I Had No Choice

Everyone knows how much I like to connect with my wine.  I’ve said it here WAY too many times already.

And sometimes it’s not the design of the label or the name of the winery that captures my attention, it’s what’s written on the label that peaks my interest.

You see, it was these two hooligans….

That got me to purchase this.

2002 Forth “All Boys” Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Creek Valley $24

It was the ”All Boys” reference that drew me. 

A wine that’s “All Boy” sounded as if it would be something special and unique.  Bold.  Full of life.

Then I read the back label…

“All Boys” is the happy outcome of Cabernet grown in the vineyards of our two sons, four grandsons, and that of a beautiful neighboring vineyard owned by five brothers.  Here’s to these boys, and all boys, and the exuberant energies, deep soul and joyful experience of play they bring to every endeavor!

Sigh.  I was in love.  Isn’t that just adorable? 

Being a mom to two boys, I’m a bit of a softy to any references about boyish charms and exuberances.

The 2002 vintage was my first experience with Forth Cabernet and I’ve purchased every vintage to date.  Currently the 2005 All Boys Cabernet is available from the winery for purchase.

The Dry Creek Valley appellation of Sonoma County has always been known as Zinfandel country but Cabernet Sauvignon has slowly been making a name for itself in more recent times.

The valley itself is the rural home to mostly small, family wineries.  It also houses the Sonoma based wing of Gallo Corporation, one the largest, most industrialized wine producers in the world. 

Last year I was lucky enough to have a behind the scenes visit to the Gallo industrial giant.  It sits smack in the middle of the pastoral Dry Creek Valley, right next to the beautiful and well-known Frei Ranch Vineyard. 

I have some pictures of the valley taken at Gallo.  These will give you an idea of just how beautiful this area is.

This is the Frei Ranch Vineyard owned by Gallo

Although Gallo and Forth vineyards are not related, I wanted to show the beauty of the Dry Creek Valley.  These are the only pictures I have.

Here is the view of the valley from the top of Gallo’s crushpad.  What a view. 

There are no words.

I’ll save the pictures of the helicopter pad and the employee soccer field for another time. 

The Dry Creek Valley, also boasts two distinct climates.  The very low valley floor, with its maritime influences mirror much of Sonoma County and the hillside area which sits above the fog line.

This hillside area is where Cabernet Sauvignon has been able to flourish.  The hillsides of Dry Creek produce wines with robust and voluptuous characteristics.

The Forth Cabernet is rich in those qualities while showing subtle hints of black fruit on the nose, blackberry being the most prominent.  Overall it is a luscious wine with a bit of spice.  It is well-balanced and aging beautifully.

If you have boys, or not, this is a special bottle to put on the table. 

Did anyone out there have anything special to drink last night?  Please, not water again.

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  1. I’m enjoying the fields …beautiful :D

  2. I had a martini…. But I do love me my Cabernet. Thanks for the tour!

  3. It is my dream of dreams to move back to California, live in Sonoma Valley and drink wine every single day. Honestly. The pictures you posted here are killing me. That entire section of California is just breath taking.

    I had a really good glass of Pinot Noir last night when we went out to dinner. Did I bother to ask what the name was? Noooo, of course not. But it was an excellent Pinot. Nice and smooth, and it went perfectly with my dinner.

  4. Um… I had three glasses of water… we were out of diet rootbeer.
    But two nights ago, I love some lovely sauvignon blanc with the risotto!
    That winery is beautiful!

  5. BITCH wine. It’s fun, pink, fruity and naughty. Not the BEST blend, but the bottle alone is worth saving after drinking. I love to serve it at bachelor’ette parties or chick nights.

    PS – I’ve always wanted to have sex in a Vineyard. Just thought you needed to know that. ;)

  6. Jules 6

    Good Photos…Is it 5 o’clock?..All this talk about wine makes me thirsty…Recently tried a sauvignon blanc called “Mommy’s Time Out”..I’m not a SB fan but it was a cute label.
    I’m just sayin’

  7. grace 7


    that’s some good work by their marketing team, devising that spiel on the back label. it’d inspire me to buy it, too. lurvely pics. :)

  8. Lovely vineyard photos—I want to go on that tour!

    Isn’t it amazing how a few well placed words can sell anything? Oh, and your wine collection has a wow factor that’s off the scale. It’s fabulous!

