Corporate, Schmor-porate

On our way out of town today for a much needed reprieve from the hot weather and just life in general, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat.

We were heading through a small town that has only one fast food restaurant.  Of course it was McDonald’s.

We have been to this McDonald’s many times before.  It is one of the few places on the way to our destination that is a good stopping point.

I have to say though, this particular Mickey D’s has always had issues.  I think poor management is the key here.

So it is really our fault we stopped there today.  We knew the risks.  However, with two starving kids and not many available food choices, it had to work.

We decided to use the drive thru window because of a late start this morning.  We also felt we might get better service from this problem prone fast food franchise by not going inside. 

I was driving this leg of the trip so I pulled to the order box and requested our usual favorites which included four vanilla milkshakes.

Everything seemed to be going well, even the drive thru line was short.

I paid and out came the burgers, fries and shakes.   

As the drive thru attendant closed the window, I realized we had no straws and gestured to him there was a problem.

Me: Could we have some straws please?

Robot worker:  We’re out.

Me: You are out of straws?  Are you kidding?

Robot worker:  We’ll be getting some in on Tuesday.

Me: Am I supposed to wait until Tuesday to drink these?

Robot worker: (Just stares at me)

Me: Look, we were planning on eating in the car and two little kids with burgers, fries and shakes is like a recipe for disaster.  I don’t want the shakes then.

Robot worker:  We don’t take food back if there is nothing wrong with it.

Me:  (louder, annoyed voice)  Okay, so why did you let me order these milkshakes knowing full well you had no straws. Why didn’t you inform me of the problem?  I mean seriously this is about the worst customer service I’ve seen.

Robot worker:  (Says nothing, hands me four sporks)

Me:  You want us to eat these with sporks?

Robot worker:  Yeah, I’m not supposed to give you these but you’re making such a big deal about it and being really negative.

Me: (burning rubber, making certain, choice hand-gestures)

UGH!  I can’t even tell you how annoyed I was.  Shame on us for trying to plan ahead and make up some time by, gawd-forbid, eating in the car but NO STRAWS until Tuesday?  What?  McDonalds without straws for two days?

Are they kidding.  Something went terribly wrong here.

Is McDonald’s so corporate and their franchises so tied to corporate law and purchasing that when a blip in the harmony occurs, it can’t be fixed?  At all?

I imagine buying straws from a supermarket and using them until Tuesday is probably a major McDonald’s contract no-no.  But geez when does annoying and not meeting your customer’s basic expectations become less important than maintaining an image.

What about borrowing straws from another store until Tuesday?  Think out of the box, solve the problem!

Anyway, for me this was a huge failure on McDonald’s part but whatever, I’m over it because…

Here’s the view from my window tonight….ahhhh…so much better.

And here’s where the Wild Boar and I sat to take in the view.

And not far from the hotel was this sign.  I can’t seem to find the meaning in the DMV handbook. 

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  1. rachel 1

    Our McD’s started their whole $1 any size drinks on Memorial Day Weekend, yet only had small and large cups. Then they were out of all Diet Drinks. For the whole weekend. They are also almost always without ice cream when we go. It’s really ridiculous.
    The straw thing is absurd. He totally should have told you about that ahead of time. I’m in agreement, they should have gone to the store and bought some, that’s just bad management, planning and customer service all wrapped up in one greasy package.

    Those pics are wonderful.

  2. I’d have asked for a manager because they can take those shakes back, he just didn’t want to GET a manager because they’re the ones who have to do refunds. And when I worked at McDonalds eons ago, we would have gone to the local GFS or Costco or something and bought a pack of straws. Or I don’t know, called another McDonalds store and asked them if they had straws we could have until Tuesday.

  3. Philly 3

    Most Mcdonald’s owners usually have more than 1 store. So you are right when saying they could of taken straws from another store,or out of courtesy been given some straws from another owner. I went to applebee’s once and they had no containers left to take your dinner home if you didn’t finish. So I guess the people who order “curb side” pickup up were shit at of luck also !!


  4. Funny how the universe often makes up for a disastrous experience with a glorious one…

    Beautiful photos!

  5. What an idiot! And since when are they not allowed to give out the sporks….don’t they just sit in a container on the counter next to ketchup packets….

    Lovely view though!!!

  6. I’m all about asking for the manager. I would have then asked for the manager to go to the nearest fast food restaurant to procure me a damn straw.

  7. Ha! I was all worked up from the McD debacle, and then I scrolled down to your vista…immediate calm! Have a wonderful time;)

  8. Cass 8

    That is insane. HOW do they run out of straws? I just want to shake people like that sometimes. At least your destination turned things around. I love that road sign.

  9. Well enjoy your trip after that bit of fun. I too am off to the coast here with my sister for a week. AAAAHHHH! No kids, grandkids, husbands or demands. Just one full week of doing what we want.

  10. I had a similar experience at a local ice cream shop where I live. After a really hectic, bad, no good day, I ordered a banana split from this place. The worker behind the counter looked at me and said “We’re out of bananas.” I literally looked at them and said “You’re kidding me?” They said no, they really didn’t have any. There is a grocery store less than a mile from this place. Someone couldn’t have run down there and bought a bunch in case someone ordered a banana split? WHATEVER.

