FreshTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker (Giveaway)

 FreshTech Jam Maker
Hi friends! Yesterday I wrote about making strawberry jam and pepper jelly in my new FreshTech Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker. It is honestly my newest, most favorite small appliance. And today I am giving one away to a lucky reader! I hope it’s you!

If you love to make jam but have lots of berries ripening at various times, this is the perfect appliance for you. It allows for small batch jam making, which I love. 

  • A great gift for gardeners, CSA members and for those who frequent Farmers Markets.
  • 2 settings allow you to make either Jam or Jelly
  • Non-stick interior for easy clean up and many dishwasher safe components
  • Less than 30 minutes to make your favorite batch
  • Makes about 4 (8oz) half pints of jam or jelly at a time
  • Comes with exclusive Ball recipe book

    To enter this Giveaway, use the Rafflecopter widget below. It may take a moment to fully load but gives you many chances to win.


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Good luck to you! Whoever wins this is going to love it!! Open to U.S. residents only.

Disclosure: I was provided with the FreshTECH to try out as well as the one I am giving away. However all opinions and statements about this product are my own. 

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  1. Dena 1

    I love strawberry jam, it’s the best!

  2. Philby 2

    Mmmm black berry jam, yum!

  3. Cathy 3

    This jelly maker sounds like so much fun!

  4. Susan Broughton 4

    My favorite jam is Strawberry or Peach especially when the fruit is in season and sweet.

  5. Susan Broughton 5

    Do you have a share button for Facebook? I don’t know how to share without one. The widget requests that you share the giveaway on Facebook.

  6. Debbie D 7

    About to make and can some plum jam today (in 110 degree heat) with Santa Rosa plums I grow in my back yard. This sounds wonderful!

  7. Hello Kathy, I love wild Oregon blackberry jam! We used to have thickets of blackberries where I lived in Eugene. We’d carry a plywood board to climb to the top where the berries were full of sweet sunshine and were the the size of my thumb! Some actually made it into the picking basket!
    My sisters make a wonderful pepper jelly. I am coming over this October so hopefully we can make it together. (I do live abroad so this probably invalidates my entry…but perchance I should be lucky and win, could I nominate my sister, Cynthia, who lives in Oregon, to claim the prize? I will send you a write up of us making jam together with it!)

  8. AlyH 9

    Strawberry Jam and Apple Butter are my favorites!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. I’ve made many but I’m fond of Mulberry because there’s a tree in the yard and the berries are free! Thanks for the great give-away:@)

  10. Irene 11

    I love raspberry jam!!

  11. constance price 12

    Raspberry Peach jam…served warm over vanilla ice cream :)

  12. Emma Chapman 13

    I love blackberry jelly.

  13. joyce 14

    i would love to have one of these. i plan on making lots of jam this year.

  14. sandi r 15

    My favorite is Peach Jam… Sandi.

  15. Jill Hartley 16

    I can’t say I’ve made a lot of jam, but I’ve been craving strawberry jam my whole pregnancy

  16. Patricia R 17

    What a handy appliance! I have fruit in the freezer, and I’d love to win it.

  17. betty campbell 18

    I make strawberry jam

  18. Mary Beth Elderton 19

    My grandmother used to make a strawberry and fig jam that was wonderful. I’d love to learn how to make some.

  19. Alia 20

    Last summer I made a strawberry balsamic jam, which was delicious but the only one I’ve ever tried. I’d love to try others out!

  20. Love homemade jam…but our all time favorite is apricot/peach…heavenly

  21. I love ALL jams. I could not choose a favorite. If I won this, I would be in trouble because I would want to make everything :)

  22. Kristin 23

    I LOVE strawberry jam!!!!!! My all time favorite!!!

  23. Lynn 24

    I have blueberry bushes , love blueberry jam , but would also like to make strawberry jam … and green pepper jelly .

  24. After 14 years of city living, I now live in upstate NY and can’t WAIT to make some home-grown strawberry jam!!

  25. Sandy w 26

    What fun. I have tons of raspberries starting to ripen. I always make jam with them.

  26. Karene 27

    Love to make blackberry jam, this product would be amazing!

  27. Raeanne 28

    I grew up with strawberry freezer jam my mom made, so it’s my favorite. However I’d love to try more exotic varieties.

  28. Cindi 29

    What a great idea! This would be a great addition to any kitchen. I would love to add it to mine!

