In Victory You Deserve It…In Defeat You Need It

Moet & Chandon White Star Champagne, France $30

For me, there seems to be more defeats on a daily basis than victories.  

Champagne is often the quintessential consolation prize don’t you think?

I am not sure what everyone is waiting for when it comes to popping the cork…there does not need to be a large scale celebration to enjoy a little bit of bubbly with dinner.

The innovative closures available these days keep Champagne fresh, allowing you to have a glass with your meal and store the rest without feeling like you have to finish the bottle. 

Remember, Napoleon said it best, “In defeat you need it!!”

My point is, we have become so programmed into believing Champagne is only for weddings, victories and New Year’s Eve.

The truth is, life itself is a worthy celebration.  The good and the bad.

Every day is a victory and we learn the most from our defeats.

At my home, this particular Champagne is a brand staple.  There are always several bottles hanging around here somewhere, waiting for the next meal of opportunity to be opened. 

This brand can be found everywhere and often cheaper than the normal $30 price tag.

This Champagne is a balanced blend of three grape varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Petit Meunier.

It has a soft floral nose, with hints of an apple-pear aroma.  On the palate, white fruit and nuts come pouring through.  The finish is clean, crisp and refreshing, as expected.

But seriously, start enjoying some bubbles already. Stop waiting for the ball to drop in Time’s Square for you to get an inkling to pop a cork. 

Champagne is a food friendly wine, matching perfectly with many spicy dishes, seafood and light pastas.
So tell me…when do you open Champagne? 

Do you wait for that defining moment of victory; a birth, a new job or a holiday?  Or do you enjoy it with dinner as you do a still wine (wine without bubbles)? 

I’d like to know.

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  1. In my opinion, everything out there is a reason to have a glass of champagne! Today is Earth Day…Cheers!

  2. Mike 2

    I don’t have Champagne often enough (same for wine in general), but this is definitely a bottle that is always a great bargain. I think I’ve fallen into the celebrations category as well–New Years, birthdays, etc. :o

  3. I get no kick from champagne
    Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all
    Unless it’s Jack and Coke

    Oops. I think I got the lyrics wrong somewhere in there. I’ve never cared for champagne, though. Maybe I’ve just never had good champagne.

  4. Elle 4

    Great post! You’re right–we should celebrate more of the everyday stuff!

  5. krysta 5

    If I could afford it, I’d drink it everyday but alas I cannot.*dramtic sigh* Though we have opened a bottle when each of the four sous chefs were potty trained and for other little everyday celebrations.

  6. Jules 6

    I only ever have at celebrations. I haven’t ever been that fond of champagne, but I did have some this past New Year that was quite tasty. With my newfound like of wines, I think I will have to indulge for the sake of indulgence!

  7. I’m afraid that it is like you mentioned Champagne is delegated for special occasions. I need to rethink this….we make some delicious sparkling wines here in the valley that cannot be called Champagne (even if that is what they are). Champagne can only be called Champagne if it is from the Champagne region of France…it is the law…so in that case if it is not Champagne I should drink it anytime….I like your way of thinking:D

  8. I actually love champagne and sparkling wine in the summer. My mother cringes but a sparkling rose is great with bbq chicken and grilled veggies. You’re right…Champagne needs to be a more common drink. Cheers!

  9. Mimosas. Mimosas make me very, very happy. Very happy.

  10. “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagneâ€￾ John Maynard Keynes
    It’s not Sunday brunch without champagne/ sparkling wine as far as this household is concerned. I think it’s such a shame when people do winery tours and focus only on the white vs. red. I try to always pick up a sparkling if they offer it. Makes for a fun wine to pull out when you just feel like being silly or nice to have on hand for impromptu minicelebrations (taxes are done! woot!).
    I also use champagne in cooking, just like other wines. Great with fruit and in sorbet. YUM!

  11. Kathy from NJ 11

    We always had a bottle or two of Korbel Natural in the refrigerator to celebrate anything, including waking up in the morning. Unfortunately no alcohol for me any more, I liked it too much and it began not liking me.

  12. ALF 12

    We always have it for special occasions but sometimes we’ll have it just because – that’s the most fun!

  13. Thank you for the comments on my blog.
    To be honest with you we don’t have champagne on New Years. This is an alcohol free zone. Not for religious reasons but because the family had so many alcoholics we just stayed away.

  14. Love love love Champagne! Being an equal opportunity wine drinker, I also love Cava, Sekt, Prosecco and anything else with a little fizzle. I agree whole-heartedly ~ no need to wait for a special occasion! Bubbly pairs well with just about anything.

    Hmmmm, now I’m getting a little thirsty.

