Where Is He Getting His Information?

Youngest Hooligan:  Mom…

Me:  Yes.

Youngest Hooligan:  (In his most serious, question asking voice)  When a girl dumps you, does that mean she comes to your house with her garbage can and recycling bin and dumps it on your head?

Me:  (Laughing and snorting)  No!  Not at all!  Really, no.

Actually I didn’t have the heart to tell him, that YES, it is entirely possible, depending on the reasons she is dumping you!  Ha!

You just have to love the innocence. 

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  1. Ohhhh, I just want to pinch his cheek and cry. If only that were as bad a thing a girl could do to his heart…dump real garbage you can clean off.

    It was not until I had sons that I realized how unkind I probably was to some young men, and how very hurtful that can be. I wish as a Mom I could have protected my sons from all that..and your little Hooligan’s question reminds me that all of us are really children in our hearts, and so want to be loved and NOT have garbage dumped on us or in our homes. Pinch his cheek for me if you get the chance.

  2. Deeba 2

    How priceless is that Cathy!! What innocence! Yesterday, my younger one came & asked me how much an AK-47 would weigh? Would it weigh as much as the sack of rice I helped Papa carry in? Broke my heart. This past week of terror in Mumbai has thrown up so many questions…what’s difficult about peace?
    O yes, pinch his cheek from me too…what a sweetheart!

  3. Philly 3

    Your kids are too damn cute!!

  4. Leslie 4

    LOl!! That is some funny stuff!!!

  5. Wow, where do they get their information. He is (as my gramma would have said) the most cunning boy I have ever seen.

  6. Becky 6

    Isn’t it funny how they see things so literal?
    It’s when they don’t see it literal that we have to start worrying about their innocense.

  7. Kim 7

    Kids are just so precious and the things they come up with! My advice to you Cathy is write these things down, because when you get older you will not remember the cute things they said.

  8. annbb 8

    Perhaps the most adorable boy I’ve ever seen.
    And I’m with you – don’t tell him the truth :-).

  9. Sarah 9

    What a sweetheart-this put a big smile on my face! He is totally adorable.

  10. Katrina 10

    Awesome! Have you seen the children’s books about a kid who hears things and thinks they’re going to happen to him, like when someone says, “You crack me up”, he thinks he’s going to crack, or “she screamed her lungs out” and he thinks the lungs are actually going to come out? Etc. One is called More Parts. Great books. This reminded me of that.

  11. Mike 11

    rofl, that’s just hilarious

  12. iPost 12

    They are just so darn innocent at that age! Great story…thanks for sharing!

  13. I wish I could have done this to a few of the dudes I’ve dated in the past.

  14. Barbie with a T 15

    Your young hooligan IS adorable and the most innocent looking child I have ever seen. His personality seems to follow suit too. I suppose that is why you have to be so careful in your explanations of certain things to him. If he is able to turn that vulnerability into intelligence, you are going to have one smart grown up hooligan!

  15. marcy 16

    HAHAHA, gotta love kids. They come up with the dardest things.

  16. Bunny 17

    Awe I would have melted, he’s so darn cute!

  17. Too cute. Although it sounds like a good idea in hindsight….

  18. Anytime you want to let him do a sleep over, the Brute Squad and I would love to have him. What a lovely spirit he has!

  19. Alisa 21

    I’m afraid to say, I may have dumped a boy in just such a way.

  20. ELRA 22

    He is so adorable. Love that question! When my son 8 yrs old, he asked: How does if fell to fall in love? He said that his heart was always beating so fast every time he talked to this girl. We thought it was the cutest ever!

    Now, my nephew (he is only 7yrs old) said that he has a girlfriend, but he need to break up with her soon, because she is too demanding. Yes, he said “demanding”, where was that come from?

  21. krysta 23

    what a sweetie. i’m glad you didn’t tell him that sometimes they will throw all his stuff in the garbage can and set fire to it.

  22. It may not be the meaning of being dumped right now…

    …but thanks to this blog, it just might be. 😀

  23. What a cutie!

    I found the perfect present for him, unfortunately, it is only a virtual present.
    The Littlest Grape Stomper

  24. Kristen 26

    Oh that is priceless. Too funny!

  25. vanessa 27

    oh man… now THAT is adorable!!!

  26. Adorable!

    Where’s his informant getting his info?

    Waaaaaay to cute (and young) to worry about such things. Garbage should hold a treasure hunt for him, not a heartache. : D

  27. Pam 29

    How did you not laugh? Too sweet.

  28. LOL! His version could totally happen!!

  29. phillygirl64 31

    Oh how sweet!

    Lord knows I wanted to do that to my last bf

  30. Teri 32

    Poor Hooligan! And this is only the beginning! Girls can be so fickle!!! How could she… look at that face!

    At least he can home to you!

  31. I once threw my boyfriend’s stuff out (including brand new playstation 2) out the window of our 2nd floor apartment (in NYC). So, yes he was truly dumped. We later made up and years later we became engaged.

  32. Tanya 34

    Ahttp://www…I love how kids interpret things. I’m pretty sure I thought the same thing when I was younger.

  33. LOL! The little guy is smart! :)

  34. dawn 37

    Cathy do everything in your power to keep him this innocent and adorable! What a cutie!

  35. How is he a hooligan? He seems too nice for that!

  36. shonda 39

    How freakin’ adorable.

  37. Leave the poor kid be innocent as long as possible until the girl shows up with the garbage can.

  38. How cute is that? Very handsome young man!

  39. Shirley 42

    It’s good you have your blog to record life from the hooligans’ point of view! We tend to forget so much of these precious things they say as time goes on. He is such a cutie!

  40. Cheryl 44

    No gal worth her salt will ever dump that charmer.

    Precious insight.

  41. If it were my child, I would say he learned it on that damn school bus. That thing is the root of all evil I tell ya.


  42. That is adorable, and I hope nobody ever wants to dump garbage on him :)

    I love how literal kids are !

  43. Love that boy.Where did the little genius come up with that info?

  44. Laura 48

    What a hoot! I love the stuff kids say.

  45. Liz C. 50

    They are just too sweet & innocent at that age. It will rip your heart out when a girl really does dump him. It’s torture, I tell you!

  46. OMG, wish I’d thought of that several years ago for a certain someone. : – ) too funny.

  47. Sadly the real “dump” will probably hurt more. Ahhh…life’s lessons. Both the fun ones, and the not-so-much fun ones…

  48. Oh and I left out adorable too! What a cutie!

  49. So true… just LOVE the innocence, and literal interpretation!

  50. Egghead 56

    I love that he comes up with this stuff. What a cutie.

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