If You Are Wearing These…We Need To Have an Intervention

Yesterday I was speaking to a friend when another woman I had never met, joined our conversation (to speak with the woman I was initially talking with).  I paused, stepped back and waited for the interrupter to finish when I happened to look down and noticed Ms. Buttinski was wearing these…

Split-toe Nike’s that are without a doubt constructed to double as a CAMEL TOE.  Ugh!

Hers were brown, which strikingly resembled camel’s hooves.  I had to step away before I let out one of my famous cackles.  I don’t get it?!

Could someone please explain to me why Nike thought making a split hoof looking shoe for women was a good idea?

I do realize these are inspired by Japanese tabi shoes but seriously, this is not the edgy, fashion-forward statement I would want to be making.

This picture does not do the shoe justice.  To look down and see these on someone’s feet is so confusing you just have to laugh out loud.

The woman wearing them was otherwise totally put together except for her hooves as feet. 

It’s just weird.  Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but seriously, who really needs a camel toe shoe?  Aren’t there enough jokes already?

Who’s brave enough to admit they own these?  And then please explain what you see in them.  What am I missing?

When did cloven-hooves become cool?  I am seriously afraid of what will be next.

Then I found these.  Honestly, for me, there are no words.

Seriously, these are spooky, kooky and ooky.

Will these get you in touch with your inner-species?

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  1. Hilary 1

    Ghastly .. just creating something different for the sake of it? Terrible! & how many ladies will end up with split toes??

  2. nina 2

    I have to confess that my husband has diving booties with “camel” toes, but he says it really helps to have a better grip on the rocks. I never thought it would become a fashion statement. He is so embarrassed about his booties that he only puts it on when he is already in the water!!!

  3. I have never seen these before, and not being high fashion myself am probably stupid about such things, but I agree with you. These are ‘cloven’ hoofs. Spooky, but really, how many women want to resemble livestock ? Let’s see, she looks like a cow, or ….hey, pigs have feet like that too.Either way, I hope this doesn’t catch on, but it’s a free country( still ?).

  4. deeba 4

    YUCK!! UGH!! I think they are an embarassment to Nike. I’m not high fashion in the least, but I like some level of beauty in everything, even shoes. These are a definite eye-sore!

  5. Roz 5

    Some man hates womens feet. Give me spike heels any day. They make your legs and feet look so nice. These are so ugly!

  6. Shawn 6

    Yeah..saw these on Sarah Jessica Parker and just about threw up a little in my mouth.

    I dunno..just something kinda satanic about it also. Besides just flat out fugly.

  7. You nailed this one. I couldn’t believe when SJP was showing up on the web with those ugly ugly shoes, and now Nike’s in on the game? Yuck.

  8. Tanya 8

    As if the Nikes weren’t bad enough, they had to go make a pair of boots with the camel toe. Yeah, these not only look uncomfortable, but they are the very definition of fugly.

  9. Diane 9

    Oh they’re disgusting! I couldn’t wear them! They look really strange!
    I find flipflops just unwearable too!
    Camel toe shoes are just a step too far!

  10. Philly 10

    These are just wrong.

  11. Marlene 11

    and the thought that some idiots out there will go and spend money on these things makes me laugh hysterically.

    Some designer dude or dudette is probably laughing with his/her friends saying, “see I told you people were stupid”.

  12. OMG! We were at dinner last night with a woman who was telling all about these and how comfortable they are. She said they are like the most comfy shoes she has ever worn – which I can’t really understand. How funny that you should post this today!

  13. LMAO Nike and other designers can get people to buy ANYTHING! And, SJP’s style doesn’t vary much from her character’s, Carrie Bradshaw’s. She was usually by far the worst dressed of the Sex and the City girls–even given Samantha’s proclivity for showing body. So many horrendous shoes and boots. UGH.


  14. Julia 14

    Me too — I saw SJP in those shoes… but then she’s always had an odd fashion sense in my opinion — just a little edgy.

