The Money I Saved On Vacation Bling

Living in California we have a sales tax rate of anywhere between 7.5% to 8.5%, depending on what city you live in, on all purchases (excluding some food items). 

So when I go to Oregon, a state that does not have sales tax, I have convinced myself that everything in the whole flippin’ state is on sale by about 10.0%.  Yes, I’ve even rounded it up.  Sometimes I have even gone as far to rationalize that the store I’m buying it from is not local for me, therefore I would have it shipped.  So then I am saving on the shipping as well.  It’s amazing what you can make your mind believe if you really want to.

So when I get here, I have this overwhelming urge and desire to shop for things that I really don’t need but can justify purchasing because like I said, they are on SALE, sort of. 

It’s sick I know, but it’s the truth.

So I thought I would share with all of you the amount of money I saved yesterday by making these purchases in this wonderfully, generous, under-taxed state.  It’s really amazing.  I mean I’ve saved so many dollars here…I just might keep shopping!

So here we go…

The oldest hooligan really needed his 87th Lego set.  This brings endless hours of hotel fun as he sits and creates his latest and greatest Lego masterpiece. 

I saved about $3.20 by buying this in Oregon.  What a deal, right?

Here is the youngest hooligan with his newly created Build-a-Bear cuddler, Mr. Teddy Bear-a. 

If you could see this hooligan’s room, you would think you would have entered a zoo gone berserk.  But he loves and takes care of each and every one of his furry friends. 

I saved $1.28 buy purchasing this item in the lovely Beaver State.  What a savings.

Now let’s get serious.

Yes, I really needed these.  Won’t I look snazzy in the vineyard in these babies?  Coach for the vineyard, you might ask?  Hey, it’s a classy grape-growin’ operation and Hunter-Wellies never saw these coming. 

I saved $12.00 by taking these boots off Nordstrom’s hands.  What a deal I thought.

There is something about the name Burberry that just makes my palms sweat.  Maybe it’s the price, but maybe it’s just because the word berry is in it?  Yeah that’s it.  I mean, I love grape-berries…I know a lot about berries…that must have been what made me purchase not one BUT two of these lovely handbags. 

Let’s just say I saved $48.00 by purchasing these and not dwell on the actual cost. 

This deal, was something I couldn’t pass up.  I couldn’t.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am to get this thing home and on the countertop. 

It is the Williams-Sonoma Mukka Express electric cappuccino maker.  It makes an espresso or a latte with steamed or frothed milk in five minutes flat.  I have wanted this for a while now and wouldn’t you know it…here it is in Oregon. 

I saved a whopping $11.12 on this one.  Yahoo!

Honestly, I think this was my favorite purchase of the day.  My friend Loran  turned me on to this one.  She always smells so dang good and I couldn’t live another day without this.  This folks is something to drive to the mall for right now.  I am normally an Escada girl but I have made the switcher-roo.  Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is the best smelling fragrance I have come across in a very, very long time.  Now I own it. 

And I saved $6.40 by buying it in Oregon!

Now for the grand total….I saved $82.00 by getting all this garbage while on vacation!  Is that genius of me or what!?

And if you added up all the rest of the junk I bought at Eddie Bauer and Target I’m sure the savings total is just astronomical!

When I returned to the hotel with all these goodies, I didn’t tell the Wild Boar how much money I had spent, I told him how much I saved.  He was thrilled!

It’s all in the way you choose to deliver the information.  For me, this way worked.

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  1. Tipper 1

    Your post reminds me of my mom. She will buy anything if its on sale-and then usually end up giving it away because she never needed it anyway-but it was on sale. I wish she had your shopping taste!

    Your blog is great! I can’t wait to try the muffins.

  2. The Coach boots were a must. You had to buy those.

    I grew up and lived in Southern California until I was 24 then I moved back to Massachusetts where there is no sales tax on clothes. I kid you not, I almost passed out. Whenever my mother comes to visit she packs light because she knows she’ll be shopping for clothes while she’s back here.

  3. Just a quick note that the income tax in Oregon more than compensates for the lack of sales tax. Even if you get a refund from the feds, you’ll just turn that over and more to the folks in Oregon!
    I made your muffins. I made mention of your muffins on my blog.
    Words fail me….

  4. I think all those things are necessary. Especially the Coach Vineyard Boots. I once bought Prada hiking boots, so you don’t have to worry about me judging. Nosirree.

  5. I am nodding along the whole post, because it is totally logical…all in the name of SAVING $$. Wildboar should be thrilled. ;)

    I also use the fact that if I need to return an item, I did “negative shopping,” and hence need to buy something so I’m not in that deficit.

  6. krysta 6

    I’m speechless.

  7. Cara 7

    Sounds like you got some good deals!

  8. Liz C. 8

    It all sounds perfectly logical to me, but is that all you got, lol? I want those Coach boots, but since it seldom rains here, I’d only wear them in the garden. Where’s the fun in that?

    Any time you save money you should be praised, because it doesn’t really come naturally to those of us from Venus. Those from Mars will simply never understand.

  9. Well done. LOVE the boots.

    I use the same logic on The Hubs. Works every time.

  10. I think this makes perfect sense. PERFECT SENSE.

    I have spoken.

  11. Jessica 11

    Aww so cute! I love the picture with the teddy bear!

  12. I LOVE those boots. Here, in TN, we have 9.25% tax and go to Kentucky (0%)to buy a lot of stuff. But, I’m pretty sure they don’t have boots or purses or anything cool like that in KY.

  13. pam 13

    I want to go shopping with you! I love an enabler, you would be perfect!

  14. Vonda 14

    Very clever of you….I will try that tactic next time on my husband. I hope Oregon stays as is with no sales tax but I fear it will be coming soon.

  15. I use two scents. Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and D&G’s Light Blue, which I just discovered last year. Love them both!

    Also love these boots!


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