Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle

Who doesn't love a new sauce?  I have to tell you I am in love with a new product line developed by a friend who happens to be a James Beard award-winning chef, restauranteur, Oregon truffle oil producer and has cooked me one of the best meals I have ever eaten.  Yes....ever.

Anyway, Jack has created a line of sauces that includes the above Pinot Szechuan Sauce.  It's absolutely heavenly, and so are the other flavors in this line; Pinot Pepper, Pinot Habanero and Pinot Chipotle.  All are stunning examples of deeply, intense sauces, made fondly with Oregon Pinot Noir and of course made right here in Oregon....right down the road from me.

All are flavorful and very versatile.  They work well as marinades, dipping sauces, finishing sauces and give a whole new twist to your favorite recipes.  I live for stuff like this.

While this Pinot Szechuan Sauce was UNREAL in a couple stir-fry creations I've put together, I also wanted to make something unexpected.  The sauce just screamed to use it in a savory-sweet combination. So the brittle was born.  It's sweet, spicy, crunchy, intense and off the charts yummy.  But most of all, it's very elegant tasting.  I think sophisticated would be a good word.

It's beautiful isn't it?  I really loved how this all came together.

Or....make this brittle and top off your vanilla bean ice cream with a delicious.

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Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle

Recipe from: Created by Noble Pig | Serves: 1-1/2 pounds


  • 1-1/2 cups sliced Hazelnuts
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1/2 cup Light Corn Syrup
  • 8 Tablespoons Unsalted butter, cut in cubes, plus more for pan
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 2 Tablespoons Pinot-Szechuan Sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
  • 1/8 teaspoon Chinese Five Spice Powder


  • Place hazelnuts in a dry skillet and toast over low heat until fragrant and slightly browned. (Watch carefully as hazelnuts can burn easily). Keep hazelnuts warm.
  • Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper. Butter the parchment generously. In a saucepan, bring sugar, corn syrup, butter, Szechuan sauce and water to a boil. Cook over high heat stirring with a wooden spoon until a deep amber toffee forms. This can take 10 minutes or more. Remove pan from heat and stir in baking soda, cayenne and Chinese Five-Spice (this will bubble up). Stir in the warm hazelnuts.
  • Pour the hot mixture onto the prepared baking sheet and quickly spread as thin as possible. Let cool completely and break into large pieces.

Leave a comment on this post, letting me know what you would like to make with this sauce.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, all-opinions are my own.

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  1. Alison 1

    I’m making the Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle of course !!

  2. Darryl in Austin 2

    OMG I want and I want to use it in with some Asian rice noodles!

  3. Sandy 3

    Sounds divine and i want to use it for stir-fry bok choy.

  4. delia 4

    I want to make stir-fry!!

  5. Jill earl 5

    I could see this as a pizza sauce on a thin crust Asian fusion pizza—scallions, prawns or grilled chicken, cilantro, slivers of water chestnuts.

  6. Andrea 6

    In addition to the brittle shown above, I’d love to try the sauce on grilled veggies or grilled pineapple!

  7. looks delicious, love the sugestion :)

  8. Carole Resnick 8

    I would make the brittle as shown AND I wwould prepare a vegetable stir-fry.

  9. Carrie 9

    Szechuan chicken, of course! Yum.

  10. Steph Burg 10

    Om nom nom. That looks tasty.

  11. looks super delicious, loved the suggestion.
    hoping you have a nice day

  12. Stephanie S 12

    I think I may want to make an awesome version of chex mix!

  13. Mary W 13

    Oh. My. Goodness. This recipe, and the sauce sound absolutely amazing. I’d probably make some shrimp stir fry with it, that’s totally what I’ve been loving recently :)

  14. Dirk in Maine 14

    Oh man, I want to make a chocolate spice cake with this. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Jennifer 15

    What would I make with this yummy sauce? Well, to start, I think I’d make your brittle recipe – it looks delicious!

  16. JennyD 16

    Oh man. I would totally try making that brittle!

