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Giving Away Pulled Pork for a Year porkbyfork
Oscar Mayer has launched a new line of Carving Board Pulled Pork and their own "Pork by Fork" campaign. Above is my own "Pork by Fork" creation, "pita by fork" and it is an amazing combination of flavor . The idea is, just a few quick ingredients mixed together with the convenience of Oscar Mayer's Carving Board Pulled Pork. The meat is seasoned, cooked and ready to eat. 

Giving Away Pulled Pork for a Year porkbyfork 3
As you can see in my "pita by fork" creation, this is an easy way to make a quick and easy lunch or dinner for you or your family. And the possibilities are endless. I can also tell you this is amazing for breakfast too. Think scrambled eggs or breakfast burritos. It's just in the fridge waiting for you to make your own "Pork by Fork" creation.

Giving Away Pulled Pork for a Year porkbyfork 2
Here is my "pita by fork" creation after I mixed it up and spread it on my lunch plate...so delicious.

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Pita by Fork

Recipe from: Created by Noble Pig | Serves:


  • Carving Board Hickory Seasoned Pulled Pork
  • sliced cucumber
  • sliced red onion
  • romaine lettuce, chopped
  • tomato
  • pita chips
  • creamy tahini lime sauce (recipe below)

Creamy Tahini Lime Sauce

  • 1/4 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 Tablespoon tahini
  • juice of one lime


  • Combine all ingredients for sauce until incorporated. Add pork, cucumber, onion, lettuce, tomato, pita chips and sauce together. Eat!

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Disclosure: Oscar provided the product for this post, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Carole Resnick 1

    I would make Pulled Pork Taccos

  2. Carole Resnick 2

    I follow NB on FB

  3. Carole Resnick 3

    I like Oscar Mayer on FB

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    I follow NBP on Pintrest

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    I posted this giveaway on FB

  7. ArmyMum 7

    hmmmm maybe a panini with havarti…. or some kind of salad with a BBQ Ranch dressing….
    right now i think it would be good on a roll with sides of macaroni salad and baked beans…. missing summer….

  8. ArmyMum 8

    ready joined on facebook

  9. WOW, this looks delish!! Love the convenience of ready-made pulled pork. I can think of SO many uses for it!

  10. ArmyMum 10

    Already follow you on pinterest also….

  11. Joan 11

    What would I do with a package of pulled pork? The first thing I would do would be make a pork barbecue sandwich. They are among my favorite goodies. I like a NC style bbq sauce, but I also make a ketchup based sauce that is my second favorite.

  12. a pulled pork salad with lettuce, bacon, tomatoes and cheese would top my list!

  13. Tracey A 13

    Sandwiches with coleslaw, on forcaccia.

  14. Tracey A 14

    I follow on pinterest

  15. Tracey A 16

    I follow on Face Book

  16. Lisa Shara Hall 19

    I would make old fashioned pulled pork sandwichwes with coleslaw. Yum!

  17. Joan 21

    I follow you on Facebook.

  18. I did tweet this: @bigbearswife

    Tweet this statement to your followers: “Enter to win Pulled Pork for a Year” hosted by @noblepig #porkbyfork link to tinyurl.com

  19. Janet 23

    I would make pulled pork sloppy joes

  20. Joan 24

    I ‘liked’ Oscar Mayer on Facebook.

    It seems like I am taking up more than my fair share of comments with all this.

  21. Jodi Bassett 25

    I would make an old favorite, barbecue pork sandwiches!

  22. Tracey A 26

    I like Oscar Mayer on Face Book as well.

  23. Paul Christianson 27

    I think one of the many things i would try is a pulled pork shepherd’s pie. I bet it would make a great twist on the old classic

  24. I posted this on my FB Fan page and linked to you and oscar mayer

  25. Paul Christianson 29

    I follow Noble Pig on Facebook

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    I follow Noble Pig on twitter

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    I follow Noble pig on Pinterest

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    I read this blog through my email subscription

  29. Michele 35

    Tacos with a fresh a cucumber/tomato/jalapeno/red onion relish. And some tangy cheese.