  15. Laura 15

    Is this a west coast thing? I’ve never seen that…but then I live in DC where the dressing is very conservative.
    That is weird.
    Really weird.

  16. What the hell? Where were these when I did my WTH post? *lol*

    Honestly, I think anyone caught wearing those in Maine would be laughed out of the state…after being given a pair of “sensible” shoes.

    Really….there ARE no words. You hit the nail on the head.

    And Nike? Are they are smokin’ crack?

  17. Julie 18

    I saw a picture of those boots on some famous person recently. I just don’t get it. I think it would drive me crazy!

  18. WHY?, WHY? would any self-respecting women wear these? damn, I bet hteyh are expensvie too.

  19. Rindy R 20

    I was just getting excited they were bringing waistlines back up on pants! I guess when one good thing happens another bad trend rears its ugly head (or hoof in this case)!

  20. Leslie 21

    I will take those boots in every color please!!! GAG!

  21. Barbie with a T 22

    All I can say is Uh-u-ug-LY!

  22. Ugh. Things like this are an insult to women by the fahion industry. Are they just trying to see how ridiculous women will be?

  23. I’ve never seen these before.
    Now I’ll be looking at everyone’s feet. Thank you.
    And no, I would not wear them. The only thing I want between my toes is a pair of flip flops or sandals.

  24. I posted a pic of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing boots like those a few weeks ago. Ugh.

  25. Those are some … interesting shoes :) The boots are hilarious. Never seen anything like that.

  26. ok, when sarah jessica parker wore those nasty ones (the bottom pic on the left) i didn’t know what was worse -the thick cork heel or the camel toe front. horrible. just horrible.these need to go and someone definitely needs to intervene w/ anyone who is NOT a celeb or a severe fashonista and tell them that they look like they need to pick a wedgie out of their toe!!!!!!!!!

    god, please help us all.

  27. Kari 28

    I think that is seriously one of the weirdest things ever! I’ve never seen anything like that. Those shoes creep me out, LOL!

  28. HAHAHAHAHA! I just recently saw a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing those very boots and I thought “Ugh…those are the ugliest things I’ve ever seen! It looks like camel toes!” I laughed so hard when I saw them in this post and was so glad I wasn’t alone in how I felt about them!

  29. BethieofVA 31

    OMG!! They are the ugliest things I think I have ever seen.

  30. My first boyfriend wore those tabi shoes everywhere with all black clothing and a black trench coat. He also wore black eyeliner (which didn’t show up that well since he was also black) and painted his right pinky fingernail black. I always thought the shoes were weird and uncomfortable looking because of the split toe. (Really, Jenni? Just the shoes?) I don’t know what the heck I was thinking. I was 16. Aren’t all 16-year-olds pretty much stupid in some way or another?

  31. Flea 33

    Oh my word. Those are just so WRONG. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  32. Melynda 34

    Wouldn’t it just feel like there was something between your toes, that you needed to clean out? OMG!

  33. Weird. Just…really, really weird.

  34. Erin 36

    Those hurt my feelings. No, seriously. they do.

    I have massive feet and they never have cute shoes in my size. Watch, they’ll have those ones. Ack.

  35. Gosh. Wow. So ugly.
    Camel toe is very wrong.
    Why? Just say No Thanks.

    (I’ve decided to respond in Haiku since it supposed to be Japanese inspired)

  36. Kyddryn 38

    Oh, my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Perhaps the makers believe we all dream of being goats? Or, wait, wait – secretly, the people wearing these shoes are mythological fauns come to life, trying to blend in, so please don’t point out their cloven clogs, because they’re very self-conscious of them. Did her knees bend the wrong way, perchance? Next time you see one, catch it in a gossamer net and it’ll lead you to its treasure!

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (the more than slightly goofy and definitely NOT fashion conscious)

  37. Lisa 39

    Oh the cloven hooves. I suppose this would make the wearer non-kosher?

    These are so fugly! I know a woman, dare I say fashion victim, who has a pair. They’re just plain fugly! ugh.

