George Bush Must Have Read My Blog

I remember being really excited when I thought and STILL believe Arnold Schwarzenegger was/is reading my blog

However that doesn’t compare with the satisfaction I feel knowing that President George Bush must be reading it too.

So how do I know this?

Well, last week I went off on a little coincidence or conspiracy theory about our current President and gas prices. 

I specifically mentioned that potentially oil interests were keeping oil prices high until the Executive Branch Ban of offshore oil drilling was lifted, something oil companies have wanted for a long time.

Ummm, I think it was two or three days after I stated my hypothesis (that must have been when President Bush read my post) that “Dubya” lifted the drilling ban and oil Miraculously dropped $9 a barrel.  Ha!

Yeah, that probably only changes prices at the pump by about 3/10 of a cent but at the very least THERE IS A DOWNWARD TREND.  Yes, a downward trend.

And yes this doesn’t really solve any short-term problems (except for quieting the speculators a bit) BUT IT’S SOMETHING PEOPLE!  What else have we got?

But really, how do you think George found my blog?  Maybe “AHHNOLD” gave him my Web Address.  Thanks Govenator.

So due to my obvious talents in predicting world changing global events, check back later, I will be posting what I believe will be the day’s winning Lottery Numbers from state to state.  It could change your life.

And since George Bush is now a reader, what should we tell him?

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  1. Arnie 1

    Just tell him ‘Goodbye’

  2. I think we should tell him that we’re hip to his agenda.

  3. Nancy 3

    It’s the democrats in Congress that we should be talking to-they don’t want the ban lifted.

  4. KATHI 4

    You absolutely make my day! Of all the stuff that makes it’s way into my inbox, yours is the one I never-ever delete unread. As for what you should tell “G W”…..tell him….well never mind….wouldn’t want you to get audited or anything.
    P.S. I’ll take the WA winning numbers now!

  5. leslie 5

    I have no earthly idea what I would say to President Bush..other than its not fair that I am not getting a stimulus check!

  6. ntsc 6

    I just want to see a rational energy policy. There is no solution involving oil and that would seem to be all that Bush, Inc is interested in.

  7. 185 days and 3 hours

  8. I was amazed to see gas prices coming down – and I immediately thought of you and your post!

    (I think somebody at Verizon read my post a few months ago about living in the dead zone cell-signal wise – now I see all these commercials for Verizon using the phrase.)

  9. Lori 9

    George, please go home early. Like now.

  10. Yes, “Goodbye” is a good start; then maybe “Thanks for all the high prices, and so many Americans losing their jobs.” And on, and on, and on… Great post!

  11. That we’re THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF we can see the end if his presidency in plain sight…
    I won’t be around to see it, but I’d love to know how history will treat his eight year presidency. 100 years from now – will he go down as mediocre, one of the worst, or one of the best (ok, I’m choking on those last words there.)?

  12. Of course he reads blogs! If I were president, I wouldn’t let a little ol’ thang like running the country stop me from what’s really important. As for how he got here, he obviously clicked your link from my comments section. He doesn’t comment often, but he likes to read all my posts and comments–faithfully.

  13. Hmmm, do you think you could secretly email me the winning lotto numbers for florida? I promise to split 50/50!

  14. That he’s a toad. That lifting the off shore drilling ban will have an environmental effect for generations and that drilling for a finite resource instead of working on renewable energy is short sighted and hare brained.
    Other than that, I’m totally on board with his agenda.

  15. Thanks for nothing.

  16. I’ll be checking in later for the Lotto #s LOL! I don’t know what I’d say to Geaorge other than good riddance!!

  17. It’s all Bill Clinton’s fault.

  18. Hillary Clinton 18

    Stop blaming my husband.

    And I’ll take the winning lottery numbers for the state of New York.

  19. Trisha 19

    Okay – this might not be popular but – I think we should thank GW for his service to our country.

    Yes, not all of his policies went over well with everyone in the country but then again – which president has ever pleased all the people all the time? He came into office at a tough time in history – when many groups of people in the world are very Anti-american and aren’t afraid to show it.

    The whole world is facing the exact same energy crisis that we are and, as far as I can tell, no one has figured it out yet. Our country is making an effort to find alternative energy sources and that we are working on maintaining a cleaner environment. Is it perfect – heck no – but we are trying.

    I am just happy that we have a President who tried to bring some morals to the White House during a time when the country is straying further and further from them.