  15. Deb 15

    I could drink champagne every single night but also I would be totally wiped out every night! I can drink a whole bottle of wine and be fine. But champagne makes me crazy! I guess it is the bubbles!

  16. Flea 16

    We often open champagne at Easter, for our Mimosas.

  17. Liz C. 17

    That is my favorite and the only champagne I drink.

    You are so my new favorite person, lol.

    Every New Year’s Eve and 4th of July, the hubby always goes to bed early. So, I usually go outside after the hubby retires so I can watch fireworks and sip my entire bottle of champagne, LOL!

  18. Champagne gives me a headache. My Dad however has a bottle at least once a week with his wife. They drink Andre, yep the cheap stuff, which is maybe why I get a headache. Personally I love a good red wine, preferably Merlot, room temperature. I have for now forsaken my love of the vine for the grands. Some of their trauma involved alcohol.
    For their sakes we have set it aside. I do add some to sauces.
    Some ladies are discussing cheesecake recipes, I thought you might have something up your sleeve. the two top contenders are oreo and kahlua.
    whatcha got?

  19. Jessica 19

    My family only drinks champagne on new years eave lol. I feel so deprived. Champagne is meant for everyday! : )

  20. Jessica 20

    Hmm my family only drinks champagne on new years. I suddenly feel deprived lol.

  21. Lorena 21

    About once a week for us. Usually to celebrate the start of the weekend. In fact we’re opening a bottle tonight; a cheap but quaffable (if a touch sweet for our dry taste) Seaview Brut. Because it’s, uh… Wednesday.

    Fortunately, I haven’t started celebrating breakfast. Yet.

  22. I once told my boss that champagne gave me a headache. He assured me that I needed to drink better champagne.

    The last two times I’ve had champagne with him… no headache.

    I love mimosas!

  23. Rita 23

    every day is a victory indeed.

    there was a 5 minute power outage in Hong Kong’s Bank of China Tower (where I work) yesterday (power outage is extremely rare in Hong Kong). Even THIS calls for a celebration! Yay!

    The government is working on lowering wine related taxes, but…one can always have your choice of red, white or sparkle if one wishes, anytime.

    For me, a true celebration calls for either a huge glass of coke/ginger ale or indonesian teh botol sosro…yes, with ice. I celebrate everything, everyday :)

  24. Hempola 24

    I love this champagne! My best friend and I consider it a girls night special. We always share a few bottle on Thanksgiving while planning our “Black Friday” game plan.

  25. Janet 25

    I agree, crack open a bottle and enjoy – definitely bucks you up – but I cannot believe the price you pay, in England it would be £30 and maybe thensome! Aaaargh. I’m emmigrating!

  26. Janet 26

    I bet your sparkling wines are just as delicious, if not more. There is a huge variety in champagne and it also depends on the year; some are fruitier than others. With champagne I find that you don’t get that pesky headache if you sip a little freely.

  27. tamilyn 27

    Umm, I had mimosas on Christmas morning and then drank the rest of the bottle throughout the rest of the day. I think, like many here, that we should indeed celebrate more things in life. Checkbook is balance-break it out. Kids passed all classes-cheers! Husband finished sheetrocking laundry room so new appliances can be delivers-heck, open 2. Have you ever tried Banfi Rose Regale? Oh. My. Gravy. I worked part time at a liquor store for about 9 months and we would hold wine tastings that we would sign up to work at. Long story short-the wine rep who had this looked like Ferris Bueller and was hysterical. He had each of us try his wines before we assisted him. Suffice it to say I was over the moon. It tastes of raspberries and is very lightly bubbled. I drank an entire bottle for my birthday. I brought a bottle to my sister’s wedding and had 5 people tell me they went out to buy it right after. Here in Minnesota it goes for about $23 bucks. If I made more money, I would have it every week, but have to pick cheaper wines for daily, um, I mean weekly consumption.

  28. AJ 28

    I love champagne/Sparkling wine. I drink it as often as I can, and on special occasions will splurge for a bottle of Veuve Clichot or Laurent Perrier.
    The Australian Sparkling Wines are great and inexpensive, and Sparkling Shiraz is amazing.
    Banfi Rose Regale is exquisite when paired with good Dark Chocolate.

  29. Erin 29

    I just came across your Champagne tip. I may try it this New Years. Aside from New Years, I love mimosas on Christmas morning, and several years ago, as a traveller in Australia (I’m Canadian), I enjoyed a couple glasses of bubbly instead of beer or wine at the local pub when they had trivia night. My Australian friends always invited me out for these fun evenings.

  30. Caitlin 30

    I like to keep a case of Prosecco/Cava around for every day drinking. A decent bottle can be $7 or $8 and I don’t have luck with still wine in that price range. Veuve Cliquot is my champagne of choice for celebrations.


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