The Noble Pig Mystery

I have had an abundance of emails asking me about the name of this blog, Noble Pig.  I guess it’s time to dispel the myth.  Not that there is one.

I have always had a partiality to the pig, an obvious un-stately farm animal.  It’s hard to pin down where my appeal with pigs originated in the first place.  I have never lived on a farm.

However, before I knew what was happening I had amassed a collection of pig objects and tres chic pig art in my home.  (This was a long time ago).  I became fixated with “anything pig” and would actively seek out products that mentioned or resembled this animal.  Strange I know.

In my many quests of pig d’Objects d’Art I realized I was not the only pig fanatic (freak) out there, proven by the vast amount of pig paraphernalia available.

On a small trip to San Francisco in my early twenties, an Asian man at a street fair told me I was born in the year of the pig (boar), according to the Chinese calendar.  For whatever reason it validated my feelings about the pig, a deal sealer in a way, and the pig has always stuck with me. 

Now, fast forward 15 years and you couldn’t find anything in my house that resembles a pig or pig art except for a small lantern on my kitchen table.  It is the pig lantern that sits on every table at Morton’s of Chicago Steakhouse, and is a  sentimental reminder of the Wild Boar who bought it for me before we were married.

So when I decided the wine business was the direction I was heading I needed a name.  Having the winery named after my family name or a geographical area didn’t work for me. 

For other’s, that direction in naming is a good fit.  And back when the wine world was less traditional that was alright.  But for me, it just doesn’t sum up who I am or the light-heartedness I want to portray. 

That’s where the name the Noble Pig Winery was born.  It suited me.  Not that a pig suits me, well I do eat a lot, but I just like the name.  It’s not intimidating.  I don’t think wine needs to be so serious all the time. 

I think the Noble Pig name is unique and incorporates status with an unlikely candidate, the pig. 

I know, so many people feel the wine world does not need another “critter label”  but I feel the same way about the other names that are out there as well.

I wanted a label that was entertaining and could satisfy a niche in the market for those folks who are looking for a unique and quality wine product that is not pretentious.

I also do not want the fun part to be confused with not being serious.  I am very serious about wine and winemaking in general.  However, if I am going to be doing this for the rest of my life, I want to be entertained.  At least slightly. 

So, the brand itself will be meant to amuse its consumers while they enjoy a very high-quality wine.  Good deal don’t you think?

I find that people who love wine as I do, are generally happy individuals who enjoy life and love to connect to a product for many of their own personal reasons.

Let’s also not forget the pig fanatics out there who will go far and wide to seek out distinctive merchandise that incorporates this animal just so that it can be in their house or on their dinner table.  It’s really quite a phenomenon.  (Been there done that.)

Only certain animals seem to have this appeal that drives people to actively seek out things that reflect their image.  One’s that come to mind are cows, frogs, roosters and PIGS.  Oh yes, especially PIGS!

I’m sure one day I will throw Pig Roast Harvest Parties and send out my winery newsletter called, “A Pig’s Tale”.  But for now those are distant goals.  I need to get that vineyard planted first.

Overall, I want the name, Noble Pig Wines to be reflective of a serious but light-hearted brand that is willing to take risks.

I imagine the label on the bottle to be simple with a black-stamped pig wearing a gold-foiled crown, much like you see above.  I feel it’s an intriguing enough design that will feign interest among those staring at the wine wall at the grocery store.  At least I have to believe that.

So now a solid, realistic business plan is most important, one that will remain flexible with the always changing and fickle wine market.  A plan that incorporates my goals, plans and aspirations for the next 50 years.  That’s daunting.

So to run away from the many overwhelming tasks that constantly loom over me, such as writing an iron-clad business plan,  I give wines fun names I would like to produce over the years.

Here are some I have come up with.  I have no idea which varietals they will go with (except for a few).  And of course all names are subject to Tax and Trade Bureau approval as well as Trademark restrictions if any of these wine names already exist.

Enjoy and feel free to name your favorites or come up with new ones!

Noble Pig Winery
“Maker’s of Fine, Fat Wine”

“Piggy Bank” Reserve Pinot Noir
“Some Pig” Reserve Chardonnay
“When Pig’s Fly” Pinot Rose
“A Pig’s Life” Chardonnay
Pig Pen
Pig Jig
Polka Dot Pig
Square Pig (one that need’s to be aged)
Pig Parade
A Pig’s Tail
Curly Tail
Pig’s On Parade
Portly Pig
Pig Latin
Pig E Bank
Pig Out
Franks-n-Beans (the wineries cash-flow wine)
Makin’ the Bacon
No Swine Wines
Fine Swine Wine
Pigcasso (a blend)
Bourgeoisie Pig
Hog Wild Red
Wild Boar Red
Happy Hog Red
Brickhouse Red Reserve
Pig’s in a Blanket
The Big Bad Wolf (this wine will blow your house down)

Which one would you buy?

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  1. Lorena 1

    Love them all! Pigcasso is great. Would definitely drink Wild Boar Red (a big plummy shiraz?)

    What about Pink Pig Рtoo obvious for a Ros̩?
    Little Pig (This Little Piggy)
    Pigmalion [sic]

  2. Tipper 2

    What no Blind Pig? It could be a wine so good you couldn’t see for 5 minutes because you were star struck.

