Holiday Wishes

Wishing you all the happiest of holidays.  The past few days were spent cooking and enjoying a Polish feast like no other.  It was worth every minute spent in the kitchen.  However, the best part was sharing our family traditions with some amazing new friends. 

We ate until it hurt.  I’m not kidding.  I could go on and on about all the incredible foods we all made, making this meal a very special extravaganza.  There are just no words fitting enough to explain the details.

The next few days will be spent enjoying my mom’s company and hopefully getting her to make a few more Polish recipes before she heads home.

I shall return soon.

Best wishes to you all.

One Year Ago:  The Aftermath

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  1. What a beautiful Christmas trees and very handsome sons. I’m glad you had a great Christmas and yummy food.

  2. johnjoy316 2

    Thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog. Seems like a busy life, I don’t know how you find time to do the cooking and raising children but seems to work okay for you. Merry Christmas and a blest New Year.

  3. Barbie with a T 3

    Happy Holidays to you! Your tree is gorgeous! The boys are so cute. And I just know your food had to be the best in the world. Thanks for sharing.

  4. deeba 4

    What a gorgeous tree you’ve done up Cathy! happy holidays to you & your beautiful family. May 2010 be magical for you! xoxo

  5. Nothing better–family, friends and FOOD! Happy Holidays!
    Love the photos!

  6. Kate 6

    Warm holiday wishes to you and your whole family. Wonderful that your mother is there. And cooking!

  7. Enjoy your good company! It is all too fleeting….

  8. annbb 8

    Family traditions and the memories they make…simply and truly priceless.

    The very best to you and all your lovies, my friend, the very best.

  9. leslie 9

    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday as well! Enjoy your company with your Mom!

  10. Amanda 10

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Cathy :)

  11. June 11

    Happy Holidays Cathy! Can’t wait to hear about all the great food!

  12. Happy holidays to you as well Cathy! Enjoy the feast…it sounds delicious!

  13. Julie 13

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday, I had no doubts the food would be awesome!
    I’m sure the boys had a great time…see ya when you get back.

  14. Dawn 14

    Love the pics. Boys are adorable and I love the menorah in the background of the tree…beautiful.

  15. Merry Christmas and what a beautiful decorations… and the tree is wonderful too ;-)

  16. Halszka 16

    i know what you mean…. i’m just heading back from the dining table, and am now digesting a bunch of pierogis….


  17. Lisa 17

    Merry Christmas! The tree is gorgeous and the food sounds wonderful. Enjoy every minute!

  18. oh Cathy, I’m so glad you had a wonderful Christmas – we did too – it was even a white one! It was all melted by mid afternoon but still – it was gorgeous while it lasted:)
    Your tree if beautiful;)
    Hope you continue to have a great holiday break and the boys pic at the top is too cute!

  19. Beautiful smiles and beautiful tree!!
    Glad you are having a great holiday and also getting to visit with your mother!!

  20. Melynda 20

    Enjoy your days, see you on the return. Happy Holidays!

  21. Lydia 21

    Happy holidays and best wishes for a delicious 2010!

  22. Liz C. 22

    You are the absolute best memory maker I know of! Hope your holidays have been the best…

  23. Claudia 23

    Thinking of you and yours. It’s been awhile since I’ve been ‘out’ in blogland, miss you and SO glad to see you’re going strong and magical! Merry Christmas Cathy!!! xoxox

  24. I can’t wait to read all about your Christmas adventures!

  25. Bob 25

    Glad you’re having a good holiday!

  26. Lisa 27

    I love reading your blog and have made several recipes from it. Thank you for the make ahead turkey gravy recipe – saved me from freaking out on Christmas Day. We also loved the Cranberry Chutney and have several pint jars in the fridge that need to be given as gifts.

    Your tree is beautiful – I switched to white lights several years ago but seeing your colored ones makes me wish I had those too!

  27. Cassie 28

    Happy holidays to my most favorite blogger ever!!!

  28. Enjoy the company and the cooking… My tummy still hurts too!

  29. Julia 31

    Congratulations on the great plug on!!!!! link to

    Happy New Year!

  30. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to more holiday food and drink posts.

  31. Have a fantastic New Year! Looking forward to hearing more food and drink posts over the holiday.

  32. Have a great time with your mom! Can’t wait to hear about all the cooking!

  33. Happy New Year! Your tree looks beautiful!!

  34. Kay 37

    The tree is absolutely stunning. It seems you are enjoying your home in McMinnville and hope the wine adventure is going great. Happy New Year from Coos Bay, Oregon

  35. pam 38

    I hope you have a wonderful New Year! And please do post some Polish recipes. I have a few from my grandmother, but not enough.

  36. Kayola 39

    Your tree is gorgeous and MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU…..Enjoy your time with your family and have fun playing in the snow…..MAKE SOME GREAT MEMORIES!

  37. Amber 40

    Your tree is beautiful and colorful and I love the reflection in the window.

  38. Lena in VT 41

    And Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!! Best to you in 2010.

  39. Biz 42

    Enjoy the time with your family! Happy New Year to you Cathy – looking forward to your good eats and writing in 2010.

  40. megan 43

    Happy New Year Cathy! May it be one of the best years yet!

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