If You Are Going To Be In The Area…

….come and taste some wines!

As many of you know, the property we are developing into a vineyard is located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon within the McMinnville American Viticultural Area (AVA). 

For those of you who don’t know what an AVA is, it is a designated wine grape-growing region that is distinguished by its geographical features.

The McMinnville AVA currently consists of six wineries and eight vineyards, all producing some pretty incredible wines.

Our first event as an AVA is taking place July 18, 2009 at Yamhill Valley Vineyards in McMinnville, Oregon. 

Since our property does not have vines in the ground as of yet, we are considered associate members of the AVA but we will be there participating in some shape or form!

The day will begin with a seminar discussing the uniqueness of the Mcminnville terrior.  This will be followed by an AVA tasting showcasing the wines of the McMinnville AVA and then individual events at participating wineries such as barrel tastings, vineyard tours and wine library tasting available for your enjoyment.

So if you live in the area, consider coming out and taking part in what is sure to be a fabulous afternoon.  I would love to meet many of you who have been such great supporters of this site and my wine endeavors.

Yamhill Valley Vineyards, where the event is taking place, is approximately 40 miles South of Portland and 27 miles North of Salem. 

This event will only cost you pennies on the dollar, 2500 of them to be exact ($25.00).  This will include the AVA tasting, appetizers (prepared by my friend’s daughter who is currently training at the Culinary Institute of America…maybe I can pick up a few cooking tips), an etched tasting glass and all planned activities taking place at the wineries/vineyards afterward. 

Guest vendors Honest Chocolates, Joel Palmer House Oregon Truffle Oil and Red Ridge Farm Olive Mill will also be there with their amazing products.

Participating wineries will include Brittan Vineyards, Coeur de Terre Vineyard, Coleman Vineyard, Maysara Vineyard, Seufert Winery, Stony Mountain Vineyard, Yamhill Valley Vineyards and Youngberg Hill Vineyard.

Buy your tickets now and I’ll see you there.  I guarantee it will be a beautiful day in the Oregon wine country.

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  1. Julia 1

    This sounds like it will be SO much fun. Sorry I’m not in the area!

  2. We have visited wineries in that area and fully intend to visit again. They are well worth the visit and tasting, plus the scenery and shops are too. We just might have to drive on down!

  3. I will be jumping on my jet to make sure I am there for this one!!! (I have a vivid imagination, but you already knew that.)

    I will be there in spirit.

  4. I’m sure it will be a wonderful event. It’s also on my birthday weekend. Too bad I’m all the way on the east coast. 😉


  5. What a great time everyone will have! I wish we were not so far away.

  6. Good luck and congratulations. I am an east coast gal, but would love to support the event long distance by sampling some of the wines of the associated vineyards.

  7. Wish I was in the area! We love Oregon wines!

  8. Barbie with a T 8

    I wish I was not so far away. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a summer Saturday. I love the West Coast and I will make a trip out there in the future…I have a neice in Coarsegold, CA. that I would love to visit one day, and it will be on that trip that I will visit the vineyards in CA and Oregon. (Hopefully yours!)

  9. Sounds like it will be a lot of fun! Like everyone else, I’m too far away to come and enjoy the wine, food and other goodies. I would love to be there though!

  10. Wish I were around the corner – I’d be there with bells on!

  11. Just letting you know I linked here and those look delicious!

  12. Dang! I will be in Virginia frolicking with other bloggers that weekend.

    I will want to come next year though!

  13. Sounds like a great time–wish I were close so I could go. Have fun!!

  14. imom 15

    Hmmmm, we don’t have a vacation planned yet…

  15. Oh how I wish! This would be fabulous!! Some day…

  16. dawn 17

    Well, it is a possibility for us. I won’t know for several weeks as schedules are being worked out, but it sounds like a day of fun to me!

  17. Gretchen 18

    That sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Wouldn’t you know it, I live in the area but will be in San Antonio that day on a business trip. I’d much rather be tasting wine here in the valley.

  18. Marcy 19

    Oh Cathy! I wish I was closer as I would definitely and support you!

  19. Erica 20

    We may be in Eugene that weekend already, it could be fun to pop up for the day. We’ll see… Thanks for the info!

  20. How exciting! Good luck with the event! Wish I didn’t live on the opposite side of the country. :)

  21. Wish I could join you. Money is so tight for travelling these days.

    I’m sure you and everyone else will have a fabulous time. Enjoy and good luck!

  22. leftfoot 23

    Oh man.. This makes me even more impatient for my cross-country move. (Florida to Tacoma)

  23. Mary 24

    That promises to be quite a day. Vineyard events here in Oregon are generally FUN. I’ll try to make it.