  17. samantha 17

    this brittle sounds incredible… i’d make that as well as a lazy cook chicken marinade

  18. Rita from Houston 18

    I would make beef & broccoli with cashews.

  19. Anne B. 19

    Pork stir fry!

  20. I would love to try the Pinot Szechuan sauce drizzled over fresh grilled peaches topped with homemade vanilla ice cream! Delicious!

  21. Alison M 21

    I would use it in a stir fry and on the grill.

  22. Larissa 22

    I want to try the brittle!

  23. Jeff Wheeler 23

    Mmmmm, stir fry.

  24. Joey Nardinelli 24

    I just received one of the William Sonoma Collection themed cookbooks on Asian cuisine. I was more planning to collect those for fun, but some of the recipes really looked awesome in this particular one (as they actually do in most of the others I’ve discovered). I was thinking that a really fun application of that sauce would be to help add some varying character to a stock for a version of pho. Not sure how good it would be, but otherwise I’m using it to make an Asian-Italian clam red sauce for some pasta.

  25. Happier Than A Pig in Mud 25

    I think it would make a wonderful batch of Beef and Broccoli! Actually, I like scrambled eggs covered hot sauce, that sounds good too:@)

  26. Robin 26

    I love the idea of combining this with sweets. I would somehow incorporate into a pie.

  27. Janis 27

    I would make a marinade for goat or lamb.
    I would make beef jerky with it.
    I would make salad dressing.
    I might even drink it ;–)

    fried rice…chicken liver pate…stop me.

  28. carolyn Fitzgerald 28

    Would love to make this wonderful sounding brittle!!

  29. Mandy 29

    Maybe something simple, like dipping crab rangoons in, or pour it over a block of cream cheese for a party, or marinate some shrimp and then cool and wrap in a nice spicy spring roll…the options are endless!

  30. Paul C 30

    I’ve been trying to learn new Szechuan dishes this year. I would love to try this sauce in a mapo-doufu!

  31. Kristin 31

    I think I would have to start with a stir fry, but I don’t think I’d be able to resist the brittle!

  32. Kelly R. 32

    I would love to see what this would taste like with some seared scallops with green onions.

  33. Carla 33

    I think I would make the brittle, too.
    Then a chicken dish, with the chicken marinated in the sauce, with vegetables and brown rice.

  34. Janice E 34

    Would love this drizzled over fresh seasonal strawberries, perhaps with a little frozen vanilla yogurt. Love your blog – one of my favorites!

  35. Lea Ann 35

    I’m loving this sauce, and made with Oregon Pinot? What a great gift for my wine loving friends. I’d love to win this and would use this as a glaze for grilled chicken wings.

  36. amy marantino 36

    i would make rice and beans with this sauce

  37. Amy 37

    We make stir fries often in the summer and this sounds FAB!

  38. Laren 38

    LOOKS DELICIOUS!! I can hardly wait to try this!!

  39. Emily C 39

    I would love to use this sauce with my new wok to make stir fry!

  40. Martha P. 40

    Wow, this sounds delicious, I would use it as a sauce on sliced smoked Boston Butt, and add to my BBQ sauce for pulled pork.

  41. Jacqueline Batcha 41

    I would make roasted nut mix with the Czar’s sauce!

  42. Wish I could enter…darn Canadian citizenship. Just noticed that your recipe doesn’t indicate when to add the sauce. Does it go in with the cooked ingredients or does it get added in after the mixture is taken off the heat?

  43. Dan 43

    Definitely would make the brittle , but also thinking maybe a dipping sauce for eggrolls stuffed with roasted Berkshire Pork!

  44. steph 44

    With any of the sauces I’d make a wonderful salad dressing, or use the chipotle in a brownie batter (I have a red wine dark chocolate brownie recipe that I love), or as a glaze on chicken while grilling, in bbq sauce (which I desperately need to make soon), the szechuan with some stir fry of course.. In other words, LOTS of stuff :)

  45. jacquie 45

    my first thought was that brittle – which looks awesome by the way – but then i saw another commented mentioned chex mix and that sounds good also….

