2003 Cooper-Garrod Santa Cruz Mountains Finley Vineyard Syrah $24

Syrah, one of my favorite, favorite wines.  Same grape variety as Shiraz in Australia.  It’s rare to come across a Syrah that is a total disappointment.  This one is no different.

Syrah is known for its fruit and peppery flavors.  This particular wine was neither super fruity nor super spicy but was perfect in every other way.  Small hints of blackberry, a little bit of licorice.  Super yummy.  Perfectly balanced.  I loved it.  Really loved it.

You too can get this wine directly from the winery….however this is NOT how I procured my wine.  I was stupid and impatient.

Instead I placed my order online for two bottles with a semi-local wine shop.  Later that afternoon I get this call from the store.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Hi Cathy, this is the human robot who works at the friendly wine shop where you placed an online order today.  I’m trying to process your credit card and it’s not going through.  I think it’s because your credit card expires this month and it’s being kicked back for some reason.

Me:  That’s strange because I just used it at the market.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Well, do you have a new card yet?

Me:  Yes, but I haven’t activated it yet.  Hold on, I’ll activate it on the other line…Okay it’s done.  Same number, new expiration date.  I’ll stay on the line to make sure it’s working.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Well, it’s not working.  Do you have another card?

Me:  What?  It’s a debit card.  There’s plenty of cash in my checking account…(now I’m freaking out).  Do you think someone has stolen my number and spent every penny in my checking account?

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  (monotone, annoyed voice)  I don’t know.  So, do you have another card?

Me:  Ssssuuurrrre, here’s another Mastercard.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Declined.  Do you have another card?

Me:  WHAT?  There’s like a bazillion-gazillion dollars of credit on that card.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  (absolutely no sympathy)  Do you have another card?

Me:  (I’m not sure why I am still playing along at this point)  Well alright, here’s my Visa card number.

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Declined again.  Do you have another card that’s not maxed out?

Me:  (laughing at his blatant rudeness)  Dude, don’t you think you are having a problem with your machine?  I’m telling you my cards don’t even have balances on them!

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Maybe someone in your family maxed them out?

Me:  (now yelling)  What!  Oh my God!  Why are you being such a turd?  You are accusing my own family of stealing my cards and maxing out the credit.  THESE CARDS DO NOT HAVE BALANCES.  YOUR MACHINE IS NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  I doubt that’s the problem.

Me:  (so surprised I’m still on the phone)  You are so rude.  Look when you get your machine fixed go ahead and use one of those numbers and send me the wine, okay…

Tactful Wine Shop Human Robot Worker Guy:  Yeah, whatever.

Three days later UPS delivered the wine.  Oh imagine that, my maxed out cards suddenly worked!

The worst thing was that I let that wine shop sell me the wine because I wanted it so bad and the winery was closed.  So lame on my part.

Word on the street was the wine was sooooooooo good and I wanted it.  I have an extreme weakness for good wine.  Forgive me.  I can’t help myself.

I have to say it was worth the rudeness and abuse from the human robot worker guy.  The wine was GOOD!

But PLEASE order it from the winery if you must have it too.

What is everyone out there drinking tonight or what did you have last night?  C’mon tell me, I know you had something.

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  1. I had a nice Chianti, but I live in an area known as Cocktail Corner, and we’vew been known to be not-so-picky at times.:)

  2. I’m still recovering from your interaction with the wine dude. I don’t care how good the wine was, I would be long gone.
    I had honey and jasmine green tea. I like wine… I don’t love wine. When I do drink wine, I like a balanced white. I don’t care for the taste of reds… too much tannic acid… I think!

  3. Liz C 3

    Hey – at least you were “on” line rather than “in” line… that’s always a nice adventure in public humiliation, LOL!

    I love your blog! Found you through someone’s link, but can’t remember who now.

    Last night we had baked chicken, roasted rosemary red potatoes & salad. When I went to get the wine, I discovered my hubby had bought something called Twisted Pig Pinot Grigio, which actually turned out to be rather good. He certainly seems to be getting daring in his old age, but it probably cost under $15, if I know him, lol. He did try to hide it from me…

    Hope you don’t mind, but I added you as a favorite.

    Cheers! Snooty (Liz)

  4. OMG, I was getting annoyed at the wine shop guy just reading this. That said, I am persistant and will do what I have to if wine is involved. :)
    Since it was a weeknight, we go with our “everyday” value wine, the Avila merlot.

  5. Your story cracks me up. I’m just impressed you didn’t slam the phone down on the guy!

    Last night I had a glass from a jug I bought and filled when we were picnicking last week at Preston Winery. Lou and Susan fill it straight from the barrel each Sunday. Simple, down-home, provincial . . . good with pizza. By the way, thanks for stopping by Swirling Notions!

  6. pam 6

    Loved your story! I’ll have to see if we can find this wine here. I love syrahs!

  7. Kate 7

    Mmmm. Thanks for the tip. This looks really good.

    Oh, and I don’t drink during the week, so I’m just having a cup of herbal tea at the moment.

  8. ALF 8

    We’re trying to save money which means cutting out booze – it’s totally depressing. I am in the mood for a Monster/vodka. Ever had one? I LOVE them!

  9. Karen 9

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. You led me here, and I’m happy to find you!

    Very funny, and I love your passion for wine (I have that too).



  10. amanda 10

    I must try this wine if it’s similar to Shiraz. I love Australian Shiraz!


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