Some Mysteries in My Universe

Random…Random…things that confuse and bug me.  Let me explain.

The fact gasoline is sold in the United States for $3.98 and 9/10 per gallon.  What!  Seriously, can we drop the 9/10 already.  We don’t have currency that is 9/10 of anything!  It all gets rounded up.  It’s an enigma to me.  If the gasoline companies need to make it $3.99 a gallon just do it already.  Sheesh!  Who do they think they are fooling?  If anyone is reading this outside of the United States are you charged per currency unit and 9/10?  Weird I tell you.

Why is wine in the United States sold in liter/milliliter bottle volumes but wineries are taxed for their wine sales in gallons?  Hmmm.

Why are eggs most commonly sold as a dozen, beer as a six-pack and hot dog/bun counts always mismatched?

In regards to Las Vegas or other gambling venues, you’ve heard of so many people winning money or breaking even that those establishments should be in bankruptcy.  However, you lose money everytime you go there.

The act of religiously checking our egg cartons before purchasing to make sure none of the eggs have broken, however we never check our flimsy light bulb boxes.  I’ve come home with three broken bulbs recently.  It never dawned on me to check, but those eggs, I never forget.

Soda is sold in liter bottles but cans of the same product are measured in ounces. 

Why does the three second rule for food fallen on the floor increase when what has fallen is desirable? 

In matters of money and finance you are more likely to get overcharged than undercharged.

And my ultimate peeve, why is the United States still not using the Metric System like the rest of the world?! 

I know I’m sweating the small stuff here but it’s strange, strange, strange and annoying.

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  1. Country 1

    1. Because you live in America and America is stupid like that.
    2. “
    3. “
    4. No idea
    5. No idea
    6. I’ve never heard of it being sold in ounces, then again I don’t live in America. Maybe you guys just do it weird?
    7. Because we want to feel better about ourselves/ be able to justify why we’re eating something off the floor.
    8. Because businesses like ripping people off, and not everyone checks.
    9. Old habits die hard; and no-one in America can be bothered learning a new way of measuring things; even though it’d be easier and more beneficial in the future.

  2. Flea 2

    I’m pretty happy not using the metric system, but that may be my getting old, not wanting to change. And I’ve never thought to check light bulbs. Of course, I’ve never brought home a broken one, either. Thanks for the heads up. :)

  3. Tipper 3

    No amount of time on the floor is enough to discourage my girls from eating something they want.

    I’ve never thought about the light bulb thing but your right-I never forget to check the eggs.

  4. Elle 4

    I remember learning the metric system in grade school. It was going to be “the next big thing.” Where did it go?

    I’ve been pretty lucky with light bulbs. The only time I brought home broken ones was when they fell out of my truck and on to the driveway, hehe.

    Good points to ponder while I go and start at your Choc Banana Mallow sandwiches some more…

  5. grace 5

    the powers-that-be are just trying to keep you on your toes, cathy. sounds like they’re succeeding. :) personally, i’ve given up trying to find any rhyme or reason behind most of their decisions.

  6. The smallest unit of currency in the US is the mil, a tenth of a cent. No coin for such exists, but when gasoline was selling for under 30 cents a gallon, you did see final figures other than 9/10s.

    The US has a split personality on the metric system. Weight (mass), volume and length are usually given in both metric and english measure (imperial is the system used in the British Empire until it went metric and is similar but different from the english system). All scientific work in the US is done and published in metric. In some cases english may be given in paranthesis. An inch is exactly 2.54 cm.

    I’ve never heard of the three second rule for food, but toast does land buttered side down.

    Las Vegas knows that every time they trumpet somebody winning $10,000, 100 people will show up and lose $200. You do the math.

    And of course somethings are not meant for man to know.

  7. krysta 7

    I have never thought to check my light bulbs because I never have bought broken ones, I’m sure I’ll start checking now. I always check to make sure I get a left shoe and a right shoe that are the same size when I go shoe shopping because I have taken home two left shoe that were different sizes. The world is a mysterious place.

