Suppa’ Clubbin’…..Again

I think I’ve said it here before, I love supper club. LOVE IT!

For a supper club to work well, you must have a dedicated group of people, who like to COOK and EAT.  Luckily, this pretty much sums up the members of my current supper club group.  We are all pretty passionate about both.

We meet every other month and always look forward to the impending night of gluttonous-kanoodling.  It’s never disappointing.

This past Saturday night lived up to the usual high standards our group puts forth.  Our theme, picked by our hostess, was ASIAN FUSION.  This was a great foodie-themed-genre because the possibilities were endless.  However, endless possibilities lead to difficulty in making choices of what to bring.  Somehow we all came through with perfect results.

This is our hostess and host for the evening, Sandy and Sean.  They are some of the first people we met when we moved here many years ago.  They are two of the nicest people you could ever hope to know when moving to a new area.  They are always there for you when you need ANYTHING, which has been a god send! 

These two really know how to throw a party and they are master’s at supper club entertaining.  You’ll see….

So of course a good party always starts with a first-rate cocktail.  Sean hosted the bar to perfection.  He’s quite the mixologist…I don’t think I was without a drink for more than 2.5 seconds.  I like that.

Here we are with Sean’s first creation of the night, Tokyo Time-Bombs.  This was a very fun drink, with a little Godzilla mixed in.  I was all about it, I’m sure I had two or maybe three? 

This is Lisa and Dan.  They hosted supper club last time around.  This go round they were in charge of appetizers, Lisa’s favorite course. 

Overall, we all agree appetizers are the hardest to pull off without a sweat.  The last minute cooking preparations and getting out the door to the party with the food still hot all the while shouting last minute instructions to the babysitter is a real killer.

Of course Lisa and Dan always pull appetizers off like it wasn’t even a problem.  And they always show up with the perfect dish causing me to eat like I’ve been deprived of food for three weeks!  I love that.

Here was the first appetizer, Roast Duck & Shitake Mushroom Pizza.  You may wipe the drool off your keyboard now.  Yes, it was as good as it looks.  I think I had at least seventeen pieces.  It was unbelievably decadent.  I will need to wear elastic pants for the rest of my life now.  Thanks guys.

Here is the second appetizer, as if the pizza wasn’t enough.  This is Tequila Lime Beef with a Ginger Lime Dipping Sauce.  You take the beef and peppers and roll them up in a Green Onion Pancake, drizzling it with sauce.  Yes folks, this one was as good as it looks and sounds as well.  I loved those green onion pancakes, what a perfect idea.  Lisa and Dan, you out-did yourselves….as usual.

Here are Loran, Lisa and Sandy, happy as can be after eating all those apps.  However, it’s possible they are really annoyed.  I don’t think it’s easy being friends with someone who has a blog and insists on documenting your every breathing moment.  They hide it well don’t you think?

Here is my contribution for the evening.  The Wild Boar and I were in charge of the salad course. 

It always feels like you are getting away with something when you have salad as your supper club contribution.  I feel it’s usually the easiest course to bring.  You can usually prep way ahead of time and is less complicated than the other items in the meal. 

So here it is in all it’s glory, an Udon Noodle Salad with a Spicy Peanut Dressing.  The dressing was a combination of peanut butter, toasted sesame oil, chile oil, chile sauce, brown sugar, soy sauce, fresh ginger and lime juice.  Besides the noodles the salad had snow peas, jicama, bean sprouts, carrots, red bell peppers, green onions, cilantro, mint, coconut and peanuts.  Yep, another entrée-like dish before we ever got to the entrée!  I told you we all love to eat.

Now what you’ve all been waiting for the entrées.  Yes, I said entrées as in plural.  You see, Sandy and Sean not only made one dish, they made three…yeah…three.  And two kinds of rice,  I’m so glad I know them.

First it was Caramel Chicken, an exclusive dish made at the Slanted Door restaurant in San Francisco.  It’s probably the best chicken I have ever had.  We were all in heaven. 

On the other side of the rice was Walnut Prawns, another amazingly delish-dish.  The shrimp were sweet and savory and covered in sauce.  All of this was surrounded by honeydew melon balls making the presentation really pop on the black plates.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Roasted Salmon covered and smothered in a Honey-Ginger-Lime Sauce that had shallots, cilantro and lots of other goodies there to round out the balance.  The depth of flavors was remarkable. 

There are no words for how delicious each of these dishes were.  I would not be able to choose a favorite, so don’t even ask.

This is Mike and Loran, two more of our fabulous friends.  See that necklace on Loran?  I want it.

Mike and Loran were in charge of dessert and let me just say, things only got sweeter.

I’m afraid my photo does not do this treat justice.  But dinner party lighting makes it hard to get the perfect photo.

I think the only name you can give this dessert is Perfection.  It has so many layers and flavors, it’s hard to sum it up in one rinky-dinky title.  The bottom layer is Mango-Pineapple Sorbet topped with a Wonton Crisp that is stacked with Lime Sorbet and Whipped Cream. And as if that is not enough, this dessert mountain rested in a Champagne-Strawberry Soup.