  38. Dreadful. I saw these while I was shopping for shoes online last month. I’m still not fully recovered. This fad will pass me by.

  39. Marcy 41

    Okies Cathy, in light of the newly found cloven hoof shoes and boots, get out the garlic, wolfsbane and anything else used to ward off evil spirits – those are downright CREEPY!!

  40. Those are just weird, And wrong so wrong!

  41. Tallie 43

    Those shoes are FAR BEYOND hideous… I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  42. ANY Camel Toe on a woman is ‘nasty’….

    When I read your post title in my reader I was saying to myself ‘I sure hope this is another testimony to the evils of CROCS’…

    I do not like crocs either.. they are the ugliest shoe on the planet….

  43. Katrina 45

    Ewweeee! I haven’t even seen those, but they are terrible! I can’t even imagine…..shutter…..okay, let’s see a yummy recipe!

  44. imom 46

    I don’t get it either! Those shoes are ugly.

  45. wkf 47

    Did she have a pan flute?
    At the risk of seeming out of touch ,or whatever, that is undoubtedly the ugliest style of shoe I have ever seen.

    I’d of asked her “Why?”

  46. kdet 48

    Better camel toes on the foot than,uh, somewhere else! :)

  47. Kathy 49

    Hideous. They make me squirm, just looking at them.

  48. Trisha 50

    Along with you and the others . . . I don’t understand. I have enough problems putting on shoes that I can’t imagine having to make sure my toes were in the right place!

  49. dawn 51

    No flippin way? Cloven-hooves on tennis shoes…oh seriously what will be wear next. It’s an insult to women everywhere?

    Fashion is often for fools.

  50. LilSis 52

    Those are just wrong! Why would any woman want their feet to look like an animal? I can’t believe Nike makes those. I’ve never seen anyone wear them and hope that I never do!

  51. krysta 53

    that’s just wrong on so many levels!

  52. Kristin 54

    I wear white Ryka tennis shoes. Every day. I have for so many years that I should just buy them by the case lol I may not be adventurous in my shoe selection, but it does keep my away from fashion disasters like this one.

  53. leftfoot 55

    Geez those are ugly.. and that’s coming from someone who wears bright orange skate sneakers from Triple Five Soul.

  54. Louise 56

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Runs from scary, scary pictures on computer screen!

  55. Alisa 57

    I applaud you for not laughing out loud. I’m fairly sure I would have been forced to mock the shoes. Maybe we can all just start shoeing ourselves with horseshoes. That’d be sweet. Then, all those ninnies with the thousands of shoes would have to bow down to us!

  56. Lisa 58

    Ewwww! But I must say, they are good for a laugh!!

  57. hahahahahaha. those are truly hideous. holy cow. yikes. honestly, what goes through people’s heads sometimes?

  58. Lisa D 60

    Those are crazy! What’s the benefit of having split toes anyway? It seems like it would be uncomfortable…

  59. And can you imagine the weird socks one must have to wear with these, probably those toe socks that I never thought were cool.

  60. Claire 62

    That “style” of shoe is horrendous, & there’s just no getting around that. Who cares if SJP is wearing them?

  61. Betty 63

    Oh my, all the words, ugly, fugly,disgusting, weird. Looks like something from 1 those middle eastern countries,where the men wear the sheets wrapped way too tightly around their heads. It scares me to think that this may be something of a true fashion statement in the works. Oh No, Please say it isn’t so…..I have enough trouble getting shoes that are comfortable for my tootsies.THAT does not look comfy for my tired feet.Women,we need to fight back! Don’t buy those camel rider boots/shoes.

  62. Diana 64

    You’ve got to be a Ho to wear these.

  63. Susan 65

    Oh….I agree!
    I saw that picture of SJP in People…uggh! And the amount she paind for those attrocius boots…ridiculous!

  64. If she were spitting as well, I would be on the floor laughing. :)

  65. I can’t figure this one out. Would never wear this.

  66. Pam 68

    Not a fan. I have a friend who wears them and I always cringe when I see her shoes.