  3. No Hog Heaven? No Pigs in Space?
    I would like to be the first to try “a pig’s life” and “Pigcasso”.

  4. I love the name you’ve chosen for your winery. If I was in a store, didn’t know you and saw the Noble Pig label, I would totally buy it. No joke. It just sounds so cool.

    I loved all the names you came up with, but how about one from Babe like “That’ll Do Pig”. I would seriously buy any wine that had that on the label.

  5. The next-door neighbors of my old apartment had a pet pig. That was the first time I realized pigs really could be noble. Because they can.

    I think “Noble Pig Winery” is a PERFECT name. It really is. It’s a marketer’s dream.

    Nice, dude.

  6. Can’t wait for my Noble Pig Reserve!

  7. I am not a wine drinker but I do enjoy your posts.

    My suggestion would be Pygmalion

  8. Liz C. 8

    Definitely Noble Pig. Ever since I saw Charlotte’s Web I too, have loved piggies. As long as there are no clowns involved I’m good.

  9. I’ve wondered about the name and logo. I think the logo is very distinctive. I love the whimsy with the more serious edge the simplicity of the design and the word “noble” give it.

    I would buy Pigcasso, No Swine Wines or Fine Swine Wine (’cause I like the rhyme), and definitely Some Pig. Franks-n-Beans gives me horrible flashbacks to watching Something About Mary. Maybe you could take the Charlotte’s Web idea further, but I can’t remember any of the other messages at the moment.

    I do think you need to incorporate this (link to idea into one of your labels. I’ve always gotten a kick out of seeing it, and I think the reason I love your logo is because it reminds me of this one. I am not normally a pig fan, with the exception of Wilbur.

    I’ve always liked cows, but they have been so overdone (like geese) and given a real kitsch quality. And not in a good way. The Highland cow is very much under-represented, though, so perhaps something could be done with that.

    The only animal I collect figurines or other representations of is the chicken, particulary roosters. My brother laughs at my “cock collection”. I think it’s probably good to stick with the pig.

  10. krysta 10

    I like them all. What about some “here sooooeey!” some ‘pigs holler’ (that would have to be a brash young wine) Winged pig… and even though I know it’s trademarked… some Miss Piggy.

  11. MuzzyBlue 11

    I, too, spent many simoleans in my younger days on objects porcine. I have them still, although I don’t display all of them, due to space restrictions. I’m not sure how I got started collecting them, either, except I found them amusing and most underrated. I’m always for the overlooked underestimated underdogs.
    I love your list of potential names and will be standing in line to buy them when they hit the stores!

  12. I am especially taken with “Fine Swine Wine” and “Bourgeoisie Pig”.

    I look forward to the day I can purchase your wine!!!

  13. I am here for my chocolate chess pie please… and I would like a bottle of WIld Boar Red to go with it.

  14. I love it! All of it!

    And I would love a case of Makin’ the Bacon, please.

  15. I can’t wait until I can try the Fine Swine Wine.

  16. pam 16

    I love them all. When the wine starts flowing, you are going to remember all of us loyal blogger readers, aren’ you?

  17. I like Noble Pig. Makes me think of porkers and botrytis.

  18. gizmar 18

    Thanks for the history – I could have alot of fun with igpa eliciousda :)

  19. Stephanie 19

    I think I remember seeing a breed of pig called Chesterfield White. Maybe for a Pinot?

  20. Cara 20

    Aww I love this story. Where can I buy your wine?

  21. I’m so glad you shared the story behind the name. I wondered about it and have loved the quirky nature of it. Adore the logo too.

  22. Pam 22

    Cathy, I gave you an E for Excellent Award. I love your blog!

  23. I personally love it all. Brilliant name for a winery indeed.

    Wolf’s Best
    Blow it Down Bordeaux
    This Little Piggy

  24. Great history on your name! It’s so memorable and unique!
    We’ll buy anything that’s red…or even white(depending what we’re eating).

  25. Harmony 25

    Very creative!!! I do believe that your wine will stand out on the wine wall at the stores…I mean how could it not, when you shine so brightly!!

  26. Kate 26

    Ah, now I understand! I’ve always thought it was an interesting name. I’d buy Noble Pig. And I guess I now know why you call your husband the Wild Boar.

  27. Soooooo cool! I am really excited that your wine is becoming a reality; my favorite name from the list was PigCasso. Might I also suggest “Porco Vino” :)

  28. Mrs. L 28

    Which would I buy? How about all of them. Seriously, I’ll be first in line when you come out with your wines (and I live close enough I think, that I could actually come buy direct from the source!)

  29. Vonda 29

    These are such great names. I found it very interesting about the origin of the name of the winery and the blog. I can’t wait for the first bottle to become available.

  30. First off… pigs are delightful creatures. I think dear ‘ol WIlbur endeared me to piggies. So, this name… is endearing- at least to me.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to start out a comment with, “Noble Pig, Noble Pig – Let me in!” The name just begs to play :)

    What would I drink on that name list – well, since I am in love with you (I love to make me sound all stalker-like)- probably ALL of them. But the ones that really stood out were Polka Dot Pig (I love dots/spots…) and Happy Hod Red – it just struck me.

  31. Cathy–You should put a link to this post on your sidebar. I am sure your new readers and always wondering and asking. I didn’t know, but appreciate the explanation. My husband doesn’t drink wine, but he’s a pig lover so he might buy your wine for me for that reason! LOL He says there’s nothing cuter than a baby pig (he used to raise them and sell them in high school).

    You need a Pig Pig variety, too. :-)



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