  29. I love making spiced strawberry jam! Just had some this morning on fresh sourdough toast! I love kitchen gadgets & hope I win!!

  30. What a fabulous giveaway, Cathy! I love homemade jams, especially my cranberry jam!

  31. mitzi 32

    I just love to make any kind of jelly or preserves. I made orange marinade last and of course gave it all away

  32. Peach – my friend makes it for us and it is so good!

  33. Lawana Whaley 34

    Blackberry…made with berries picked with my momma on our farm while growing up…. What I would not give to go back and do that again with her once more

  34. Debbie H. 35

    This could be just what I need to get started making jelly!

  35. Randi Lynne 36

    Made a batch of raspberry lime last week. It’s really growing on me!

  36. Aimee 37

    While not *technically* a jam, I make a mean multi-citrus marmalade!

  37. Paul Lackey 38

    Pepper jams and jellies. YUM! Can’t live without ‘em. Smaller cooker will be ideal for my kitchen.

  38. Trisha 39

    This may help with the summer heat canning…

  39. Sarah 40

    Last year I made a balsamic cherry jam for my Christmas gift baskets – I loved it!

  40. Lillie Mae Stone 41

    I love jam!

  41. Elena 42

    My favorite jam is apricot

  42. nicole 43

    Mmm I love homemade strawberry & cherry jams!

  43. Karen Albro 44

    Cherries are coming! Would love to make cherry jam!

  44. Laurie 45

    What a cool little appliance! Red pepper jam is my favorite.

  45. Susan W 46

    What a wonderful give a way.
    Homemade strawberry jam would be great.

  46. Alice 47

    I love making spiced peach jam! Getting the yummy spices in width the rich taste of peach just makes the morning spicier!

  47. Leslie 48

    Marrionberry or pear ginger

  48. My favorite jam is balsamic strawberry jam. It’s my all time favorite flavor combination!

  49. Love making jelly/jam but rarely have enough for a big batch. This is a great thing! I love me some strawberry and blackberry jam.

  50. Nancy Hopkirk 51

    I Love Pepper jelly ! On fresh bread with cream cheese !
    I would love to win this for my baby sister who lives in WA and is surrounded by luscious berries. This would be so perfect for her !

  51. fave homemade jam: either strawberry or peach! yum!

  52. Debbie Schow 53

    What a great idea, would love to have this..

  53. marilyn w. 54

    I like all sorts of jams and jelly!

  54. Cathy Heckman 55

    I am learning to make less sugar varieties of jelly, strawberry and raspberry are my absolute favorites!!!

  55. Magi 56

    I’ve made lots of jelly, so I was a little dismissive at first. Then I read your post, and now I want to try it.

  56. Jessica 58

    I love to make spicy jelly! I have seen makers but never used one.

  57. shannon 60

    love fresh jam on everything!

  58. Amy L 61

    Strawberry Jam is my favorite

  59. EllenFitz 62

    I’m a new subscriber so this opportunity is very cool!

  60. Christie L 63

    My favorite is apricot which my grandmother makes all the time. We fight over the jars when she makes it.

  61. STELLA ANN 64

    I love apricot/pineapple jam. I love your website.

  62. Jennifer 65

    I love strawberry jam!

  63. Kristina 66

    I’ve never had homemade jam or jelly, but my favorite one from the store is guava!

  64. I was drooling over this yesterday. I love making jam, but it gets complicated in a tiny kitchen!

  65. KB 68

    My grandmother’s homemade meyer lemon jam. Mmmm.

  66. June g. 69

    I love pepper jelly over cream cheese and crackers:)

  67. EllenFitz 70

    I was we’ll known for 200+ jars of Jalapeño Pepper Jelly I used to make each Christmas (insanity!) but my favorite was the jam that turned me on to canning: Plum!

  68. Teresa 71

    How fun is that? I’d love to have one of those. Strawberry jam and pepper jelly are two of my favorites. YUMM!

  69. susan mendell 72

    I have trouble using my arms/hands and this would be wonderful to take advantage of all the overload of fresh fruits we have growing in our gardens.

  70. Robin Whiting 73

    Strawberry freezer jam! Oh and I love homemade fig jam.

  71. Nicole 74

    Raspberry jam is the best

  72. Laura 75

    Perfect for me as I like to make small quantities. I made slow oven roasted apricot jam 2 weeks ago and slow oven roasted strawberry jam this week. Added a nice dimension to the flavor but it’s getting too hot to leave the oven on all day.

