Potato Ho’s Unite…It’s A Ho-Down My Friends!

Yes, you asked for it folks…a monthly blogging event like no other will NOW grace the web-waves. 

A POTATO HO-DOWN of sorts.


A while back I
posted about my obsession with potatoes.  It was in that post I proudly admitted my self-proclaimed status as a POTATO HO

However, the best part of admitting my love of the potato was, so many of you ALSO revealed your love affair with this tuberous root vegetable. 

Some of you shamelessly admitted you were Ho’s with a capital H and some of you even went as far at admitting you were Ho’s with capital H’s & O’s.  Now that’s a dedicated Ho.

It turns out there are more than many mildly obsessed individuals who will take their potatoes anyway, anywhere and anytime!  I’m so glad for your existence.

Overall, it was a good feeling to know there were oodles of people like me out there in the bloggie universe.

However, it was Krysta over at 
Evil Chef Mom, another die-hard Potato Ho, who worked on me and convinced me to make this a monthly event.  She’s an over-achiever that way. 

So together we decided from now until infinity, the third Wednesday of every month shall forever-be 
Potato Ho-Down Wednesday.

This will not be a challenge where a certain recipe will be required but one where you will submit your favorite spud dish in photo form.  A link will be provided back to your site and original post.

You do not have to have to be food blogger to participate, all types of bloggers are welcome.

If you don’t have a blog, we wouldn’t think of leaving you out!  Non-blogging participants may provide a photo of your dish, your name and a verifiable email address where others may contact you for the recipe.

And to the MEN out there, I won’t name names, but you do not fall far from the Potato Ho tree.  Don’t think for a moment you are not included in this event!  We want to experience the Potato Ho charms from the X and Y chromosome.  Don’t disappoint us.

We are also looking for monthly hosts.  I will be hosting July’s Roundup and
Evil Chef Mom will be taking the reigns for August.  Other than that we are wide open.  Please email me if you would like to take a month on.  I promise the sheer name alone will provide fun and frivolity for all.

Most importantly, here at Noble Pig, we only like to do things that are fun and entertaining.  Due to that lack of seriousness over here you must enter your dish with your own personal Ho name

You don’t have a Ho name you say?  Of course you do!  Take your first pet’s name and your middle name…and put them together.  For me that would be
Sparky Marie.

So for example, my dish at the Ho-Down will be listed as Sparky Marie’s (
Noble Pig) Yukon Gold Surprise.  See how fun that is?  I can’t wait to find out what your Ho names are.

We don’t have a badge yet to post on your site but hope to have one in the near future.

Entries for July’s event must be posted and/or received (if you don’t have a blog) between June 26th and July 14th at Midnight.  The roundup will appear on my site on July 16, 2008. 

Here are the rules for the event:

Your post must be a current recipe on your site, posting sometime after the last event and before the next Round Up.

On your post please include a link to this announcement and that your post is an entry into the Potato Ho-Down event.  Also don’t forget the date of the roundup (this will change from month to month) and the event logo

Your recipe should be named (Your Potato Ho Name) plus what your dish is called.

Your recipe must feature potatoes in some way, whether they be fried, baked, made in a gratin, chips, sweet potatoes…well you get,  it’s a Potato Ho-Down let’s feature the potato.

Email me or the person hosting the event at
[email protected] between June 26th and July 14th 2008 with the following information: (Of course these dates will change every month)

 -Your name (how you want it to appear on post)
 -Your Ho name (first pet’s name + middle name)
 -Your blog’s name (if you have one)
 -Your post URL
 -Name of your dish
 -A very short description of your recipe that will appear in the roundup
 -Please attach a 575 pixels wide photo of your final dish (this will vary for each hosting site)

If you want to host this monthly event please contact me at [email protected] for an available time.

Now go forth and create send me your concoctions, the world will be waiting to see what you come up with.

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  1. Lori 1

    Dang. I love the potato above All Other Foods. People around my table know to get all the potatoes they’re going to want before the dish comes to me, because there won’t be any left when I’m done. I will have to participate in this great new event by observing only, since my schedule is too unreliable to count on participating. But oh how I will observe.

    My Potato Ho name is Aristotle Dawn. Ha, I love that.