  9. Gorgeous! And the land isn’t bad either. You make beautiful children.

    So will you crack this bottle open during a special occasion?

  10. Tipper 10

    Beautiful pictures!

    At my house for dinner last night: sweet tea for me, water for Chatter, 7-up for hubby and Chitter. Not very exciting uh?

  11. sharon 11

    Unfortunately, nothing special to drink last night. Beautiful pictures!

    You should check out Baldacci Family Vineyards in Napa. Its a small family winery and all their wines are made in dedication to a family member. Our favorite is the Four Sons Cabernet.

  12. I love wines that provide both great physical (palate, nose) and emotional pleasures! Great story, nice photos.

    My wine from last night wasn’t overly special, an ’05 Chilean Carmenere that was a bit oaky but for $10 quite a good find.

    Here’s to having great wines this weekend!

  13. Greta 13

    Beautiful shots. I would love to go there.

    Meanwhile…my 7 year old wrote the following in his journal for school today:

    “I like wine.”

    Hmm…he was trying to spell “Winnie”, our neighbor’s dog. Me thinks a call to the teacher might be necessary ;)

  14. I actually had a couple of glasses of Rombauer chardonnay with my mom last night. It is my favorite wine right now, though a bit pricey for my budget. Thanks Mom!

  15. Harmony 15

    Beautiful pictures..you definately have an eye for it!

    I won’t tell you, what you do not wish to hear ;)

  16. That looks like a fun bottle to try.

    I keep telling myself that I need to take a break from drinking wine (save the calories, you know.) But somehow when 5 o’clock rolls around, I can’t seem to help myself. Last night I popped open a Cameron Hughes Syrah. Perfect.

  17. Elle 17

    Lovely photos! I confess, I totally buy wine for the labels.

  18. Deb 18

    Are these the future photos of your winery?
    Thank you for sharing these, just terrific:)

  19. I enjoyed this post SOOO much better than the last. Good stuff Cathy! I have a friend who is one of 4 boys, has 3 nephews & 1 son. He’ll love this!

    I’m planning on drinking a nice Bordeaux blend from ISRAEL tonight with dinner. The Galil Mountain Yiron 2001. It should go great with the London Broil!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. ALF 20

    This week my husband bought 2 bottles of “Barefoot” wine for us to drink while we watched American Idol except I learned that taking pain killers and drinking wine did not make me feel well. So last night I drank…water. Sorry.

  21. No not water but close ” Coca Cola Zero”.If I was a wione drinker that sounds like a great wine.

  22. Shannon 22

    Those photos are wonderful! I am a big wine-aholic and I need to try out the “All Boys”. It’s so sweet how the name grabbed your attention, thinking of your two beautiful boys. I am a mother of 4. I have 3 boys and a little girl (had to get my girl!). My choice wine name to remind me of my kids would be “Angels with Horns” LOL! This is a nice post and I enjoyed it.

  23. Maureen 23

    I love buying wines with cute labels.

    I had a refreshing mojito last night. They are always so good when the weather turns warm.

  24. 2006 broadside cabernet margarita

    link to calwine.com

  25. Flea 25

    Those are beautiful pictures. Yes, I had water last night, but tonight I made a pot of decaf and had a very large mug. Mmmm. I like the occasional glass of wine, but coffee is my beverage of choice, day or night.

  26. I’m sippin of some Kalua over crushed ice, straight. Delish. You deascribe wine the best I’ve heard since “French Kiss” why don’t you have a contest and give away a bottle? Of course, I should win it.

  27. HoneyB 27

    I would be tempted to buy that bottle of wine for the same reason! I have two boys also and they are the most special thing in my life!

  28. Dang… you are some kind of fancy with the wine. I don’t really drink but… I talk about it a lot. When I do have wine it is usually from a big ole box with a squirt hole out the front. Not really. Well, sometimes.

    Sorry, but when think of all boys outside I think of them peeing on stuff because they’re too lazy to go inside to go. Well, that and they can.

    Seriously, those pictures are outstanding.

  29. *sigh*

    For the 9232345th time, I want to trade lives with you. Just for a little bit.


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