  73. Margi in Ky 76

    I have been making jellies and jams since I was a little girl helping my Aunt Rose. She had a stove and table in the basement and we spend many happy days down there canning for the winter. Great times and great memories. But of all the jellies and jams I love plum jelly. Have to put up at least 50 if I want to make it to the next year. So here’s hoping I am a winner!

  74. Ellen Obenshain 77

    Near my grandma’s house there are several grapevines that produce seeded grapes. They’re pretty sour on their own, but with enough sugar, they make some tasty jelly!

  75. MikeW 78

    Nice, easy small batches.

  76. Susan Z 79

    Strawberry, mmmmmm. :D

  77. meg 80

    I hope I win it too!!! LOL!!!
    apricot is yummy…..strawberry….quince…..oh my, so many!!!!

  78. Catrena 81

    My favorite jam is Strawberry, but want to try peach this year. :)

  79. Patricia R 82

    This looks like a handy appliance! I’d love to win it.

  80. Holly H. 83

    Love homemade raspberry jam! Nothing better!

  81. Tammy 84

    All jam is delicious! But my fav is strawberry.

  82. Carolyn Manning 85

    I have never seen one of these and I think if I don’t win it from you, I may just buy one! We go through a lot of jam in this house, my favorite being apricot or cherry with fresh biscuits. I hope, hope, hope, that I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  83. Laura 86

    So far it was homemade freezer jam – strawberry. Would love to experiment more.

  84. Linda 87

    My favorite jam of all time is Damson Plum. We had neighbors who had a very prolific tree which produced hundreds of the tiny fruit each year. They were kind enough to share their bountiful harvest with us each year. Makes delicious jam. Straight off the tree they are very sour :(

  85. I love all homemade jams! It’s hard to pick just one- strawberry, peach, cherry…yum!

  86. Bonnie 89

    I’d love to win this! I’ve been thinking about buying one for myself because I love to make jam but a back problem last year has put a serious crimp in my ability to stand up & do the work. What an awesome tool this would be to keep up making some of my most favorite stuff!

  87. Arthur 90

    strawberry rhubarb jam, yum.

  88. Susan 92

    I have been looking at this for quite a while now. I would love it!!

  89. Oh, please please mystery giveaway fairy! i truly need to have this lovely in my kitchen

  90. Larissa 94

    Blackberry is my absolute favorite!

  91. Niki 95

    I’ve never seen one of these before! I love love love jam, especially making my own flavors, like strawberry mango!

  92. jane n 96

    i love blueberry jam…so good

  93. Diona 97

    I didn’t even know such a fabulous thing existed! I would love to make strawberry preserves with this!

  94. Heather Bebout 98

    Triple berry jam is our favorite!!

  95. Nancy Savoie- Lawicki 99

    Strawberry Jam! Reminds me of my childhood!

  96. Carrie 100

    Homemade raspberry is my favorite.

  97. Evalyn W 101

    I’ve always loved jams and preserves. =)

  98. Stephanie S 102

    Small batch jams and jellies are my favorite thing during this season! So many awesome berries, so little time to eat all of them at once :)

  99. Rose 103

    My all time favorite jam is raspberry! :D Love making all kinds of jam. So kind of you to host this contest…..the winner will be one lucky jam maker! :D Thanks bunches!!! :D

  100. kristine 104

    Love your blog! It is one of the Best!

  101. kristine 105

    Apricot jam would be tasty!

  102. Ryan 106

    I just made apricot jam, and it turned out surprisingly well for a first attempt! I think I’m going to make apricot bars with it tomorrow.

  103. Blueberry Port Jam….amazing!

  104. Cathy Hamrin 108

    I lov peach jam. Hoping to make some with my grandkids this year!

  105. Andrea P 109

    Easy, strawberry hands down is my favorite, I make it every year, but I really want to expand my horizons & do peaches, huckleberries and some tomato sauce/salsa. Big dreams and this would make it so much easier! Thanks!

  106. Margot C 110

    I love Lime Marmalade – it sounds like it would be vile, but miraculously it is not.

  107. JoanJ 111

    I love to make beach plum jam with the wild ones that grow all around marthas vineyard!

  108. Linda 112

    am I the only one who loves strawberry and rhubarb jam….the best.