  2. Philly 2

    Hi ! my name is Philly
    I am a Ho

  3. I can feel my Ho thighs expanding already. xoxo, Streak Lillian

  4. Yes please. With butter.

  5. I am in Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!! My love of the potato has been documented. Just call me Bellini Valium!!!

  6. I’m into onions and cousins, the potato doesn’t do much for me although there are exceptions. However you might want to look at this site if you don’t know him: link to cookingbytheseatofmypants.com

  7. Oh Hell Yeah! And I would be delighted to host September!
    Signed Madeline Gayle

  8. This is fun! I’ll be thinking about my fave potato treats…

  9. Oh, YES!
    Ever since the potato was victimized by the Atkins Diet, I have been dedicated to its purpose.

    God Bless Potato Ho-Down Wednesday!

  10. Mmmm… my stomach is growling even now. Mashed potatoes may be one of my most favorite dishes of all time! I will have to make potatoes in the very near future and, hopefully, remember to take a picture:)

  11. sharon 11

    What a great roundup. I look forward to participating! Sadly, I haven’t had a pet with a name (think a lot of fish growing up). I’ll try to remember my imaginary friend’s name :)

  12. I’m not sure I have a dish to add…I’ll look. But let me know when you have to button.. I totally want to promote your site!

  13. I don’t know if I have a potato recipe to post or not, but I would like to be a Ho. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Anyway, on to the naming. I don’t know that your method works for me. Hamish Rebecca doesn’t sound so good. I have plenty of pets to choose from, though. We also have a dog named Bear. I could change that up to Bare and shorten my middle name to Becky to get Bare Becky. That sounds rather Ho-ish, but it’s not quite right yet. I’ll have to keep working on that name, oh, and the recipe. Mustn’t forget the recipe.

  14. This sounds fun – I’m SURE the girls at Where’s My Damn Answer will be into this :-D

    Count us in for hosting one – I think I saw that September is covered but if you want us to do October … we’ll do it.

    If you need help with a logo, let me know.

  15. krysta 15

    I am Shane Christina and I am a Ho.

  16. Hillary 16

    Sounds like WAY too much fun! I love potatoes…I’m definitely a potato ho. But what if I never had a pet, what would my ho name be? I had a goldfish once…

  17. Lennie 17

    Now this sounds like a party! I am Daisy Darcel and I’m happy to be a potato ho.

  18. Alisa 18

    My potato ho-ness is sadly lacking! I must get to work on this challenge. My ho name is not that interesting…I do have quite a few to choose from though, maybe you can help me?
    Mr. Toady-Irene
    or, and perhaps the best of all?
    Irene just isn’t very ho-ey is it? I must go complain to my mother now.

  19. krysta 19

    Ooops, it’s Christina Shane and in the next couple days I will have a badge to go with this event that you can display on your blog.

  20. Lara 20

    I, too, am a potato ho. You can call me Tabitha Anne. Hee!

  21. phillygirl64 21

    I. love. this! Potatoes For-EVAH!
    -Barbie Natalia

  22. marye 22

    I am in. LOL!

  23. CJ 23

    I don’t have a middle name. *sniff* I’ll just have to get creative.

  24. Tipper 24

    Can’t wait to see the fun and the dishes too!

  25. JMom 25

    I’m bookmarking this event. Sounds like fun :)

  26. I love potatoes so am looking forward to your contest. I just don’t have any great recipes to take pictures of.

  27. ALF 27

    So the other night we made my most favorite kind of potatoes for dinner (they are marinated and grilled) and then my husband and I got into a fight because he was eating too many of them and I wasn’t getting enough. My dad had to point out to me how cheap potatoes are and that I can get more if need be. I was still mad that my husband was eating all my potatoes.

  28. Lorena 28

    Oh what fun! I too, am a Potato Ho.

    Mandu Jaye

  29. Stacy 29

    Oh this sounds like fun! I wonder if I can come up with a photogenic potato dish . . .

  30. Karly 30

    I didn’t even read this post, except for the first couple of paragraphs, because I had to say: IDAHO of the POTATOES. Get it? Idaho Potatoes. I da ho of the potatoes. You get it? No? Damn.

