Shameful Self-Promotion

Yesterday morning I awoke early, trying to steal those quiet moments before the morning bustle.

It’s my favorite time of the day, children sleeping, coffee pot percolating and sunlight filtering through the blinds. The Wild Boar and I read the morning paper….our typical ritual for many, many years.

It was Wednesday, my favorite newspaper day.  This is the day the food section, or Taste as they call it, is published in my region’s major newspaper.  It’s full of great recipes, wine articles, cooking techniques, seasonal food availability and restaurant information.  It’s a nice break from the political theater that fills the paper’s headlines right now.

Of course this weeks Taste insert had lots to say about grilling and wine to serve with your backyard barbecue.  It’s the usual custom for the impending three day Memorial holiday weekend

I kept reading, enjoying and focusing on a recipe for sweet and sour orange marinade with shrimp.  Then I was distracted by a cider-mustard bourbon dipping sauce and oh lord, the strawberry rhubarb cobbler.  Be still my heart.

Then I saw it, right next to the Black Velvet apricots, a blurb about Cooking on the Web and a site that was recommended to check out….you know where this is going don’t you?

It was me…me…me…”Check out the Noble Pig”, it said!

Whoa…I refocused my eyes…choked on my coffee…started laughing…jumped up and down…and did a little dance around my kitchen island.

The Wild Boar is now staring at me as if I’m some sort of freak of nature.  I tell him my blog is mentioned in our regions newspaper.  He laughs……..okay whatever.

The article mentions a reader suggested this site to the Senior Food Editor, Gwen Schoen.  She liked it and now it’s in the paper.  Yippee!!

I was ecstatic.  I won’t lie, validation poured over me.

I want to thank the reader of this blog who suggested this site to the paper.  Thank You!  It was a great surprise.

And since I live close to the capital city of California I’m sure our governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I read the same regional newspaper everyday. 

So Arnold, if you are now stopping by my blog because you saw it in the paper yesterday, I just want you to know, I love, love, love your Terminator movies!  I’m a huge fan!  It’s alright if you leave a comment, I won’t tell anyone it’s you.  I promise.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the link to the article that appeared in the paper.  If any of you grew up watching the TV show, Eight is Enough, Dick Van Patten’s character was a syndicated newspaper columnist of this newspaper.  For some reason this always cracks me up that I now read the same paper everyday.  Don’t ask me why.

Thank you all for your support.  Words cannot describe how much I appreciate you. 

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  1. OMG Congratulations, Cathy! Well done! You certainly deserve a mention in the paper. ps…Hi Mr. Schwarzenegger! :)

  2. Yay!! And good morning Ahhhnold!

  3. Dawn 3

    WOW! Good for you! Now I can say I “know” a celebrity!!!


  4. I ddn’t tell your newspaper about your blog, but I do tell everyone that I know that loves to cook to check it out. Your mention in the paper is absolutely well deserved! You might een motivate me to cook something, one of these days. . .

  5. Steph 5

    Congratulations! That is so awesome!

  6. Congratulations, you famous woman you!!

    Seriously, I would totally buy a Noble Pig cookbook. Just make it look pretty (because I use them as decoration) and put pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. And that carmelized banana melty chocolate chips and butter thing. Put that in there!!!

  7. Jules 7

    Woo hoo! Congratulations!

  8. Elle 8

    Cathy, that’s huge and wonderful! Congrats!

  9. Rachel 9

    Well deserved, my friend!! I am also telling EVERYONE who will listen about your blog. YOU are my morning ritual before the kids wake…sunshine, coffee and noble pig. I second the motion for a cookbook! You rock!

  10. Dude! You’re famous! Someday folks will be doing write ups in the paper about your winery. But for now, this will do!

  11. Wow, congratulations!
    My paper had the lemon ricotta pancakes in yesterday. They forgot to mention you though. :)

  12. Awesome! Congrats,your blog is great I totally agree.

  13. Greta 13


  14. Congratulations! That is just too cool! You completely deserve it, though. You write about things I would never have thought I’d be interested in (mostly the wine stuff) and yet I’m hooked on this blog. I’m even thinking about trying some of these wines. You just have no idea how funny that is coming from me. I’m the one who laughed at my SIL for insisting we all go to a wine bar. I thought she was being just a wee bit pretentious. You make all the descriptions and terminonlogy fun and interesting even for someone as unsophisticated as me though. And your recipes with accompanying photos are awesome. Keep up the good work!