  30. Janice E 36

    Corn muffins, split and stuffed with pulled pork and a dollop of coleslaw!

  31. That pork looks delicious and well as your Pork By Fork creation. I would love to try their product.

  32. …and I follow you on Pinterest!

  33. Anne 42

    Pulled Pork Enchiladas–yum!

  34. Anne 43

    I follow you on facebook

  35. Anne 44

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  36. Anne 45

    Following Oscar Meye on fb

  37. Dan Cassavaugh 46

    I would make my famed “Curly Tail” sandwich:

    A bit of the Oscar Meyer “Carving Board” pork, heated, on a hamburger bun.
    Top with melted swiss cheese and Oscar Meyer bacon.
    Drizzle with your favorite BBQ sauce
    Plate with a side of apple sauce, chips and coleslaw.

  38. Gregory Hill 47

    Me just shove in roll…yum!

  39. Paula Tavernie 48

    Open Faced pulled Pork sandwiches with gravy!

  40. Jennifer Nowe 49

    Pulled Pork sandwich with cole slaw on the sandwich, one of my favs.

  41. I’d mix it with some fresh-cooked (from dried) beans and serve with rice.

  42. Mary Beth Elderton 51

    We love BBQ pork sandwiches with shredded broccoli slaw for crunch

  43. Mary Beth Elderton 52

    I like you on FB as Mary Beth Elderton

  44. Mary Beth Elderton 53

    I liked Oscar Mayer on FB as Mary Beth Elderton

  45. Mary Beth Elderton 54

    I follow you on twitter as mbm218

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    I joined Oscar Mayer on twitter as mbm218

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    I follow you on Pinterest as Mary Beth Elderton

  48. Mary Beth Elderton 58

    I hope I did this the right way–shared on FB:
    link to facebook.com

  49. Mary Beth Elderton 59

    I’m an email subscriber

  50. constance price 60

    Asian inspired pulled pork wontons! How about some ginginger dipping sauce on the side?

  51. Lily Sheng 61

    I am already a fan of Noble Pig on Facebook!

  52. Lily Sheng 62

    I liked Oscar Mayer on Facebook

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    I already follow you on Twitter, I’m @lilysheng

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  55. Susan B. 65

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    I already follow you on Instagram, I’m at link to instagram.com

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    I already follow you on Pinterest, I’m at link to pinterest.com

  58. Amanda 68

    I’d use it in my husband’s dinner casserole. ALL YEAR LONG. Om nom nom.

  59. Lily Sheng 69

    I already subscribed to your blog via RSS on my Google Reader!

  60. Lily Sheng 70

    Here’s my tweet about this giveaway link to twitter.com

  61. Kevin 71

    I would make pulled pork tacos and enchiladas.

  62. Shirley Grffin 72

    I would serve warmed Oscar Meyer Carving Board Pulled Pork on a Kaiser roll smothered with carmalized onion and shredded cheese and a drizzle of honey mustard dressing. Yum!

  63. April V 73

    I think made into a hash with potatoes and eggs would be wonderful for me!!

  64. Sundi 74

    Yum….either Pulled Pork Tacos or a BBQ sandwich!

  65. April V 75

    FB fan of Oscar Meyer!

  66. elizabeth reid 76

    I would make my husband tacos,pulled pork over cornbread waffles, pulled pork and pineapple pizza,southern style benny (SOUTHERN BENNY – Pulled Pork, Tomato, Chili Hollandaise, Jalapeno Corn Bread, Smoky Baked Beans, Poached Eggs),nachos, lol…I could go on and on! He would never have to complain about his vegetarian wife not having meat for him :) I follow you on facebook, pinterest and twitter!

