Please Tell Me What This Means

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a mother who wanted me to throw her son’s baseball trophy in the trash.

For many reasons I could not get myself to toss it, essentially doing her dirty work.  Also, she had paid for it, which made me feel I was throwing away someone else’s property.  I wasn’t interested in doing that.

I still have the trophy and figured I would try and find an acceptable way of getting it to her son.

However, because I collected money for BOTH of my son’s team trophies, I had lots of checks lying around that had not been deposited.  

Yesterday I finally decided to get those checks to the bank, each included the price of the trophies as well as an amount towards the coach’s gifts.

These checks have been in a pile on my kitchen counter, some still in unopened envelopes. 

So while I was making out the bank deposit slip I opened the envelope from this boy’s mother.  Inside was a check and this note…

Could someone please tell me what is up with that face?  Is it a tongue?  Is it barf?  Spit?  What’s with the “BOO”?  Is it Boo to baseball?  Boo to me, the team or her son?  Boo for having to pay?  If you look really carefully you can see the erasure marks in the “Boo” area…what did it say before that?  Maybe Bee-otch? 

Was this note totally necessary to include with the check, highlighting her cryptic feelings about whatever she is trying to convey?

Honestly, when I pulled it out, I choked out a big laugh.  It is just so on par with what I would expect from her at this point.  I’m actually glad I did not see it earlier.

I hung it on my fridge and my six year old hooligan is obsessed with it.  He has asked me countless times what it means.

Every time my response has been, “I don’t know”.  Because I really, really don’t.

Any guesses?

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  1. Diane 1

    That’s a tongue being pulled out in disgust at having to pay money for something she obviously does feel she wants. She sounds a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  2. Maybe it’s a cigar.


    When I read your previous entry I thought this boys mother was rude, now I also think she’s immature and a really poor role model for her children. I feel very sorry for her son. I wouldn’t give her rudeness any further attention, she doesn’t deserve the effort.

  4. Cass 4

    Okay – this lady is clearly left of center here. Who wants to keep a trophy from their child? Kids love that stuff. And the note….it’s just odd.

  5. Mike 5

    rofl wtf. I don’t get it, but that is pretty funny

  6. Rachel 6

    I think it’s a cry for help!

  7. Lori 7

    My guess…she’s eating a black sock. :lol:

  8. How awful. I hope you aren’t having sleepless nights over it. I would be because I’d take it personally. I couldn’t ignore it and would probably ring her and ask what the problem is.

  9. I have the same reaction as I did when I first read about her. That poor little boy.

  10. Very weird woman!

  11. Jeez…looks like her opinion of motherhood and all it entails.
    Very pathetic.

  12. claudia 12

    Seriously, if my tongue was that long, I sure as HECK wouldn’t be booing. Just saying.

  13. Kiki 13

    I think she got sick of hearing “Buuuuuut Moooooooooooooooom” every time she tried to drag his butt to a practice and a game. Especially after the team didn’t perform to their standards. She signed her note BOO for “Bitter Old Ostrich” because she sticks her head in the sand and doesn’t let the son know that it takes practice and commitment to be good.
    I’m not sure if the picture is her or her son.

    I think you should mail them the trophy, postage due. With the note.

  14. Lori’s comment made me laugh out loud and wake up the household.

    That poor kid.

    I’ll play devil’s advocate here and say that some parents really object to today’s practice of giving every kid on every team some kind of trophy, whether they deserve one or not. My son got a huge chess trophy and I think he’s won about two games at chess club all year.

    I do think she could have been a wee bit more articulate in expressing her feelings, however.

  15. Did this woman forget to take some vital medication she is on? I mean seriously…wth is that all about?! But I’m with you…it would have made me laugh and I would have hung it on the fridge as well. It’s a conversation starter, that’s for sure.

  16. It looks like a sick kid with a thermometer in his mouth. Or a tongue with gangrene.

  17. Harmony 17

    It means that her poor son will go the rest of his life trying to make her happy, stopping his life, his wants to make sure she is comfortable. And that she will make sure of. She sounds like a complete manipulative wench…with which she will smother her son in….poor, poor boy and poor…poor future wife!

  18. Being the parent of a child, who when 8ish, wanted to join the teams only for the trophy but wanted nothing to do with the actual playing, team, game, I can understand where this person may be coming from.

