Ninja Cooking System Giveaway ($159 value)

 Ninja Cooking Systemx
I am so excited to share this giveaway with you! I was introduced to the Ninja Cooking System when I attended the International Food Bloggers Conference this past year. We couldn’t believe that Ninja gave one of these to all of the attendees of the conference. Can you stand that? It was a pretty happy room of food bloggers.

And now, Ninja is graciously giving another one to me, to give to you!! How awesome is that?

Here are my favorite things about the Ninja, while it is a slow-cooker, it is like gaining another burner in the kitchen. It has a stovetop function. You can sear your meat in here and then slow cook it. No second pan required. And because of this stovetop function, you can throw your pasta in dry, your chicken in frozen…it’s just an amazing all-in-one-appliance. You can even bake a cake in it, using 50% less fat in the ingredients. I haven’t tried it, but I saw it done!!

What a godsend this would be to someone who has very limited kitchen space or for a college student who doesn’t have a cooktop or an oven. 

The Ninja has been a lifesaver the past week as we began making our 2012 wine vintage. We are low on time and energy and it has saved me many nights this past week.

To enter to win the Ninja Cooking System:

Leave a comment below telling us, “What you would make in the Ninja Cooking System”!

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Deadline to enter is Sunday, October 21, 2012, Pacific Standard Time. Contest is open to United States residents only. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted by email. You will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. Ninja Cooking System will be shipped directly from Ninja.

Contest Is NOW CLOSED. WINNER is commenter #86, Jen @ Savory Simple. Congrats Jen!! Your new Ninja Cooking System will be on its way!!

Ninja Cooking System Winner

Ninja Cooking 2x

Good Luck!!

Four Years Ago: Pork Medallions with Cider Sauce

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  1. D. Young 1

    I would make everything in the Ninja Cooking System! I would be especially excited to make my holiday side dishes in it (string beans, macaroni and cheese, cornbread stuffing) — and free up one of my stove burners or space in my oven!

  2. deanna chang 2

    what wouldn’t i make?!?

  3. Alison 3

    I’d make the SF Giants the winners of the World Series ~!

  4. Brandon 4

    I would make my family’s seafood chowder recipes that has been a staple of our ski trips for years.

  5. jeri 5

    Of course, I would have to try all the recommended uses and recipes. But I know I would also try to push the envelope and see what new uses I could come up with. Plus, it’s really cool looking.

  6. Anne B. 6

    All my Fall and Winter soups!

  7. raquel schnitzer 7


  8. PoopseyMarie 8

    Wow!! I just looked at one of these nifty cookers at Sam’s Club today. The possibilities are endless with one of these babies!! Soups, stews, roasts, casseroles, desserts…Why youcould fit a 12 pound turkey in there!! Great giveaway

  9. joy 9

    I would love to make all kinds of goodies in this! I especially want to try a cake.

  10. Tracey Alvernaz 10

    a brownie cake

  11. Tracey Alvernaz 11

    I like Ninja Kitchen on Facebook!

  12. Tracey Alvernaz 12

    I follow you on Pinterest and am happy about that ! :)

  13. I’d love to try it — and to use it to make recipes from Noble Pig.

  14. Linda 14

    I would LOVE to get this and learn to cook everything in it! This sounds like an appliance that would get constant use in my house. Thanks for offering it!

  15. Linda 15

    I have joined Noble Pig on Facebook.

  16. Linda 16

    I have joined Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  17. Linda 17

    I subscribe to Noble Pig by email. I don’t tweet, or Pin, or Instagram, so I’ll have to settle for only 4 entries. Boy, do I hope that that’s enough!

  18. michelle majoros 18

    i would make chicken and dumplings

  19. I would start with pulled pork and go from there! this looks awesome. Had not seen one before.

  20. Coco Woodruff 20

    A seared and slow cooked roast with all the trimmings.

  21. Judy 21

    Pot roast. Sear it to seal the juices in and cook it in the same pot! Wahoo!

  22. Judy 22

    I already follow you on FB.

  23. I LOVE my Ninja, too. Just talked to Lea Ann about it today. Hope to win it for her! I would like to try to roast a whole chicken in it.

  24. Judy 24

    And I follow you on Pinterest!

  25. Philby 25

    I would make chicken dishes… with frozen chicken! I hate thawing it out, I would love the Ninja!

  26. Philby 26

    I subscribe via e-mail.

  27. Philby 27

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  28. Carole Resnick 28

    I would make short ribs in a sweet & sour sauce and serve over rice.

  29. Carole Resnick 29

    I follow NP on FB

  30. Carole Resnick 30

    I follow Ninja on FB

  31. Carole Resnick 31

    I follow NP on Pintrest

  32. I am now following you on Facebook!

  33. Carole Resnick 34

    I posted this giveaway on FB

  34. I am following the Ninja Cooking system on Facebook! :)

  35. Cathy, I am already following you on Twitter! :)

  36. I posted this giveaway on my blog.

  37. I am following Ninja Kitchen on Twitter

  38. I tweeted this on Twitter: Enter to win a @NinjaKitchen Cooking System ($159) hosted by @noblepig link to

  39. Debbie D 42

    I would make everything in it!

  40. Branch 43

    I would make my “almost famous” Meat Loaf! Instead of heating up the oven, I could make a loaf right in the Ninja Cooking System, with much less waste of energy.

  41. Linda 45

    Ooooo … I’d make soups, stews, chowders, chilis, pot roast, pulled pork … and then some!

  42. Linda 46

    I already follow you on Facebook!

  43. Linda 47

    I am now following you on Pinterest! Woohoo!

  44. Lisa S 48

    Just Liked you on FB!

  45. Linda 49

    Now I’m following Ninja Kitchen on Facebook. Whew.

  46. Shelby W. 50

    This looks like such a cool system. I might be moving to a small apartment and would love to have one of these!

  47. Emily 52

    I follow NP on FB. :-)

  48. Mary 53

    It can make cake?? Definitely giving that a try. Also, I bet it would make a killer brisket!

  49. Mary 54

    I follow you in my RSS feed

  50. Mary 58

    I follow Ninja kitchen on twitter

  51. Mary 59

    I follow NP on instagram

  52. Mary 60

    I follow NP on pinterest! Follow all the things!

  53. harmony 61

    I would make all my meals! As it is i have no stove, and this would allow me to actually cook (which i love doing!) in my house<3

  54. harmony 62

    Liked You (noble pig) on facespace!

  55. harmony 63

    Liked Ninja on Facebook!

  56. harmony 64

    Aaaaaaaand posted giveaway on my facebook, tagged you!