    I am not on board with everything GW did but I do have a lot of respect for anyone who takes on the job of leading a country of so many people who all have the freedom to have their own opinions and ideas. It can’t be an easy job and I think it takes a lot of bravery to think that you can make a difference in the job which is always difficult and often thank-less.

    • Sam 20

      You said it well Trisha. This post has been written in 2008, what now can you say people with what O-BUM-A has done to our country.

  20. Harmony 21

    So..I guess you are the one who we should thank for the pretty penny saved at the gas pump…Thanks Cathy! For all your hard work and dedication to the pocket books of all Americans!!!

  21. jancd 22

    Dear President Bush

    I know you and Laura are looking forward to coming back to Texas and we are looking forward to welcoming you back. Your years as President have not been easy. You have faced problems that no other President has faced before. You have done your best and we are proud of you. I admire your Christian beliefs and will support you till you fulfil your duties as President.

  22. I shall stand up and be counted with those that appreciate his leadership and morality and commitment to the American people (ALL of them, not just those who agree with him). I have been amazed to see a president reap such harsh criticism and return a genuine smile or a tear of compassion. His accomplishments are continually overshadowed by the anger of those who want to vent rather than work together. I may not agree with everything this president has done (nor have I ever found a “perfect” leader), but his heart shows through and what I see I like. As for the media and the angry masses who vent and gnash without one constructive thing to say … well, I’ll just say, their heart shows through, too.

  23. Arnold lives a few houses away from me (For Real) I was me that slipped your url address into his mailbox. I wanted him to read some recipes. I think that if Bush is reading this, then it’s more he has done for our country in a few years….

  24. krysta 25

    the list is too long to leave here.

  25. Lennie 26

    True story:
    In September of 2005 a girlfriend and I went to an art retreat in southern Virginia; we went early so we’d have a day to sightsee and explore. We rented a car from that place that picks you up at your hotel. It’s early morning, we get into the car rental co. van to go get our car, and the driver, a man I’d say in his mid to late 60s, asks us where we’re from. We say Canada. And he says, “Oh Canada. That place that hates Americans. This here is George Bush territory, but don’t you worry. We’ll be hospitable to you even though you hate us.”
    We thought he was making a lame attempt at humour. But no; no, he was dead serious. The only other thing this guy told us was that the lunch specials at Hooters were a good deal. We sat in stunned silence until we got to the car rental place.
    I’ll never forget it.

  26. YAY! Lotto numbers for TX please…I feel LUCKY…:)

  27. Barbie with a T 28

    Keep putting a “bug” in their ear. You are doing a great job. As a regular reader, I appreciate your movement!

  28. Tell George we love him anyway. Our gas dropped 14 cents a gallon. It is still too high but a drop is a drop.

  29. Sassy 30

    George Bush was the reason i voted republican for the first time in my life, 8 years ago. George Bush is the reason I am going back where i belong, with the Democrats.

    I was a teenager during Vietnam, my brother was a vietnam veteran, my husband is a vietnam veteran. When Georgie decided to lie and send our boys to Iraq, I lost ALL respect for him. This is a vietnam war all over again, except Thank God, our country is supporting our troops when they return home, not spitting on them.

    Good bye george bush, don`t think you`ll be missed much.

  30. claudia 31

    so, um, could you now get David Duchovny to read MINE, please and thank you.

  31. Tipper 32

    I am so impressed with your readers!

  32. melissa 33

    I don’t think what I have to say to GWB is appropriate for your comment box. ;)

  33. Flea 34

    You think he has time to read your comments as well? If that’s the case, Hello, Sir! I was at your rally in Orlando two nights before the 2000 election. Loved seeing Wayne Newton and Bo Derrick!

  34. grace 35

    wait–he can read?

    i think a more accurate statement would be that he has someone read your blog to him… :)

  35. Tell him he should try the strawberries & basil with tangy cream sauce… YUM!

  36. Kate 37

    Well, of course he reads your blog. You are quite popular, you know! I’d just tell him thanks for running the country. It’s not easy being the prez. But really, it’s time to go. That’s all for now.

  37. Liz C. 38

    Tell George to DO NOTHING ELSE until he’s out of office, lol.

  38. Alisa 39

    Can you predict my husband’s raise? I’d really appreciate it. I have so many things to tell ole’ George that I just better keep myself shut up. Congratulations on your high falutin’ readers though.


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