potato Ho “Duchess Grace’s” (Baking Delights) Potato Soft Tacos.  “Everything a Potato Ho could want.  Spicy, cheesy and cheap.”  I think she’s just written the Potato Ho mantra!

Can you see the chunks of ham on these potatoes?  When in doubt, add more snout, it’s all good to me.  Madame Asthmagirl from the very beautiful state of Washington has graced us with her bountiful recipe.  Asthmagirl keeps me entertained daily as she chronicles her life and struggles with asthma.  Her amazingly good spirit is enough to inspire anyone.  Of course this Madame also has a cooking blog and brings to us in all her Potato Ho-ness glory, “Madeline Gayle’s” (Asthmagirl Cooks) Twice Baked Potatoes. “My daughters started inviting crowds of teenage boys over every time I made these.  Souls have been bargained for over who takes these leftover potatoes home with them.”  See, men are Potato Ho’s too.  They just have a hard time admitting it.

The warm days of summer are upon us in the Northern Hemisphere and this looks like an easy and tasty recipe to whip up.  This comes to us by way of Madame Mindy in Texas, where flavor and taste reign BIG.  This entry is a celebration of all things enjoyable this time of year and is known as Potato Ho “Molly Christine’s” (Coffee & Queso) Lazy Summer Smashed Pesto Potatoes.  Potato Ho’s can be lazy, this is perfect for us.  Thanks Madame Mindy!

And last but not least here is my entry into the Ho-Down.  I am a Potato Ho and I will not apologize.  It is my pleasure to enter “Sparky Marie’s (Noble Pig) Smokin’ Red Roasted Potatoes.  “These potatoes are so hot they’re smokin’!”  All Potato Ho’s are smokin’ hot so this dish fits into persona.

Would you look at that.  Madame Spud Potato Ho has lost her Ho-ish figure because of all the great food.  She promises to be back in shape for next months round up.

So don’t be left out of next month’s Ho-Down taking place over at Evil Chef Mom on August 20th.  I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Happy Ho-ing,

Sparky Marie

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  1. Yum, yum – so much variety! Congrats Cathy on a successful event! Looking forward to meeting more Ho’s next month ;)

  2. Time to buy some sweat pants! I think I gained a few pounds just reading this. There are soooo many recipes to try, too. This is going to keep me busy all month.

  3. That is some amazing Ho food! It’s a good thing we have a whole month until the next Ho Fest. It will take that long for me to work through these entries!
    You’ve outdone yourself Cathy! You’re the hostess with the mostess!!!

  4. Karly 4

    Oh, man, I’m not sure which one to try first. Those are some good lookin’ potatoes up there.

  5. Lisa 5

    All of those spuds look delish!! I didn’t make this round, but I’m working on a recipe for next month! Good job everyone!

  6. Lennie 6

    Wowsers, food porn indeed for me and all my fellow Potato Ho’s! Great job!! I’m now so hungry I could eat a …. sack of spuds!!

  7. Wow, these all look so good! Can’t wait to check out all the other sites.

  8. Wow, everything looks so good! I hope I get some potatoes from the garden this year so I’ll have more chances to try all these recipes!

  9. Marcy 9

    Ok, I’m a potato-ho at heart. My Ho name is Cooper Lee:)) but having a diabetic hubby and MIL, my tater intake is next to nil.
    I wanna attack those loaded potato cake appetizers! Those look fantastic as do the rest of the dishes!
    Will try to remember to link back to your new site in my random ramblings post today:))
    Have a great day!

  10. dlyn 10

    Oh Lord have mercy on my hips! Can’t wait to try all of these!

  11. Okay…so only reason I didn’t join in the HO DOWN is due to the fact that I’m still sitting in an empty house, awaiting my household goods – bad thing about moving in with a self confirmed bachelor, being that he owns a skillet and a spatula…and NO HERBS…hee hee hee.
    I Love LOVE LOVE the look of these dishes…
    GREAT POST – cannot WAIT to join in next month!!!
    Yours truly,
    Fonzie Lynn (aka jodycakes)

  12. p.s. don’t know if I mentioned…but I have a self proclaimed obsession – I collect the saying “Where is Mr. Potato Head?” in different languages…think I’m up to about 40…hee hee hee.
    that will prolly be a blog post one day…:)

  13. Teri 13

    Oh my god, these recipes look so amazing! But which one first!!! You are all so inspiring! Since finding this website I have finally found a niche in the cyberworld! Food, fun and great photography! I would love to join in the potato ho fun but have not started a blog world yet. My (almost) 13 year old daughter Emily and I are working on it. We love to both cook and Emily wishes to enter the culinary world. Since we have moved to the San Francisco area that will work out great for food AND great pictures on a blog. For now… we are just enjoying all of your entries!!! SO I AM DROOLING NOW! Dreaming of being a Potato Ho, my name would be Spike Lynne!