  57. marci 65

    I would try to replicate my late grandmother’s chicken friccasee!! and cholent…and I am very curious how a cake would turn out…and soups for the winter…I can go on!

  58. ky2here 66

    Gumbo first

    ky2here at msn dot com

  59. Bernadete 67

    I’d make a nice beef stew. Thank You!

  60. alyce poalillo 68

    Pot roast and chili

  61. Jill Hartley 69

    I’m thinking about trying ribs in the ninja cooking system. I live in the south where pork is boss! might as well get on the band wagon!

  62. Jill Hartley 70

    I liked Noble Pig on facebook :-)

  63. Jill Hartley 71

    I liked Ninja Kitchen on FB

  64. Jill Hartley 72

    I follow noble pig on twitter!

  65. I would make healthy, hearty meals for my family to ward off the winter cold! It’s our first year in upstate New York!

  66. Jill Hartley 74

    I followed Ninja on Twitter

  67. I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest!

  68. Jill Hartley 76

    I subscribed to emails :-)

  69. I am subscribed to the blog via email!

  70. I follow Noble Pic on Facebook!

  71. Jill Hartley 79

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest :-)

  72. Rich Jordan 80

    What would I make wow that’s hard I can make so many different thing to tell the truth I’m not sure what I would try first. But let me tell you I would have fun trying everything I can and discovering new and fun dishes to make with my Ninja cooking system.

  73. MaryB 81

    What wouldn’t I use it for? Soups, first of all but that cake sure sounds intriguing.

  74. MaryB 82

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  75. MaryB 83

    I subscribe to Noble Pig email updates.

  76. lisa lempp 84

    I would slice & dice & serve my way into culinary heaven! I always need another burner, I like to keep food warm at parties and holidays! This Ninja would be awesome for all of it. Ohhh and I have the Ninja blender, which is totally cool and I would love a matching “set”. Thanks!

  77. Gail Swinford 85

    I would cook lots of good food and be able to freeze for future use.

  78. Part of the reason I don’t use my slow cooker more often is because of the separate searing involved. I would love to use this for braised meats!

  79. I follow you on Twitter (@savorysimple)

  80. I follow Ninja Kitchen (@savorysimple)

  81. Sam 91

    I would be looking up and finding any and all vegetarian entrees I could find to whip up in this thing! Looks like it would be a great help in the kitchen and my wife and I would love to find new recipes to perfect in the Ninja! Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Meg 92

    It does everything so would have to try it all. Love the idea of dry pasta and baking a cake when I don’t have to turn on the oven….What a great gadget even for a single person.

  83. April V 93

    A big pot of BBQ was what first came to mind!! :)

  84. April V 94

    I’m an email subscriber of Noble Pig!

  85. The very first thing I thought of was making a pot of bolognese sauce.

  86. April V 96

    I’m a FB fan of Ninja Kitchen!

  87. Sue Ellison 97

    The first thing I would make would be a roast,

  88. Sue Ellison 98

    I “Like” Noble Pig Vineyards on FB

  89. Cheryl W. 99

    Oh wow! This Ninja system looks very impressive. The first meal I would make would be Corned Beef and Cabbage. I haven’t made one in a while now and I have been hankering for some. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  90. Karen Walczak 100

    What an exciting concept – I love gadgets! Would love to make all kind of soups and stews for cold weather!

  91. I would make chocolate yum bread and all of our meals in the Ninja Cooking System. We are living in a hotel room right now and it would be absolutely amazing to have a way to actually cook besides a mini microwave oven.

  92. Cheryl W. 102

    I am a fan of Noble Pig on Facebook.

  93. Sue Ellison 103

    I “Like” Ninja Kitchen on FB

  94. Cheryl W. 104

    I am a fan of Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  95. Sue Ellison 105

    I follow @noblepig on Twitter as suebaby05

  96. Cheryl W. 106

    I am following Noble Pig on Twitter @HeartnSoulmom

  97. Cheryl W. 107

    I am following Ninja Kitchen on Twitter @HeartnSoulmom

  98. Katherine Bean 108

    The first thing I would make is my pulled pork. Stovetop function to brown the outside, then slow cook it to tender perfection. Yum!

  99. Sue Ellison 109

    I follow @NinjaKitchen on Twitter as suebaby05

  100. I liked Noble Pig Vineyards on Facebook! I should have looked you up way earlier!

  101. I liked Ninja Kitchen on Facebook because they’re amazing!

  102. Katherine Bean 112

    I follow on Facebook.

  103. Sue Ellison 113

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  104. Donna 114

    I would make beef stew first…!

  105. I followed Noble Pig on Twitter! (username ZahraFajr, I think)

  106. Katherine Bean 116

    I follow Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  107. I followed NinjaKitchen on Twitter!

  108. Donna 118

    Joined Nobel Pig on FB!!

  109. Katherine Bean 119

    I follow on Pinterest.

  110. Katherine Bean 120

    Does it count that I’m subscribed to RSS?

  111. Cheryl W. 121

    I follow Noble Pig via Instagram

  112. Donna 122

    following also on Pinterest

  113. Cheryl W. 123

    I follow Noble Pig via Pinterest.

  114. I subscribed to this blog by email quite a while ago! I have a folder in my email where I save all the recipes – I love it!

  115. Donna 125

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  116. I followed Noble Pig on Pinterest – I think, anyway. I’m new on Pinterest and still figuring out how it works.

  117. Sue Ellison 128

    Email subscriber

  118. Donna 129

    I follow Ninja kitchen on FB

  119. I posted the link to this page on facebook and tried to tag you, but because it was a liked page and not a personal friend, I had to link to your facebook page in the post.

  120. LindaCP 131

    I would make roast chicken, stews, braises, just about everything!

  121. LindaCP 132

    I “liked” Noble Pig on Facebook.

  122. Jodie 133

    Soups, stews, and sauces!

  123. LindaCP 134

    I “follow” Noble Pig on Facebook.

  124. Ginny 136

    I would make delicious and simple pulled pork, some for bbq sandwiches and some for burritos with chiles!

  125. CabinGirl 137

    I’d make my husband’s awesome chili recipe.

  126. Marcus R. 138

    I would make breadpudding.

  127. Jenny 139

    I would try a brisket – or pulled pork.

  128. Jenny 140

    I follow Noble Pig on twitter @icywit

  129. Kelly 141

    So many things to make! Love to start with a pot roast that doesn’t dirty another pan on the stove to sear the roast!

  130. Kelly 142

    I subscribe through an RSS feed!

  131. Jenny 143

    I like Noble Pig on Facebook

  132. rc 144

    That is the best of all worlds on the counter-top.