  109. David 113

    wahoo! I am really excited to see this new toy for the kitchen. I really like using small appliances and seeing what else they can do. I am a big fan of red pepper jam over cream cheese, pinot jam, smoked bacon and roasted red onion jam.

  110. Sheddy 114

    Would love to win. I love making jelly!

  111. C.D. 115

    I’ve never made fresh jam but it sounds delicious!!!!

  112. Kim Venglar 116

    I have two favorites that I make every year, Peach Amaretto and Blackberry Mango. I love trying new combinations when making jam.

  113. Islara 117

    I LOVE pepper jelly! It is yummy!

  114. Samta 118

    I love orange marmalade – the citrus and the sweet and bitter – I also love mango jam and concord grape jam.
    This jam/jelly maker looks awesome – would be great to have one :)

  115. Dawn D. 119

    never made homemade jam before but with this I’d love to try

  116. Michael Ann 120

    I’ve been eyeing these since last year and now that I am back in the peak of jam-making season find my thoughts drifting back. My next batch peach-mango.

  117. Satin Garner 121

    sure could use that!! I make so much jam for myself, family and friends!! How can you not living in Oregon…. :)

  118. Sharon 122

    My great Aunt used to make an awesome strawberry fig preserve. I love making a cranberry and red pepper jelly as well as your basic blueberry jam

  119. I love to make jams and give it away at Christmas in a basket of goodies.This would be perfect!

  120. Louise Lefebvre Costa 124

    I am totally infatuated with this item. I have never seen or heard of this before your posting. It is something that I think I could totally use!!! thanks for introducing it to me!! (Btw. LOVE LOVE LOVE your recipes that you post, i have tried SO many of them, and they are always HUGE hits here. )

  121. Jessica 125

    My favorite is my mom’s Dandelion Jelly recipe. It has such a nice, light lemony flavor.

  122. LindaK 126

    With lots of blueberry bushes my favorite would have to be blueberry lemon jam. 15 jars put up so far this summer!

  123. val 127

    I made some nectarine blueberry freezer jam with lemon last year…was really good!

  124. Katherine 128

    This looks fun and simple to use. Thanks for the offer!

  125. Rachel 130

    Strawberry Rhubarb Jam!

  126. Tracy Caldwell 131

    My fav to make is no-cook strawberry-balsamic jam. Love it!

  127. Marni Sandberg 132

    I have started ordering CSA boxes. This would really come in handy

  128. Mary 133

    My raspberries are growing and producing in abundance this summer, would love to make some raspberry jam!

  129. Alisa 134

    I’m loving apricot jam this summer. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  130. Muskadine is my favorite jelly

  131. Ileana 136

    I love homemade jelly. I put it on toasts, pancakes, and ice cream.
    This would be the perfect addition to my kitchen!

  132. Kendis 137

    My apricot, plum, and peach trees are loaded with fruit and ready for jamming! Apples and Yuzus ripening soon. I live in strawberry/raspberry country and the best jams that I have made have been combinations of local berries and fruits from my trees I would love to win this jam maker – really could use some help!

  133. Jennifer 138

    I love homemade jams and jellies!

  134. Laura C. 139

    My step-mother used to can like crazy…one of my favorites was strawberry-rhubarb jam..

  135. Kathy 140

    I love apricot jam. And strawberry, and and kind of berry. Ok, I love jam.

  136. Sue Turner 141

    I’ve been reading Noble Pig for about two years and you are awesome! I just made 70 half pints of cranberry pepper jelly for my friends wedding gifts. I could’ve used Freshtech. I just read about it yesterday and it’s on my need to buy list. Keep up the great work!

  137. ANN HAUGLAND 142

    I love to make hot pepper jelly…but these discussed above sound incredible!

  138. Pam C 143

    Strawberry is my all time favorite jam

  139. My favorite jam is one we used to make back home in the Dominican Republic: tomato jam! Served warm over ice cream, it was such a treat!

  140. Susan Christy 145

    I don’t usually like fruity stuff, other than the actual fruit itself. Except when it comes to jam – any kind of berry is good for me! Strawberry, especially.

  141. Lolo 146

    I love making crockpot strawberry and vanilla jam, or apple jam.. or ANY jam!

  142. Jill 147

    Love making blueberry vanilla jam

  143. james himanga 148


  144. Jeanne 149

    My blueberries on my bushes are almost ripe! I would love to make some homemade jam!