  46. Hannah D 46

    I love the savory sweet idea! I would try to make a caramel cupcake with it!
    Thanks for the give away!

  47. Kayla M. 47

    I think a simple beef stir-fry would be a tasty way to showcase the flavor of this sauce!

  48. Dana Hannsgen 48

    This recipe looks like a great and creative way to use this sauce. I would never think to make a brittle with it, but the nut flavor probably goes very well with it! I would make a stir fry with the flavors of this sauce with shrimp, snap peas, baby corn, and a sprinkle of crushed peanuts served over rice.

  49. Fallon 49

    This sauce would make a fantastic chicken stir fry!

  50. Satin 50

    sounds awesome…. Checked out his site…. I would love to try all of the sauces and oil too!!

  51. Melissa C. 51

    I’d love to make a chicken and noodle dish

  52. AshleyJammaron 52

    I love sauce! any kind, they truly make food dimensional! I would love to make a reduction sauce of this Pinot-Szechuan Sauce and huckleberries on pork chops, holy sweet and savory!

  53. Katherine C. 53

    The brittle! Gosh, it looks AMAZING!!!!

  54. Rebecca M. 54

    This looks like it would make an awesome dip for spring rolls!

  55. Robin Whiting 55

    I would love to try this in my stir fry or as a dipping sauce for my egg rolls!

  56. I would love to win the sauce. I would use it with some chicken and mushrooms in the crockpot.

  57. Athena R 57

    First off…yum! That brittle looks awesome. I would love to try the sauce on some chicken.

  58. Leeah 58

    I would love to try that brittle, or use it in a stir fry.

  59. darla 59

    I would throw some asparagus and slivered pieces of chicken break or pork on the grill and then slather this yummy sauce all over both of them.

  60. Oh definitely wings or maybe add it to chili recipe YUM

  61. Erin 61

    Definitely would mix it with mayo & slap it on a burger. I would also try it with stir fry!

  62. Hmm… you mean besides drinking it straight from the bottle? How about as a glaze on some grilled turkey burgers?

  63. Nancy Murdock 63

    Oh, goodness, how about pork chops: deglaze the pan, add the Pinot Szechuan sauce and a bit of cream, reduce a tiny bit, pour over the pork. Serve with roasted potatoes and saute green beans.

  64. Linda 64

    The brittle is genius.

    I have a simple but addictive recipe for spicy cheese crackers in which Cheez-It crackers are combined with a mixture of chipotle pomegranate sauce, melted butter, and seasoning salt and baked. Pinot-Szechuan Sauce in place of the chipotle pomegranate sauce sounds like a delicious substitute, and if the Czar’s sauce is spicy enough would probably not need extra seasoning.

  65. Julie 65

    Wow, a brittle is kind of genius! I’d try it out in maybe an Italian-Asian fusion dish. Like a eggplant lasagna with japanese eggplant and some chinese sausage. Something like that. Hehe. Sounds awesome!

  66. Sarah 66

    Pork tenderlon on the grill with this as a fantastic glaze! Served with something green and then some potatoes!

  67. Kristina 67

    WOW! I want to use this for cookies! White chocolate chip macadamia nut perhaps? What an wonderful idea!

  68. Kristina 68

    WOW! I want to use this for cookies! White chocolate chip macadamia nut perhaps? Or coconut and almond! What an wonderful idea!

  69. Jesse 69

    Chicken Wings! baby! YUMMY!!!! Marinate With Pinot Chipolte all night then fry them chrispy, can’t wait.

  70. Jesse 70

    Chicken Wings! baby! YUMMY!!!! Marinate With Pinot Chipolte all night then fry them chrispy, can’t wait.

  71. Jesse 71

    Chicken Wings! baby! YUMMY!!!! Marinate With Pinot Chipolte all night then fry them chrispy, and use the sauce as a dipp with carrots.

