Lazy Taxpayer’s Bipartisan Burger

It's election day (2008) here in the United States.  In my lifetime I've never witnessed a more passionate fight for Presidential power than the current race for the White House.

We all have our opinions, issues and what we consider most critical in our political objectives.  However, after today, whether we are Democrats or Republicans, the leaders of our country will have to find a way to work together in this rainbow of chaos.  Our country is in dire need of repair.

So this is what inspired me up to whip up the Lazy Taxpayer's Bipartisan Burger.  Why is it lazy?  Well, instead of grilling onions, I added Lipton Onion Soup Mix to the meat.  And instead of using fresh pineapple I used slices right out of the can.  Hey, who has time to meticulously grill onions and slice a fresh pineapple when you are glued to the news watching election results....not me.

And why is this clever burger Bipartisan? 

Since Obama has roots in Hawaii I threw in the grilled, sliced pineapple.  And McCain being the Senator of the state of Arizona, I wanted to add a burst of heated, traditional Southwestern fare.  This is where the grilled jalapenos came to play.  This sweet and hot combination paired together with goat cheddar cheese, to take the edge off, is the perfect addition to your election day meal spread. 

So let's make it together, I was so lazy I didn't even fire up the grill...I used my grill pan!

Here's what you will need: Ground sirloin, Lipton's French onion soup mix, jalapeno (or green peppers), sliced pineapple, goat cheddar cheese (or whatever cheese you prefer) and buns.

Combine 1 packet of Lipton's French Onion Soup Mix with 2 pounds of ground sirloin.  Make into eight quarter-pound patties.

Slice your jalapeno's into quarters, scooping out the seeds and veins.

Place the burgers, pineapple slices and jalapenos on your grill pan or your outdoor grill.  Cook to desired doneness.

Build your burger using condiments of your choice and adding cheese, pineapple and jalapenos.

The sweet pineapple and heat filled jalapeno are balanced by the tangy goat cheddar cheese.  This burger is an election night knockout.

Who will be the next big cheese...we soon shall know.

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Lazy Taxpayer's Bipartisan Burger

Recipe from: Created by Cathy Pollak for | Serves: 8


  • 2 lbs ground sirloin
  • 8 slices pineapple, canned or fresh
  • 4 jalapenos (you could use green peppers)
  • 8 slices goat cheddar cheese or regular cheddar
  • 8 hamburger buns
  • condiments of your choice but mayo is all you need


  • Combine 1 packet of Lipton's French Onion Soup Mix with 2 pounds of ground sirloin. Make into eight quarter-pound patties.
  • Slice your jalapeno's into quarters, scooping out the seeds and veins.
  • Place the burgers, pineapple slices and jalapenos on your grill pan or your outdoor grill. Cook to desired doneness.
  • Build your burger using condiments of your choice and adding cheese, pineapple and jalapenos.
  • Eat!

I think it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who said, "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on".

So hang on America, today is guaranteed to be a wild ride!

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  1. Deeba 1

    Hang on Cathy…you are priceless & purely entertainment!! Loved reading through this post, slurped at the burgers & bow to your creativity!! YAY for you!!

  2. Now that’s a burguer!!!

  3. Roz 3

    That sounds fantastic. I also use the Lipton Onion Soup Mix when I make meatloaf. It is very good that way.

  4. Ohhhhh… yum. I need some major comfort food tonight- I’ll be a wreck!!

  5. Philly 5

    I love Lipton onion soup in my burgers, but of course everyone whines. So I found this soft garlic and herb cheese that I put in now, they can’t see it , so no complaints.


  6. Dee 7

    Lazy or not, that looks amazing! I love the aple crisps, but I’ll pass on the pickeled herring.

    Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Lisa 9

    Very nice and creative!

  8. Hang on, indeed!

  9. Barbie with a T 11

    A meal with shortcuts! I like that. How appropriate to serve this combination on election day. You are one swift cookie, I tell you. Leave it up to you to think up such a delightful meal on which could be a very disappointing day! For those who need comforting, the hamburger will do it nicely! For those who are celebrating, cannot do it better than with hamburgers, the all American tradition. Looks delicious.

  10. Marlene 12

    I am going to sit and stare at this sucker all day long until I get off work and go to the store for said ingredients. I will then go home and make them and should anyone’s fingers get near my mouth, I will bite them OFF!!!!

    I think I am in love with a burger.


  11. Becky 13

    Those look delicious. Not sure about the pineapple. I’ll have to try that.
    I’m hanging on and strapped in for the wild ride.

  12. Melissa 14

    Fab pictures – I’m not bi-partisan but I’m willing to give it a try on this burger!

  13. YUM!!! I love hamburgers. I love jalapenos. And I LOVE pineapple. These look beyond delicious!

  14. That’s a great idea–and I’ll bet it tastes great too! I love the idea of the Lipton soup in th eburger!!

  15. I can’t handle the heat but the rest of the burger looks great!
    If you can’t handle the heat are you supposed to get out the kitchen? I think it was Harry Truman… Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!


  16. Whatever the outcome of the election I hope you have a strong leader who will take the country in the right direction. We just had an election a few weeks ago that was quite disappointing.

  17. That looks yummy! Now I want one and it’s only 8:15 AM. :)

  18. thats funny!

  19. krysta 21

    cathy, i could kiss you! how creative.

  20. jancd 22

    We need to pray today that our country will make the right decision. Either way, God will be with those who seek him.