  145. Jennifer A 150

    I love to make/eat apricot jam!

  146. kathy 151

    My favorite jam is blueberry, and would love to have this cool little jam maker to make some in.

  147. Sherry H 152

    My favorite homemade jam is Raspberry picked from the garden.

  148. Nicole L. 153

    Never made homemade jam before but I would love to try to make strawberry jam!

  149. Faith 154

    Oh how nice it would be to be able to make blueberry jam with fresh Maine blueberries! Hope I win. :)

  150. Jo Ann Buller 155

    i would love to win this. i’ve been wanting to start making jelly. i helped my mom when i was a child but haven’t done any since i’ve grown.

  151. Leslie 156

    I made strawberry and triple berry jam last summer for the first time and it was a lot easier than I expected. It didnt come out very thick. I guess I didnt use the right amount of pectin. One my husband’s ( who is a teacher) room moms gave him a jar of jam and it was perfectly firm. I would love one of these to make it that much simpler.

  152. Marion 157

    I love homemade blueberry jam and basil jelly; I’d love to make them again!

  153. Sarah 158

    This would make jam making a lot easier. We could make some more tomatillo salsa, and strawberry jam.

  154. Ruth Cobb 159

    Have just re-awakened an interest in making jellies. we have been enjoying red pepper jelly lately and since it has somewhat of a season, we would love to make it. I don’t have a water bath canner but a friend has told me how to make it without one. would love to have the Fresh Tech jelly and jam maker. This would make it so much easier to make jelly.

  155. Ashley 160

    Blackberry jam is my favorite!

  156. Wanita 161

    My favorite homemade jam is cherry. I keep cherries in the freezer for that reason. One batch gone, make a new one.

  157. My favorite jam I’ve ever made was Rhubarb blood orange ginger jam, but I’d love to make some homemade raspberry jam sometime because I think it’s actually my favorite!

  158. Kathleen Harris 163

    I love raspberry jam.

  159. Cathy Kopp 164

    I made raspberry jam today. Would love this kitchen gadget!

  160. Cyndi Rausch 165

    I love strawberry jam! This would make it so simple to make it fresh for my family

  161. Sarah 166

    What an awesome way to make Jam!!

  162. Carole Penner 167

    I lived in Oregon for 22 years, and my favorite jam to both make and eat was Marionberry jam. I’m not sure if it is available anywhere else, but now that I live on the east coast, I’m looking forward to making some delicious Blackberry jam.

  163. Debbie 168

    Thanks for introducing me to this awesome appliance.. I would LOVE to have one!

  164. Rachel Topaz 169

    I love jalepeno jam, it’s so awesome!!

  165. Betty in SCal 170

    Strawberry Vanilla!

  166. Maggie Wilkerson 171

    I love blackberry Jam!

  167. Kate 172

    love some homemade jam! strawberry and blackberry are great!

  168. Roberta Everett 173

    Wow, this is the greatest thing ever! Who knew such a thing existed.? I had no idea. This thing would be awesome to make lots of stuff. small Quantities? that’s perfect for making small batches so your not boiling big pots of stuff on the stove and risk getting Burned. I can see it now….persimmons, strawberries, peaches, jalapeno,blackberry, blueberry, wow! the combinations are endless and to learn a new recipe to experiment and mix and match flavors. My head is whirling . I would love to have this little jam maker. Technology …Amazing!

  169. Lorna 174

    favorite has to be strawberry rhubarb

  170. Kathy B. 175

    Nothing better than homemade jam.

  171. Karina 176

    fig jam is amazing, especially when made with fresh figs!

  172. Sharmista 177

    Blueberry or Spiced Peach!

  173. Paula Brown 178

    I LOVE appliances! It was all I could do to give my Mother-in-Law my George Forman grill (like the first one ever made) because it was my appliance. But in the end I played good and shared. So I need a new appliance, one to make jellies and jams. Please! Pretty please with sugar on top.

  174. natalie radbill 179

    I would love to win a jam maker!!

  175. Tracey 180

    Wow, what a nifty gadget! This would be great for my homemade jams!

  176. Joelle 181

    Strawberry jam. Love getting a surprise strawberry chunk.

  177. Becky 182

    My favorite is Marionberry jam. I always stock up when I visit Oregon.

  178. Morgan P. 183

    My favorite jam is homemade cherry jam.