  72. Debra W. 72

    I think a simple chicken, vegetables and rice would work.

  73. Pamela Rose Budd 73


  74. Amanda 74

    I’ll have to taste it first, but I’m thinking about a stew.

  75. Here is a link to more recipe ideas for all four of The Czar’s Pinot sauces.
    link to

  76. Robin Wilt 76

    I make a ranch-pretzel snack that I think I would try it on – and possibly try your brittle….sweet-savory…my family for sure!!

  77. Amanda 77

    I’ll have to taste it first, but I’m thinking about a stew.

  78. Heather F 78

    I’d like to make this brittle. It looks delicious!

  79. ava south 79

    I suppose I’d make a dipping sauce or add it to a barbecue sauce.

  80. Terry Covington 80

    I would spice up a vegetarian stir-fry with this sauce — it sounds wonderful. And the brittle is a really great idea; I never would have thought of it.

  81. Allison 81

    I’m thinking bbq chicken… in the sauce!

  82. Vicki 82

    Wow, those sauces sound amazing! Stir fry of course. Probably lamb.

  83. Sarah 83

    I am a brittle fiend! Your recipe sounds so good! That would be my first choice.

  84. Allison 84

    I’m thinking bbq chicken… in the sauce

  85. Becky Shuck 85

    This sound delish! If I win I’m going to give it my Big Island spin. I’ll add it to my smokey Mango BBQ sauce, and use that as a base for my pulled pork, fresh pineapple, caramelized red onions and chévre flatbread pizza topped with fresh cilantro.

    This brittle really sounds awesome, I might also try a version with Macadamia nuts! Aloha and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  86. Cassie 86

    I would make the brittle, or some chicken@ !! That sauce sounds so amazing!!

  87. Betty Antibus 87

    we like spicy sauces–these sound great

  88. This sauce would be great to spice up a fritatta – like artichoke heart bacon – or spinach porta bella!!!

  89. Tina W. 89

    I want to make your brittle. Looks awesome!

  90. Diane in Cincinnati 90

    I would definately need a recommendation from you but it sounds divine!

  91. Lacey 91

    I think I’d make some fresh rosemary bread, then create a spread with some goat cheese and pinot szechaun sauce. I may have to adjust for a few more ingredients once I have the chance to try it. Sounds yummy!!

  92. Missi 92

    I think this would be spectacular on BBQ’d chicken, I would also love to try it on BBQ’d salmon!

  93. Bradley 93

    I’m not sure what I would make…I’ll need to taste it first and see!

  94. Dan 94

    I would use it in my “stir-fry” beef that usually I make using “House of Tsang” sauce. Not only does this Csar sauce sound good — it looks good . . .

  95. Jen 95

    yum- grilled shrimp or salmon marinade…. or salad dressing!

  96. Kate S. 96

    I would have to try making this brittle! But I would also probably try it in stir-fries and a bunch of other things.

  97. sharon 97

    I think I’d use this as a base for fried rice!

  98. April was in CT now CA 98

    I’m keeping it simple, I want to mix it with mayo and dip fries in it!

  99. joy 99

    I would make marinated grilled tofu. Serve it with peanut noodles and Thai iced tea!

  100. Barbie with a T 100

    I have not tried this sauce before, but I would grill Cajun seasoned chicken breast and pineapple slices then slather that sauce over them, and serve it on a bed of brown rice. The hot spicy and sweet combo sounds good to me. Also the brittle looks like a great combination.

  101. Elaine 101

    This sauce would be such a creative inspiration I am not sure where I would start, but some Brie and the sauce and fresh bread sound good.

  102. Karen Rawley 102

    Looks terrific..I would use this sauce in a maridade for nice thick pork chops!

  103. Hollis 103

    How about adding it to pho broth or a cheese souffle for a kick? Or, add it to dark chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse or truffles for a zing?

  104. brindy 104

    I will have to try that brittle.