I cannot even describe just how ideal this dessert was on a warm summery evening after a spicy meal.  It really hit the spot.

Mike and Loran, it was a brilliant addition to the evening’s meal.

I love being in a supper club with a bunch of over-achievers, it is truly an experience like no other!

Thanks Sean and Sandy for hosting yet another night I will not soon forget.  It was great!

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  1. I need stretchy pants just looking at all that! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

  2. oh im jealous..i should have been invited too :-) your photos made me drool specially the roastduck, shitake mushroom pizza..looks divine!!

  3. leslie 3

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time!
    I wish I had a group of friends who liked to eat fine foods..however they are pretty plain eatters! oh well

  4. Not fair. NOT fair. Why do all the cool, beautiful, foodie/wine folk live so damn far away from me….

  5. Cass 5

    Oh my words. I want to be part of a Suppa Club on this side of ASAP. That pizza literally had drool coming out of my mouth.

  6. krysta 6

    did they have to roll you out the door? that’s a lot of food.

  7. Your supper club sounds and looks like so much fun. The food looks more than fantastic, I however could never be a member, I would weigh 400 lbs.

  8. Liz C. 8

    WoW! Amazing dishes & adorable couples. The perfect ingredients for a supper club. We used to have one until one couple moved away and another couple had a riff w/ the other couple, so we no longer have it. Your pics & story really made me miss those days.

  9. what an absolutely spectacular meal…
    good work to all of you

  10. sharon 10

    Hmm, can I pay to attend one of your supper club dinners? I love having to get my fat pants out after a delicious meal like this. Well, I suppose I love it that night, and hate it when I wake up the next morning and realize I can’t live in elastic.

    Everything looks amazing!!

  11. Jules 11

    How fun! It all looks delicious! What’s in a Tokyo timebomb?

  12. YUM YUM YUM!!! It all looks WONDERFUL!

    I host our gourmet group in 2 weeks and this sounds simply out of this world! Do you share your recipes with each other? I’m thinking we’ll repeat your menu here on the East Coast…would you share the recipes?

  13. Alright…I need to know what is in a Tokyo Time-Bomb. It looks like there maybe Midori in it…am I right?

    And that necklace your friend Loran has on? I want it too.

  14. I’m pretty much drooling all over the place now. YUM!

  15. I said this last time you shared pictures of your supper club – but I can’t tell you how much I need to start one of these myself…I LOVE this idea!

    I agree about Loran’s necklace. Did you noticed how it matched the Tokyo Time-Bombs perfectly? Weird that a drink would match a necklace like that. (Now I have just one more thing to consider while hosting/attending parties – Does my jewelry match the food or drinks being served? LOL!!

    By the way, would you mind sharing the recipe for that drink? It looks divine and so summery…

    …and that salmon looks astonishing. It’s 10 am and I would dive into that no problem!

  16. Meg 16

    Great idea…this supper club! Spectacular looking food and drinks along with beautiful people too boot, you simply cannot go wrong…I MUST do this…

  17. Oh my WORD! Everything (and everyONE) is beautiful! It all sounds delicious, and is so beautifully plated. What a fun time! :D

  18. That meal looks fabulous. I can’t believe you all made it to dessert.

  19. Kristy 19

    Wow everything looks fabulous. I especially am intrigued with the dessert. I would love to try that one.

    Last night the girls of Where’s My Damn Answer got together for a lil food ourselves. We’ll be blogging about it today I’m sure. I almost forgot to get the photo of the finished plate.

    BTW … we made those million dollar award winning peanut butter cookies that you blogged about. They were a huge hit with some of the husbands coming back for seconds, thirds … well you get the picture.

  20. That looks so fabulous. I want to know what’s in a Tokyo Time Bomb too.

  21. Lisa C. 21

    Wow – all that food looks wonderful. Any chance we could get recipes? That caramel chicken looks delicious.

  22. Egghead 22

    I agree that recipes would be great. These dishes look so great..all of them!

  23. pam 23

    That is some great supper clubbing! I had to go back and look at that pizza over and over again!

  24. A Supper Club never would have been something that I thought would interest me.

    Your last post and this one have me so envious, though!! It looks like such a blast with good friends!

    Well done!

  25. I am having some serious issues with envy when I visit your blog… How fun– do you have any idea how great your life is? (Yes, I’m sure you do, I can see it in your posts). Thanks for sharing with us home-bound hostages.

  26. Wow–that looks like so much fun! What a great idea! I’ve done some “progressive dinners” w/ my neighbors where you go from house to house–one for appetizers, one for entree, etc. That was fun too–but I think I’ll suggest your Supper Club club idea for the next get-together!

  27. Way too much food for me. There is no way I could eat a little of everything. But it looks like a fabulous night. Great pictures.

  28. That DOES IT. I’m moving in. I know I’ve threatened it before, but this time I really am.


  29. Jessica 29

    Looks amazing! Im so jealous! I want a supper club!!!

  30. Life would be a bore without the occasional feast to share with friends. Your pictures look lovely as usual and it looks as if everyone was enjoying themselves. Thanks for sharing!

  31. melissa 31

    How wonderful! I wish I had enough friends who lived nearby who were interested in doing something like that. I have a few but we all live about an hour away from each other in every direction.