  133. Elin 145

    I’ve been experimenting with slow cooker desserts, so it would be fun to make more of them in something this impressive. Great giveaway!

  134. I would make a chicken dinner.

  135. I’m a fan of Noble Pig on facebook. :-)

  136. I’m a fan of Ninja Kitchen on facebook. :-)

  137. I follow Noble Pig on Twitter :-)

  138. I follow Ninja Kitchen on Twitter :-)

    PS My twitter ID is @dlk3265. I forgot to put that down in my previous comment too.

  139. Taunzi 151

    I would make a pot roast but sear the meat in the ninja too!

  140. Jenness 152

    Our family uses our current slow cooker about once a week, sometimes more. With 3 busy kids having practices and rehearsals at random times, it is a great way for them to get a hot meal when it fits into their schedule. Some of our favorites are chili and pot roast, both of which require browning meats first. The NINJA would be a perfect time saver and would reduce the number of pans I need to use. Already love my NINJA blender….

  141. Jenness 153

    I liked Noble Pig on FB!

  142. Jenness 154

    I joined Kitchen Ninja on FB.

  143. Mary Beth Elderton 155

    I think I’d transfer most of my cooking over to the Ninja! I’d start with great Fall stews and soups. Now that I think of it, I’m ready for a good tortilla soup!

  144. Mary Beth Elderton 156

    I like you on FB as Mary Beth Elderton

  145. Mary Beth Elderton 157

    I like Ninja on FB as Mary Beth Elderton

  146. Mary Beth Elderton 158

    I follow you on twitter as mbm218

  147. Jenness 159

    I already follow NP on twitter…. Does this still count?

  148. Mary Beth Elderton 160

    I follow Ninja Kitchen on twitter as mbm218

  149. Mary Beth Elderton 161

    I follow you on Pinterest as Mary Beth Elderton

  150. Jenness 162

    Now I follow Kitchen NINJA on Twitter!

  151. Mary Beth Elderton 165

    I’m an email subscriber

  152. Jenness 166

    I also tweeted, “Enter to win a @NinjaKitchen Cooking System ($159) hosted by @noblepig link to” on twitter!

  153. Robin W. 167

    I follow you on Facebook!!!

  154. Robin W. 168

    I follow you on Pinterest!!

  155. Robin W. 169

    I posted on Facebook about the giveaway and your amazing blog!!!

  156. Robin W. 170

    I just made a French Onion Soup that I know would rock it out in this appliance!!! That is what I would make first!!!

  157. Shelia Harkleroad 171

    I deal daily with preparing the most nutritious, tasty meals I can for my husband who is battling kidney cancer. This would be a wonderful addition to our kitchen that would save precious time while providing the healthy meals we need. Thanks for making this offer.


  158. Thank you for offering the Ninja giveaway! It looks
    S like a fabulous way to cook all of my recipes. Since fall is in the air, I’m in the mood for a pork and apple stew. I have connected with noble pig on Facebook, twitter, follow on Pinterest and Instagram. I have followed Ninja on Facebook and Twitter too! My fingers are crossed!

  159. Jenness 173

    I already follow NP on pinterest!

  160. Rusty 174

    What an awesome giveaway..!! Thank you. I think I would start with chili.

  161. I process a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. I’ll bet this would do great for my needs. Soups are my specialty. How nice it would be to serve a buffet and directly from such an attractive pot. I’ll be posting on facebook.

  162. April was in CT now CA 176

    I’d probably test it out with a beef roast first!

  163. DM Boland 177

    I would make anything and everything just to put it through its paces!

  164. Rusty 179

    Following Ninja King on FB

  165. Rusty 181

    Following Ninja King on Twitter

  166. Diane in Cincinnati 182

    I would make a roast of some kind!

  167. Kay 183

    Oh! The perfect excuse to try even more of your delicious recipes!

  168. Rusty 187

    Tweeted “Enter to win a @NinjaKitchen Cooking System ($159) hosted by @noblepig link to

  169. Diane in Cincinnati 188

    I liked you on FB!

  170. Kristina 190

    From reading the description, everything. I’d make everything in it.

  171. Jenness 191

    I posted the contest link on FB, and tried to tag NP, but it wouldn’t do it… Grrr…

  172. Jenness 192

    I already subscribe to your blog on the RSS feed. That is how I found out about this great contest!!!

  173. Barbie with a T 193

    I’m just wondering if it is easy enough for my husband to use! :) He would definitely make soup in it. Soup is his favorite kind of meal.

  174. Caprene 194

    The idea of cooking a roast in one “thing” – not having to brown on the stove top, then add to the crock pot, sounds so nice. As much as I love roast, I don’t love smelling like the roast I’d browned on the stove all day. I’d love to give it a try.

  175. Caprene 195

    oh, I’m also a FB and Pinterest follower.

  176. Nicole 196

    I would make all of the slow cooker recipes I have found that look fabulous, But I currently can’t cook because I don’t have a slow cooker.

  177. DaphneSFL 197

    Umm, what wouldn’t I make? Soups, roasts, dips for parties, did i mention roasts?

  178. Gary 198

    My slow cooker just went to small appliance heaven about a week ago – we both work long hours and so we use the crockpot 3-4 times a week so that dinner is ready when we get home and we are lost without one.

  179. Barbara 199

    I’ve never heard of the Ninja Cooking System, but I would find something to cook in it!

  180. DaphneSFL 200

    I’ve already “liked” NP on Facebook and have been following on Pinterest for a few weeks.

  181. Jacqueline P 201

    i would make all the stews and pot roasts!

  182. Lisa Shara Hall 202

    I have never used a slow cooker and I am excited to try it! I can imagine making braises and stews, soups and anything else I could comjer up. I follow you on twitter and pinterest, and followed Ninja and you on Facebook.

  183. bree 203

    i don’t even have a crock pot but have been wanting to get one for some time. i would make pulled pork and lots of stews this fall and winter!

  184. bree 204

    i also follow noble pig on pinterest!

  185. Lily Sheng 205

    I’m already a fan of Noble Pig on Facebook!

  186. Lily Sheng 206

    I liked Ninja Kitchen on Facebook

  187. bree 207

    and i follow noble pig on facebook!

  188. Lily Sheng 208

    I already follow you on Twitter (I’m @lilysheng)

  189. Lily Sheng 209

    I also followed Ninja Kitchen on Twitter (I’m @lilysheng)

  190. Denise 210

    I would love to try Koran short rib taco’s. It would be convenient to do everything in one pot.

