Happy Elf Cocktail

If you looking for something fun to serve for the holidays this year, you just found it.  This is a quick and simple cocktail to shake up as guests arrive for the festivities.

While I always enjoy wine with appetizers, a holiday inspired drink is the perfect way to get your party buzzing.

Serve these up and offer an old Irish toast, “May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends.”


Happy Elf
Adapted from Coastal Living

1 ounce melon liqueur (such as Midori)
2 ounces citrus vodka (such as Absolut Citron)
1 ounce white cranberry juice
Maraschino cherries, for garnish

In an ice-filled shaker combine all ingredients and shake vigorously.  Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a spear of maraschino cherries.

One Year Ago:  Cranberry Pork Stew

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  1. Dawn 1

    That is one fun and festive cocktail and it will be served on Christmas Eve at my home. Thanks for the idea…I love the colors…oh, and I love midori too…he-he.

  2. Daphne 2

    I need a Happy Elf right now! LOL Thanks for all your great recipes. Happy Holiday!

  3. This drink looks good and dangerous!! The Irish toast is perfect timing. We just had a party(this year we were trying to cut back on the invite list) and all 84 guest showed up and brought friends :) YIKES!! Merry Christmas

  4. Athena 4

    Ooh, I saw this in Coastal Living a couple weeks ago and just bought the ingredients tonight. I will be making some this weekend!

  5. That would indeed make for some happy elves! Count me in. :-)

    At first I thought it was chartreuse liqueur, which is impossible to get around here. I like Midori, too, though.


  6. Helen 6

    Wow ! sure looks christmassy but will I be able to stand up after drinking two?

  7. That is one beautiful cocktail

    lots of alcohol in this fancy martini, but will be well hidden in the taste. I sure bet this will get the party rockin

  8. YES!!! I was looking for the perfect cocktail to make on Christmas and this is it! I just linked to it on my blog!

  9. Lena in VT 10

    Yes, yes a million times yes…I absolutely love it! Taking these to my families for holiday eve!!

  10. Kate 11

    I swear, some day I want to come to a cocktail party at your place. What fun!

  11. leslie 12

    Just what I need to life my spirits

  12. Karly 13

    I want to have a Christmas party just so I can serve this!

  13. Amanda 14

    OMG I would totally love this!

  14. christine 16

    I also like to add amaretto to the store-bought non-alcoholic egg nog. YUM!!

  15. Such amazing colors, a perfect holiday cocktail!

  16. KathyB. 18

    O.K. I think I just might ask Hubby to make this for me Christmas Eve…yup, I am asking for this!

  17. That is a sweet Irish toast! Beautiful drink.

  18. I drink wine most of the time but a lovely holiday coctail is too good to pass up. Cheers.

  19. Lisa 23

    Bright drinks and Irish toasts make for very happy elves indeed! :-) Likely mischievous too…

  20. umm now your talking your famous for your lovely holiday libations!!

  21. Tracy 25

    So pretty! Makes me wish I could drink alcohol.

  22. Marjie 26

    And Happy Elf to you, Cathy! Happy festivities to your house (I know you celebrate both of the big ones) from mine!

  23. pam 27

    I love a good cocktail, and this one is so lovely and festive!

  24. Donna 28

    Cocktails are always priority here.. I LOVE this one, so festive and sounds like it packs a nice jab.

  25. LilSis 29

    Very festive!! I love it! I’m sure you would have lots of Happy Elves at the party if you serve this as guests arrive.

  26. Lisa Sipple 30

    Made these for our party tonight and they were a big hit!!

  27. Tammy 31

    Such a beautiful and festive looking cocktail!!

  28. Cassie 32

    Oh look at that! I happen to have all those ingredients!

  29. I need some Midori and white cranberry juice STAT. I love this cocktail.

  30. This looks so great! This has to be fun to serve.

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  35. hey i have never taken alcohols but after seen this glass of cocktail i m willing to have this….

  36. Great work.I really appreciate your efforts.thanks for this post.

  37. Kathy from The Hill of Yams 42

    Cath, do you think much flavor would be lost if I used non-flavored vodka?

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