Hooray for 100 Days of School!

You did it!

100 days of Kindergarten!

You have grown and learned so much and I am very proud.

To celebrate we made 100 cookies.

And ate them at the 100's Day Buffet. We put together a collection of 100 Pokeman cards. We made 100's Day hats and wore them at the 100's Day parade. 

You are 100 days smarter and 100 more days loved. 

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  1. I think this is adorable. Too bad I missed it when it first came out. Congrats on the 100 day milestone (even though it was last year).

  2. Amber 2

    I would give the world to go back to those days with my son. This is beautiful.

  3. We’re coming up on the 100 days of Kindergarten here, a little delayed from Ike. I think this was the best story to start with. From what I have read, you are a great mom!

  4. Rebel 4

    How sweet and what a precious idea.

  5. Paula 5

    This is a darling post anytime, but especially sweet for being the very first post! Great memory and great blog! Just think about all the great things that have happened since this was originally posted! :-)

  6. Laurie 6

    Your first post is so sweet! Isn’t it amazing how much changes in one year?

  7. Awh look at how cute, some things never change.
    You still celebrate in a big way.
    Your still cooking it up big.
    And your hooligans are some of the cutest I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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  9. I know I’m late to this party, but I just found your post. We are approaching 100 days at our school this year and I am going to borrow some of your ideas. I hope that’s good with you (I imagine so). I especially like what you did with the 100 cookies. We will do something similar with gumballs and gumdrops. :)


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