  179. Tiff 184

    I’ve really only ever had strawberry homemade jam. I think I need this in my life to inspire me! I know I’m missing out!

  180. Patti B 185

    Yum….blackberry jam!

  181. Tracie 186

    SEND ME BLACKBERRY JAM!!! :) Love ALL your recipes! We are lemon ricotta pancake junkies!!! Then for lunch we load up on your baked beans!! Thank you!!

  182. Ariana 187

    Apple butter is what I make most, but my favorites are probably strawberry or blueberry jam. My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

  183. Francesca 188

    I love Blackberry Jam and Strawberry Balsamic.

  184. Becca Entenberg 189

    I’m pretty partial to strawberry jam :)

  185. Barbara S. 190

    Alaskan Blueberry Basil Jam – yummy!

  186. Tracy 191

    Oops, I forgot to say that I prefer strawberry jam !

  187. Jessica 192

    Strangely, apple jelly is my favorite, but I love my mom’s homemade raspberry jam!

  188. anamaria smith 193

    strawberry and champagne is the best jam

  189. Lori Plummer 194

    I hope I win – looks like a fun and useful gadget!

  190. Candace 195

    A friend made me peach-habanero jam last summer and its been my addiction ever since! Really delicious on toast with cashew butter…yum!

  191. Ann 196

    Strawberry jam is my favorite, but I’ve never made it myself. That could change soon. I hope.

  192. deborah 197

    What a great invention! No more stovetops! I was checking this out on and am so intrigued by the idea of Pear/Rosemary jam.

  193. Diane Riedel 198

    I love raspberry jam, but will enjoy making many flavors! :)

  194. Melynda@OurSundayCafe 199

    Some of our favorite jams are from foraged fruits and berries. This would be perfect especially for small batches of foraged fruit jams.

  195. Kevin 200

    Strawberry jam is quite possibly the greatest thing ever created.

  196. Elin 201

    I’m not sure if I have a favorite jam, but I have wonderful memories of picking berries when I was younger and then helping my mom make and can jelly in the summer. It was a great treat throughout the year!

  197. Lisa 202

    I love raspberry jam, but I remember a chokecherry jelly my grandmother used to make when I was little. I would love trying some new variations!

  198. Nikki 203

    Jam! Oh, jam! I love jam! I love making jams just as much as vinaigrettes to go on any and every thing! I hope I win!

  199. Deb C 204

    My favorite is sugar free Blackberry Jam. I love it with peanut butter.

  200. Jan 205

    I love strawberry jam

  201. Leann Lindeman 206

    I don’t make it a lot… but I have made a good raspberry, hot pepper jelly.

  202. Kari S. 207

    Grape Jelly is the best!

  203. Caprene 208

    My favorite fruit combination is raspberry + peach. I’ve yet to master a jam that I truly love with the two, but it is a work in progress. So plain raspberry still remains on the top of the list.

  204. Chris 209

    Oh blueberry a classic but my favorite!

  205. Diana 210

    Christmas Jam (strawberry & cranberry) Great flavor!

  206. Angel 211

    All of it, but love pepper jelly lately.

  207. Denise 212

    Raspberry! Definitely!

  208. Laura 213

    This is genius! My favorite homemade jam is Wild Plum Raspberry.

  209. Marielle Weaver 214

    Raspberry jam! this would be fantastic.

  210. Jana S 215

    I LOVE Raspberry/Peach Jam!!

  211. Janet Madura 216

    How awesome! I never knew this even existed, but now I want one!!

  212. Chantelle 217

    My grandma used to make some amazing Strawberry Rhubarb jam. So tasty!

  213. ANN HAUGLAND 218

    Raspberry is my favorite…can’t wait to try this.

  214. Cheryl S. 219

    I love homemade blackberry jam.

  215. Jenny S 220

    Pretty much any jam gets me excited…… Definitely blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, berry berry…..mmmmmmm

  216. Inez 221

    Homemade pepper jelly is pretty tasty!

  217. What a great giveaway! Fave jam is probably strawberry but I also have a hot pepper jelly recipe I love!

  218. Linda 223

    I would love to try making my husband’s favorite, orange marmalade.

  219. Theresa Sea 224

    When i was a kid, my fave homemade jam was rhubarb jam my mom’s friend’s mom used to make for me. :)

  220. Patt 225

    I’m soooo disappointed. U.S. Entries only. I have been looking and longing for this appliance since they first started advertising them. Just not in the budget! Love your site. Thanks.

