Happy Birthday Ben! It’s hard to believe you are twelve today.  You were born on this first full day of Spring, a day of new beginnings, hope and wishful sunshine.  Of course, in true Oregon style, it is snowing this morning.  However, I believe when you get home from school, and see this beautiful cake, crowned with your beloved Kit Kats, your want of a perfect weather day will melt away.  Is this not perfect for you?!!

Dad and I are so proud of the boy you have become.  We couldn’t be more thankful for a son that is kind to others, helpful and a pleasure to have around.

Congrats to you for excelling in school and enjoying life like you do.  Words cannot express the blessing you have been these twelve years.  Today is just one day of the year we celebrate the amazing person you are.  All the gifts you receive today will not compare to the gifts you give those of us around you.

We hope you enjoy your birthday as much as we enjoy you!


I first saw this cake over at my friend Lori’s blog (Recipe Girl).  I knew right then it was going to be the perfect cake for my Kit Kat loving son.  Many versions of this cake have been done around the web, but this one is by far my favorite.  Lori has LOTS of great recipes on her blog and her first cookbook comes out next SPRING! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!!  So excited for her!

Happy Birthday Ben!!!

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  1. Holy cow! That has got to be the best birthday cake ever made.

  2. Nancy L 2

    They grow up too fast, don’t they? I loved this cake when I saw it on Lori’s and Recipe Boy’s blogs! They definitely are yummy looking! Happy Birthday to your son!

  3. Barbie with a T 3

    Happy Birthday Ben. This cake screams “From Mother with Love”. Such a beautiful piece of art and a cake that any young man would love to eat!!

  4. Noelle Sweeney 4

    Wow, this is awesome, my daughter will be 12 in April and I definitely making this, she will be so surprised! You are lucky to have snow, here in NY it’s almost 70 today! Thanks for the lovely posts!

  5. What a great cake. Happy birthday to your son.

  6. Pam 6

    Happy b-day to your son. This cake is FANTASTIC!

  7. Aw, happy birthday to Ben! Great looking cake…I want a Kit Kat now…

  8. Deb 8

    I showed this to my Kitkat-loving son, who’s 11th bday is in May and he said, MAKE IT!! Thanks for the idea, it looks amazing. Happy birthday to your boy!

  9. Maria 9

    What a fun cake! Happy Birthday!

  10. Nancy L 10

    They grow up too fast, don’t they? I loved this cake when I saw it on Lori’s and Recipe Boy’s blogs! They definitely are yummy looking! Happy Birthday to your son!

  11. hij552 11

    after nearly 12 hours of flying,From North Carolina Cui Pu last year with helium balloons tied to the chair,Commit the crime of contract fraud up to life imprisonment ,Before long , the vampire has been a film and literary works of classic image.

  12. How fun is that?? I am using this for my son’s birthday next month. He’s going to be 11 just like your other one :) Thanks!

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