  191. Lily Sheng 211

    I already follow you on Pinterest, I’m at link to

  192. Lily Sheng 212

    I tweeted the giveaway here link to

  193. Lily Sheng 213

    I already follow you on Instagram, I’m at link to

  194. Lily Sheng 214

    I already subscribe to your RSS feeds via my Google Reader, that’s what lead me here! :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  195. Carrie 215

    I would start with a pot roast & veggies.

  196. Carrie 216

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  197. Kim Foster 217

    I think I’d start with a brisket!

  198. Adrienne 218

    I would make a my favorite slow cooker recipe: a chicken, leeks, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes kind of stew. The brothy liquid makes it a great soup, but also delicious over rice or mashed potatoes. Yum….

  199. Jodi Bassett 219

    Quite possibly, a holiday turkey, or ham.

  200. Jodi Bassett 223

    Have now joined Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  201. TERESA KNECHT 225


  202. TERESA KNECHT 226


  203. Love Barton 227

    This system looks amazing. I can’t imagine what I couldn’t cook in it. Pulled Pork to start! I hadn’t heard of it before but now I’m jazzed to see one in action!

  204. Lolo 228

    I would attempt to make ALL kinds of cake and desserts in the Ninja!

  205. Lolo 229

    I follow NP on Facebook

  206. Lolo 230

    I follow NP on Pinterest!

  207. Lolo 231

    I shared NP comment about this giveaway on Facebook!

  208. Linda 232

    I love hungarian goulash and it takes so long to cook-this would make my whole family happy because they could have favorite slow cooked meals faster.

  209. j3nn 233

    I posted this contest post to Facebook!

  210. j3nn 234

    I liked NinjaKitchen on FB!

  211. j3nn 235

    I follow you on Twitter — I’m @j3nndotnet

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    I’m following @NinjaKitchen on Twitter

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    I follow NP on Facebook

  214. j3nn 238

    I Tweeted: “Enter to win a @NinjaKitchen Cooking System ($159) hosted by @noblepig link to

  215. j3nn 239

    I subscribe to your RSS feed

  216. MikeW 240

    It looks like a lot of possibilities. Slow cooked pork, duck, chillis … it’d be great for parties, another burner/oven/etc for when you do multiple dishes.

  217. Faith 241

    Oh – I would make soups and stews and chili and braised short ribs! My mouth is watering thinking of all of the wonderful meals that I could make. thanks for the chance to win one!

  218. Jolene 242

    I would make… EVERYTHING in stealth mode!

  219. Jolene 243

    I follow the Noble Pig on FB!

  220. Jolene 244

    Following Ninja Kitchen on FB

  221. Jolene 246

    Following NP on Instagram!

  222. Jolene 247

    Following NP on Pinterest!

  223. Melleah 248

    I would use it to cook the 1/4 of beef that’s currently filling up my freezer!

  224. Kendis Fishman 249

    I would use the Ninja Cooking System to prepare hearty soups in one pan.

  225. MikeW 250

    Joined Noble Pig on Facebook.

  226. Melleah 251

    I’ve liked your Facebook page

  227. Carole Penner 254

    My entire Thanksgiving feast!

  228. Kendis Fishman 255

    I follow Noble Pig on Facebook

  229. MikeW 257

    Joined Ninja Kitchen on Facebook,

  230. MayaPapaya 259

    Oooo! I’d make Baked Potato Soup, Boeuf Bourgignon, Corn Casserole, Chili, egads- everything!

  231. I shared this from my fan page ( BigBearsWife)

  232. Carole Penner 262

    I liked Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  233. I did this:
    Tweet this statement to your followers: Enter to win a @NinjaKitchen Cooking System ($159) hosted by @noblepig link to


  234. Erin Lee 264

    I want to make a pot roast in this thing! I shared on facebook!

  235. I Subscribe to this blog by e-mail!

  236. Alex Chan 266

    Beef stew of course!

  237. Wendy Meier 267

    This looks awesome! I have never seen this before. I would make everything in it from chili to a breakfast casserole!

  238. Aimee 268

    I think the Ninja system would come in really handy for all the fall/winter soups, stews, and pot roasts!

  239. Aimee 269

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest!

  240. Aimee 270

    I’m a subscriber to the Noble Pig rss feed!

  241. Kevin 271

    I would make all sorts of slow cooker recipes, starting with apple cider!

  242. Leanne 272

    I would test out as many of Noble Pig’s Pinterest recipes that will work :)

  243. Susan Willard 273

    I would love to win this because I would give it to my mother who has very limited mobility. She is confined to a power chair and has trouble removing things from her oven, and has trouble getting things from the stove top also. With this Ninja system, she could easily cook and cleanup would be much easier for her also.

  244. Mark 274

    I’d make New Mexican Green Chile Stew

  245. I would use the Ninja system to make my famous BBQ style baby back ribs even more famous!

  246. Katrina 276

    Ooh, I don’t know what I’d made first, maybe a roast. But it would also be fun to try a dessert–a crisp, or pumpkin something, or for sure a chocolate dessert. Hmmm.

  247. Katrina 277

    I tweeted about the giveaway. @koismith

  248. Pam 278

    I work 10-12 days and commute 80 miles, so I would use it to insure healthy, hearty home-cooked meals for us instead of doing the drive-thru/frozen meal/cold sandwich thing night after night. What a treat!

  249. Katrina 279

    I already follow you on Pinterest.

  250. Katrina 280

    I already follow Noble Pig on Facebook.

  251. Katrina 281

    I am already subscribed via email.

  252. Katrina 282

    I am following Noble Pig on Twitter.

  253. Katrina 283

    I am following Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  254. Katrina 284

    I am following Ninja Kitchen on Twitter.

  255. Liane 285

    What would I make first???? Hmmmmm……something super YUMMY !!!! :)

  256. Liane 286

    I liked Noble Pig Vineyards on Facebook

  257. Aimee 287

    I’d make beef roasts in it–the recipe I have calls for searing after coating in kosher salt before slow cooking all day. How nice to not have to dirty a frying pan first!

  258. Aimee 288

    I like Noble Pig on FB.

  259. Aimee 289

    I like Ninja Kitchen on FB.

  260. Liane 290

    I am following Noble Pig Vineyards on Pinterst !!

  261. Katrina 291

    Posted about the giveaway on my Facebook page!

  262. Jennifer 292

    I would prepare an amazing Pulled Pork meal for my 4 Kids and husband with this Ninja System. I want one so bad!!

  263. Liane 293

    I am following Ninja Kitchen on Facebook

  264. Adrienne gordon 294


  265. Angela S 295

    I would probably make meat/roast since you can sear and then roast.

  266. Liane 296

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  268. Janene 298

    I would like to make my baked chicken in the ninja cooking system. I like Ninja cooking on face book.

