I Found A Connection

2005 Roxyann Syrah $30

If you’ve been here before (this blog), you know I like to connect with my wine before the cork even comes out of the bottle.

Don’t get me wrong the wine has to ultimately taste good; that is BY FAR the end all, the most important aspect.  But I love when a wine speaks to me on another level.  You know, reminds me of something, leaving me with a good memory, even if it’s ridiculous.  In fact, the more ridiculous the better.

Wineries spend thousands and thousands of dollars of their marketing budget trying to establish that connection with their customers.  If they can get you to buy into their story they have most likely gained a great customer for life.

For me, I like to connect to a wine in my own weird way.  Hey, it’s my wine experience.  Don’t judge me.

So here I go.  I really wanted this wine.  It had great ratings in the tabloids and it was from Oregon.  Of course I love Oregon wine; they just don’t make great Pinot Noir.  The Southern parts of the state are having great success with other warmer climate varietals like Syrah.  So what the heck, I had to have it.  I gave the winery a jingle-jangle and before I knew it, there were several bottles on my doorstep courtesy of the brown truck. 

I opened the box, took out the wine, held it in my hands, and closed my eyes while I said Roxyann three times slowly.  Can you picture it?  This really happened.  It really did.

At first there was nothing, just a vast black-hole of nothingness, but then magically, an explosion of memories came flooding in.

I was transported to another time or what seems another era at this point.  But there I was dancing away at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd (one of my old hangouts called just, The Roxy).  With the band Roxy Music (member them) in my very hip but chicly understated Roxy clothing. 

Okay, maybe all three of these things did not happen in sequence like that.  But they all happened.  Concerts at The Roxy were a constant in my younger years.  A small venue, seeing great bands, it’s unforgettable.  And the band Roxy Music, with Bryan Ferry, ummm, need I say more?  And Roxy clothing, a staple in my wardrobe.  The shirts, the sunglasses, the backpack, the flip-flops.  I had them all.  I think I still have some of them.

So there it was, I was connected on another level whether subliminally or extraordinarily or just unusually, but I WAS CONNECTED and INVESTED.  This wine and I were old friends, pals and buddies…and I hadn’t even opened the bottle.

When I did get the cork out, the wine was an aromatic festival of blueberry, plum and blackberry nuances.  Elegantly rich in texture with a peppery, smoky finish.  This wine was powerful and very enjoyable, refined and silky.

If you enjoy Syrah this one is definitely worth a try.

So did you connect with any wines last night?  I’d like to know about it.

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  1. Maggie 1

    One of these days I’m going to have a Noble Pig night (or month?) and cook and drink only Noble Pig delights. It will be DIVINE.

  2. I connected with a very bad Chard yesterday. Way heavy and not quite dry enough. Drank it anyway, waste not, want not. Followed by a lovely glass of French Champagne.

  3. I connected with your very basic Kendall Chard. Boring mama that I am these days…I don’t like being home from my vacation.

  4. I’m guessing you didn’t buy this wine from Amazon.com? :)

    And I agree, nothing like enjoying a good wine that has emotional meaning to it.

    I guess one could say that I connected with a bottle of 2005 Bordeaux last night. With all the hype of the vintage and the wine being my first ’05 Bordeaux (Chateau Gravat) there was a lot riding on it!

    Luckily, it didn’t let me down – $10 for an 87 point Bordeaux is a no-brainer in my books!

    Have a great weekend :)

  5. Kate 5

    I plan on connecting with some wines (maybe some from this site) this weekend. I’ll be sure to let you know what my friends and I think!
    By the way, we’re doing an entire Noble Pig dinner. It will be good.

  6. kate 6

    i had some really nice grape gatorade rain. it was alright.

  7. No wine connections, but went to a local brewery with a good friend and knocked back a yummy local brew…

    Hey- I’ve rocked out at The Roxy a few times myself! :)


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