  32. That looks like such delightful grown-up fun. Someday. Right now I am mentally re-writing Disney’s “Someday My Prince Will Come” to be “Someday My Kids Will Be Grown.”

  33. HoneyB 33

    I’m so envious! One of the disadvantages of where we live is we are so remote and try as I may, I have not ever been able to get enough interest from people around here to start up a supper club. :-(

  34. Am drooling.

  35. blair 35

    Wow, that pizza sounds and looks yummilicious (this word reminds me of the American comic books I read when I was little)!
    I want a supper club too!!
    ::stomps feet in an unseemly temper tantrum:::

  36. What I want to know is, how do you keep from weighing 500 lbs when working with and preparing all of these beautiful dishes? Incredible!

  37. Jeff 37

    I am jealous!!! I want cool foodie friends who want to do stuff like this. My friends still think Applebees has a great steak *sniff* *sniff* and think a cheese plate is slices of cheese from Wallyworld with triscuits.

  38. I love supper club too. I am hosting in Aug and haven’t picked a theme yet and yours looks oh so delicious…

  39. Tipper 39

    Yes my mouth is watering.

  40. I NEED to start a supper club in our area:D The food was spectacular…what a fun evening…good food, good fun…good friends:D

  41. Lara 41

    (1) Look how cute you are!
    (2) YUM. I’m enthralled by your supper club!
    (3) Seriously, there are no words. I’ll stop drooling now.

  42. Hottdog 42

    you are so pretty!

  43. Mike 43

    That entire dinner has me jealous, start to finish. I need to find food loving friends and to get something like this started.

  44. Lex the Mom 44

    Wow! What a spread…I can almost taste some of that lovely food (it’s so pretty I’d be afraid to eat it…maybe)! I’d need some elastic banded pants, for sure!

    Looks like it was a fabulous time had by all!

  45. Kevin 45

    So much tasty looking food! That roast duck pizza sounds really good!

  46. Jill 46

    HOLY CANNOLI- That pizza looks to die for. Sounds like so much fun. I wanna be in your club!

  47. This got me even more than the French Laundry dinner with the whited out 3 digit price tag. Please feed me, I cannot go on like this in cyberspace starvation,…..ughhh I’m so jealous. I live to eat, not eat to live.

  48. Look at all those pretty people eating pretty food!

  49. Holy wontons! I’m drooling all over the place looking at that spread! Everything looks marvelous! I want a supper club too!

  50. Got a napkin? I have lots of drool to clean off…

    I have never been part of a supper club but can vouch for the concept as I am a member of a wine tasting club. No prep necessary. Each person brings a bottle of wine and the host takes care of cheeses and other simple finger foods.

    Always a good time (and buzz) had by all…sadly I suspect I don’t go home as satiated as you from your supper clubs!!

  51. Deborah 51

    My stomach is seriously growling right now. That all looks so amazing – but that pizza got me right from the start!!

  52. jules 52

    Love the apps…pizza, actually it all looked fab…next time cocktail corner needs an invite:)

  53. Shirley 53

    LOVED reading and looking at the pics!! I used to belong to a supper club when I was a single teacher. The group was all single teachers. Half were males and half were females. We had dinner together Monday through Wednesday every week, so each us of cooked once every 2 weeks. Our food was not as fine as your supper club’s, but it was really quite good. Everyone took pride in cooking a special dish that would be a treat to all. I will never forget that I unintentionally spoiled one fellow’s dessert surprise. He was being hush hush about what it was and I said, “Oh, it’s probably something like Baked Alaska!” And, to our delight it was! One of my friends who was in that group years ago belongs to a supper club with two of her neighbors now. They eat together M-W. They all live alone and were just tired of eating in front of the television or out of a microwave container. The supper club has been a wonderful thing for them all. I highly recommend supper clubs, like the one I participated in or your foodie heaven one. I stepped outside of my comfort zone years ago, cooking and being with folks I really didn’t know and really enjoyed myself.

  54. marye 54

    With the people i know if we did supper club it would be Chef Boyardee and Totinos. :P

  55. Y 55

    Incredibly envious of your supperclub! And your friends are pretty game.I can’t imagine ever successfully cajoling anyone into posing for a picture for my blog :-D

  56. Barbara 56

    What a fun night. I was in a similar club in NZ until everyone moved away. I’d like to find some like minded people here.

  57. Wendy 57

    Dang, that looks like fun. I love cooking it up, and I miss what I call “proper” cuisine such those dishes described above. I have to say, it’s the one thing I’m missing since coming to Canada – decent food. Here, especially where we live, it’s all schnizel, burgers, wings and pizza. I wouldn’t mind if I could get a little goat’s cheese and sundried tomatoes on my pizza (which I’d prefer to be a thin crust and hold that horrid cornmeal!) – but nae.

    Well, I can continue to live vicariously through your blogs instead. ;-)

  58. Lore 58

    Love the idea of a supper club! Your spicy peanut dressing sounds intriguing and I’m sure I would’ve liked that roast duck pizza too.
    And yes, they hide it pretty well :))


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