    The pictures are gorgeous. It looks so calm and relaxing! Just what you need after the vanilla shake/no straw incident. ;)

  11. Kiki 11

    I only go to McD’s once every couple years. Now I remember why.

    Where are you now, where is the beautiful, happy, loving spot?

  12. Stephanie 12

    Ah….I saw that picture, and now I’m missing the Pacific even more than usual.

    In my opinion, screw McDonald’s. Since I have a low threshold for stupid, yet far higher than my husband’s, I’m sure we would have gotten in so much trouble. I guess I’m lucky that my kids (5 & almost 2) will eat pretty much anything, and around here (deep east Texas) I can find a Mom & Pop barbecue joint every 5 miles with a couple of cajun places in between.

  13. Harmony 13

    It’s so sad when Management can’t pull it together…I worked at McD’s as a teenager, and if our store manager didn’t order enough (of anything) for the month…then we borrowed from other stores.

    I just cannot believe that the guy did not take back the shakes and refund your money….I am really puzzled by that.

    Great view….I had to scroll back to the top and re-read the first part of the post, to get all vamped up and comment on it. Now that I am done…I am going to scan your pics again and settle down.

  14. No straws??? You would think the biggest corporate no-no would be sending away unsatisfied customers who may not come back again. There are too many other options out there now for McDonald’s managers to be making such stupid mistakes as not enough straws during the summer months. And if you run out, you get some from somewhere!

    By the way, the pictures are gorgeous. What a view!

  15. Claudia 15

    I love the sign!!! Someone needs to use that as blog header, it is perfect! Love, this way or that way, no matter where you go, you will find it!

  16. sharon 16

    Mickey D Jerks! I’m sure your beautiful vistas more than make up for that little mishap. My favorite is the cute heart sign. You must be somewhere special!

  17. Given a choice of eating at McDonalds or starving, I’ll starve. And I love food.
    So glad you got away. The vista is lovely and I’m happy that you were just able to “follow the signs”!
    Have fun!

  18. Years ago I stopped at a McDonald’s while traveling and they were out of buns…that’s right, I said BUNS. How on this Earth can a McDonald’s run out of BUNS? They specialize in hamburgers for goodness sake!

    The kid at the window was all, “We’ll have buns when the delivery truck arrives.” Well how was that suppose to help me? I’m traveling across multiple states and now I’m suppose to wait until a Mickey D’s delivery truck arrives? No thank you. Here endeth my rant.

    I want to sit in those chairs and take in that view. Send me the directions?

  19. HoneyB 19

    Sounds a bit like our pizza hut experience on Friday. No MARINARA SAUCE?!! Come on, it was pizza hut!

    I hate fast food!

  20. Sounds like another brain surgeon working at McDonalds. I would have screamed.

    I believe the sign refers to the new marriage laws in California.

  21. Teri 21

    A few months ago my son and I went to Panda Express (for orange chicken or course) and asked for Orange Chicken…. they said “we don’t have any today” I said, you mean we have to wait till you make it??? They said, “no, we just don’t have it TODAY. I said, “Uh okay, Bejing Beef then, but isn’t that like McDonanlds without hamburgers?” Then after we paid and got our drinks and I searched everywhere for straws, they said, NO STRAWS TODAY. Sorry! Then I asked for Soy Sauce and they gave me Chili Sauce, No Soy Sauce either… I said, why did you even open your doors? They just looked at me like, gee no one else has a problem with this!

    I should have used the hand gesture! My daughter is laughing at your blog too as I’m reading this because if Panda was a drive through I probably would have done the same!

    Looks like Pismo Beach, Pretty!

  22. Marcy 22

    I’m NOT a big Mickie D’s fan. Ate too much of it in highschool, lol.
    Customer service has gone down the toilet alot in the last 5 yrs.
    that sandwich below this post looks yummy!

  23. I can’t imagine how McD’s could be out of straws! You’d think they would have boxs of them stockplied! At least they weren’t out of cups–that would have made the milkshake thing really tricky!!

    Enjoy your beautiful views and relaxation!!

  24. nice mellow relaxing place soak it up!

  25. Lara 25

    I, too, love a good McD’s vanilla milkshake…WITH a straw. GRRRR! Good for you for receiving the “I’m not supposed to give this to you, but you’re making such a big deal out of it…” sporks. Heh.

  26. mitchsmom 26

    There must be a shortage from the top – my McD’s had this issue last time I went, except they must be the rebels because they did give me grocery store subs.
    As much as they can be ‘tards at the window, I have to say McD’s normally has the best straws! LOL

  27. Greta 27

    My pet peeve? You order more than 2 drinks and they don’t give you a drink carrier unless you ask for it. Is that corporate policy? Er…how the f*$% am I supposed to juggle 4 drinks, 2 happy meals, 2 number 2s, 2 kids in the back seat and 1 me. UH….YES I need a flurgging drink carrier!!!!!