  14. Claudia 14

    Sweet mother, I am freaking starving and craving spuds now like my life depended on it. See what you have done! Evil. You are evil.

  15. Wow! Those all look great! I can’t wait to try some recipes! I’m sorry I didn’t have a chance to enter this time–I searched for my fave potato-ho recipe but it’s missing at the moment. I hope to join in next time!!

  16. Cathy C 16

    You are killing… These entrys rock – This was such fun and you can bet we are ready for the next one!! Thanks for doing this we had a great time playing with all the Ho’s..

    Ho’s UNITE!!!


  17. Dragon 17

    Wow! Look at all those delicious spuds. I can’t wait to visit these entries. Can I be a Potato Ho? (never thought I’d ever ask that question)

  18. Wow!!!!! What a great roundup! I’m so glad I found this! Everything looks great, congratulations to all the Potato Hos out there! One more thing, carbs rock!

  19. misty 19

    We made the Sparky Marie’s last night. They are seriously, the MOST amazing potatoes ever. I am snagging another recipe for tonight’s dinner…

    Wanted to let you know I’ve fallen totally in love with your site… In fact, I’m passing on an award to you, in hopes that everyone who reads me will also fall in love. It’s like foodie heaven, over here…

  20. April in CT 20

    This is an amazing round-up of starchy goodness! Thank you for starting this!

  21. YUM!! Cathy and I had a blast doing this. There are so many great entries here. I can’t wait to try a few. Now I must research what to do next time :-D

    Thanks for hosting it.

  22. Amanda 22

    Thay all look great! This was fun thanks Cathy and Krysta for putting it all together!

  23. vanessa 23

    soooooooo hungry for potatoes right now. all of these dishes looked amazing! perhaps one of these days I’ll be a potato ho myself (I’d be Leggy Marie… woooh baby!)

  24. Marye 24

    Fat pants….gotta find me some fat pants.

  25. Alisa 25

    I will place the blame on all you Ho’s if there is a potato shortage…
    Must run to the store now.
    They all look so darn yummy!

  26. mindy 26

    All I know is I’ve got to get my potato-fry on now. Pan, prepare yourself! Chorizo, cheeze? Olive oil? Be at the ready.

    Everything looks yum. Particularly excited about Jenni’s Aloo Gobi.

  27. Tipper 27

    They all look delicious!

  28. Robin 28

    Sweet Jesus!! My fingers are shaking, I’m sweating, and my vision is blurry….if I survive, I will try each of these dishes!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  29. I would totally make out with a potato if I knew it wouldn’t go to my thighs

  30. magpie 30

    Wow. I am drooling over here. Where am I going to get some potatoes within 100 yards of my desk???

  31. krysta 31

    wow! thanks for everybody for enjoying this so much!

  32. Egghead 32

    Oh I wonder if my husband will be converted to a potato ho man. He likes them but has never been a committed to a potato like I am. I think he might come on over to the dark side now.

  33. Nell 33

    I am so totally drooling right now. I can’t wait to try these.

  34. i want to be all y’all’s potato ho.

    i mean, spray the sides with butter and spin me around kind of ho.

  35. Cathy,

    I sent my entry over yesterday but it may have been too late. I sent it to [email protected].

    These look so good – I can’t wait to try them all.

  36. Wow, these all look so great!!!

    I learned about this party a bit too late for this month, but I do hope to be part of it next month (after trying all these first, lol…I’ll be gaining a couple of pounds!)

    In the potato Ho spirit, I did make something:
    link to

    Nice to meet you all :)

  37. Elle 37

    Wonderful entries! There’s enough potato dishes here to keep a Ho happy for a long time!

  38. those are some nice taters! i love the tortilla!

  39. pam 39

    Great roundup! I have got to participate in this!

  40. Wow! Such a variety and tasty!

  41. sheeeeeeee – it (whoops can I say that on here) wake me out of my coma I am in potato heaven….I am going to copy everyone of these…

  42. melissa 42

    This was WONDERFUL!! I have all sorts of new ideas for potatoes now, yahoo! I may be a potato ho after all. I think at the heart of it, I only say I’m not because I don’t like mashed potatoes the way everyone else does. But I like the potato salads up there. And the crispy things (especially Shaye’s YUM!). So there’s hope for me yet. Ha!