  269. Stacey Thomas 299

    I would love to have this to make all my meals in it! Now that fall has arrived, I would probably use it first to make some soup or chilli!

  270. Stacey Thomas 300

    I liked Noble Pig on Facebook

  271. Jennifer 301

    I likey Noble Pig on fb(;

  272. Ruth Cobb 302

    This would be perfect for all our savory options like pot roast with yellow potatoes, baby carrots, french onion soup, worcestershire sauce. Make french dip sandwiches or veggie soup out of the leftovers. Roasted chicken for so many options. Beef stew, pasta sauce. It would also make wonderful chicken dumplings.

    I would also like to make sweet recipes, like fruit cobbler served with ice cream.

    I have a very old crock pot that I have used so much. This is our favorite way to cook, so easy, so flavorable. I hope I win this system.

  273. Judy Cunningham 303

    I would make my pork spareribs which I usually make in my crock pot but if I won the Ninja I would no longer be using a crock pot…

  274. Jennifer 304

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest

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    (Alyce Poalillo)

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  277. Jennifer 307

    I shared this awesome giveaway on my fb page! You Rock Noble Pig <3

  278. Angela Regan 308

    I would like to make an amazing pot roast with veggies in the Ninja cooking system. Thanks for the contest.

  279. Helen 309

    I would really hope to win… Winter is coming fast and I would love to make chilis and curries, soups and stews.

  280. Helen 310

    I like Noble Pig on Facebook

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    I like Ninja Kitchen on Facebook

  282. sydney 312

    I would make almost everything in it! What a great appliance!

  283. Helen 313

    I wish I had Twitter account so I can follow you there… but sadly I don’t ;)

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    And lastly – whew that’s a lot of commenting – I just started following you on pinterest…

  287. Heather T 318

    I think the answer to your question is more of a what WOULDN’T I make??? This looks like an awesome new tool to use in the kitchen to be more efficient!

  288. Heather T 320

    following you already on pinterest!

  289. Helen 321

    Oh wait – I’m subscribed to your blog through rss feed

  290. Helen 323

    And finally – after a few trials and errors I figured out how to tag a page on facebook – so now I have officially shared a giveaway on my facebook page too

  291. Carolyn Milani 324

    I’d make short ribs!

  292. Tracy Caldwell 325

    Oooohhhh ahhhhhh! Time for me to pitch the old crock pot and enter the 21st century with a Ninja!!!! Nice!!! I’d use this to prepare all my favorite Noble Pig recipes!

  293. Satin Garner 326

    There are so many things I can think of… but chili would be my first….

  294. Janice E 327

    I like Noble Pig everywhere, but especially on Facebook!

  295. Satin Garner 328

    just joined Ninja Cooking FB page…. awesome give away Cathy….

  296. JennW 329

    Everything I currently use a normal crockpot for – but I would probably start with stew/soups for the fall weather…

  297. Greg 330

    All of the ‘one-dish’ dinners that I make now tend to really be ‘two-dish’ dinners, one pan and one braising vessel. With a Ninja, I’d be able to use as slow-cooker (much more energy efficient than a low oven, and more fun!), and as a pan to do everything else my one-dish dinners really require. Looks very useful!

  298. Chrissy 331

    Italian gravy for sunday suppers!

  299. Chrissy 332

    Italian gravy for sunday suppers!

  300. Satin Garner 333

    of course I follow you on Pinterest….. :)

  301. Joann M 334

    I would try to make more of my Pinterest recipes if I had the Ninja Cooking System!!

  302. Lance C. 335

    Beef Short Ribs in Chipotle and Green Chili Sauce

  303. Cindi Murrah 336

    I would make Italian Beef Hoagies!!!!

  304. Joann M 337

    I am following noble pic on Twitter!

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    I am following Ninja Kitchen on Twitter

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  307. bonnie thurston 340

    I’d like to try to slow cook some desserts in there. I’ve also been wanting to make my own apple butter, so I’d try to do that in the Ninja.

  308. Avery K. 341

    I would roast a chicken in my new Ninja Cooking System!!

  309. Avery K. 342

    I like Noble Pig on Facebook!

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    I follow you on twitter @STELLARavery

  311. Deb E. 344

    I would make my weekend food that I currently cook on the weekend in a crockpot since I’m in and out and can watch it somewhat. I have a small space in my apt and love to make combo dishes for saving time.

  312. Avery K. 345

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest!

  313. MrsKLR 346

    I would cook any recipes from the Noble Pig Facebook or Pinterest posts.

  314. Johnna 347

    I would make black bean pumpkin chili!

  315. Elaine 348

    I am so ready for fallish foods, I would use it every day, because it is still too hot to cut the oven on for very long!

  316. Deb E. 349

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  318. Bruce 351

    I’d make a pot roast first.

  319. Deb E. 352

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  320. Judith 353

    Oh my gosh… Boeuf Bourguinonne, Chili Verde, Posole, Hawaiian Kalua Pig….that’s just the beginning!

  321. Deb E. 354

    Tweeted about the giveaway: link to

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    I’d make Jambalaya Grits Girl!!

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  327. Please enter me in the contest! Thanks…

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    It that time of year for soup and my favorite is my baked potato soup, that’s what I would make first.

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    I “liked” Ninja Kitchen. Woot woot!! :)

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  332. Slow cooked Yankee Pot Roast with Yukon Golds, carrot, celery & onion… then gravy…yum! Please enter me in your contest…thanks!

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    This is so cool! I had no idea they made something like this!

    This week on my meal plan is Buffalo Chicken Lasagna for the crockpot – I would try that in the Ninja!

    I like you on FB, follow you on Pinterest, live in Oregon. :) I now like Ninja Kitchen on FB.

    Thank you!

  339. Dawn 372

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    brisket! yes I would make brisket!

  342. Judith 375

    Following Noble pig’s boards o Pinterest.
    yum!! How’s that butternut squash pasta!!

  343. KG 376

    Meatballs in tomato sauce! Mmmm.

  344. Quinn 378

    What would I NOT make in this thing??? But I think the first thing would be a roast, because unlike with a regular crockpot, I could sear the meat first. Yummity yum yum.

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  350. Ray 384

    I would love to be able to sear meats then leave them in the same pan for a slow cook. A beef roast would be the first thing in.

  351. mary louise lever 385

    Wow – what a wonderful give-away! I would read the cookbook and try some of the recipes (using their directions) and later add my own favorite recipes. Bon Appetit, Yalll.

  352. Love the searing option! I do a nice bolognese sauce!

  353. Are you KIDDING ME! EVERYTHING that can be cooked would go in this! I would be trying out apple sauce first, then apple butter, pear butter; then with all the “butters” out of the way, I would start on the first page of one of the many cookbooks in my kitchen and just start cooking!!!!

