Because I Like It, That’s Why

2005 Keller Estate La Cruz Vineyard Pinot Noir $40

The Many Reasons I Love This Wine; this is going to be deep, so pay attention…

As a child I was obsessed with Helen Keller (the deaf-blind woman) whose story was portrayed in the film, The Miracle Worker, and her teacher Annie Sullivan.  I was mesmerized by how Annie Sullivan was able to break through the barriers of isolation and get through to Helen Keller, when no one else could.  Now let’s be honest, Annie Sullivan did this (in the movie) by pouring water on Helen’s head and doing all kinds of what seemed as crazy, violent things to Helen to make her understand.  I was under the impression that this is how they got all deaf-blind people to function; as a child this distressed me a great deal.  Needless to say “Keller” on this wine bottle reminded me of all that craziness.  I was sold.

This wine is a big fruity monster.  Need I say more.

I love cruises to the Mexican Riviera.  The “La Cruz Vineyard” reminds me of, well, “cruising”.  How could I say no.

This wine has VIVID cherry cola scents.

Cherry cola rocks.  How could I pass it up.

This wine has excellent balance, depth and concentration.

I am a stinkin’ pro on the balance beam.  I have depth of personality and range that causes almost anyone to forge an emotional connection with me.  I really do.  I’m not kidding here.  I am able to concentrate intently on eating no matter what is going on around me.  So, this wine reminded me of me, I loved it.

Pinot Noir is the NOBLE red grape of Burgundy.

Ummm, obviously I love any thing noble.  Duh!

This wine has multiple layers of flavor.

Uh yeah, I am like soooo wearing multiple layers of clothing.  This wine was for me.

There were hints of pipe tobacco in this wine.

I’ve told you that I want to smoke again at age 80.  This wine made me feel like I was partaking in that.  I’m buying all of it.

This wine was elegant.

Oh, that is so, so me.  It’s mine forever.

The label has some type of crest on it.

I use Crest toothpaste.  How could that be more perfect?

3800 cases were made.

I love that number.  See, a match made in heaven.

Now seriously, I swear…this wine was the BOMB!  This wine lives and breathes cherry and raspberry.  The red fruit characters are available in full force with subtle hints of spice and of course the pipe tobacco.

This particular Pinot Noir is focused and constant on the palate giving way to a great fruity finish.

This wine doesn’t push for more ripeness and tannin than the flavors can carry; which is a beautiful thing in the wine world.

I purchased this wine from the winery, which you can do too.  I happened to be there but you can order it online as well.

Keller Estate is this unbelievably beautiful property located in the Sonoma Coast appellation in the Petaluma Valley.  It’s terroir is heavily influenced by the maritime fog; making the growing region of this cool climate varietal a perfect match.

The winery itself is also partial to using art as a means of completing your sensory tasting experience.  You are immersed in it as you walk around this stunning estate.

So I’m telling you, I’m promising you, this Pinot Noir is sublime.  It is definitely pricey but it’s hard to find Pinot Noir this sophisticated at lower price points.  I’m not saying they don’t exist, they are just HARD to find.

So let’s not be coy, what is everyone drinking tonight?  Or what did you indulge in last night?

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  1. edward 1


    Thanks for the comment on Wino sapien. I’ve just been reading the note on the Keller pinot, again and again.

    It’s possibly the most deranged, but amusing and clever tasting note I’ve come across. Well done!

  2. Looks like an excellent choice, what with all the similarities to the things you love. I’m not drinking anything just yet because I’m still taking it easy from the sick thing. But next weekend, I’m heading to NJ to be with my girlfriends and I think we’re going to make the dish below. It looks fantastic!
    Lovin’ your site, NP, just lovin’ it!

  3. I indulged in 2 pints of imported cider at one of my favorite pubs.

    My grandfather always said the best wine in the world is the one you’re currently enjoying.

  4. Rachel 4

    You are as crazy as you are funny, my friend!

    I enjoyed Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc last. It’s very fruity and sweet…like me!

  5. You should be in sales. I totally want this wine now.

    Last night I had a tempranillo. (Am I the only commenter that drinks wine nightly?) Tonight, we are either having a viognier or a Washington red blend. It’s chilling down outside, so I’m voting for the red blend.

  6. Jerry 6

    I love your blog. You are as nuts as the day is long, but that’s a good thing in my book.
    I’m enrolled in the UC Davis Extension Program in V&E and hopefully, someday, might be able to pull the trigger and do what you are currently doing. With that said, strangely enough, I happened upon your site just this evening, (through StumbleOn) while enjoying an Oregon Pinot Noir you might be aware of. (I feel we might be somewhat kindred spirits given my love of food and penchant for inordinately long run-on sentences.) Bergstrom Vineyards. I was turned on to this while eating at Ad Hoc this fall. It’s an absolutely killer Pinot in my estimation. Well, I will continue reading and wish you all the best in your viticultural endeavours.


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