  43. I’ve died and gone to potato heaven. Never knew you could do so many things with my favorite food. Thanks.


  45. Stacy 45

    I’m so sorry I missed this event. I really wanted to participate, but I just didn’t get my act together in time. And I’m also disappointed that I missed out on getting a ho name. Oh well.

    All of the dishes look so fabulous. Awesome event!

  46. Leslie 46

    Wow everyones spuds look great!

  47. Wow! All these potatoes make my head spin and my recipe file folder burst! Awesome!!

  48. Paula 48

    wow love all those spuds!! can’t wait to join the next “ho-down”:)

  49. yum, hundreds of ways to eat taters,,,did you taste all of those?

  50. medstudentwife 50

    Now that yo have offered such eadible & beautiful& tasty SPUD recipes…

    I feel almost shamed into posting a recipe.

    I will… but it will have to be just right

    Wonder how spiders and potatotes will mesh as a lovely SPUD dish.

    Or instead of a potatoe recipe, I can tell you about my long ago find in a bag of spuds ( and I still have it) and the possible connection to my family

  51. Kate 51

    What an excellent idea. These dishes look awesome and the accompanying photographs are really good. GREAT IDEA!! It’s like Skywatch Friday, but with food.

  52. Laura 52

    Fabulous round up! Seriously, you must have taken a lot of effort with it, it was really nicely done. And I am glad I am not the only lazy Ho out there. :)

  53. Cassie 53

    Yes, please, I’d like one of each. YUM!

  54. grace 54

    the tater-lover in me has been reduced to a drooling blob. what a collection. i paused in my drooling to laugh out loud at the transformation of madame spud potato ho. :)

  55. Oh gorgeous spread! I have to remember to participate next month.

  56. sassy 56

    I`m feeling a little like a potato ho loser this morning, i never dreamed there are so many ways to do potatoes! I`m going to be REAL busy these next few days, i`m going to potato ho heaven!

  57. How many ways can I say YUM?????????!!

  58. Mike 58

    rofl, Madame Spud. This is a great round-up and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. Glad it will be a regular thing though–there’s no such thing as too many ways to enjoy a potato. Great work!

  59. sharon 59

    Madame Spud,

    Excellent first round up as expected. The Ho in me, Sweetie Ann, is feeling a little anxious to participate in the next one!

  60. What with the whole (dare I utter his name) Atkins diet I have become potato phobic in recent years (no, I can not resist the french fry) but these dishes look AMAZING.

    When I next decide to HO myself out to the potato I know where I’ll be going for a recipe!!! ;)

  61. Kevin 61

    What a roundup! Just look at all of the tasty potaot dishes!

  62. giz 62

    That was so much fun – the only thing missing is knee slappin’ music. What a great roundup – good job from the Hos

  63. I vote for Mama ritas tortilla de papas!!!
    I think I may join the Po Ho Down next time.
    P.S. I think its about time i put you on my blogroll!

  64. what a great round up of all these veggie dishes!! yummy i’ll defitely join the next PoHo Down sounds exciting

  65. melly~ 65

    hells yeah!
    i’m a little intimidated by all the amazing porn but i’m feeling up to the challenge.
    damn, i’ll have to whip up some favorite potato recipes for next month. pun fully intended.
    hold on to your spuds, “Gussie Gail” is in da house!

  66. I have missed so many posts with gallavanting all over the countryside so I will just end here. Great lineup and I am looking forward to what the Potato Ho’s come up with next month:D

  67. Lore 67

    Yummy-licious potato recipes! Love the idea for this event.

  68. It’s embarrassing how much I was looking forward to this round-up. I got to sponsor a foodie event once and had to pick the theme. I picked potatoes. Mexican food and potatoes, it’s all I need. Oh, and soup. Well and red wine of course. ;-)
    Thanks for the great post. I’m off to check me out some Tortilla de Papas. And we must be related in the Potato Ho world…
    Signed* Bozo Marie

  69. OMG – this is an amazing post! I think I want to make all of them. Giz and I are working on what our submission for next month will be.

  70. A great tribute to the worlds greatest food!

  71. Oh, yummy! I’m definitely going to have to try this out next time. I was looking for interesting recipes to make that we could eat that week without paste, rice or bread.


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