  354. I would make your beef short-rib sliders with whiskey-bacon BBQ sauce.

  355. Tracy Caldwell 393

    Following Noble Pig on Instagram now, didn’t know till now you were there. YAY more Noble Pig!

  356. Becky Jordan-Tracey 397

    The first thing I would make is a roasted chicken! My kids love them!

  357. I am now following @NinjaKitchen on Twitter.

  358. Margi in Ky 399

    Soups, chili’s, stews. Love winter!

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  378. Christine Kaminske 420

    I would love the Ninja Cooking System! I work two or three jobs but LOVE cooking my own meals. This would be so helpful on nights when I only have a short time to prepare meals. Thanks for promoting such a great product!

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  381. ANN HAUGLAND 423

    I follow you on FB…and love finding new equipment and recipes!

  382. Gloria T in SoCal 424

    Who wouldn’t love fewer pots and pans to wash?!?

  383. Lori 425

    I agree with everyone else, what wouldn’t I make with this. The first thing that comes to mind is my fav Cuban dish, Ropa Vieja.

  384. Lori 427

    followed in pintrest

  385. jill 428

    I would love to do roast beef in a Ninja-love that you can sear and then slowcook! I’m all about one pot wonders :)

  386. ANN HAUGLAND 429

    I would love to try BBQ ribs as one of my first attempts with the cooking systems.

  387. Gloria T in SoCal 430

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    I would make roast beef with potatoes and carrots.

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    I already follow you on Facebook.

  392. Denise 435

    Pot roast, soup, cake (WOW That sounds like fun!), roast chicken, brisket…………… and I would have to try making all sorts of other things in it as well!

  393. Nancy 436

    My slow cooker is my best friend, the Ninja would become my new BFF!! My favorite thing to do is throw a whole chicken into the pot with a couple of onions and seasonings and let it cook all day long. When I come home from work, the house smells awesome and the food is soooo good!!

  394. Nancy 437

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  397. I’d use this piece A LOT. I live in NYC so counter space is limited- this piece would definitely be worth the space! I’d most like to cook a big serving of chili in this bad boy. It’s gettin’ cold out!

  398. Nancy 441

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  403. Vanessa 446

    Pulled pork is one of my favorite things to make in a slow cooker, so I imagine that would be one of the first things I’d make just as a comparison.

  404. robin 447

    EVERYTHING!! I am cooking chili in the crock pot right now, and this system looks amazing for that and many other things!

  405. Jake 448

    I would cook Ninja obviously. Though it might be hard to find.

  406. robin 449

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    I’d make whatever I could in it. Less clean up is always a plus in my book.

  411. dee 454

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    now following ninja kitchen on pinterest – great boards!

  413. Paul 456

    I would try to make Chawanmushi. i’ve always wanted to try that!

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    Vernice is my username on pinterest and I just followed your boards! I have loved your site for a long time! It is wonderful.

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    A stuffed roast chicken with olive oil and herbs rubbed on the skin!

  428. Jo Ann Buller 471

    would love to have this and i’m going to share it on facebook.

  429. Tammy 473

    A pot roast would be perfect in it.
    I am already a fan on Facebook and I”m headed to find you on Pinterest :)

  430. Denise 474

    I am such a huge brownie fan so I would def be doing some of the steam infused baking! :-)

  431. Virginia 475

    I would cook ribs and roast and ham. I can think of a lot of things. I shared this giveaway on my Facebook timeline.

  432. Denise 476

    Subscribed via email…

  433. Robyn Ware 477

    I would love to make apple butter! I’ve seen (and pinned on Pinterest) the recipe and I’m dying to try it out. The crockpot I have is way too small for how much I want to make. Thinking about using it for Christmas presents. :) I follow you on Pinterest, Instagram and subscribe to your blog.

  434. Rae-Ann Leptizki 478

    The first two things I would make definitely would be cabbage rolls and perogies. Still loving the websites and the Noble Pig Pinot Noir wine glasses. They are always as conversation piece when we use them with company.

  435. Cindi 479

    Well I think I could make everything in the ninja system! Sounds like it’s the only appliance I need!

  436. Patsy 480

    I would make BBQ pulled pork.

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  444. Carol 488

    Oh my gosh….what would I make? Um, good old fashioned New England Pot Roast loaded with potatoes, carrots and onions……Mmmmmmmmm…….

  445. Marie Lytle 489

    Since I’m so busy working full time, commuting 3 hours a day, and with two teenaged boys and a hubby who coaches football, I would make dinner in this every night. I follow you on FB and now following the Ninja Cooking Syste on FB as well. Love your recipes!

  446. Carol 490

    I follow Noble Pig on Pinterest.

  447. Diane Mc Donald 491

    beans. good weather for some soup beans

  448. I would make beef stew and serve it with corn bread.

  449. Chicken, chicken, chicken. Always looking for new ways to cook chicken.

    Is that weird…?

  450. I follow you on Twitter (@heysuburban)

  451. And I like you on Facebook, too. Kate B***m.

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  453. And on Pinterest, too! I’m @heysuburban.

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  458. Alyse Fielder 502

    Pulled pork with homemade bbq sauce.
    Ok, then also some homemade baked beans.
    And, maybe some slow-cooked curried chicken.

  459. Jan S. 503

    Soups and stews…oh and ribs.

  460. Steve S. 504

    I like the fact that it is non-stick…I would love to make sauces and roast.

  461. Lisa 505

    I just cracked my slow cooker!! I used it for everything.. It was 10 years old.. I cant even begin to imagine what I would make with a ninja!! I would be a Ninja in the kitchen for sure!

  462. Steve S. 506

    Already like NP on facebook

  463. Kathy 507

    I would love to make a beef roast in it.

  464. Kathy 508

    I liked Ninja Kitchen on Facebook.

  465. NancyC 509

    I would make soups and pasta dishes in the Ninja Cooking System!

  466. David 510

    I love my other Ninja products and this one looks like a real nice one! I would use the Ninja to make perfect Pork Belly, crispy and delicious! Looking forward to it, I liked Ninja on their page and will forward a like to all my peeps.

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    Just wanted to say – made it to your shop after three years of trying this past Friday. Been following your food blog for years. Great staff, sorry your weren’t there – maybe next time. Joined the wind club, picked up some cool things to add to my growing pig farm. Thanks from South Carolina.
    Gary and Cathy A

  472. Melissa JN 516

    I would love to try making a brisket in the Ninja! I love that I can brown the meat and slow cook it all in one appliance!