  15. Molly 15

    Congrats! Yours is by far one of the most interesting blogs, full of yummyness, and peppered with posts that will curl your toenails.

  16. krysta 16

    How cool is that! Congrats!

  17. That is so cool! You must have been out of your mind when you saw your blog mentioned in the paper! I would have danced as well!

  18. Julena Jo 18

    Don’t forget the little people as you climb to fame! Congrats!

  19. nutmeg 19

    You rock! Congratulations. I think local promotion is the very best way to grow a readership.

  20. sharon 20

    Big time! Congrats :) You certainly deserve it. I think your blog is fame worthy as well!!

  21. You go girl! Your blogster is HOT!
    (Don’t forget us little people!)

  22. Karly 22

    How exciting! That is so great!

    I’m totally gonna be coming back here and stalking your comments to see if Arnold drops by! LOL!

  23. Wow!! Congratulations!!

  24. Harmony 24

    Congratulations Cathy!!! You are a famous blogger!!!

  25. That’s very cool! Congrats!

    What a great thing to see with your morning coffee – are you gonna frame the newspaper? ;) I would!

  26. jean 26

    Yeah! You are having a great week! Congratulations.

  27. Egghead 27

    Wow! That is great. I agree…great blog and I love to try your recipes of course.

  28. Okay, so that’s beyond cool getting a write up like that. w00t! What a funny way to find out, too. It’s on to fame and fortune now…

  29. Chuck 29

    HA HA HA, that was hilarious and cool all at the same time. Congratulations … it really goes to show you never know who’s reading your blog. Before you know it we’ll all be watching you on Martha Stewart. lol

    Way to go!

  30. Indigo 30

    Hi, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger here —

    you NEARLY fell for that XD.

  31. Howdy 31

    Wow, we can say we knew you before you were famously famous… before the paparazzi, before the armed body guards, before the TV appearances… I guess we’ll have to enjoy you before you get an agent and won’t have time for blogging!
    Congrats! You deserve it!

  32. YAY! You are famous! That is awesome that they wrote about you in the paper. It is weird that they didnt warn you first though…. But I guess that it is really more fun for it to be a surprise anyways! Anyways… congrats!

  33. pam 33

    Wow! What a great surprise!

  34. Alisa 34

    Wahoo!!! Congratulations, again! You are having one incredible week! I’m so happy for you, you totally deserve it! Now, us readers can brag that we’ve been part of your fan-club since before she got “famous”. “She’s always been so down to earth you know…”

  35. What a hoot, congratulations! I can just picture your hubby’s reaction to you dancing around the kitchen table, “I’m in the paper! I’m in the paper!” Too funny.

    Enjoy it! I think it’s perfectly acceptable to bask in your glory.

  36. melissa 36

    way to go cathy! what a nice little article. good for you. :)

  37. Kellie 37

    That is very exciting! Congrats to you!

  38. Isn’t a little validation wonderful.

  39. Richard 39

    I confess I was one who reads the taste section saw the mention of this blog and checked it out yesterday sent it to my wife to checkout also. :)

  40. annbb 40

    Girlfriend, you deserve that! Your blog is brilliant.
    Go to and put in your blog name. You’re getting real close to dooce and pioneer woman – and in such a short time.


  41. WOOOOOOOT!!!

    I was all excited, jumping up and down, loving this entry, but the shout out to Ahnold is what totally sealed it because THAT is why I keep coming back here. It’s not just a yummy cooking blog, it’s the wonderful pieces of you sprinkled in that get me grinning every time.


  42. Jules 42

    You rock! Keep ’em coming…

    ps thank you for your kind words;)

  43. AWESOME!!! I hear Arnold is a lurker. He might take a while before he comments.

  44. Ruth 44

    well, what can i say… you deserve it!
    I’m currently planning to make your ‘unfair advantage’ butterscotch/apple cake for my friends birthday… after that i will be recommending your site to all and sundry (after being given the idea…) but for now i want full credit for making the best birthday cake ever :)

  45. Jen 45

    “Wow” What a way to start a morning. I think it’s great that someone mention you in the paper. Specially the cooking part. Way to go maybe we will all see you on the Food Network channel with your own show. Wonderful food and wine….. Cheers to you Cathy I think it’s great enjoy it millions will be reading your blog. And who knows maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger will comment on your blog or even better. I hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday weekend….