  105. Lily Sheng 105

    I’m thinking I need to make Mapo Tofu with this sauce!

  106. Cheryl 106

    The Brittle of course!

  107. Paula 107

    Definitely use it as a marinade, dipping sauce for bread and veggies, and would have to try the brittle. Then, I’d have to buy additional bottles:)

  108. gina 108

    Chicken, chicken, chicken. This sauce just says chicken to me. Marinated and grilled, mixed with coconut milk, hot sirachi sauce and poached……yummy!

  109. Since my fiance is a vegetarian who loves Asian food and red wine, I’m envisioning marinating some dry fried tofu in it and then doing a stir fry with some noodles to sop up the yummy sauce, garlic, and broccoli. Okay, my mouth is watering.

  110. Maria in Oregon 110

    I think I’d marinate some lamb overnight, then cook cubed lamb on skewers over my barbeque. Yum!

  111. Shannon Baas 111

    I’m not sure but chinese food.

  112. Meryl 112

    A chicken or shrimp stir fry.

  113. Judy Hunter 113

    I’d like to try the Pinot Szechuan Sauce
    in a sweet potato or yam casserole with fruit, such as orange slices.

  114. ferriz 114

    i have no clue, so i started reading what others suggested. id love to make some chex mix with it! :: drools ::

  115. GloriaT 115

    I would use it with a pork tenderloin! Place that baby on the grill and yummmmmy!

  116. Evi 116

    An asian dipping sauce for homemade potstickers would be perfect for this! Yum!!!

  117. mary louise 117

    I would use it as a finishing sauce for a beef or pork tenderloin.

  118. Randi Lynne 118

    A dipping sauce

  119. sharonjo 119

    I’d probably use it in a stir-fry or maybe on Szechuan Green Beans. Your brittle idea is so clever and looks yummy! Thanks for the giveaway.

  120. Debbie 120

    Yum! I would use it to marinade a pork tenderloin that I would then grill and serve with extra sauce and some seasonal veggies. Sounds so good!

  121. Kathy McCrae 121

    Pinot Szechuan Sauce on some lighted grilled BLT wraps!

  122. Linda 122

    I love the ice cream idea! And of course, I ‘d have to try it on some roasted Brussels sprouts! Yum!

  123. Devon 123

    I would probably start with a stir fry or on grilled veggies…so perfect for my low carb diet. I need new flavors to keep the chicken and veggies interesting!!!

  124. debbie 124

    I would make a stir fry with it.

  125. Ania 125

    First, I would make the brittle and send to my son in Afghanistan…looks like it would travel well. Second, not sure…looks like a product that would be a blast to play around with.

  126. Rose 126

    i would love this as a marinade for chicken breasts and pork! with spring and summer coming, i love to cook simple meats on the grill and this would really spice it up.

  127. Dagmara L 127

    Sounds like an interesting combo for a sauce! I’m thinking… using it in a sushi roll.

  128. Diane Baum 128

    The yummy brittle please

  129. Michelle 129

    I think I would make a vegetable stir-fry with the sauce although the brittle looks pretty tempting too!

  130. Georgia 130

    What an interesting idea for brittle! It looks so delicious!

  131. Michele Heaton 131


  132. Beautiful! Looks so perfect with the ice cream.

  133. Susan J 133

    I’m thinking a fish dish. Maybe baked on some halibut

  134. Lauren 134

    mmmmmm, I would almost want to make some sort of ice cream, or spicy iced tea drink! That brittle looks so good.

  135. Rachel 135

    I would do a remake of my husbands pineapple cashew nut pork tenderloin

  136. Pat in Oak Ridge TN 136

    I think I would make a chicken dish of some kind. are there any recipes available? sounds yummy.

  137. Noble Pig 137

    Yes, the link to recipes is link to

  138. Barb K 138

    Love both pork and beef ribs. The best I feel are the beef. Slow cooked with a honey barbecue sauce poured over it. So tender.

