It’s A Man’s World…I Guess

Overall, I’m not a big fan of Chardonnay.  I’ve always tried to enjoy this wine and understand the addiction surrounding it.  Mostly, I want to join in the hoopla that makes this wine one of the most popular varietals today.  

Strangely enough, even with my dislike, I continue seeking Chardonnay out, thinking this time will be different; the Chardonnay my palate accepts as friendly.  This one will be THE ONE.  And sometimes it is…but most of the time it’s a disappointment, at least for me.

Chardonnay is made in many different styles.  I am not a fan of the oak-bomb, buttery-popcorn Chardonnay, popular for longer than I can remember.  I tend to linger toward a fruitier style Chardonnay, aged in stainless steel.

So the other day at my local wine haunt I was on the hunt for something interesting, something new to grab hold of my palate and take charge.

I saw the regular worker guy, he was up on the ladder stocking shelves…

Me:  Hey man, how’s it going?

Wine Guy:  Hey, great!  You’re back.  What are you looking for today.

Me:  Oh, Chardonnay again.  I’m still searching.

Wine Guy:  (still up on the ladder)  You gotta get the man.

Me:  What?

Wine Guy:  The man, you gotta get em’.

Me:  I have a man.  I want Chardonnay.

Wine Guy:  I know.  You need it.  The man.

Me:  No.  Are we talking about wine?  I want a fruity Chardonnay.

Wine Guy: (randomly pointing across the store)  I know.  The man is what you want.

Me:  Dude.  Are you screwing with me?  I want Chard.  One that I’ll like.  Fruity.  No oak.  Clean.  Probably not something from California.

Wine Guy:  (smiling, hard)  The man is awesome.

Me:  Am I in the Twilight zone?  Could you please stop cryptically talking to me!

Wine Guy:  Ah, you’ve never been introduced to the man. 

Me:  No.  Is he here?

Wine Guy:  Not literally.

Me:  (walking away)  I’ll come back later (WHEN THE CRACK YOU SMOKED WEARS OFF).

Wine Guy:  (comes flying down the ladder)  No, I’m kidding.  Really.  I’m kidding.  The man is right over here.

Me:  Oh geez, please stop.

Wine Guy:  Here it is…

Me:  Oh.  So, “The MAN” is wine.  

Wine Guy:  Yeah, I said that.

Me:  No, you didn’t.  But it’s okay (you screwball.  Doesn’t he know I am not there to joke.  I mean me joke…no, never).   

Wine Guy:  You’ll like it.  I know you will.

Me:  You think I’ll like the sexist wine?  I didn’t like the jokes.

Wine Guy:  I know, but usually you’re nicer.

Me:  I think you know me too well.  But I’m going to give you a big, WHATEVER, anyway.

2006 MAN Vintners Chardonnay South Africa $9

So at first the Name of the winery kind of turned me off.  Was this some big, macho, amped up, wine that only men felt they could make or drink?

But then I started investigating this winery, as I have a natural curiosity for this type of information. And it turns out the winery was started by three men who used the first initials of their wives names to name their new venture; Marie, Anette and Nicky.

Okay, now I felt bad. 

But anyway the wine was really good.  It was void of all the complexities that so many Chardonnay’s posses and I dislike.

This wine was refreshing, light and clean.  It was the kind of Chardonnay I often craved.  Heavy on tropical fruit.  Melon.  Pineapple.  Then the aromas of the stone fruits, peach and apricot became apparent. The finish rounded and easy.

This is an extremely versatile wine.  It could go with almost anything.  Seafood, pasta primavera’s and for some reason I’m thinking Chinese food would be some initial great pairings.

I hope you get a chance to try this wine, whether you’re a Chardonnay fan or not.  I think you will really enjoy it.

So what is everyone out there drinking tonight or what did you have last night? 

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  1. This wine sounds great. I’m always looking for a good white wine because it’s all my father-in-law will drink. Actually, his favorite is white zinfandel, which I cannot stand. It’s too sweet and syrupy for me.

    I usually only drink reds, but every now and then I like a lighter wine, especially in the summertime. I’m going to look for this one at the wine stores in my area. If they don’t have it, I know they will order it for me.

  2. I tried a sauvengin(sp) blanc that was way too heavy. Fruity but an ugly finish. It should be noted though that I had just finished a clean dry cider and the wine did not blend well. I tried it about 15 minutes later however and it was still a “no”.

  3. That sounds yummy ; ) Last night I had some white grape juice lol.

  4. Amanda 4

    I long to like Chardonnay. But I haven’t liked any of the kinds I have tried so far. Just something about it, it’s almost..buttery? Maybe I should try this kind.

  5. Oh, Man. I love chardonnay. I must not have as sophisticated a palette as you my dear….

  6. I am not a big fan of chardonnay either. I have found a few un-oaked New Zealand ones that were good. I’ll have to look for this one, as it does sound like one I would enjoy. Thanks for the review!

  7. Liz C. 7

    Thank goodness you are out there trying new wines so that I can, at long last, learn about good wine… or just learn about wines, lol. Thank you, thank you! However, I guess I must be the woodsy type. I like the oakey hint, just not too much.

  8. Rachael J 8

    Interesting!…we are living in Luanda Angola as expats right now with my husbands company. We recently took a trip to South Africa and went crazy for their wine. Do you do much S.A wine? It is SO good and so reasonably priced. I will definitely look for this wine. Have you tried anything from Meerlust? If not, get your hands on Meerlust Rubicon…trust me, to die for!!! And reasonable too…I found it for $25 a bottle in California and had it shipped to my mom’s house so I would have it during our summer leave. Funny enough, $25 is pretty high in S.A.

    Love your blog!

  9. Mike 9

    I also tend to loath the more popular style of Chardonnay. Id never heard the term, but “oak bomb” nailed it for me–I just don’t want a glass of liquid smoke. This is definitely a good find and good to know…maybe I’ll give Chardonnay another chance!

  10. Kate 10

    Am looking forward to trying this. Hopefully, it will transport me to a lush green field where sheep are prancing and fairies are raining down pixie dust down on me . . .

    Thanks for the great tip!

  11. giz 11

    I love the way this wine store dude had you going and once you got the story you felt like a doofus. Too funny. I also like your descriptor of this wine and now I’m going on a hunt. It’s a great name – it’s not hard to forget.

  12. I’ve never been a chardonnay fan either. Sounds like a frustrating conversation, but maybe somewhat typical for a young wine dude in the know. ;-) Glad it turned out to be a winner! If I see the MAN wine in my travels, I’ll definitely buy some to try.

    Thanks, Cathy!


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