  46. Shannon 46

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That is a great accomplishment! Especially since you didn’t nominate yourself..LOL! That is just wonderful! You have a great site, a wonderfully delicious blog and so many, after reading will be saying, “I’LL BE BAACK!!” Again, congratulations!

  47. Liz C. 47

    Will you still remember us, the little people, when you become world famous?

    Congratulations and you do that happy dance girl. I damn sure would.

  48. laura 48

    how cool is this?! congratulations.
    i think they should have included the warning that one might gain weight just by stopping by and salivating over the awesome food your write about…or at least find themselves becoming very hungry.

  49. Nice!!

  50. Flea 50

    Congratulations!!! I’ll be back.

  51. Chou 51

    Amazing! You of course deserve every bit of the accolade pie. And a gubernatorial visit, too. :) Mwah! Mwah!

  52. Daisy 52

    Of course they mentioned you! Keep on doin’ your thing, Ms Noble Pig!

  53. leslie 53

    Wow..congrats! Can I get your autograph now…so when you become SUPER famous..I can say I knew you when….You go girl! Keep it up! DO I smell The “Next Fodd Network Star”?

  54. Woohoo!!! Congratulations! That is very exciting news. I’m so happy for you! :D

  55. marye 55

    That is awesome Cathy, and well deserved recognition.

  56. Nice going, Cathy! Your superb quality food/drink posts have earned you that great press!

  57. grace 57

    ooh la la! that’s so awesome, totally worthy of a dance around the kitchen! i’ve been known to do a jig for things much less exciting. :)

  58. giz 58

    The real validation is that someone liked the blog enough to stick their neck out and say “ should check this out”. That’s so very cool. Do we now have to get seal stamps on the blog rather than your real commentary?

  59. Lara 59

    That is AWESOME! Also, I giggled at your note to Ahnold. Hee!

  60. Tipper 60

    CONGRATS!!!! You so deserve it! I think I’ll do a happy dance for you.

  61. Medena 61

    Wow! Congratulations!!! I got lazy for just about a week, and look how much I have missed! I am proud of you! You go girl!!!

    Your boys are adorable!

  62. Isn’t validation sweet:D Congratulations are definitely in order!!

  63. sarah 63

    Love the site! Now, have you driven around East Sac looking for the “Eight is Enough” house? You’ll know it when you see it…’s around M St, but I forget the exact address.

  64. Wow! Awesome!!!
    Maybe you’re too bug for this now, but…

    I know, it’s lame. Don’t make me feel worse :P

  65. You deserve it!! I love, love, love your blog and check in regularly, though I rarely leave a comment.
    Your recipes (and mouthwatering photos), creative writing skills, diverse topics, and wry wit make it such a pleasure–thank you for allowing me to steal 5 minutes every day or so to bask in the fun world of your blog :)

  66. you have arrived!!!!



  67. Congratulations, Cathy! You rock!

    You totally deserve recognition for your amazing recipes, humor, and thoughtful posts.

  68. KUDOS !!!! :D

  69. Lori 69

    Congrats Cathy!! That’s great news! :D

  70. Mike 70

    Congratulations! That’s really awesome news. :-)

  71. Lexthemom 71

    How utterly awesome! You deserve the recognition – I know I’m glad I stumbled across your blog, cause I love it!

  72. That is so cool! I’m afraid your vineyard may have to take a back seat when the demands come in for your recipes!

  73. eliza 73

    congrats! you’ll now have tons of fans out there waiting for your regular writing :)

  74. Wow – your fame makes me feel like a rockstar – because you comment on my blog and so that make us best friends and I have made a number of your recipes and your new land is like, kinda near where I live, and so that means I was in your paper too…


    Congrats lady! You deserve it. You really do rock.

    And dude – look at all your comments – explosion sista!

  75. Alanna 75

    Wow, CONGRATS! That is so exciting. You deserve it! Your blog is totally one of my favorites!!!!


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