Blue Sky Potatoes

Let me just say it right here, with the internet as my witness, “I have a serious addiction to potatoes”.  There, my secret is out.  

It’s sad, but I am unable to consume a reasonable amount of potatoes when they are placed in close proximity.

Whether they are mashed, made into gratin, scalloped, french fried, baked, latkes, chips and even tater tots, (I could go on and on), I have a propensity to over-indulge in this tuberous root vegetable. 

Even when called a tuberous root vegetable, it still doesn’t turn me off.  I think I’m a potato ho. 

I rank potatoes right up there with butter and mayonnaise.  Spuds and I go way back.

What I don’t appreciate is the “unspoken potato rule”.   Yes, there is one.

The rule is, “we always wait for the main course meal to enjoy this perfect food”.


We wait for the mashed to have with the roast.  We wait for the french fries to have with the burgers.  We wait for the baked to have with the steak.  Are you seeing the pattern here?

It’s all wrong.

I want to start my meal with the potato.  I love instant gratification.

This is why these Blue Sky Potato appetizers are the perfect way to get your next party started. 

As an aside, let’s talk about the name, Blue Sky Potatoes, for a minute.  I have no idea why they are called by this name. The recipe originates from a family who choreographs pyrotechnic shows.  Maybe these were served before the show, under the blue sky?  I have absolutely no idea.

Anyhow, these are the perfect addition to any upcoming food event.  I’m sure there are other’s like me who feel the potato has been pushed too far back into the meal.  This will change everything for you.

Join me in making these.  You’ll love these bite-sized treats.

Here’s what you need to reach potato nirvana:  New red potatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, sour cream, crumbled blue cheese, crumbled-cooked bacon, flat-leaf parsley and red onion.

First, cut 24 new red potatoes in half, lengthwise.  In a large bowl toss the halved potatoes with 2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil, completely coating them.

After tossing the potatoes in oil, place them cut side down on a baking sheet. 

Place in a 400 degree oven for 25 minutes until the skins are crisp.  Let cool.

After the potatoes cool, scoop out the center of each potato half and place it in a bowl.  Notice how these potatoes are not perfectly scooped.  DO NOT GO CRAZY making them perfect.  It makes no difference.  Leaving a little of potato will help keep the integrity of the skin.

If you do rip any of the skins, the potato becomes an instant snack.  (Make sure you rip a few.)

After scooping out all the potato centers in to a bowl, (see it in the middle there), add 1-1/2 cups sour cream,      1 cup crumbled blue cheese, 1/2 cup crumbled cooked bacon, 1/3 cup flat-leaf parsley and 1/4 cup red onion to the potato innards and mix well.

Fill each potato skin with the sour cream mixture and top with more bacon, onion and parsley.

Do you see the little bits of bacon on there?  Yeah, it’s good.  Little bites of heaven.  Perfect aren’t they?

They are ideal for a picnic too! 

You can make these up early and serve them cold or at room temperature.  Either way, they will disappear fast.

Blue Sky Potatoes
adapted from the Gruccis Family

24 new red potatoes, halved lengthwise
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
1-1/2 cups sour cream
1 cup crumbled blue cheese
1/2 cup crumbled cooked bacon, plus more for garnish
1/3 cup chopped flat-leaf parsley, plus more for garnish
1/4 cup red onion, finely chopped, plus more for garnish

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  In a large bowl, toss the potatoes with olive oil.  Place cut side down on a baking sheet and bake until the skins are crisp, 25 minutes; let cool.

Scoop out the center of each potato half and place in a medium bowl.  Stir in the sour cream, blue cheese, bacon, parsley and onion.  Fill each potato skin with the sour cream mixture and top with more bacon, onion and parsley.  Serve immediately or chill and serve later.

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  1. Lori 1

    “Potato ho” … so funny! I have a lot of those foods too, if you keep it in front of me I’ll just keep eating til it’s all gone! :)

  2. Dee 2

    This is nice and easy so I’m gonna try it later :)

  3. We share the same addiction, whether it’s “ice” potatoes or sweet potatoes. Such vivid and yummy-looking images! Thanks again for sharing!

  4. Liz C. 4

    I’m a potato ho too! Anyway you fix ’em, I’ll eat ’em, lol.

    I’ve made the stuffed potatoes before but never like this. I can’t wait to give them a whirl.

  5. Philly 5

    These look Delicious

  6. Potato ho! Those look awesome!

  7. funny, my friend at work was telling me about these 2 days ago.. i think perhaps i am destined to make these.. & scooping out those little taters looks kinda fun ;)

  8. Stacy 8

    I have a weakness for potatoes, as well. These look awesome and I love the idea of serving them as an appetizer although, knowing me, I’d fill up on these before the main course was served!

  9. annbb 9

    Vichyssoise. I cannot abide vichyssoise.
    Other than that, I, too, have never met a potato I haven’t adored.

    Your photography is simply brilliant!