  24. That sounds like so much fun!

  25. Sounds so great – We are planning a visit when you get up and running!!

    One of my favorite whites is from Oregon – Evergreen Vineyards – Pinot Gris and for me that is a big thing as I am not a white wine drinker typically but this one is so DAMN tasty!!

  26. LilSis 27

    That sounds like a great event, Cathy. If I was closer, I’d be there!

  27. Hilary 28

    Sounds amazing .. would love to be there .. it’ll be a great day .. just rather far from England!! One day I’ll visit – perhaps when you’ve got some wine in the bottles .. have fun

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  28. KAYOLA 29

    Hoooooooooooooooow fun! I hope you have a great time…sometimes I almost wish I drank….LOL

    HAVE FUN!!!!

  29. Pam 30

    We may be out of town then. If not, I’ll be there. I am so looking forward to wine tasting at your vineyard when it’s completed.

  30. Sometimes, just sometimes I wish I still lived in Seattle. This is one of those sometimes! We’d definitely make the trip!

  31. Amy I. 32

    How exciting! I live in Eugene but will be out of town then, I’m bummed. Love your blog!

  32. donna 33

    I so wish I could attend. I would have loved to have been a part of it!

  33. Bob 34

    Sigh, I wish I could. heh.

  34. Alas, I will be here in SA. Melting.

  35. Debbie 36

    Oh I wish I lived closer to you since this sounds like so much fun…but Virginia is pretty far away!!!

  36. elra 37

    Sounds great, hopefully we can come. I am not sure yet what our plan going to be in summer. It’ll be nice to meet you in person Cathy.

  37. Mrs. L 38

    Dang…we’ll be driving from Seattle to San Jose the first week in July so we’ll just miss this!

  38. Marjie 39

    I would be there if I weren’t 3000 miles away! Hope you enjoy your first of many AVA events!

  39. Pat 40

    Cathy. So much enjoy your blog, photography and bits of family news. I am hoping you have a very successful time with your vineyard and your wines turn out to be the best. There are definitely some great ones here in the Willamette Valley. But, Cathy, if I were to drive East of Salem 27 miles I would be somewhere in the Cascade Foothills. The actual directions should read Southwest of Portland and North of Salem. Only a local Willamette Valley person would pick up on that. And we will try to be there for sure. It is on the calendar.

  40. Oooh, I wish I could be there! It will be such fun when you bring your first bottles from your own vineyard.

  41. Noble Pig 42

    Ha! You are so right…North of Salem.  The Southwest I don’t worry too much about, but I will change the East to North.  See what happens when you write after midnight.

  42. giz 43

    Sounds like a great event. It’s just around the corner – only about a 5 hr plane ride from us.

  43. Delia 44

    We are going to drive up from the Albany area and visit family and come to the event. Can’t wait to meet you! Sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

  44. Biz 45

    The furthest west I have ever been is DesMoines, Iowa – isn’t that pitiful!

    Would be there in a heart beat if it was a reasonable drive – too bad I live in Chicagoland!

  45. lo 46

    I SO wish we were closer.
    Sounds fantastic, though!

  46. Sounds like a fantastic event, Cathy. I’ve put it on my calendar. Lucky me that I live so close.

  47. Oooooh saounds fabulous! And what a bargain! I look forward to the new recipes. ; D Have a great time!

  48. sharon 49

    I really wish we were nearby! Best of luck!

  49. Melynda 50

    Willamette Valley is a nice drive from Vancouver, see you there!

  50. Bunny 51

    If I lived close I’d be there!! TAKE PITURES so you can share with us…pleeeaasseee!

  51. I’m actually going out west this summer and will be in that very area but am flying out on the 18th – bummer! Have fun!

  52. ntsc 53

    I think I’m as close to Portland as I’m likely to get in a while, St. Louis, but I would like to be there.

    by the way, CIA is within an hour of my house, so there are some advantages to the east.

  53. Leslie 54

    that is the most reasonably priced wine tasting event i’ve ever heard of! i wish i could go.

  54. megan 56

    Wouldn’t ya know. I’m goint to be in Oregon the weekend before and the weekend after your event. Figures!
    But I wont be that far north. But I would have driven north had I been there on the right weekend. Bummer 4 me. :(

  55. Michelle 57

    I’m working on getting moved to Oregon sooner rather than later. As you’ve had your fence nightmare, I’ve had “contractor nightmareâ€￾ for the past year! I thought about blogging about it over the past year but decided I only had enough energy to read your blog and be entertained. The McMinnville AVA wine tasting will be a celebrity sighting with all your blog followers trying to track you down. LOL. I have two months to accomplish a construction miracle and move from the East Coast to make this wine tasting. Don’t hold your breath but I will be there to support if my construction is completed.

  56. Dana 58

    If I lived close I’d be there!! TAKE PITURES so you can share with us…pleeeaasseee!