  67. I would make “Pork by Fork” pasta or taquitos!

  68. Julia C 78

    I subscribed by RSS

  69. Julia C 79

    My creation would be pulled pork and brie quesadilla. YUM!

  70. Evan 80

    My creation would be pulled pork Huevos Rancheros – that would be a TASTY breakfast!

  71. Evan 81

    I follow on twitter

  72. Evan 82

    I’m following on facebook

  73. Phyllis 83

    I would keep it simple. Pulled pork on a bun with a side of coleslaw

  74. Phyllis 84

    Follow Noble Pig on facebook

  75. Raina Girton 85

    Mmmmm Crunchy Triscuit with pulled pork and Havarti cheese melted on top!

  76. Beamer 86

    Tacos!! I would make lots of tacos!

  77. Jennifer B. 87

    Pork pizza would be yummy.

  78. Jennifer B. 88

    I follow Noble Pig on Facebook.

  79. Jennifer B. 89

    I follow Noble Pig on Twitter. @fangirljen

  80. Jennifer B. 90

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest. fangirljen

  81. betty 91

    a pulled pork pizza with barbeque sauce carmalized onion and cheese

  82. Gary 92

    Would use the pulled pork for the homemade Won Tons when I make my WT soup. I usually make 50+ at a time and freeze what I don’t use because the family always is wanting me to make a batch of this wonderful soup.

  83. Jennifer B. 93

    I follow Oscar Meyer on Facebook.

  84. Jennifer B. 94

    I follow Oscar Meyer on Twitter. @fangirljen

  85. April was in CT now CA 95

    I’ve been craving a Cuban pressed sandwich so that would be the first thing I’d make. Looks delicious!

  86. April was in CT now CA 96

    I follow the blog via RSS.

  87. Lance C. 97

    I follow NB on FB and I would make a Bánh Mì Sandwich

  88. I just found and bought some of that pork last week. I made these bbq pulled pork potato skins.
    link to foodfamilyfinds.com

  89. I liked Noble Pig on Facebook (CatDavis1983)

  90. shannon 100

    i follow you on pinterest :)

  91. I liked Oscar Mayer on Facebook (CatDavis1983)

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  94. shannon 104

    i like you on facebook :)

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    i liked oscar meyer on facebook :)

  96. Teresa 106

    That would be the first thing I made, I’m thinking that might be dinner tonight. I also love to make pork taquitos and pork chili.

  97. Jane N. 108

    I am a fan of NP on FB.

  98. I liked and am following Noble Pig on Facebook

  99. Jane N. 113

    I love making Pulled Pork Pizza

  100. Susan Broughton 114

    I’m a fan on Facebook of Noble Pig

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    I’m a fan of Oscar Meyer Facebook

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    I follow you on Pinterest

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    I subscribe to your email updates

  104. Beverly 118

    I would make BBQ pulled pork sliders with coleslaw topping!

  105. David Densford 119

    Good ol’ fashion BBQ sandwich w/ Memphis BBQ sauce and cole slaw!

  106. Beverly 120

    I follow you on Pinterest.

  107. Beverly 121

    I’m a fan of yours on Facebook.

  108. Beverly 122

    I’m a fan of Oscar Mayer on Facebook.

  109. Happier Than A Pig in Mud 123

    B-B-Q Pork Sandwiches-yum:@)

  110. Sarah 124

    I would make pulled pork tacos!

  111. Sarah 125

    I like you on facebook

  112. Sarah 126

    I follow you on pinterest!

  113. Philby 127

    Pulled pork BLT.

  114. Philby 128

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  115. Mandy 130

    I also stalk you on Pinterest now. :)

  116. Mandy 131

    Now, my creation. Squirt some BBQ sauce in that, wrap it up in some pizza dough empanada style, and strap the feed bag on!

  117. Lorna DeSantis 132

    I would make pierogies with it.

  118. Lorna DeSantis 133

    I joined/like Noble Pig on FB

  119. Lorna DeSantis 134

    I liked Oscar Mayer on FB

  120. Liz Blunt 135

    My dear hubby loves BBQ pulled pork sandwiches!!