    Ok. I’ll go read your post now.

  31. Karly 31

    Ok, me again. Cinder Lynn. :) I LOVE this idea. If you don’t get a million and one offers to host, let me know and I will host one. I can’t wait to play along. I love potatoes AND I really want to start a food blog (but haven’t because I can’t think of a name…been thinking and thinking for MONTHS and am nearly brain dead now).

  32. Lori 32

    I love this potato ho down idea, sounds like lots of fun! :)

  33. dlyn 33

    I’m in – great idea!

  34. hmmmm…well, I’m good…but…not in this caliber….maybe

  35. Mrs. L 35

    I’m a Ho, I’m a Ho! Wait, did I just say that out loud? Just don’t tell the low-carb part of me. And call me Trixie Belle (no animals or real names used, it’s just the Potato Ho name my husband came up with!)

  36. I am sooooooo there.
    I make my husband order things with mashed potatoes so I can steal some of his.
    my Ho name? Mandy Lynn. Sounds more like a cheerleader than a Ho, but I’m just the Ho next door.

  37. What a fabulous idea, Cathy!
    Potatoes are so versatile, love them too!

  38. Liz C. 38

    Ooooh My! I’m going to have to have help on this one. Since we’ll be at the beach in Galveston for 5 days, I’m going to coerce my friends there to help me. But, count me in! I do think I’d make a great Snooty Spud Ho, but we might come up with something better. This is going to be FUN!

  39. crasian 39

    the path to get your ho name is the exact same path to get your porn star name. by the way love the blog for the recipes!!

  40. Elle 40

    What a great idea! I guess my Ho name is Tawny Jo.

  41. taters are nice but what I want to know is:

    where da pig at…

  42. leslie 42

    Let the Potato Ho’s unite!!
    Hey Ya’ll, My ho name…Moosey Ann
    Not real ho’ish..but it will do!

  43. I love potatoes, Cathy! I’ll try to find a recipe to submit.

  44. Rayrena 44

    Yummy! Finally, a great excuse to make lots of potato dishes, you know, just for the pictures…

  45. YEE HAA! This is so exciting. My HO name will be Milky Lee – let’s get Ho’in’ potato lovers! :)

  46. Excellent idea. I may want to get in on this.

    Hey, two potatoes are standing on the street corner. How do you tell which one is a prostitute?

    Easy. She’s the one with IDAHO stamped on her side.

    Get it? I – DA – HO? Yeah.

  47. Kristen 47

    Oh this is hysterical! I love this idea.

  48. HAHAHHAH awesome! I haven’t had Poprocks in yeeears. Have you seen the company that makes savoury poprocks (Pop’rs)? Firecracker carbonara with bacon pop-rocks anyone?

  49. Oops! Wrong post.

  50. Love this. Fellow Potato-Ho… bake ’em, mash ’em, put chees on or in ’em, crisp ’em, boil ’em… just gimme a potato! I’m gonna need to get a picture going…!

  51. Hannah 51

    My name is Ginger Rose, and I am a Potato HO.
    Mmm… my brain is already driving around like crazy thinking of all the delicious things you can do with a little fingerling potato…..

  52. that picture is the BOMB… laughing hard here. is that your brainchild? you are an ar-teest!

  53. I’ll just go by my internet name which is “madamspud169”.

  54. david paterson 54

    liked your recipe for your hot smoking potato. however if I had known it was going to use up 9 sheets of A4 Paper I think I would have written it out instead. how many rain forests has this recipe used ??? in downloading

  55. I’m a lover of potatoes also.

  56. Debra Weisberg 56

    I think I’m a ho nana.

  57. Judith 57

    I’m such a confirmed potato lover that my website is entirely devoted to collecting potato recipes and sharing them with my readers. It’s wonderful to find others with the same passion. Who knew? Please feel free to add any recipes you would like to share to my “Share a Recipe” pages:

    link to best-potato-recipes.com

    I’m subscribing to your blog to stay in touch.

  58. Gloria 58

    Just found out about this today from Val’s blog — More Than Burnt Toast. I LOVE it! I’ll be participating every month. My Potato HO name is Morpy Margaret. I’m also going to blog about this and put your event badge on my sidebar. :)

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