    On the otherhand it isn’t something I would let other parents, unless I knew them well, know about.

    He is in his thirtys now and still collecting trophys, only now they are electronic things, beepers, phones, etc. to go on his belt.

  19. My first thoughts are that maybe she is against trophies and symbols of accomplishment and pride, or something?

    Without knowing her, I’m getting the impression she was against the trophy, not the sport. I mean, she VOLUNTARILY signed him up, right…? Ot did she have beef with the coach?

    What an asshat. I feel bad for her son and sort of want to hug him.

  20. Greta 20

    Um…it means her husband is a lucky man?

  21. Catt. 21

    OMG!! That cigar comment was too funny!!

  22. Elle 22

    I’m just speechless. Poor kid having such an immature mother.

  23. Fran 23

    I am feeling sorry for her child.


  24. OK.. Now I am must plain convinced this woman is psychotic… Forget my previous post about her having a bad day/life/circumstances… She’s a nut…

    Cash the check fast! Before it bounces…

  25. Jules 25

    How strange. I think it is a reaction for having to pay for something that she did not want to pay for. I feel bad for her son.

  26. Hottdog 26

    what a flippin psycho! Why would someone send that? So weird!
    I’m thinkin it’s a Boo for paying. I would call her on it and be like, oh you wanted to buy Boo-Boo berries icecream instead of trophies? lol

  27. sharon 27

    Holy moly. That is weird. To think this woman has children is a little bit frightening.

    Have you talked to any of the other baseball moms about her odd behavior?

  28. Rachel 28

    This mom sounds terribly immature and from the darkness of the pencil that she wrote with, I’d say some repressed anger issues, too. Bizarre.

  29. Wow – There are some serious issues going on there.

    Maybe as a child she had a room full of trophies for ping pong championships and they somehow came to life after the lights went out and threw ping pong balls at her head while she was sleeping?

    OR … Maybe … she doesn’t like the idea of telling her kids how wonderful he/she are because they might actually find some confidence that she wouldn’t relate to?

    Maybe … she’s just crazy!

  30. What does it mean? It means she’s a lunatic. What an idiot! I’ve gotten more mature and articulate messages from my children. Boo, indeed.

  31. Alisa 31

    I’m with the others, she’s not right in the head. I would say it’s something a 6 y.o. would do, but quite frankly, I think 6 y.o.s are more mature than that. Passive-aggressive anyone? At least she didn’t stop payment on the check.

  32. sandy 32

    I remember when we did the whole ‘trophy’ thing with soccer. Many moms were totally against buying a trophy (arguing that they pile up at home, no one even looks at them etc), maybe she didn’t want it to begin with. That’s my guess. So yeah, she is sticking her tongue out at you for making her pay that whole, what was it 10 bucks for trophy, pizza party and coaches gifts????

  33. Viticulture Vern 33

    I have analyzed the handwriting in this note.

    At first glance the note seems like an average handwriting sample, much as the woman may have appeared. On closer examination, the writer has subtle, negative combinations that far outweigh the positive or inhibiting qualities. With only a short note to work with we are seeing the woman only at this obviously very disturbed time in his life.

    Unique Structures (o, f, r, t,)
    Unique or unusual handwriting formations indicate an unusual thinking style. The individual’s thinking, philosophy, and/or behavior may be altered to serve her own emotional needs.

    Far Away Period and Comma
    These suggest a lack of sensitivity to others’ feelings and may indicate a harsh, crude, and/or brutal individual, when found in combination with other indications of dangerousness. Far away punctuation also imply internal tension or frustration.

    Overlapping (for written twice)
    Thinking and morals may be distorted or strange. The writer may twist ideas or morals to fit his behavior or to justify his actions.

    Overly Connected Writing (for, ro, hy)
    Compulsive tendencies are indicated. The tendency is to recognize cognitive information only, relying heavily on orderly and systematic thinking and not trusting one’s intuition

    Decreasing Slant (Boo)
    A tendency to become increasingly emotional and less objective as the writer becomes more involved with a person, project or activity. If such a writer is prone to criminal activity, he is likely to start out cool but he soon loses his levelheadedness and gives way to feeling.

    I hope this helps.

  34. Lara 34

    I suppose it’s too simplistic of me to wonder if her initials are BOO, huh?

  35. Now I don’t have to go into depth about her clearly demented handwriting because of the above dissection.

    Seriously! Personality disorder alert.

