Ode to Supper Club

Every once in a while, the stars align: a magical setting.  The flickering call and response of candlelight touches the senses.

The right group of friends.  Cool night breezes filled with laughter and conversations that run deep and late into the night.

And, of course, the food…the fancy, incredible food.  The meal itself…love incarnate.  Blood Orange Martinis prepare our palates for miniature blintzes dolloped in salmon cream followed by sips of ice cold, luxury Dutch vodka.  Sauteed radicchio leaves wrap and lovingly showcase asparagus, prosciutto and cheese, while pairing well with fifteen year old French Champagne. 


Endive from Belgium drizzled generously with a bright, white-balsamic vinaigrette, easily cradle pungent Danish blue cheese and crunchy, candied-pecans .  Warm, crusty rolls begin to make their way around the table….still more French Champagne to enjoy. 

Then, lobster done two ways….first bisqued, then tails stuffed with crab, lobster and buttery cream.  The tails sit atop clouds of creamy Yukon Golds and saddle nicely with tender green beans doused in a warm bacon-shallot vinaigrette.  Tender Italian white wine and bold California Chardonnays quench the palate as the homemade bread makes another pass around the table.

The red wines begin to surface just in time for a decadent offering of indulgent, molten chocolate cake presented with vanilla ice cream and sprinkled gingerly with cocoa dust and a smattering of confectioner’s sugar.  Sliced, sweet strawberries generously round out the plate, as well as our stomachs.

While the wines of Oregon, Washington, California, France and Italy kept us in high spirits…tea, coffee and water kept us grounded.

This type of cherished evening does leave you pining for more stories, smiles and memories of friends…but mostly…for another supper club.

Can’t wait until the next one.

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  1. dawn 1

    You people know how to live! I love your table setting, so absolutely classy.

  2. What an enchanting dinner! All of the food and drink you described sounds phenomenal. I especially love the quotes around the table. So fun! :)


  3. Jo 3

    That looks like a blast and so beautiful!
    I love the quotes!

  4. Lena in VT 4

    Okay, I just read this three times because I was just taken there…even without seeing the food I could picture all of it by your descriptions…thanks for sharing.

  5. nanan 5

    Such an enchanting evening!!!! As it should be. May all the rest be just as enchanting.

  6. lorrie 6

    Sounds like you won’t need to eat between now and then either! :)

  7. Lisa Sipple 7

    Wow, just wow. And the photos are beautiful.

  8. Wow – totally impressed! What a beautiful table and the food sounds incredible.

  9. What a wonderful post… so jealous

  10. pam 10

    Absolutely beautiful. Truly magical.

  11. Laurie 11

    What a beauutiful table! It looks like you had a wonderful evening.

    I made your spicy chicken thighs with olives and apricots tonight for dinner and the whole family loved it! Silly kids picked off the olives, but that was just more for me.

  12. Very beautiful table and the menu sounds incredible!

  13. Lindsey 13

    oh you’ve made me miss my old neighborhood full of foodie friends. Cheers to you and yours!

  14. Cassie 14

    I am part of a group of 6 women that get together once a month for laughter, love, great food, excellent wine, memory making, and bonding. LOVE it.

  15. Katrina 15

    But is this just a tease to the food pictures still to come? Please. ;)

  16. Julie 16

    Hope you don’t mind but I’m going to borrow the Miss Piggy quote for my Facebook page. Too funny. Guess what we had for dinner?

  17. Kate 17

    Fantastic, Cathy. I enjoyed reading about all the wonderful food and drinks. And I especially liked the fun sayings.

  18. HoneyB 18

    Oh my. When Grumpy goes on his hunt in November – I’m flying to visit you! I want to join YOUR supper club! :) Such beautiful photos.

  19. Your table is so beautiful and festive! What a wonderful dinner menu with all the lovely wines. I can imagine you had a grand time.

  20. Looks beautiful.
    Sounds delicious!

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  22. Suzette 23

    Wow! The “tablescape” drew me in, but the words kept me to the very end. What a lovely evening! Thanks for sharing!

  23. June 24

    Oh my heavens. You outdid yourself AGAIN! How is that possible? Your table …beautiful. Your menu…sublime. Your pictures and post ..captivating. Thanks for bringing us along with you!

