What’s This Stuff?

I’m embarrassed to say (well, not really) my kids have never been to the snow; until yesterday. 

Unexpectedly, 15 miles south of Portland, Oregon, where snow is not the norm, a small blizzard appeared out of nowhere.

You can not even imagine the excitement and craziness the hooligans felt.

I know for many of you who live in snow and deal with it’s wrath all winter, are laughing hysterically right now at this little smidgen of a dusting.

But for these two little California boys, it was, “the best day of their life”- their words.

The rental car could not have been a more perfect color (black) to show off the white snow. 

Believe it or not, there was enough of the white stuff on top of the car to make snowballs.  I even got pegged with a couple.

Catching snowflakes with their tongues…


Now, let’s get real, we didn’t spend the whole day in the snow.

I had to get some more shopping in.

However, this is what I had to contend with when trying to accomplish my shopping goals.

The hooligans hiding in the middle of clothes racks.  Ugh!  I hate that.

But somehow I managed to come back to the hotel with these little gems.  And yes, I needed these like I needed a hole in my head.

But remember, I’m in Oregon, I saved $8.00 on these because of NO Sales Tax.  If you take that and add it up with the savings on the other three pairs of shoes I bought, well, what a deal!  

I love my new Calvin’s.  Shoes are one of my many, many, weaknesses.

I’ll make sure I put a concrete floor in my barn so I can wear these while I work! 

Heading back home today…it’s so sad the shopping always has to end.

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  1. Grape. Stomping. Shoes. And such a deal! Safe travels…

  2. Don’t feel bad. I lived in Costa Mesa as a child, and didn’t see snow for the first time until I was 10 years old. We went to my grandparents’ home in the high desert. It snowed over night in the mountains near them, so the next morning they drove us up to play in it. I just remember being very disappointed because I thought snow would be like it was in Bugs Bunny cartoons. Light and fluffy, and when you hit someone with a snowball it would make a great sound.

    I, too, have an extreme weakness for shoes and those ones you bought are fabulous. I bought some red satin pumps from JCrew a year ago, and when I put them on I said to my husband “These are the kind of shoes that make you glad to be a woman.”

  3. Geri 3

    YOU GO GIRL…sun, rain or SNOW…
    It was such fun to hear about your trip and to see the joy and excitement on your boys faces. We often take SNOW for granted. Thinking back years ago when we had it up north in Virginia (now in Florida). Your sons brought back many happy memories..”SHOP TIL YOU DROP” I always say. After all women were born with that gift. LOL. This is my second time to read your blog and I’m hooked. Thanks for starting my day off just right! Best wishes with your career and family life. Those boys are so handsome…HAPPY SPRING…

  4. Oh so priceless! Shoes and a first snow!
    Red.. hot mama color….
    Have fun!
    PS. We got 2 inches of new snow… come on over!

  5. Love me some Hooligan dimples! Snow is awesome! I can’t get enough of it since leaving Alaska! We got a pretty good burst here south of Seattle as well, but it only hung out for a few hours. I’m so glad your boys had the best day of their lives!
    And what a relief to know that my kids weren’t the only ones to hide in clothes racks!
    Those shoes are hot. I hope you’re going to pave the rows between your vines so you can wear them out checking grapes! No wait! You have Coach boots for that!
    Safe trip home!

  6. Hey, we were excited in our Southern CA city to have received hail accumulation the other evening!

    Cute shoes!

  7. I am so glad to see the white stuff disappear for another year, but the kids always love it:D

  8. Having lived outside of “snow areas” all my life, I still find it magical being out while it is snowing.

  9. Girl – nice shoes. Gotta love “hot mom” shoes… smokin’

    and as for the snow… we got some here too. So glad your boys FINALLY got to experience the white stuff :)

  10. In Wisconsin we call that April.

  11. How sweet that ‘the best day of their lives’ had to do with something involving nature. The weather is so unpredictable sometimes. Your sons are adorable. And frankly, so are those shoes!!!

  12. Steve 12

    What a great time! I hate snow – all the shoveling, etc – but there is nothing more magical than watching kids play in the snow.

    I know nothing about shoes, but wow.

    Great blog – this was my first visit. I really enjoyed myself!

  13. eliza 13

    i bet your hooligans can’t wait until they move here and enjoy more snow!


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