  67. Unless it’s a camel hair jacket…anything remotely resembling a camel toe, on any part of my body (or anyone else’s for that matter) is completely unacceptable. No way, no how. I really need to know who thinks this is a HOT style? What was Nike thinking? I hope I don’t see anyone wearing these because I might actually wet my pants laughing so hard!

  68. Olivia 70

    I bet that someone one day thought ‘hey, let’s make a shoe with a LITERAL camel toe.” Everything is wrong with this picture and it makes me want to go burn all the ugly shoes of the world…especially crocks! (however you spell them)

  69. Mrs. L 71

    Though it’s a funky style, I like the way that Sarah Jessica Parker dresses. But those camel toe boots? OMG What Was She Thinking!!!! And how much did she get paid to wear them because, come on, no right minded woman would wear these without being forced or paid!

  70. tipper 72

    Ouch-they make my toes itch just to look at them! And I agree they are rather ugly…

  71. phillygirl64 73


    these out-ugly Uggs

  72. Liz C. 74

    I think they are completely ridiculous, but what totally cracks me up is the price!!!!! They’re like $90. I think I’d faint if I someone wearing these AND a real crotch camel toe, lol.

  73. Dejoni 75

    I just have to say…I don’t want camel toe anywhere. ‘Nuff said.

  74. Wow. Crocs, Uggs, MoonBoots and now….camel toes. Well, better on the feet than in the pants, right?

    But I feel that I should tell you…..I have a pair of orange wedge-heeled sandals with big black polka dots on them. The toe is thong, but the way that the strap is cut it looks like a camel toe. And I love them. I feel like Betty Rubble every time I festoon myself with their hideously tacky aesthetic.

  75. They might be good for people with bunions…

    I guess shoe designers were beginning to realize that they had run out of ideas. Maybe eventually there will be toe shoes like they have toe socks where each toe will be separated.

  76. Tina 78

    I literally laughed out loud. There are some with individual toes, which I kind of understand, but the camel hoof? It’s like the devil’s fashion statement.

  77. dawn 79

    we don’t need camel toe on our feet as well as our… ahemmm

  78. I must agree with you, they don’t look good to me as well…. never tried them so I don’t know about comfort but I love wearing flip flops and my big toe is always separated from the rest of toes so maybe I should get one of those, he he 😉

  79. Marjie 81

    I can’t wait until my oldest daughter gets wind of these. I have seen her lecture parents about ruining their kids’ feet with crocs….she’s very opionated! And these are awful!

  80. Don’t hate me–but I have those Nikes! In pink and black. I’ve had them for a few years and, though I don’t wear them often–I do wear them!

    I call them my devil shoes.

  81. Debbie 83

    I have never seen these before but they are as ugly as ugly can be. I am a “shoe” person but would NEVER, EVER buy something that looks like that….what are these designers thinking? Maybe they are just bored….

  82. Bob 84

    Those are heinous. Of course, I like girls in combat boots, so maybe you don’t want my advice either. 😉

  83. Never seen this before….would be happy if I never see them again! I’m all for being unique, but not when it’s this ugly.

    They can’t be very comfortable…

  84. They can’t possibly be comfortable and they look just plain scary.

  85. Bunny 87

    If this is fashion sense I’m glad I don’t have any.

  86. Laura 88


    Enough said.

  87. My toes get along just fine, no need to divide them in such a ghastly fashion (and I use that term loosely). Unbelievably horrid!
    Yucko to the max!
    I can’t even find inanely slang put-downs for such a stupid statement of “fashion.”

    [She laughs and runs off barefooted — Ah sweet freedom!]

  88. kayola 90

    I have always tried to avoid having camel’s toes…seriously WHY THE HELL would you buy something to give you camel’s toes????? U G L Y!!!!!

  89. *clutching pearls in horror!*

  90. pam 92

    This is a trend that will hopefully pass quickly.

  91. These are exactly the same words I was thinking, “spooky, kooky and ooky.” Exactly.

    Ok, you crack me up. Weird was actually the only word for me. But OK, it’s ok to be weird.