  24. annbb 25

    So glad you have a new group! Your table is smashing!

  25. bellini 26

    We have a virtial supper club which is just not the same.

  26. elra 27

    What a beautiful table setting Cathy.

  27. Looks absolutely amazing!!!!

    I love the quotes adorning the table and I’m assuming place/seat holders. That’s an idea I’m going to have to remember for our summer festivities!

  28. Jen 29

    You’ve inspired me!

  29. Barbie with a T 30

    I know, I am always a day late and a dollar short. But I wanted to comment on this post anyway. That final picture on the page is what I am thinking about. Where did the blue reflection come from? It sure did present a striking visual. I would have to spend long long hours at the supper in order to drink all those different wines and champagne. I know it must have been awesome. I am also looking forward to the next one. Thanks for sharing that one with us.

  30. noble pig 31


    The pictures were taken in the afternoon before dinner, the light was just a natural reflection of different things in the room. There was no special items or particular lights giving off that color.

  31. Lisa 32

    Great photos! I am always too busy or too much of a procrastinator to manage decent photos of my dinner party settings. I love the magic you create here….and the quotes. And, of course, the food sounds divine.

  32. Marlene 33

    Lovely description of your beautiful evening. Loved how you used 50 Cent on the table.

  33. ok I have to find me a supper club, fantastic….

  34. Anna 35

    This is like food porn!

  35. How fun! And I love those little food quotes. Awesome!

  36. cara 37

    sounds wonderful~!! Can I come to the next one???

  37. Fabulous table setting and the menu sounds delicious!

  38. Melynda 39

    Sounds like a truly lovely evening. Very nice!

  39. KathyB. 40

    Lovely evening and inspiring pictures , love the little quotes on the table.

  40. Man, I want to come to one of your supper parties! That outdoes any one that I have ever been to by miles and miles :)

    But when you are with friends you love, sloppy Joes and chips and guac fill you the same way :-)

    (Jealous of the wine choices very much)

  41. Lea Ann 42

    ok that does it! I’m moving to Oregon and I’m going to make you be my best friend! :-) Cathy, this is truly unbelievable. Love the table and oh my all of that beautiful food and wine.

  42. Holy make me drool, Batman! That was some incredible descriptive dialog…thank God there were no food pictures to go along with it! I am freakin’ starving now!

  43. Amanda 44

    All I can say is WOW. These are beautiful photos and made me envious! I wish I could have been there! And the little cards.. they show such wonderful personality minus the stuffiness! LOVE IT

    I am reaching out to my fellow foodies today to see if they on my Food Bloggers Discussion List. If you are not we would love to have you! Email me amanda AT amandascookin.com

  44. megan 45

    OK, where do I sign up? I want a ticket to the next supper club. I think I would even make the long drive, to party in such style!!!

  45. I love the idea of a supper club and would love it if I could find one local to me. I think it would be such fun especially if there’s a theme each meeting helping everyone try and enjoy new foods.

  46. Pam 47

    You are AMAZING! That is the most beautiful table setting and the menu is mouth watering and decadent. Your dinner guests are so lucky.

  47. Mary 48

    Talk about ambience! What a fantastic evening this must have been for all who attended. Everything looks and sounds better than terrific.

  48. Noble Pig, you’re inspiring me to start talking to friends and start up our own (less chic) supper club! What a beautiful table!

  49. Barbara 50

    I am speechless! That is lovely from tablesetting to menu!
    Supper clubs are such fun!! Especially like this one.

  50. I LOVE the Miss Piggy quote!

  51. Marjie 52

    Great pictures, but I had to laugh at the little sign you photographed!

  52. Kayola 53

    I love the quotes and the table is so gorgeous……I really wish you were my friend in person…so you could rub off on me…..instead of being in this box…..can’t you please come out and play?

  53. Kayola 54

    I love the quotes and the table is too gorgeous….I really wish you were my friend in person istead of in this box………..can’t you please come out and play with me……pretty please with a cherry on top?

  54. LilSis 55

    What an elegant table setting! There’s nothing better in my book than spending an evening with great friends and great conversation. (And great food, too, of course.)

  55. OMG Cathy–that table is beautiful!!!

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