  10. Jenny 10

    OMG Cathy those are so great. I am so like you with the potatoes. I just love them. When eating out I always eat them first. Burger and fires well I can eat a cold burger but no the fries. They got to be first no matter what. Potatoes are mt true first love. Thanks so much for the new recipe.

  11. We speak the same language, I am a potato Ho with a capital H too!

  12. blair 12

    I am a potato hO with a capital O.

  13. Kiki 13

    Oooh.. awesome recipe. I’m having the family over tomorrow for the holiday and this just made the menu!

    Also congrats on the newspaper mention. That’s fabulous!!

  14. Lara 14

    Those look amazing. AMAZING. I am going to have to make them this weekend, along with the chicken-nectarine-skewer-thingies and honeydew margaritas. YUM. Also, I would marry the potato if it were possible to wed a food.

    Speaking of – my husband and I had lobster mashed potatoes last night out. Mmmmm.

  15. Leslie 15

    Oh..all the carbs..I love it!
    Your comment was funny on your comment on the cheeries!

  16. I have a ticket on that HO-TRAIN myself!!!

    OMG they look fabulous!!!


  17. rachel 17

    Oh. Those look delightful! Yummy!
    I love potatoes and now want to wake my 1 year old up from his nap so we can go back to the store. I’ve made something similar to this,but not quite.. Yum. I have just spent the last 30 minutes browsing your archives and I love your stuff! I love to cook and create and I know I’m going to get lots of ideas and recipes from you!! Thank you. Your new stalker, I mean reader.

  18. Elle 18

    OMG. If I wasn’t already a potato ho, these would convert me. Fabulous!

  19. Egghead 19

    Oh my gosh. I thought I was the only potato ho out there. In fact my husband always gives me a hard time because I will always eat my potato first no matter what kind and not be able to eat the meat or other things. This looks terrific.

  20. Wow these look good! I know what I’m making for Memorial Day. Thanks!

  21. These look so flipping good I’m trying not to lick my computer monitor.


  22. krysta 22

    I’m such a potato ho, also. Maybe we can start a club. That picture on the bottom with the potatoes on the platter on the grass is the best picture I have seen you post.

  23. Awwww, from one potato ho to another, make this recipe with Yukon gold potatoes and call it the entree.

  24. Kevin 24

    Those stuffed otatoe skins look so tasty! I do not eat potatoes nearly as often as I would like to.

  25. What a gorgeous photo you open with! It appears we have a collection of ‘tater ho’s here, so I’m raising my hand too. Love the ‘taters, love the cheese, onions, yum! Thanks for sharing this.

  26. Oh, yum! Those look amazingly good! What a great way to bring potatoes into a meal.

  27. On this we agree. I love potatoes. I even make potato sandwichs. I have copied out the directions. Thanks

  28. Kim 28

    Oh, I adore potatoes, I think it is the Irish in me. I can eat one baked in the oven with just salt and pepper. Great recipe and photos!

  29. Stephanie 29

    I agree with the potato addiction…..ranks up there with my mustard addiction. I have this great recipe to incorporate the 2, Roasted Mustard Potatoes. I adapted it to have 5 different types of mustard and when I feel like 4-5 types of potatoes. Yummy, even for breakfast.

  30. And how do you keep from getting fat? I love taters, tatoes, spuds, by any name.
    those look delicious. having a party for the 3 day weekend? We don’t wait to have meat at our house, Daddy BB doesn’t like meat. I love to roast little red new pototoes with olive oil, salt, pepper and herbies. i roast them at 400 degrees until done. We eat our potatoes with corn bread and vegetables southern style. You made me hungry again.

  31. Those are some seriously good lookin’ potato bites there. I think I could eat about a dozen o’ those!!

  32. Awesome… going to try to make them while mother-in-law is here to inspec…errr visit

  33. Howdy 33

    Potato Ho! LOL Ya never know who you’ll meet via the internet! LOL

    ?? QUESTION ?? – if someone really couldn’t convince herself to put ‘blue cheese’ in her face… is there another cheese she could use instead?

  34. Chris 34

    Oh my goodness. I’m both a potato ho AND a blue cheese ho! I am definitely going to make these soon! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  35. I just made these and they are awesome. I substituted shallots for the onion. I hope I don’t eat them all before everyone gets home!

  36. Ingrid 36

    ohhh! I’m a potato ho too!! i think they are such perfect vegetables that you can cook them in ANY way and they’ll be PERFECT! loved the recipe with the blue cheese ^^. Mexico has love for you ;P

  37. Casey 37

    These are wonderful! I made them for a Memorial weekend cookout and they are so delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  38. I love these! They are absolutely perfect looking and I bet unbelievably delcious!

  39. I will work the same potato ho corner with you, Cathy. My mouth is actually watering thinking of the perfectness of these little bites. Gonna hafta double this one…I know I won’t stop at one. Or 5. YUM!

  40. Oh, the obscene deliciousness! I, too, am a potato ho. At least it’s marginally better than being a crack ho. Though I think the crack is significantly more slimming.