  121. Carrie 136

    I love pulled pork and eggs.

  122. Jan 137

    I think pulled pork sandwiches would be first but that salad is looking pretty good right now!

  123. Jan 138

    I’m already a subscriber by email!

  124. Tiffany 139

    I would mix the pork with pasta and cheese.

  125. Slow cook three large tomatoes with one small red onion diced, one cup of good Pinot Noir, red pepper flakes to your taste. Reduce this till it is a paste, then add the pork, stir and serve over toasted French Rolls, garnish with a drizzle of 1 part sour cream 1/4 part Pinot Gris whipped with a small amount of powdered ginger.

  126. Heather S 141

    pulled pork sandwichs and cole slaw on the side

  127. BellaDonna 142

    I’d make pulled pork sandwiches, or burritos.

  128. BellaDonna 143

    I follow you on Pintrest

  129. BellaDonna 144

    I subscribe via email

  130. alicia cp 145

    free meat! I liked you on FB too!

  131. Tim Blassingame 146

    I would add the pork to my crockpot macaroni and cheese recipe. After 4 hours of slow cooking, I would serve this southern comfort dish with a fresh garden salad and garlic bread.

  132. Angela 148

    I would do pulled pork tacos.

  133. Margi in Ky 149

    Oscar Mayer is always my product. Only bacon I use and can’t imagine how good their pulled pork would be. We have a small grocery in town so I will have to wait till out next trip to the “big” city to be able to look for this. Can’t wait.

  134. Gianna 150

    This would be awesome:
    Oscar Mayer pulled pork
    Sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce
    Provolone cheese.

    Toast in the oven until cheese melts and enjoy :)

  135. Caroline 151

    BBQ pork salads

  136. Gianna 152

    I’m an email subscriber.

  137. Anna L 156

    I subscribe to NP through email :)

  138. Marie 157

    The first thought that comes to mind is some kind of huevos rancheros. I follow you on FaceBook, but check your Noble Pig.com site almost daily.

  139. jerew 158

    Pulled pork on a white soft bun with mayo, sliced sweet onion, and tobasco! I just don’t get any better!!!!

  140. Heather Spooner 159

    I love using pork in a quesadilla. I use pepperjack cheese. Yummy!

  141. Heather Spooner 160

    I (Jo March) follow Noble Pig on Facebook. Thanks!

  142. Heather Spooner 161

    I ( Jo March) follow Oscar Mayer on Facebook. Thanks!

  143. mirela skinner 162

    I’d make a BBQ pork sandwich and then some paninis with lots of veggies.

  144. mirela skinner 163

    I follow NB of FB

  145. David 164

    I am on pinterst, not sure what to do, but it looks like fun.

  146. David 165

    I like to use pulled pork left overs on a baked potatoes, add sour cream and salsa, hot peppers and cheddar cheese. Now I can make the dinner quickly and when I want. Wahoo!

  147. David 166

    I follow NP on facebook, love it!

  148. JEFF c 167

    I would totally do some pulled pork tacos. Taco truck style! Yum!

  149. Shirley 168

    Would make a banh mi sandwich with sliced cucumber, pickled carrots & daikon and sliced jalapenos.

  150. SherryLee 169

    Easy..pulled pork sandwiches with spicy slaw. Fast and easy night after a day of Christmas shopping!

  151. Laura Martinez 170

    I would make pulled pork sandwiches or throw it on a salad with black beans and creamy cilantro dressing and lots of pico de gallo.

  152. susan 171

    The classic sandwich with coleslaw piled on top (swoon) is hard to beat but It would be fun to try pulled pork all different ways – I think it would go well with black beans for a pulled pork and black beans and cheddar on tacos kind of nacho thing. With guac, of course.

  153. Kathy 172

    Wraps. Definitely in wraps. Second choice would be with a delicious sauce, ladled over a drain, like rice, or over pasta.