    (sorry for the swearing, but I’m honoring George Carlin today)

  28. What’s funny is that they probably had a whole bunch of straws stolen by employees who used them for spitwads or something. I can’t believe corporate McDonald’s isn’t all over their cheese burgers.

  29. jules 29

    Just stay focused on your relaxing view…hope you had a grand weekend!

  30. That view is spectacular. Enjoy your time away!

  31. Alisa 31

    No straws? I’m sorry that you had this issue, but goodness I’m laughing so hard right now! I think you totally “freaked his vibe maa-aan” How dare you be upset? At least he gave you a spork. It’s much better than eating it with your hands.
    At least your destination makes up for this little inconvenience!

  32. ALF 32

    Um, that is just insane. We have been to the drive thru at the McDonald’s near our house and clearly they were still open but no one took our order so we pulled up the window and could see people inside but they were ignoring us because they apparently didn’t want to take our order.

  33. I once wrote a complaint at their corporate site in their suggestion box, about a rude bum and his manager working at the local McDonald giving me nasty time – and their bad attitude immediately improved after that. You report the address, and time of the incident in the complaint and write stuff like “Seriously where are you getting these people? From the Department of correction?”

    But McDonald food is seriously a crap. I would only use it as educational example to be pointed out to your sons. “Thats what happens to kids who slack off at school”

  34. Well, at least your day ended beautifully!

    If you find out the meaning of that road sign, do let me know!

    Happy vacation!

  35. That’s crazy! I’ve had fast-food places forget to give me straws, and I don’t think to check before pulling away…so I always keep some extras in my car door.

    What gets me is how they can fill my drink to overflowing and then hand it to me with the drink running down the sides of the cup. Hello? You think I want that in my lap and in my car? Thanks.

    I agree, though…the view makes up for the journey. ;)

  36. Lori 36

    That is such beautiful scenery you folks are enjoying!

  37. I think I would have threatened to stay in the drive through lane until they either took back the shakes or got some straws. Just to see how they would handle that.
    That sign says that wherever yo go in this area you’ll love it.

  38. I hate McDonald’s.

    I wonder if they’ll see your blog? You never know…

    *fingers crossed*

  39. You need to write a letter. Seriously.

  40. Lori 40

    If I didn’t have experiences like this myself (ok, nearly every day here in manhattan), i’d say that’s just too outrageous. isn’t it sad that this is just so believable?

    note to self: steal straws from starbucks whenever you’re there, keep a stash in the car for your next trip to nowheresville. :)

  41. Most unacceptable service from McDonalds! The seashore image is awesome!

  42. That is unfortunate and hilarious. Much worse than the time I received no napkins and was simply put out beyond belief.

  43. giz 43

    I haven’t been to a McDonalds for at least 10 years and after hearing this – it’ll be another 10 before I even think about it.

  44. it’s enough to make you pack peanute butter and jelly sandwiches. The beach looks beautiful I love the Pacific, but we swam in the Atlantic! the club looks good enough to eat, yep those flavors would be awesome together.

  45. Okay, I am known for being nice and understanding in frustrating store situations, but this would make me livid. I would have insisted on getting my money back for those shakes or I think I might have hurled one at him. Of course, I heard about someone being arrested not long ago for hurling a drink at a drive through worker. I think they charged him with assault. Assault with a deadly milkshake? Puh-leaze! They probably didn’t have any straws at that drive up either.

    As for the sign, could it be Lover’s Lane? I’m seeing these weird road signs all over the internet. What is up with that?

  46. Always an adventure Cathy. Seems to me though that all the stressing was not worth it. Based on previous experience at this place you got exactly what you expected. Laugh it off and enjoy your day.

    Looks amazing BTW. I wish I were there…

  47. that’s just wrong. wrong.

  48. Elle 48

    I imagine that view could make anything better, even the mismanagement of McD’s.

  49. Rayrena 49

    Hee hee. That’s so funny. And sad. Too bad you already paid him. You could have told him that you’d pay him for the shakes on Tuesday; when you’d get to enjoy them :)

  50. Tipper 50

    I think you met the sibling of the candy girl.

  51. Wendy 51

    You know… I laugh at this.
    And here’s why – I HATE fast food places, and it because of cock ups like this. Like… a breakfast with no cutlery. How was I to eat my hotcakes and SYRUP with no cutlery?
    … and El Husbandino gets all upset and stuff, and I always remind him “Hunny, this is why they work in McDonalds.” … theory being – be glad these drones of humanity aren’t brain surgeons or pilots or teachers.
    I work in a sort of customer facing and support role (I’m a 3rd tier tech support drone – and no, I will not fix your PC ;) ), and it’s taught me a lot, and it’s also raised my expectations of good customer service.

  52. Wendy 52

    Oh… and the sign?

    … “Love goes both ways”


  53. mindy 53 have my sympathies!

    btw, where were you staying in this post? that’s gorgeous!

  54. Phuong 54

    re: the last sign.

    Love is available whichever way you go.


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