My Atlantis

So here it is…MY VINEYARD LANTIS…well, that is, as soon as escrow closes.  But it’s going to happen very, very, very soon.  A change in homesite was FINALLY approved and now we just have to dig for some water, construct a well…and then it’s mine.  ALL MINE! 

If you look all the way to the back of those really tall trees…that’s the Northern perimeter of the property.  YES, WAY BACK THERE!  It will be from these hills that I will chase after and hopefully capture the perfect Pinot Noir.  Fingers-crossed.  Lots of prayers.

Now use your imagination people, this is raw, virgin land that was recently logged and is soon to see grapes.  Exciting isn’t it?


 Imagine some acres of Pinot Noir right over there…all divided into perfect little vineyard blocks according to soil type…

A little smidgen of Riesling over here…

And yes let’s not forget a little sprinkle of Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc over there…can you picture it?  Can you?  Actually, I can’t either but I’m trying very, very hard.  My imagination is working overtime to envision rows and rows of vines in majestic magnificence but there is something about all the weeds, tree stumps and poison oak around here that makes all of this seem eminently nonsensical.

But then I see the hooligans, and all of this, all of this dirt, this labor of love is for them, their future.  I want to pass on to them a family business centered in tradition with a beautiful lifestyle… but then their complaining begins…

The child with his eyes closed is currently uber-whining about the sunlight in his eyes and the other child obviously has to go to the bathroom. 

After this shot they left me running and screaming back to the car because they were so freaked out about the bees and nature sounds in general.  They said they cannot live here unless I get rid of the bees.  Yeah, whatever.  They’ve been in the city too long.

Imagine a little boutique winery right over there…with a fireplace, and a tasting bar…with a giant picture window…and me telling highly entertaining stories about the ebb and flow of the wine business.  I know you will all come visit and we’ll reminisce about how you knew this land when it was barren…nothing…deserted…empty and pimped out in poison oak.  We’ll talk about how I make the best Pinot Noir in the free world and how lucky you are to have found me so many years prior on the internet. 

And there goes the Wild Boar up to one of the higher points of the property.  He wanted to roll down this hill but I wouldn’t let him.  I said that would be childish.  He did it anyway.

And whoever said Oregon wasn’t sunny?  Who?  It’s stinkin’ magnificent, don’t ya think!  See all that tree stump debris…yeah we’ll be burning it.  I never in my whole life thought I would live anywhere where you could just burn trees and trash and all that jazz but here it is, my burning oasis.

Pinch me…could it be more pastoral, more beautiful and more perfectly terrifying?  I’ve never lived anywhere rural before.  NEVER.  I’m used to stores, stores and more stores.  Right next to me.  At all times.  I might have a break down with all this fresh air. 

And right down there, way down there… is the main road where we will build our home, in complete isolation from the rest of the planet.  Oh geez, my palms are sweating…god I hope they have the INTERNET here!! Ahhhhhhh! (That was a scream).

Oh look the precocious one decided to get out of the car. 

“Honey! HONEY!  Where are your arms?  Where are they!!”

At least we will be close to the Oregon coast…well, sort of, in a thirty-mile sort of way…

Which is a lot closer than I am now…Yippee! 

Willamette Valley, here I come.


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  1. Dawn 1

    Are you SERIOUS???? You are seriously gonna have your own vineyard???? You HAVE to be lying! That is WAAAAY too cool!!!

  2. Rachel 2

    Oh so very cool!!!! I’s so glad I knew you before your eminent fame and fortune darling!

  3. I love Haystack Rock and the Oregon Coast. My Grammy lived there for years. And the Willamette Valley is lovely… and hot.
    Congratulations on your property. I can totally see it covered in vines. (grapes not poison oak!).
    It’s really a beautiful piece of property.
    And the dimple on your youngest is worth writing home about!

  4. I can not express in words how cool this is! Congrats and best of luck to you!

    Also, very nice pictures!

  5. Holey Moley. I’m so jealous and so extremely happy for you at the same time! I can’t wait to see it!
    Your boys are beautiful. I love their dimples!

  6. Congratulations! Very cool. It will be fun to watch your dream come true.

  7. Hi Cathy, I just found your blog and I love the pictures! You are truly living the dream; I know it’s a little “me too-ish” but have you considered maybe experimenting with a patch of Cabernet?

  8. Tammy 8

    Beautiful, gorgeous countryside!! We just moved to our little 5 acres of land, but feel like we’re miles away from civilization, even though we’re not. No wine growing here – but a big garden! I’m looking forward to the day when you an blog about the fruits of your labor!

  9. amy 9

    BEAUTIFUL!! And how exciting for you! I wish you all the best in your endeavor and I would love to come and visit your patch of heaven in the future!

  10. Maggie 10

    WOAH!!! DUDE! You are, like, living my dream!

    And your kids are ADORABLE.

    Ohmygod I’ve got to log off before I wear out the CAPS LOCK key.

    Good God you are a lucky woman.

  11. Deb 11

    Hey Cathy! Thanks for stopping by my site yesterday. Sooo nice to meet you! You are living one of my dreams! I will never have my own vineyard in this lifetime, probably next. Thank you so much for sharing all of that! Those photos are awesome, and yes, I can picture it all! I have always wanted to travel to Oregon but have not made it that far yet. But if you keep up your blog and keep us updated on the vineyard, hey, I will make the trip for the grand opening!
    Your kids are too cute!!!! I will stop by again! (I love the bitch wine!!!)

  12. Kevin 12

    Having your own vineyard sounds great! The scenery is really nice.

  13. Isn’t that Cannon Beach? Too lovely! I love the OC – the Oregon Coast! Your property is gorgeous….Gorgeous! Congratulations!

    Ya know, at the risk of sounding stalker-ish… I live near Seattle… none too far from your future home. I may have to be one of the first folks to sit at that tasting bar… :)

    Congrats – it’ll be fun to read about the progress of well-digging, and foundation pouring, and building and sowing and growing… What an absolutely exciting time for you and your family!

  14. Molly 14

    Ok, so I am one of the many who have already said this, but I swear my husband and I talked about this just three years ago. Then we decided to start a theatre company instead. I am so jealous! I cannot wait to hear all about the endeavors. Congratulations!

  15. Maureen 15

    I don’t know which is the most beautiful, that land or the photo of the 2 boys. You are a very lucky woman!

    Count my husband and I in as 2 who will be there for the grand opening of the vineyard. Can’t wait to read the progress.

  16. Robin 16

    okay, i was going to ask if that was Cannon Beach, too. But the kids were swimming. or at least getting wet. They were in shorts, no shirts. At Cannon Beach? I’m not sure that’s possible! Anyway, congratulations! Is your future winery far from Portland? I’ll have to come check it out when it’s up and running!

  17. Pam 17

    Oh my gosh! You are living the dream! I want to be able to say I knew you when. Before you became rich and famous with your fabulous wine!

  18. eliza 18

    when was these taken? i haven’t been to the beach for ages! generally, i don’t like oregon beaches, too cold and too windy, i prefer so. cal’s beaches :P
    that piece of land is looking fantastic, Cathy! no wonder people are flocking to OR…

  19. dawn 19

    You are probably the luckiest person I know…the scenery is breathtaking.


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