  41. grace 41

    well what a coinkydink, i JUST saw this recipe in rachael ray’s magazine (which i normally try to avoid, but i was on a long flight and entertainment options were limited)(don’t judge me). clearly, i ripped the recipe out immediately.

    yours look better than hers. :)

  42. Kiki 42

    Hmmmm, I told some friends I would “cater” their closing night reception at an art gallery. These look like a good contender!

  43. Tipper 43

    How could anyone live without potatoes?

  44. I admit to loving the potato too! These look awesome!

  45. Daziano 45

    Your potatoes look really amazing!!! I want some NOW!!!

  46. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you made a comment on my blog, for now I have found yours! I’m such a potato addict! I’m being rushed away from my computer so I didn’t get to check everything out but I am sure I am going to love your site, and can’t wait to try some of the recipes!

  47. Molly 47

    Oh My God those look fabulous. Can’t wait to try them.

  48. Alisa 48

    You are speaking my language. Too bad I am the only one in The Family with the good taste to LOVE blue cheese. I may have to visit you really soon ok? You won’t mind right? I’m small and take up very little room…I do eat a lot though. Especially if you’re cooking…

  49. Maureen 49

    I want to come to your picnic! Those look.crazy.good!

  50. Hey, you potato ho. Thanks for admitting to all about your propensity for the tuberous root vegetable. I have a thing for rutabagas myself, but these look awesome. You rock.

  51. Mike 51

    I read “potatoes” in the summary in my Google reader, but then the page loaded and that photo hit me, and I couldn’t help but exclaim “holy crap!” when I saw it. Those look AMAZING!

    I’ve been on a new potato + duck fat kick lately…the only down side of it? I’m dangerously low on duck fat :o

  52. I haven’t made these kind of potatoes in so long, I almost forgot they existed!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me. (P.S. The last photo is divine!)

  53. Wow these look fabulous! And I think I could actually pull it off!

  54. Mrs. L 54

    Um, the law says we’re supposed to wait for the main dish to have potatoes? Should I expect the police at my door? Mashed taters is dinner on many occasions.

  55. Renae 55

    Those look wonderful. I love potato skins, and that’s definitely an upscale version of the cheddar cheese combo. YUM!

  56. Lore 56

    They look like such a great family meal but I just might keep them all to myself..yeah that’s just how I am around potatoes.

  57. I am also a Potato ho. I love that!!

    And if you seriously don’t come up with a (pretty) cookbook, I’m not sure I will survive.

    I I’m salivating!!

  58. Kristen 58

    Oh I am soooo with you on this one! Yum!

  59. Harmony 59

    Mmmm I love potatoes!! This is going to be great, thanks!

  60. Amy 60

    Holy potato, Batman!

    I am in love. I’m a potato ‘ho as well. Can’t be helped. It’s better to be addicted to these little wonders than to heroin, right?

    Everyone needs a little perspective!

    Thanks for the GREAT recipe!

  61. I’m a bit late to comment on this, but so what – great recipe!!! Yum. I love potatoes too!

  62. Deborah 62

    I’m right there with you – I’m a total potato addict. These look AMAZING!!

  63. WOW – I love the blue cheese in this recipe that is a unique twist – This is a great variation on the “typical” russet potato skins. You have me thinking I bet Goat cheese would be excellent in here as well.


  64. Melisa 64

    i can NOT stumble your blog without droooooling my freakin brains out. you are incredible. I want to make EVERYTHING you post…are you married? because if you are, your husband better be AWESOME. serious.

  65. Bobby 65

    It’s okay, I have a serious addiction as well. This is an interesting way to make potatoes. Bacon & bluecheese… can’t go wrong :)

  66. Sally 66

    They look so sweet and tasty too. Please visit my blog and see *Humble Spud* for a very similar idea to yours.
    Love your blog too. You do good work.
    Love Sal.

  67. Pam 67

    I LOVE potatoes – these look like little bites of heaven. GREAT JOB!

  68. Kristen 68

    See – your picture makes me want to try them, yet again! And, I KNOW I don’t like blue cheese :)

  69. wow. a cup and a half of sour cream. PLUS some cheese. No messing around, these must be good. I can already see myself on the treadmill, but I’m betting it’s totally worth it.

  70. These look AMAZING!!!!

  71. Missy 71

    I’ve made these! I pop them back in the oven for a few minutes to get everything nice and warm and squishy again. They are fab-u-lous!

  72. daniel 72


    those look soooooo good!

  73. paresh 73

    nice recipe, thanks for sharing.

  74. I’m not much of a potato fan, but your potato ideas are making me drool!

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  76. Amy 76

    Just made these to take to a BBQ, and they were great served cold. I used the number of potatoes the recipe called for, but maybe I used a little larger ones than I should have? I used a combo of semi-small and medium. The add-ins didn’t go as far as I think they should have based on the pictures above. If I made this again, I’d use a little less sour cream and a little more blue cheese and bacon to give them a little more kick.


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