  473. Cindi 517

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    I would make a beef stew

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    I would practically do everything with it!

  479. Michelle 523

    The possibilities are amazing… beef stew would be my first meal!

  480. Michelle 524

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    Following on Pinterest:)

  482. Verilee Mosier 526

    I would make every reicpe from Noble Pig’s wesite. All the recipes I have tried from Noble Pig has been fantastic. It is my favorite website!!
    Keep up the great job

  483. Suzanne P. 527

    Winter Stew!

  484. Lori 528

    I would have my husband make your Super Saucy Chicken over Angel Hair pasta. He is not a cook but he loves that dish so much–he learned to make it. Yippee–a husband who cooks!

  485. Stephanie S 530

    This would be my super soup maker!

  486. Kathy Beaver 531

    Red Beans and Rice!

  487. Kathy Beaver 532

    I liked Noble Pig on FB.

  488. Brandi 533

    Oh wow! I would make all kinds of stuff: chicken, casseroles, and soup would be first on the list.

  489. Ellen 534

    I would definitely make beef short ribs. I love them!

  490. susan b. 535

    I joined noble pig on face book

  491. Stephanie 536

    I would love to do Thanksgiving meals in this! Or maybe chicken chili…

  492. susan b. 537

    Following on Pinterest

  493. I’ll make my potluck casserole and other meals with this.

  494. susan b. 539

    I subscribe to this blog

  495. Marion 540

    I would make a stew where I could brown the meat first and I would lose my horrible excuse for a slow cooker ~it would be so awesome!

  496. Lindsey 541

    any and everything!!

  497. Kelly H. 542

    I would make a pot roast first.

  498. Diane R 543

    I liked Ninja Kitchen on Facebook!

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  500. Kay N. 545

    I would make a roast with potatoes, cabbage, and carrots.

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    I would use this for when we go camping!

  504. Tracie 549

    I subscribe to your blog!!!

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    I “like” you on facebook!!!

  506. Cynthia C 551

    I’d give it to my son who loves to cook. I think he’d make lots of soups and stews and pulled pork.

  507. Cynthia C 552

    Following Noble Pig on Pinterest
    link to

  508. Cynthia C 554

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    I would make Swiss Steak in my Ninja Cooking System – what a fantastic appliance!

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  517. Elaine Corwin 563

    I’d make thanksgiving dressing. I could sauté the veggies , mix ingredients, bake, and keep warm all in one easy to clean pan. Or would I make my sweet potato casserole? Turkey breast or ham sounds tempting . . . Too many possibilities!

  518. Emily Ann 564

    I would use this ninja cooker to make some pumpkin chili for my dad’s chili cook off coming up this winter!!

  519. Joan D. 565

    I would use this wonderful cooking appliance for a lot of dishes. Two of our adult sons are back living at home and I am cooking large meals all the time! This would be a huge help. Long time RSS subscriber.

  520. Emily Ann 566

    Following on pinterest

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    following on facebook!

  522. Wanda 568

    I would make Chicken Diablo and
    experiment with all my recipes. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  523. mike 569

    I liked ( wish there was a LOVE option)! And also Shared on Facebook!

  524. Lisa Felt 570

    This looks fun! Roasts would be easy!

  525. Cheri 571

    I would make a new soup recipe! I’ve been wanting this fun new cooker!

  526. Cheri 572

    I now Like the Noble Pig on Facebook!

  527. Patricia R 573

    Just about everything!

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    I NEED this! It looks absolutely fabulous!

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    And I like you on Facebook!

  533. Laura Schelhas 579

    I would make a roast. I work long days and love when food is ready for me when I get home.

  534. Karen A. 580

    Baked beans for our Christmas luncheon buffet. I can brown the meat then add everything else to slow cook all in one pan and free up my stove. Yeah!

  535. Madeline Osborne 581

    I would make the moistest cupakes in the Ninja Cooking System as an indulgence, and would make casseroles all the time, since baking would be SO much easier and energy efficient with the Ninja Cooking System’s OVEN features.

  536. Madeline Osborne 582

    I’m following Ninja Kitchen on Twitter!

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    Following Noble Pig on Twitter. Best Twitter find this week with quick links to all the recipes, THANKS!

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  553. Cindy 599

    Gingy Beef – my kids favorite.

  554. Cindy 600

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    I follow you on Pinterest

  556. Bri B 602

    I would probably make dinner every night in this! I am a full-time mom, student and employee, so I use my crockpot A LOT!

  557. Mary in NY 603

    I’d probably try a pot roast first, one pan sounds too good to be true. Thanks Mary

  558. EMMA L HORTON 604


  559. EMMA L HORTON 605


  560. Sharon 606

    I would probably cook side dishes or use it at my boyfriend’s house who has limited kitchen space!

  561. fatima valeira 607

    i would make endless types of chillies!!!… with fall in full swing and winter knocking on the door – nothing warms up the soul like a bowl of chili!!!!

  562. Tamara Frierson 608

    I would cook everything, in here. It would help me get a home cooked meal on the table while keeping up with my 3 girls who have activities 3 nights a week!!!

  563. juliette m. 609

    i’d make a roast with veggies :-)

  564. juliette m. 610

    i like noble pig on facebook

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    What a great giveaway! I would make some good soup, stew, chili or something along those lines as the weather is starting to turn colder!

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    I would like to try to cook my chili verde in it, and am intrigued about baking with it.

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    I love the idea of searing meat and then being able to slow cook it. I almost never use my crockpot because of this, even though I often want to

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  574. Schmidty 620

    I think this would be perfect for pot roasts , stews, and gumbos.

  575. Cindy Baldwin 621

    I love your blog and I would love the ninja cooking system. I would make chili, meat loaf, corn casserole, veggie soup, the choices are endless.


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  584. Marianne Shields 631

    I wouldn’t make anything in it…that’s because I would love to win this to give to my son. He’s expecting his first child in February and they’re going to need one of these to make cooking manageable while caring for a baby and working two jobs. Maybe they’ll make me something in it too.

  585. Nancy K 632

    I’ld make pulled pork! Yum!

  586. Janel 633

    It sounds like I can make anything in this! I would make soup, stews, and pot roasts! Yum!

  587. Dawn 634

    Oh man! I’d love to cook a fat roast in there. :)

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    What a great appliance. Maybe start out with pulled pork!

  593. Christine 647

    chicken and dumplings

  594. Tara K. 650

    I would make our family favorite, Soup Beans!

  595. Lauralee Hensley 651

    I’d make a hearty thick beef stew, since you can first brown up the meat in there, you’d save having to clean up a frying pan first. Then how about a nice alfredo vegetable lasagna. Maybe sweet and sour chicken or pork with rice. The list could be endless.