  139. adrienne mendelson 139

    will try the sauce with roasted brisket that i’ve been making in recent years with a sweet-ish flavor using cranberry sauce, onions, wine, etc. newest iteration is with pomegranates in lieu of cranberries and love idea of hot and sour using the sauce you tout to upgrade either. thanks for all the good ideas.

  140. adrienne mendelson 140

    will try the sauce with roasted brisket that i’ve been making in recent years with a sweet-ish flavor using cranberry sauce, onions, wine, etc. newest iteration is with pomegranates in lieu of cranberries and love idea of hot and sour using the sauce you tout to upgrade either. thanks for all the good ideas.

  141. Katie 141

    I would make meatloaf cupcakes with this!

  142. Amy Sargent 142

    bread pudding topped with carmel Pinot Szechuan Sauce

  143. Tamela 143

    Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle, of course

  144. Heppie2000 144

    I love give-aways!

  145. Emily S. 145

    This looks incredible! I would love to try making this brittle – I’ve been on a bit of a candy-making kick lately…

  146. Elaine 146

    I would love to do a chicken pad thai with this sauce. UMMM

  147. Christine 147

    a stir fry

  148. Kelly 148

    I would like to make the Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle.

  149. Erin 149

    Definitely a dipping sauce for grilled chicken or steak.

  150. Avery Young 150

    I would zest up my traditional chex mix recipe and make a bold stir fry with it.

  151. Amanda Thompson 151

    I would love to use the Pinot Habanero sauce to make “buffalo” wings!

  152. Leann Lindeman 152

    Yummy…. we love Asian food in this house, so I would try using it in stir frys and who knows what else!!

  153. John 153

    grilled portabella mushroom burger with the szechuan sauce

  154. Cassie 154

    OMG I would make a yummy veggie stir fry. Lots of fresh cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bean sprouts, carrots, brussel sprouts, celery, onion, garlic and then at the end I’d toss in some noodles YUM!!!!!!!!

  155. Teresa 155

    Marinate tofu, broil and toss with sauteed snap peas, carrots and water chestnuts then garnish with peanuts. (And maybe some of that awesome looking brittle…)

  156. Shawn Griffin 156

    Pinot Habanero Macadamia ice cream.

  157. Kyle 157

    Hmmmm…where to start? I’m going to try it in a stir fry with some beautiful ramps…maybe over some fresh pasta???

  158. Amy Sargent 158

    A good salad dressing would work really well. You could coat pecans with the sauce also and back them.

  159. Hayley 159

    I would definitely make some of that yummy looking brittle!! Sounds fabulous!

  160. Mini 160

    Chicken wings.

  161. Lacey 161

    I will make some homemade, crusty french bread, then use the pinot szechuan sauce to make a spread for the bread with goat cheese and some extra herbs. Yum…can’t wait to try it!

  162. Rachel Curtis 162

    Oooooo I am so excited to make some turkey wraps… maybe stir fry with tofu or hmmmm maranade for steak… endless possibiliies :)

  163. Melissa Anderson 164

    I would make the brittle and then a stir fry!

  164. Isabel 165

    I would reduce it to make it a thick glaze over a whole pork butt. Let it crust on the outside while it’s cooking in the oven. :-)

  165. Julie B 166

    I think this would be yummy with a pork tenderloin (and the brittle for dessert).

  166. Pam from Ashland 167

    I would make salted peanut gelato but would add this sauce in with the peanut butter for an unexpected kick…could be amazing 😀
    If not – back to the drawing board!

  167. Rachel Newman 168

    I would love to use it as a grilling marinade.

  168. Jill 169

    Very exciting! I was reading about the sauces from the link before the rest of the blog post and was imagining what I would make. I’m not even sure. I would absolutely love to try the brittle but I would have to think about something else after I taste the bottle I win! :-)

  169. Grant 170

    That brittle looks mighty tempting! I’d make that.

  170. Sand 171

    I would love to cook some stir fry.

  171. Dawn Reid 172

    Szechuan-Hazelnut Brittle of course