  92. Those shoes are just so freaking ugly, bordering on nauseating for me. Ugh.

  93. sharon 95

    No camel toe, please. Those are SO ugly. I saw a picture of some fashionable celeb wearing those in People magazine.

  94. Suzette 96

    I ran these pix past my fashionista friend, and her reaction was the same as mine….YUCK!!!! It was interesting that, like me, she thought the first pair was cute…until she noticed the split toe. It’s almost vulgar…or something. There are no words!

  95. Leigh 97

    One of the many benefits of living in Oklahoma…had it not been for your blog, this fashion trend would have completely passed me by. We are still fighting the state battle against the whole camel toe/Mom jean issue.

    Choice is clearly not a good thing for some folks.

  96. Memoria 98

    Looks like the shoes have caused commenters to forget about the mousse you made LOL. I hope to try it out someday.

    P.S. No, I am not and never will be a owner of those awful shoes.

  97. Wendy 99

    Yes, they’re unattractive, and no, I’d never wear them, but I think the commenters here are being both over-the-top harsh and insular. They’re inspired by traditional Japanese tabi socks (and shoes), which have been around for centuries. Sure, they’re not your cultural aesthetic, but they’re certainly better for your feet than those pointy-toed high-heels.

    Also, what’s all the hate for Crocs? Haven’t you guys seen their new designs? They’re not ugly any more at all. The Crocs Malindi, for example, is adorable and just as comfortable as the original ones:

    If Crocs and traditional tabi shoes are the “ugliest things you’ve ever seen,” count yourself lucky. Grow some perspective, and don’t let so much negativity into your life. Smile, laugh, but be tolerant. I’m frankly appalled by the cultural insensitivity and sheep-like negativity of the commenters here. How many of you would be saying “How interesting, how cute!” if Cathy had posted a positive review of these shoes?

  98. Tara 100

    Okay the boots ARE bad, but the shoes arent. I thhink with a pattern they could totally be okay! The remind me a little of Vibram Five Finger shoes.

  99. magpie 101

    The sneakers have been around for awhile, in NYC anyway. The shoes are the fugliest thing ever.

    And I can’t believe that either could be comfortable.

  100. Joelene 102

    HAHA, I have those shoes (the top ones) and I wear them all the time. I love them, they are different and comfortable. I get some many negative comments when I wear them, but I really don’t care. The Nikes have been around before those boots.

    I find it funny all the negative comments about these shoe, but Nike has been making them for a while so some one besides me is buying them. I collect sneakers and they are all kind of outrageous. oh well, to each his own I guess….

  101. donna 103

    Why anyone would degrade themselves wearing the Nike’s or the boots is beyond my scope of intelligence.

  102. Oh my god, I have NO idea, but I’m going to blame the Twilight books for this atrocity. Frankly, I think Twilight is the culprit for why many women leave their senses. Obviously.

  103. amy2boys 105

    Wow. People will fall for anything I guess, if you convince them it’s fashionable.

    This is just stupid and I’d laugh too!

  104. OMG those are awful. I saw the boots on the runway recently and thought they were the ugliest thing ever … but in tennis shoes they are even worse.

  105. I have never seen those before, but they are just wrong.

  106. Debbie 108

    Hideous! Why on earth would anyone buy one of those shoes?

  107. Jessica 109

    I love you!

  108. carol 110

    Seriously, some of you people are profanely closeminded. Why are these so wrong and aweful when it’s ok for women, every single day, to been seen with muffin tops bulging over their pants which barely cover their butt cracks, and men who skank around with pants off their asses? I bet some of you people would fall into the category of the everyday boring fashion victum who would make one of these mistakes and not even know how ugly you look, but yet you have the nerve to critisize these boots. Get a life, all of you!!!

  109. pandora 111

    Man, your articles are always damn funny. Keep it up. Those shoes are ugly as hell =)


  110. pandora 112

    Man, your articles are always funny to read. Those shoes are ugly as hell =)

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