This Blog and Me

This Blog

I never imagined I would start a blog. EVER! Several years ago I really didn’t know or care what a blog was.

Then there was that epiphany moment while searching for a recipe on the web that I came across a food blog. I was instantly drawn to the details of this person’s life; her cooking triumphs and failures, her family issues and other mindless, random details. I kept returning to the site and then realized there were other sites like hers out there. EVERYWHERE!

A whole hidden world was taking place everyday on the internet and I had been completely left out of it. There were not only food blogs, but wine blogs, lifestyle blogs, mommy blogs and even blogs about how to blog.

I was hooked. Reading blogs went hand in hand with my obsession of reality TV…an escape right at my fingertips that could be reached at any time of the day.

It made me realize I too wanted to blog. I had something to say and wanted to share the mundane, reptitive, boring details of my life. My own place to inspire, share, complain and learn.


So Noble Pig was born. A place for me to rant about food, family and wine (my interests are too far and wide to be limited to one thing). Welcome to my site and my life.

About Me

I love to cook, but mostly I love to eat. I walk 5.2 miles a day just to be able to chowdown on fattening food while maintaining a normal weight. All of this so my inner thighs remain distant relatives. The problem is I can’t stop eating. My appetite is insatiable and my husband marvels at the quanity of food I am able to ingest and digest on a daily basis. He says I should be in one of those tiny booths at a carnival where you pay a dollar to see a normal sized woman eat ginormous amounts of food in 8.3 seconds. Please join me in my kitchen and life adventures and while you’re here catch up on my progress of muddling my way through the bankrupting trials and tribulations, not to mention horrors, of planting a vineyard and starting a small winery in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.