  596. Lauralee Hensley 652

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    I would give this to my friend Pam so that she would make more wonderful food to share with her friends. She is the best cook on our street!

  604. steisy 665

    i would make all kinds of soups for the winter…

  605. Melanie B 666

    I would make ribs. My cooker that’s similar to this just broke.

  606. Angelica Srivoraphan 669

    Oh. My. Goodness. This was a sign from the food gods. My family made fun of me so much when they found me watching the ninja cooking system infomercial the other night and now you are giving one away! I am not sure why, but I am the biggest sucker for late night/early morning infomercials. I want to buy everything.

    If I won this cooker, first…shove it my family’s faces, in a loving way of course! Then I would would definitely cook a whole roast chicken. I make a mean chicken in the oven already but I am dying to try it in this machine. I would also try my hand at some pumpkin spice muffins since this thing can bake too! Thanks Cathy!

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  616. Tom H. 681

    I’m suddenly in the mood for stuffed peppers, that would probably be the first recipe I would try out in this.

  617. diana langdon 682

    i would make a noble pig, of course!

  618. Tamar 683

    I’d make some chicken or ribs.

  619. John Watson 684

    So many cooking options. I wouldn’t know what to make first. Luckily my wife is a chef, so I’d leave it up to her.

  620. Jennifer 685

    Jambalaya, green been casserole, everything! You can even bake with this bad boy!

  621. Kathy Naccarato 686

    I would cook all my Sunday dinners in it. I would share all my new and old recipes with friends and family.

  622. carolyn milani 687

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  623. Cathy, I’d make beans – of course! Well, and then I’d make some sort of pulled pork because that always goes well with beans. Hope I win :)

  624. Alison 689

    I would make vegetarian chili with lots of beans.

  625. Christie 690

    I would make Chicken and Okra Peanut stew and wild rice–one of my favorite fall meals!

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  635. I would love to make my barbacoa in one cooker! My mind is spinning with other ideas too :)

  636. C. Tyler 702

    Wonderful soups pot roast and any recommended recipes

  637. Jillian Schinler 703

    With such a tiny kitchen at the moment, I rarely cook, but having something like this would definitely change that!! I love thick, hearty soups for fall, so that would be first on the to-do list!

  638. Jillian Schinler 704

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    Chili, soups, chicken & dumplings…the list is endless! Thanks for this AWESOME giveaway.

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  652. Leslie 719

    I’d make a birthday cake for my mom!

  653. SherryLee 720

    I would loan this lovely item to my daughter for Thanksgiving; with moving into their first home and having a small oven she could do a turkey in it. Which means we go there for the holiday, YAY!!!

  654. Sharon H. 721

    I would make a roast turkey dinner.

  655. wow! I think I would start with a pasta/lasagna dish, or maybe an apple crisp!

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    I would make a seafood paella

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    pot roast

  663. Janet 730

    I’m very intrigued by baking with a Ninja. There would be a lot of cake at my house.

  664. katfam 731

    I’d use it to make a roast chicken!

  665. Kimberly 732

    I would try a roast.

  666. Kammy Minor 733

    Yum … Our “Belgian Daughter” (exchange student) would love to try making her favorite dish – Falscher Hase – in a Ninja!!!

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    I would bake some chickens up do my turkey breast and do a dessert all in the Ninja whee it would really make our meals easier and healthier! I love your blog and love your recipes..happy halloween, happy fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  697. Cheryl Newton 769

    I would wait until the first snow of this season and make pasta fagioli, because that’s what I when it snows!

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    I would make a roasted chicken with carrots, and potatoes.

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  712. Av0gadro 785

    I would make more red-meat crockpot dishes, since I hate to dirty a second pan for browning. And I would make Thanksgiving side dishes, freeing up the oven.

  713. Erica Wilson 786

    I would make a delicious chili :)

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  715. Cheryl D. 788

    My daughter is in the process of buying her first home at the age of 33. For most of her life she has resided with me, her mom, and after all the expenses of home buying won’t have a lot of money to spend on really cool items like this. What a treat it would be for me to give this to her!!

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  723. Karen Gonyea 798

    Seafood Jambalaya sounds good to me :)

  724. Linda Dickson 799

    I would make Chicken Puteneska

  725. kathy 800

    What wouldn’t I try in this! I love trying, experimenting, and then passing on the information to my friends and family about any new kitchen gadgets I get. Like to show the generation, my grandchildren, that good and tasty food does not have to be too dificult and time consuming.

  726. StephB 801

    I am torn between making a beef stew and chicken and rice soup!

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    I would make beef stew, pot roast, chili, boston baked beans, and any recipes in the cookbook.

  738. I was practically in tears when Kirsten was telling me about this and that I missed getting on of these myself. I really would like to win this.

  739. Cheri Dee 819

    I would make shrimp fettuccine Alfredo!

  740. Suziee A. 820

    Pepperoncini Beef!

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  747. Julie 827

    I would make lasagna in it.

  748. Love this and could cook anything I want.. expecially soups and stews..

  749. Karin 829

    EVERYTHING! First thing would be roast beef! After that, anything & everything!

  750. chilli!!!

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  751. Matt Streett 831

    New England Clam Chower

  752. This would be a great thing to take on deployments…I always try and cook for my guys when we are away from home…if we have power

  753. Julie m 833

    I would make ribs and chicken and everything else.

  754. I have an amazing cookbook full of slow cooker recipes just ready for fall and winter recipes… I could use the Ninja!

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    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

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    I would make a pork roast

  764. Amy Lee 847

    I’d make soup!

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  777. Miz Vickik 860

    Wow, this would be great for beef stew!

  778. Gaye M 861

    I bet this would make excellent barbequed ribs.

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    i would fix a pork roast for pulled pork to use in tacos and sandwiches.

    thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  795. Dani H 879

    i am already following Noble Pig on twitter ~ my name is @poetpassionbakr.

  796. Renee Sirois 880

    Venison stew!

  797. Sarah 881

    I would make spare ribs.

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  799. My daughter and her fiance have a very tiny apt. I would give it to her to make all of her meals in. :)

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  811. I would make everything from soups, roasts, tacos, sauces and apple crisps! I would also be cooking with many bottles of wine in all that too!

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  815. I’d make a roast and make open faced roast beef sandwiches.

  816. Kim Bee 902

    Can I dress up like an American so I enter? Man some days it stinks to be a Canuck. I want one of these like now. I use my slow cookers all the time. Yes I have multiples, 4 in fact but none of them brown the meat. I must have this. It will be mine.

  817. kathy pease 903

    id make a beef stew

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