  36. Amanda 36

    thats so funny! what a freak! Does she read your blog?

  37. Teri 37

    It means she has some serious mental issues and it’s sad for her son that he has to live with this. Hopefully he can rise above this and realize he is being raised by a moron! Poor kid! Hopefully he has some other adult influences around him!

    Also, she could use some art lessons…Don’t get it, maybe it’s Freudian… is it a cigar, maybe this goes back to HER childhood. Sorry you have to deal with THIS NUTCASE!

  38. Well, the mom clearly has issues and is anti-trophy or anti-baseball or both. But, there’s something just right about that creepy little face and the “Boo.” I want to put it on a t-shirt or something!!

  39. Cathy 39

    It is the perfect creepy face isn’t it.

    But since this Mom was the first parent to chime in that the trophies were the best idea ever and to make sure her son’s name was spelled correctly, I’m assuming she’s “booing” something else.

  40. Ok. Well on first thought… The woman is a whack job. I mean really. That note is immature to say the least.

    Then I thought about it. It is possible that she never wanted to put her son in sports cause she knew that he is one of those kids that loves the idea of doing something, but not the follow-through. Goodness knows how many times her son may have made her life miserable by having fits to join in sports and things that his friends were doing, only to throw a fit every time he had to go to a practice or game. It is possible that while she was originally writing the note (Pre BOO) that she was trying to get him ready and he was having a fit. It is possible that she wrote an expression of what she was being put through. And with the whole not wanting the trophy… if my above hypothetical situation is accurate, she may not want the trophy to sit there on a shelf mocking her by its very audacity to have been given for her own personal little slice of hell.

    Then again… that could just be me being optimistic. She could just be a total nutter.

  41. Jill 41

    Wow! That is hilarious! What a whack job!

  42. I think the Boo is to the fact that her son didn’t do well and so she is mad having to pay. Her immaturity is shining through. It is sad for the boy, really, not her.
    I would have sent her check back saying – No need, you didn’t want a trophy.

  43. You could put that little face on the back of a T-shirt, and then write,

    “There’s no cryin’ in baseball. Bad attitudes need not apply”.

    Where it at the start of next season…

  44. krysta 44

    that right there is why I am not a team mom anymore! what a passive aggresive whack job…

  45. Marcy 45

    Not sure whats going on with that mom, but sounds like she just doesn’t give a crap or really care what she is paying for.
    BOO :(( to her too

  46. Indigo 46

    Oh god the comments for this are too hilarious XDD

  47. That post really hit home as my own mother when I was a kid sold my Brothers huge collection of baseball cards and did not even ask him…. I am sure you can imagine that Mike nor I have a relationship with her – that behavior was very representative of just how clueless she is about being a parent. I am sad for this little man I hope his MOM grows up / wakes up whatever she needs to do and changes her ways.

  48. cassie o 48

    boo to her poopy attitude

    get over it – you’re an adult lady!! what kind of example are you setting for your children?!

    someone should give her a trophy for immaturity

  49. This should go on a t-shirt for next season. And presented to her for her contribution.
    What a ninny.

  50. Whack Job, Nut Case, Dim Wit…

    I’m running out of names here. I can find no logical reason for this because she knew only you would read it (well, and now us!). If it’s a cry for something, it’s not help. Possibly attention? It’s really hard to focus logic on something that isn’t even logical much less a standard for parenting…


  51. Alanna 51

    what a drama queen….

    SO glad she wasn’t MY mom!

  52. stacy 52

    OMG! As a mother on your team…I can’t believe the nerve. What does that mean? What a sad life for both of them.

  53. My first thought was that she’d allowed her child to doodle on the note. It’s such an odd thing for a grown woman to draw, but it’s a typical kid drawing, including the erased words and the BOO. :) Viticulture Vern, I will never be sending you a hand written note. I’m scared what you’d say.

  54. I think the Boo is to the fact that her son didn’t do well and so she is mad having to pay. Her immaturity is shining through. It is sad for the boy, really, not her.
    I would have sent her check back saying – No need, you didn’t want a trophy.

  55. I think it means she is bat-shit crazy.

    That is all.

  56. julenajo 56

    Too weird! If she wants you to dump the last trophy in the trash, why even pay for another one? I don’t get it. I initially thought she was expressing an opinion, but then I thought, “About what?” Who knows? Just too weird. I’d probably comment on her note the next time I saw her at a game and ask her what she was Boo-ing about, just so I’d know….