  8. I too am haunted by the whole hot dog bun thing.

  9. I want to know who cuts the egg cartons in half and sells half a dozen. Is it the same person that busts open the butter and only buys one cube? No one is going to buy the other three after someone’s had their mitts in there. I wonder if it’s the same person that sticks a budweiser bottles into the six packs of fine stouts and ipas?

  10. Mrs. L 10

    Yikes, now my brain hurts…you’re making me think!
    Guilty on the checking the eggs but not the light bulbs. And I tried to learn the metric system years ago when they first started teaching it in school. But then it was never used in the US so I forgot it all!

  11. Marcy 11

    Hey there noble! First time to visit your blog and I like what I’ve read so far… And I stopped scrolling down after one look at that banana/caralmel wahtever concoction since i”m trying to get OUT of my fat pants, hnce me popsting about weight watchers sometimes and my struggles, lol. Looks yummy though.
    Will definitely come back and read more since I’ve liked what i’ve read so far:)) and I love your ponderisms… they do make you stop and think:)) Come visit me at my blog sometime.
    Have a great weekend!

  12. You my dear, are a thinking woman. Thinking is what made America great. I am refreshed to know that someone out there not only cooks well, but also is thinking about what would make sense. It is up to US to fix our country, and soon. Gas prices are nuts. 9/10 of one penny is nuts. If you’d like a good read on these topics, we used “Whatever Happened to Penny Candy,” for our economics course. I think I learned the most. Did you make my coffee cake?

  13. Olga 13

    Gasoline: In Germany, we also have the 9/10s. Supposedly it gets rounded down when the total ends with 1/10-4/10s. It’s totally useless, but it’s not US-specific.

    The three-second rule is total and utter nonsense. I never heard about that before I moved here… Rationally, WHY would a bacterium/virus need three seconds to climb from the floor onto your (dropped) sandwich? And what do people mean by these ominous “germs” they always refer to? Viruses? Bacteria? Dirt?

    And I agree about the metric system. Oh, how I agree. I’ll never learn what an ounce is and know what? I don’t want to (actually, this is a lie. A fluid ounce is nearly 32 milliliters. This is confusing when you go to England, because there an ounce is a little more than 28 milliliters).

  14. Why do we call it the World Series if we are the only country playing? I too have lots of these thoughts. Hi, I am new to your blog and really enjoy it – you are hilarious!

  15. I hope to God we don’t start using the metric system cos if we do, I’m screwed.

  16. I have no answers but I do have another question.
    Why do little things annoy some people and not others?

  17. fhdogs 17

    Gas – Why do prices end in 99? Just like gas to make us feel like we are saving money.

    Metric – For some reason it’ll never work for me. I know the system, but it just doesn’t click. I do however have an uncanny ability to convert things so I can understand.

    Kim in Carlsbad – Don’t forget Canada.

    Another new reader.

  18. Steve 18

    I remember in the 1970s when they put metric speed limit signs up on some highways. And people shot at them. God Bless America.

  19. We do not use the metric system here because people like me would be confused and gas would be $3.98 9/10 per *liter*. A liter is less than a gallon.

    When I check my eggs at the grocery store, I just wiggle them by twos instead of lifting each egg. It’s quicker and safer and a cracked egg will generally stick and not wiggle. Dh saw me doing this once and he just couldn’t stand it. “WHY do you count all the eggs?!? You *know* there are a dozen, right?” LOL! Boy did he feel stupid when I explained it to him with just a hint of sarcasm. (Who’s calling who stupid?) In his defense, I do have some OCD tendencies and there are certain things I count. It’s a weird little quirk I have, but most people would never guess I’m doing it. And I *never* count the eggs.

  20. Jessica 20

    Gas is up to 3.99 already in upstate Ny In some places! I swear its so crazy! Not that I drive, but still! lol.

  21. ALF 21

    I’m a firm believer that if something you want to eat has fallen on the floor, you should eat it no matter what.

  22. Liz C. 22

    America hasn’t switched to metric yet because of old farts like me & Mr. Snooty. I’d be in living hell if that happened. We never learned that kind of stuff, lol. I’d be like someone who was lost & wandering in the wilderness.

    Please don’t let that happen. Hehehe…


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