My Date With a Bulldozer

Yes, I’m still in Oregon.  I know you want me to go home, but my work here is not done.  I am still needed.

However, I can honestly say that I have never been friends with heavy machinery.  It’s not my thing.  It’s for other people, who are very unlike me. 

Even though yellow is one of my favorite colors, me and the bulldozers have always had an agreement; TO STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!

So when I was told I needed to instruct a man and a bulldozer where to doze…well I laughed.  Ummm, didn’t they know about the agreement?

I mean I didn’t even know until several days ago where the homesite on our property was moved to and now I was going to tell someone where to knock down trees so a drill rig can be set up to dig a well…

Oh sure, okay, I’ll do it.  I’m a take charge person. 

Here’s the dozer.  It looks harmless…it’s a baby one.

Here’s the man and the dozer…waiting with baited breath for my explicit, unwavering instructions.

“Yeah, right over there…no, to the left…more…more…a little to the right.  No!  I mean yes! Yes!  No!  There..yes!”

Oops.  Maybe it was more to the left than the right.  Now the man had to get the chainsaw to get the tree out of the trees. 

He wasn’t very happy. 

Sorry.  I guess I’m not cut out for the country.

On a happier note, this will be the view from the front of the house.  Send the garbage truck quick!

The hooligans could have cared less about the mess I caused with the dozer or the view from my kitchen window.  They were off to see the wizard.

In fact, no one seems to be stressed out about how much land prep is going to be required here before a vineyard can be planted.

No one but me!  This family-business is turning into a one-woman show…whatever!  That’s alright, I’m determined.  I really am.

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  1. Molly 1

    Have you read “A Year In Provence”? It is a fabulous book which includes great food, a vineyard, great wine, and building. If you haven’t read it, go out immediately and buy it, if you have read it, well I think you should read it again. It is by Peter Mayle, and I’m not sure if that’s the correct spelling of his name, but I just think that you would so relate to that story. It just kept popping into my mind as I read this post, and I thought, I have to tell her about that book.

  2. It’s a lovely view. How long will you be in Oregon? Once you have the winery built, I’ll come visit. I’m only a state away.

  3. First off, so glad you dropped by. I have been engrossed in your blog since I started reading the About Me section. Wow. All I can say . . . Riveting.

    So riveting, you are an instant add to my reader (I don’t just add anyone to my reader–I swear!) . . . I must know more!

    Your blog is the reason I decided to start blogging–to meet really interesting people with a passion, a deep rooted passion for something and the fortitude to see it through. Oh, and I love to meet moms–I enjoy mom stories (NEVER thought I would –but now that I have a son of my own, I can’t get enough).

    I’ll be back . . . most definitely.

  4. You always crack me up. Getting a tree out of a tree? Priceless!

    Keep posting the photos (funny or otherwise) – it’s lovely to see your progress.

  5. What a beautiful view!!!

  6. I have no doubts whatsoever that this will be a smashing success! I can’t wait to invite myself out for a visit.

  7. eliza 7

    dear Cathy, you’re soo nice! thanks for checking in. i’m still here, just no worthy baked goods to be posted yet :) you’re still here in Oregon? i’ve read several posts about you shopping madly in OR! LOL… the weather’s kinda crazy right now though ’cause it’s snowing down here. enjoy the rest of your visit, i promise to post again soon!

  8. Well hey there, new neighbor! (not really, I’m probably a 5 hour drive from you).. Your view is going to be fabulous…
    So, when you get this baby up and running.. look me up… I’m over here in Eastern Oregon, on a ranch. Lamb and beef baby, you likey? And we love red wines!!! Any in your future plan???

  9. I am seriously so jealous of you right now it isn’t even funny. I’m not sure what I’m more envious of…the fact that you are opening your own winery and vineyard or what the view out your kitchen window will be. I think it’s a little bit of both. :)

  10. Great view!! I’m laughing here as I’m picturing you at the bookstore flipping through “Bulldozing for Dummies.” Imagine the looks you’d get there! ;)

  11. Daisy 11

    That view is absolutely fantastic. You should have asked the dozer operator if you could drive a little – I know it would have further spoiled the agreement, but I bet you would have had a blast!

  12. Deb 12

    Ah, the beginning of wonderful things to come! And a “room with a view”!
    Love the updates! Have you thought of a name for your winery? (or did I miss that in a previous post:(

  13. Liz C. 13

    OMG! That made me laugh hard! Are you a Libra? Indecision is one of our greatest traits in the pursuit of making other people crazy, lol.

  14. Wow! It’s actually happening. This is going to be so great for you all!

    Is this on the coast? That’s not the water I can see in the distance, is it? It looks maybe like bluish hills.

  15. Jessica 15

    Pretty pictures! Large machinery also scares me lol.

  16. Looks positively lovely!

  17. I haven’t been reading long enough to know what’s going on here. It’s clear you’re building a house, but are you really going to start your own vineyard? Well, whatever, the land is absolutely gorgeous! Such a view! I am excited for you and I don’t even know you.

  18. Just look cute and smile… them dozer guys are easy to sway with a little bit of feminine charm…

    Oh, and nice view… veeeerrry nice. I’m sorry, that sounded a little suggestive, but whatever suits your fancy :)

  19. Have I mentioned lately how jealous I am??

    “baby dozer” – I love it.

    Wine and bulldozers. That’s hot.


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