  221. Tina W. 226

    My favorite is my mom’s chokecherry jelly.

  222. Virginia Rapavi 227

    mm strawberry jam is the best

  223. Rachael M 228

    Every year since I’ve been old enough to pick strawberries, my mother and I would go out to the fields and spend the day picking and the next making jam together. It’s a tradition that I love and I’m proud to say that we’re quite good at making jam now! She is getting older, so this would be a perfect gift for her.

  224. Diane in Cincinnati 229

    Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry jams…yum!

  225. Shannon C 230

    I love sweet-savory spicy jams like jalapeno. Yum yum! Great giveaway!

  226. Allison 231

    I have never made jam before but I am dying to try out some flavor combinations. This small batch jam maker would be perfect for this!

  227. Marie 232

    Oh, jalapeno (on a toasted bagel with cream cheese) is the best!

  228. carol scheive 233

    Blackberry jam

  229. barbara n 234

    I love homemade strawberry jam

  230. Toni 235

    I love making jams, especially strawberry and peach! There’s a gadget for everything, isn’t there? Would love to try this one!

  231. Mark Talbot 236

    Peach Rhubarb jam

  232. Amy S. 237

    Peach and strawberry are my favorites, but I’ve never made them myself…

  233. Sharon O. 238

    My son’s girlfriend just gave us a jar of homemade strawberry-rhubarb jelly, made with fruit from their garden. It’s delicious!

    Thank you.

  234. Meghan Finley 239

    Strawberry rhubarb jam is my fave

  235. Deborah Mireles 240

    I remember picking blackberries with my gram along the fence and then she would make jam out of them. Yummy!

  236. latanya 241

    I love peach jam

  237. Lorraine Ferguson 242

    I love homemade boysenberry jelly!

  238. Blessie Nelson 243

    My favorite homemade jam is a sweet and tangy mango jam made from alphonso mangoes!

  239. Jacqueline P 244

    I love Blackberry Jam

  240. Deb 245

    Sounds yummy…and looks cute!

  241. Kerry 246

    I desperately want to be a jam and jelly maker type! Thanks for the chance at winning!

  242. Cathy 247

    Sounds delicious!

  243. Megan O'Day 248

    Blueberry, always blueberry. :)

  244. Judy B 249

    I love raspberry jam. I was just checking this machine out about a month ago and thought it is the perfect size to do some quick jamming. Nice to make it an early morning project instead of an all day affair.

  245. Dawn Breazile 250

    I USED to make all kinds of jams. Now we are avoiding sugar so I am looking into honey based recipes. Any ideas?

  246. Elizabeth Koziel 251

    I love raspberry jam — maybe would even try jazzing it up with some rhubarb this year. I love your blog. Thanks for the opportunity.

  247. Diane 252

    Working full time and kids activities, I don’t have time to do full time jamming. This would be such a boon.

  248. Pauline Piraino 253

    Strawberry is my absolute favorite, with fig being a very close second!

  249. Jessica Ostrowski 254

    I love making a strawberry/blackberry jam that my kids mix into yogurt for snacks.

  250. Mary 255

    Can’t wait to try this.

  251. mary martin 257

    Loveyour jam !

  252. Jenn 258

    I live in Montana and make huckleberry jam at the end of each summer. Some years the berries are hard to come by, but they are always worth the effort!

  253. Sabrina Pescosolido 259

    My mom makes jam the hard way! I’d love to be able to give her a break with this. :-)

  254. Gloriana 260

    Strawberry jam <3 ! Our farmers market in town are selling strawberries pints for a dollar! Let's get jammin' ! :0)

  255. cathy 261

    Love to have this to make peach jam!

  256. Deanne 262

    Peach jam is wonderful. Peach ANYTHING is wonderful.

  257. Jeffrey 263

    I like making cherry jam.

  258. Dan George 264

    I was given a jalapeno jelly by a friend that I would love to make for myself. I love strawberry, raspberry and grape jelly or jam.

  259. I don’t have a favorite since I’ve never made it before but this year I’ve looked up tons of recipes to try. I really want to make a yummy blueberry one!

  260. christine roach 266

    strawberry rubarb… cant wait to do aging its been MANY years..

  261. Mary Johnson 267

    Grape! but only homemade.

  262. Sz Sandoval 268

    Satsuma Plum Jelly is wonderful!

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