  57. That is so strange. Maybe she is having a really hard time. Maybe… She has a raging case of monstrous hemrrhoids, hidden boils,and mind numbing itches in weird places and she is doing her absolute best to hold it together.

  58. I was going to give a brief handwriting analysis, but I see VV already did that (and brilliantly, I might add), so I will just point out what everyone else has obviously missed. It is a big piece of licorice the unhappy face has choked on– see how the eye is rolling back and the face is in distress? Wow, can’t believe you guys missed that. So obviously licorice…

  59. Maria 59

    I agree with the handwriting analysis. The direction she forms the loops for her “o”s is a red flag for paranoia, and possible schitzoaffective stype personality.

  60. I find myself more and more mesmerized by the little face. I love the way the unclosed circle of the face matches the “o’s” in the Boo. It’s a masterpiece, really!

    At this point, I don’t even care why she drew it–I’m just glad she did!!

  61. Wendy 61

    BOO to her I say.
    She was weird before, I think she’s doolally now. Seriously, why can’t she just FAKE happy or something for the sake of her wee boy.

    … or perhaps the hamster died.

    (That’s my stock answer when someone’s PO’d and I can’t figure out why – I like to think that perhaps they’re hamster died or such and they’re really that mad at the world)

  62. I have no idea what it means but it sure got a lot of comments.

  63. Egghead 63

    You know you just have to chalk it up to one strange lady that no one will ever be able to figure out. Poor little son of hers.

  64. Kari 64

    OMG! This chick obviously has some issues. Makes me kinda feel sorry for her child.

  65. Suffice it to say, she probably won’t be nominated for any “Mother of the Year” awards any time soon. She sounds like a very bitter and immature person. Is she married to the child’s father? If not, maybe this is an expense the father was supposed to pay and she resented having to pay it. I was a divorce lawyer for many years and that kind of makes sense to me. On the other hand, she could just be a major b*tch.

  66. I think she is saying Boo to having to pay, and I believe that is a tongue hanging out, but you are right, it could be barf… Who knows???

  67. leslie 67

    Rabies! Maybe its Rabies. LOL..your life stories crack me up!!
    I was hoping my P.M.S cookies would cure more than PMS!

  68. I’ve not read any of the other comments, so am not swayed by what they said, (which I would have been as I’m an easily swayed person). However, there are those people in the world that procreate because they think it’s the thing to do, instead of really wanting/needing to. I do think this mama is one of those people. Sad don’t you think?

  69. CJ :) 69

    I vote for whack job.

    In years of volunteering for various things my kids do – sports, scouts, school – I have come to the conclusion that everyone except me is a whack job.

    You may find that position helps.

  70. shelly 70

    It means she is a bee-otch!

  71. Carol in SoCAL 71

    Honey- Look at the tongue. It’s shaped like a bat.

    I read the earlier story and responded. I too am a team Mom. The woman is obviously unsatisfied with her life, has crossed the border of what is normal. and truly the child is doomed. If you think about it, and you have, the child is in trouble. I do believe that when we “enlist” our children in a sport we “expect” them to do well, and get into it. Sometimes they suck at what we want them to be really good at. Some parents don’t handle it well. You’ve seen them at the ball game, right? “Johnny!! What were you thinking ?!! Time to FOCUS!!”. She is admitting her own failure. “Boo” to a losing team. “Boo” to her sons performance. “Boo” to the whole trophy idea. “Boo” to you for being a happy woman with well adjusted children while she sits in misery….

    How was that?

    I agree– it would make a great shirt. Neon. Uh.. I’m thinking next season, huh? Make your own “YAY!! Yipeee! Yahoo!” Or maybe even “Life is like box of chocolates” on the front, and her sad little demonstration on the back! Yours in a tasteful team color. Hers in a clashing neon…..

    Maybe I just need a nap….


  72. Stacy 72

    This woman has mental problems. Don’t waste any more of your time trying to figure her out. What a shame you had to deal with this!

  73. Anna 73

    This lady has some issues! I feel sorry for her kid.

  74. I don’t like her . . . there are enough mean and obnoxious people in the world already.

  75. I think you attract weirdos ;)

    (Reference to your crazy ordering ‘friend’).