  154. Wanda 173

    I would keep it simple. Pulled Pork on a lightly toasted bun.

  155. Jeff 174

    A pulled pork sandwich – easy, simple and delicious!

  156. Adoree 175

    I would make pulled pork sliders….fill King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread Rolls with pulled pork and squeeze some Barbeque sauce on. Yum!!

  157. Diane Mc Donald 176

    I just so love it traditional. A little BBQ sauce. I make my own and then some homemade cole slaw on a steamed bun. Ymmmmmm

  158. Emma Chapman 177

    I “like” NP on facebook

  159. Emma Chapman 178

    I follow NP on Pinterest.

  160. Emma Chapman 179

    I like BBQ Salads and BBQ sandwiches on a bun.
    I add BBQ to Brunswick Stew.

  161. Lisa Phillips The Phillips Clan 180

    I have just FB liked both Noble Pig Wine and Oscar Mayer!

  162. Lexy 181

    I would do the “sammy” thing with coleslaw etc. on top…..love, love, love that.

  163. Lexy 182

    I follow via email notification (RSS)

  164. Kathleen Allgood 183

    I would donate this amazing pulled pork to local homeless shelter for teens…filling, satisfying food for their souls~and a variety of ways to serve their endless appetites!

  165. Lexy 184

    I also follow NP Pinterest’s Board.

  166. Erika 185

    Old fashioned BBQ pork sandwiches yum!!

  167. Doris Brady 186

    I’d toast up a fresh hoagie roll, spoon tons of the pulled pork on one side, top with a strong cheese and broil until the cheese was bubbly then I’d put the top on and grab a lot of napkins and eat it up.

  168. kate 187

    Ooooh yum! I just said to my boyfriend “So would you want to have pulled pork for a year?” and he said “OH yes! I want pulled pork and eggs right now!” So…I’m assuming that would be the first thing I’d have to make :)

  169. I would make pulled pork enchiladas or a pulled pork pot pie. Mmmmmmm!

  170. I liked noble pig on facebook

  171. I followed noble pig on twitter

  172. I followed noble pig on pinterest

  173. patintx 192

    Love your email posts

  174. Cindy Adams Ashworth 193

    WOW this looks amazing! Can’t wait to try it! I’d put the pulled pork in a flour tortilla with some cheese and salsa and diced onion. Nom nom nom!!

  175. Cindy Adams Ashworth 194

    following you on pintrest

  176. Diane Bedford 195

    I would love to win pulled pork for a year!!! I think I’d try making macaroni salad with pulled pork. I bet it would be a party hit!

  177. Cindy Adams Ashworth 196

    liked NP on facebook! :)

  178. Andra Kowalczyk Martens 197

    Just yesterday my husband wanted to finish off my to-go box left overs of pulled pork. His rationale was that I had just had pork, so surely I didn’t want it again for lunch. I told him he clearly didn’t understand my relationship with pork. LOL
    Pulled pork for a year??!!! YUM!
    For starters, I would make pulled pork enchiladas with my home-made salsa verde.

  179. lauren b 198

    I’d make some amazing pulled pork fajitas with chipotle ranch dressing, fresh veggies and entirely too much cilantro.

  180. lauren b 199

    Liked Oscar Mayer on facebook.

  181. lauren b 200

    Following Noble Pig on Twitter.

  182. lauren b 201

    Following Oscar Mayer on Twitter.

  183. lauren b 202

    Following Noble Pig on Instagram.

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    Following Noble Pig on Pintrest.

  185. Rob C 204

    Classic pulled pork sandwiches!

  186. Rob C 205

    Following Noble Pig on Facebook

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    Following Noble Pig on Twitter

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    Following Noble Pig on Pintrest

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    Liked Noble Pig on Facebook

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    Followed Oscar Mayer on Twitter

  192. Thank you so much! Just DMed you my address on Twitter :)

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