It’s Hard to Watch

Here is my T-Ball playing-youngest-hooligan.
He loves T-Ball.  He loves going to practice. 

He has absolutely no clue what to do while playing in a game!

Let’s face it, T-Ball is a painful experience. 

As parents we sit around to cheer and clap for our children as they pull grass, pick weeds, spin around and hug each other while baseballs come dangerously close to nailing them in the head because not one kid is paying attention.

At this age they can’t catch, throw accurately or even conceive that when playing 1st base the ball is going to be thrown to them EVERY time it is hit by the batter.

T-Ball cluelessness reared its head this week when my hooligan was on 2nd base after his up-to-bat.  The next batter had his ups and my hooligan was on his way to third. 

Great, except for the fact that he had NO CLUE where 3rd base was! 

He continued to run right past third (the whole time doing Yoda moves from Star Wars), ran through another set of parents sitting on folding chairs watching another game.   He nonchalantly hopped on 2nd base IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT GAME on the field next door.

Of course there was already someone else on 2nd base in that game too.  Both kids looked at each other and continued on to third because the base coach said to go! 

Both my hooligan and this other child ended up running all the way to homeplate. My boy scored for another team, in another game, without the slightest idea or concern of what had transpired.  Clueless.

After scoring he took off his helmet, looked around and realized his team was on another field.  He made the walk all the way back to our game without a care in the world.

I have now slid off my chair because I am laughing so hard.

He comes to me and says, “Mommy, did you see me score?”  

“Yes honey I did.  Good job.” 

God I love this kid.  And his innocence.

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  1. Ooh-hoo-hoo! Good stuff. Who are we grownups to make up silly rules, eh? He made the score.

    Great picture of the hooligan. Dimples, too! How could anyone resist that cute face . . .

  2. ROFLOL, that little guy is sosoooooooooo cute! Bless his little heart!

  3. LOL! Too cute:o)

  4. Tipper 4

    Now that is funny! I can’t wait to share that with my baseball obessed brothers. You’re right t-ball is always a hoot to watch.

  5. Tipper 5

    See it was so funny I can’t spell. Sorry about that.

  6. JulenaJo 6

    Oh, the memories! I laughed aloud at little hooligan’s great baseball adventure. Thank you for sharing. Your son is adorable!

  7. In a completely different game! I am dyin’ over here!

  8. Stephanie 8

    Wow! Must have been hilarious. You’re right about the innocence. I love watching my hooligans do thing that embarrass me, but bring them such pride. Like last Sunday at church when the 20 month old decided he had to help with the collection. At least the pastor tried to include him while I ran up to collect him.

  9. Kristy 9

    I love that little hooligan!

  10. grace 10

    holy smokes, that’s a rib-tickler. although i absolutely loved playing t-ball, i think i enjoy watching it even more. there’s never a dull moment!

  11. Thanks for the hooligan shot and the cute story. What a hoot!
    Would love to see a shot of what your hair looks like now!

  12. Mike 12

    rofl, that’s just hilarious. I remember tee ball as a kid…I also didn’t pay much attention. I remember taking a ball to the face for that. Perhaps that’s why I came to not enjoy it? lol

  13. Alisa 13

    That is classic! It’s amazing how quickly they grow. This was my son’s first year in “real” baseball and now I fondly look back to his t-ball years and realize how much I don’t miss them! Mine was the one eating the infield dirt. Yes, he’d lick his finger, swipe it in the dirt, and lick the dirt off.
    Your son is too, too cute! What a love.

  14. annbb 14

    What great memories that brought to me! It’s been years, and it was painful, but the laughter, ahhh the laughter I’ll never forget.
    (Above written after I was able to get back on the chair, which I’d fallen off I was laughing so hard.)

  15. Rachel 15

    I love that he’s a Chicago cub!!!

  16. krysta 16

    The T-ball years are great… no screaming parents yelling about pitch counts, no crazy youth counselor coaches who own their own vans. I love those kind of stories and what a cute little Cubby.

  17. OMG. Best. Story. Ever.

    My brother was 5 or 6 years old the first time he played t-ball on a team. He had been up to bat and was on first base. The next child hit the ball right to second base where my brother was running. He was then caught in a pickle between first and second base. So, as to get around this, he ran into the outfield, around the second baseman then back to second base. The best part was he could not understand why he was out when he made it safely to second base. Everyone in the stands were roaring with laughter.

  18. That’s awesome!! I hope the “for the other team” is printed really small on the Most Valuable Player trophy. ;)

  19. ROFL!!!!! That is too darn hilarious!!!!!

    Love it….
    My son, during soccer, used to just play in the net when he was the goal type person (they don’t call them goalies)… He would climb it, etc.. and the other team scored lots a points!

  20. This is too precious! I love watching the kids at this age because it is still about fun-

  21. giz 21

    This is all oh so familiar and feels like yesterday. It really didn’t matter that they had no clue – they could stand there and look like deer in headlights and we’d still think they were amazing.

  22. Cara 22

    your boy is soo adorable! How cute!!

  23. I forsee the same exact thing happening to Alexander and Me next year when I put him in T-ball!

  24. Very cute story. I remember my first time up to bat. I stood on homeplate and waiting for the ball to come.

  25. Sharon 25

    He’s adorable! What a cute story. You’ve got to love the sweet innocence of kids. :)

  26. I really should learn to NOT drink my coffee when reading your blog, because I never knbow when I’m going to burst out laughing and spit said coffee in a very unladylike way.

    You must print this post out and tuck away, to be given to his future wife some day. SO very cute!!!

  27. Vonda 27

    This is about the cutest story I have seen in a long time. THIS is what I love to watch so much more than the pros… I hope you save this for him to see some day.

  28. Ohmygosh, tears are literally streaming down my face right now. And I ain’t sad, neither.

  29. Liz C. 29

    Your youngest hooligan is adorable. I remember the T-Ball days quite well. It was more entertaining than anything ever. Mine started out as *daisy pickers* and *nose pickers*, as we so lovingly referred to them. They eventually begin to get it. Eventually.

    Don’t let the fact that they can’t really play yet, bother you. It’s so hilarious at that age. For everyone’s parents. Except for the anal retentive parents who seem to think their small kid should be hitting home runs already.

  30. What a cutie! That story is what t-ball is all about, right? I love watching the little ones run around like crazy. Fun times

  31. Rita 31

    i was 18 when i played basketball in high school and proudly ALMOST scored the ball into my own team’s ring LOL

  32. Elle 32

    Aww, so adorable! And you made me laugh out loud! hahaha!!!

  33. Robin W. 33

    T-ball is by far the best ever!!! We couldn’t wait until T-ball night just to watch and not see the competition at the high point. The laughter the game brought to everyone was the best!! Thanks for the reminder!!! And the laugh!!

  34. I don’t know why, but this story made me cry. I laughed too… it’s just that innocence/bliss thing. I think I’m jealous of that. It is just far too precious :)

  35. SO adorable!! He is really incredibly cute!!!!

  36. T-Ball is one of the seven gateways to Hell.

    Sorry – was that a bit extreme? I just can’t take T-Ball. THose games last something like 97 hours. Ugh!


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