  76. Lennie 76

    I too noticed the handwriting. She has more than a few screws loose. Her family must go through private hell. Sigh.

  77. Kathy 77

    I think she was trying to make the “O’s” in BOO match the frowny, tongue sticking out fac.

  78. Regardless of how she feels about whatever she feels or why she does….she’s a immature little fruit cake!

  79. jancd 79

    That poor woman doesn’t realize there is a little boy in her life that depends on her to raise him and teach him how to be successful and happy. She needs help and that little boy needs a parent who loves him. Sad little world for that family.

  80. hmmmm….

    I suggest – get it off your plate as it isn’t your battle…mail the trophy to then, deposit the cheque and leave… get it out of your domain (and fiscal responsibility) & then let that family sort it out

  81. Kimberly 81

    I think the poor child needs to be in counseling now so he will have some attempt/chance on a normal life .. she is beyond hope!

  82. I must admit, I feel bad for this woman. I think the “O”‘s might have been frowny eyes, but either way I think it is more sad than anything else.

    Another person you need no longer surround yourself with. Oh well, can’t win ’em all…

  83. Lex the Mom 83

    Hooray for her! No, really! I was quite amused & would have belted a good guffaw with you at reading it the first time. What a spoil sport.

    I have to change my mind about what I would do. I mentioned this to a good friend tonight & she said if the mom’s response made her feel awkward & uncomfortable, then she would have no qualms about handing over the trophy & making the woman feel uncomfortable herself. Saying, “I didn’t feel right about throwing it away, so I will give it to you & you can do what you feel is right.” That is much more like how I am, anyhow.

    My theory for the Boo with the face is that she means it sucks to have to pay for something she doesn’t want. A turd of the inexplicable kind.

  84. grace 84

    how could one follow up viticulture vern’s analysis? i know i can’t. if a few things had happened differently for me in college, i might’ve been a handwriting and body language analyst rather than a food technologist. maybe i can take it on as a hobby with viticulture vern as my mentor. :)

  85. Jeff 85

    I feel so bad for the kid. I loved playing all sports growing up and yeah been on some horrible teams but my parents and everyone else’s parents drove us to stick in there and not quit. One memory is we stuck up the place so bad that we did a thumb’s down after high fiving the other team. The coach and every parent made us stay there and run suicides till they were satisfied that we learned about good sportsmanship.

    Obviously being a smartass I would do everything under the sun to get this trophy to the kid and make it a public spectacle congrating the kid on a great season to further drive a nail into the mom. Heck tack on a good enthusiasm award or something.

  86. Natty 86

    Her handwriting looks like a child’s. I get a totally creepy vibe from this! She may have totally valid feelings but she’s not expressing them like an adult should and you’re practically a stranger– I can only imagine how she acts with friends and family.

  87. Nicole 87

    I think everyones analysis (including the handwriting one) is dead on to this crazy nut. The only think I find more disconcerting than actually including the note, is the fact that she actually wrote or drew something else and then erased it. She obviously thought this through. Wow!

    Sorry for you, but I definitely agree. Give her the darn trophy and tell her you can’t do it and tell her she can do what she feels is right. That will guilt the heck out of her.

    btw: I have been laughing for 10 minutes reading all these comments!

  88. giz 88

    Ok – so she’s a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Her behaviour is..well..kind of juvenile so take it from it comes and just move on. Good it’s not part of your family.

  89. jules 89

    What a psycho bi-atch…stay far away;)

  90. Erin 90

    Wow. I am impressed. I just thought that this note was a clear indication of what I have been suspecting all along, that a large portion of our society never progresses beyond the mentality of a junior high school student. But I stand corrected! Kudos Vern, for the detailed analysis!

  91. Did you give her the trophy?

  92. Oh, that’s just weird. And a little passive-aggressive? There’s more to the story of what’s going on in their home, I feel sure.

  93. HoneyB 93

    ha ha, I totally agree with this statement – assuming she actually lets her child participate next year. Its sad….some adults shouldn’t be allowed to have children. I hate to imagine that poor child’s life at home.

  94. Mona Dowie 94

    I have to wonder, did the little boy in question want to or enjoy playing baseball? Maybe after the effort the mother put into getting her son to play a team sport, he decided he didn’t want to play and the request to toss the trophy is really from the kid, not the mom. Just an idea, or maybe she’s just a psycho:)


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