My First Human Experiment

It all began when they handed you to me in the hospital; a burrito is what first came to mind. 

How did they wrap you up like a burrito? 

Was I supposed to be able to wrap you up like a burrito? 

I had no idea what to do with a live, wet burrito. 

Was there a burrito class?

Why am I thinking about food at a time like this?  I now own a burrito?!

It became painfully clear you had very few, very acute needs.  Eat.  Burp.  Sleep.  Poop.  Cry. 

Cycle and repeat 12 times a day. 

But it was your food fixation, that really, really, was your THING.  From very early on, you liked to eat.  A lot.

I mean, you were fun…as long as the food was in steady supply.

It wasn’t long before the double chin reared its little head.

And then the baby boobies showed up…

And you started getting fatter…

I wasn’t kidding when I said fatter…

In monumental proportions…

So I kept feeding you…

And you kept eating…

And you were happy.

But inevitably you would cry again…

So I fed you some more…

And you were happy…

And sometimes you stayed happy…

But then you would cry again…

So I fed you some more.

Birthday’s came and went. 

You got stronger (from all the food).

And curious.

And Harry Potterish.

And very official.

And studious.

And interested in everything.

And today…EIGHT YEARS into the experiment…things are going well…Happy Birthday…you’ve turned out well and I am so proud.

I wish I could still wrap you up like a burrito…now, I know how.

I love you….Mom.


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  1. Happy birthday to your boy! He turned out quite handsome! Of course, he was cute as a little chunker, too. Looking at my kids, you’d never know they once had those same thigh rolls:o)

    I can’t believe how good you look in that first photo. Are you wearing makeup? I have some pictures like that, but I think I’d be afraid to post them on the web. I did not have it quite so together.

  2. That is one precious burrito you got there, Mom. Happy, happy brithday to a handsome young man! xoxo, Mental P Mama

  3. Happy Birthday to you young man! I loved seeing all of those pictures. He sure was a cute baby, and is now so grown up. It’s crazy how time flies, huh?

  4. What a chub he was. Those cheeks were just precious! And the thunder thighs were awesome! And you my dear, lovely! You have really great eyes!

    Happy birthday to your future grape planter! Don’t you just love watching them grow?

  5. this is the sweetest entry. :)
    i love the photo progression and what a cutie your son is!

  6. Such a beautiful post!!! Perfect for a sweet scrapbook (go for it!)…

  7. Happy birthday dude! That is such a cute post. I love the pictures!

  8. Those photos are great! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!!

  9. My best wishes to the Birthday Boy! Great post!

  10. krysta 10

    Happy Birthday to the burrito boy!

  11. Awwwww!! It makes all those boogers worth it, doesn’t it? Happy happy happy birthday to all of you.

  12. Way to make me tear up as I first sit at my computer this morning. Thanks, Cathy! You and he must be very proud of each other. Happy B-day!

  13. This was so sweet. My daughter is going to be 13 this fall and I have no idea how I’m going to handle it. I’m so not ready for a teenager.:)

  14. Krissy 14

    How sweet! I had tears because I went down memory lane myself. So sweet!

  15. Mama DB 15

    Love this! Happy birthday to your boy. I do have to admit that those chubby little baby legs just made my uterus skip a beat.

  16. Vonda 16

    Very sweet….they do indeed grow up way too soon.

  17. OK, you had me all teared up with this one. Funnily enough, we have a little flower towel–one of those hoodie ones–for my daughter, and whenever we roll her up in it and wrap the blossom around her head, we always joke that she’s our “flower burrito.” I figured you, of all people, would get a chuckle out of that.

  18. Cara 18

    Aww your boy is soo adorable, and this was truly a great post! :-)

  19. Daisy 19

    I found your website via Pioneer Woman’s. I love your birthday picture story! Great narrative! I’m excited to look through your recipes, too. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. pam 20

    What a cutie!

  21. ALF 21

    very cool – he’s so cute.

    There’s nothing saying you shouldn’t wrap him up like a burrito now.

  22. amy 22

    Loved this! What an awesome tribute to your little man and great pics! Hope he has a fab bday!

  23. Liz C. 23

    Those pictures are too precious. What an adorable, funny baby he was! He will grow to be a good man. I see it in his eyes & his smile.

  24. A very handsome young man!

    LOVE the baby pictures!!!

    Happy Birthday son of Noble Pig and Wild Boar!

  25. What a handsome little man! My oldest is eight, but not for long… it’s amazing how fast it goes!

  26. What a darling little man. I love how his expressions in some of the pictures look so startlingly much like you in the top where you’re holding your little bundle of love.

    Man, darnit, reading posts like this make me get warm fuzzy maternal juices flowing that I didn’t know I had!!!


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