  21. That really sounds and looks good, Cathy ! I never would have thought about combining all (or any) of that, but now I want to make it just to taste it !

  22. ELRA 24

    The ultimate perfect burger. Looks absolutely delicious!

  23. Fran 25

    This looks absolutely delish! I must cook the burger tonight!


  24. Lo 26

    Alright, Cathy – I can get jiggy with that. In fact, a burger might be just the antidote to the hunger I’ll feel after expending all the wishful thinking I can muster today :)

  25. Paula 27

    Awesome! This burger is a sure fire winner! I’ve never used one of those grill pans, but after seeing your bi-par burger, I may have to get one! Sooo creative you are!

  26. That is one fine looking burger and I love the Goat Cheddar – I have never heard of that and will have to do ask around as to where to get that…

  27. tipper 29

    Burger looks great! I’ve had one with the soup mix added into the meat-but not with the pineapple and peppers.

  28. Clever, clever! Sounds great except . . . I can’t stand pineapple!! Wow! What does that say???

    Stay cool! I’m praying! God remains in control regardless of who we select to sit for a few years in the seat of US Power.

  29. That burger looks delish!! I am drooling right now all over my desk!

  30. Pam 32

    Now that’s what I call a burger. That first picture is making my drool!

  31. I love this. YUM!!!!!

  32. ALF 34

    It’s not even 9:30am and now I feel like eating a burger.

  33. Cathy for President!! Great looking burger. I like Lipton in my burger too sometimes, it adds so much flavor.

  34. Too bad I made burgers last night for dinner, this looks yummy! I love pineapple in anything and since we just got back from HI I ate as much as I could, fresh… yummmmm!

  35. Marjie 37

    Great creation! And I forget who the New York Jewish writer was who said in the early 50s, “If you want a helping hand, you’ll find it at the end of your arm.” So maybe I should just help myself to this burger!

  36. Uhhh…that looks like the Manchurian Candidate of burgers if ever I saw one.


  37. I read this right before lunch and instantly started to feel starved. This is one tasty burger. :)

    And I really like how you combined the two “political flavours” here.

  38. As the picture at the top of this blog slowly loaded, I began a long slow pavlovian response that grew more intense as the photo unfolded, pixel-by-pixel until I was nothing more than a puddle of drool.

    I think I’d vote Republican if I could get my husband to eat this burger with me.

  39. I vote yes on Proposition Burger!

  40. Oh my word! Where do you come up with all of these delicious recipes? I am drooling just a bit.

  41. Katie 43

    Going to a watch party tonight, I am so excited I can’t hardly stand it!

  42. Rachel 44

    Cathy, you are awesome!!

    I’m going to link to this from Blissfully Delish. I hope that’s okay with you because this is perfect!! You are so awesome!

  43. Wow! Interesting combination…

  44. Biz 46

    I love everything about that, except I am not sure about the pineapple part – grilled jalapenos? Heck yeah!

  45. Rachel 47
  46. You’re a master at combining flavors!

    My husband would wet his pants if I made him this for dinner.

  47. Cary 49

    We’re making these tonight!! Thanks Cathy!! Great idea…

  48. Teri 50

    Tonight we can nervously gnaw through our bipartisan burger… yummy… i’m sure it will taste much better than my nails… yikes, tonight is definitely going to be a bumpy ride. At least you’ve given us something to hang on to!

    The real question is… what type of food will you be making for us tomorrow??? Hopefully Chicken soup for the nervous soul…

  49. Good for you. This country needs something bipartisan.

  50. Egghead 52

    Ha this looks fast and easy and the flavor mix sounds really good. I’m all about fast and easy especially on Tuesday nights when I have my little grandaughter. She helps me um, er cook. Fun!

  51. HoneyB 53

    Love the sweet and spicy combo!

  52. Ahhh – such a fantastic idea. Looks great!


  53. Linda 55

    Wowie … this is making my mouth water. I’ve already had dinner tonight, but I’m so tempted to get in the kitchen and whip this up. I’ll be good and hang on though.

    Your previous post on pickled herring. Can I just say, I have a jar in my fridge too. Not the big honkin’ one like you, just a small one, but a jar of pickled herring nonetheless. It’s a Christmas tradition for my hubby’s family. They claim Swedish roots. Funny thing, none of them really like it. I’m allergic to seafood, and in this case it’s just fine with me.

    I do, on the other hand, like pork rinds, okra, greek olives and fried liver and onions … most everyone says “Eeeeew!” to those too.

  54. That burger looks so juicy and good and I don’t think anyone would begrudge you using tinned pineapple at all!

  55. oh wow! I am faxing my grocery list to the hubby right now. That’s a fantastic idea for dinner tonight. Thank you!

  56. grace 58

    what a fabulous ingredient combination–sweet and spicy. and meaty. and bready. toss on a little pepperjack cheese, and i’d be one happy gal. :)

  57. Deborah 59

    I love the spicy/sweet combo, so I’ll take one!

  58. Misty 60

    WOW, those look absolutely divine!

  59. dawn 61

    Oh yes! Pineapple is added to this mammouth burger. Girl I love the way you think!

  60. I just have to say, that is one awesome burger!

  61. giz 63

    No matter how you serve it up – that burger looks to die for. Don’t even have to worry about my political views -I can’t vote in the U.S. anyways – but it didn’t stop the Canucks from being glued to the set last night. Wow!!! What an election.

  62. Cecil 64

    Lazy or not..this burger steals my heart!! And I am not particular a fan of burger, but oh my..this is just looks so juicy and the jalapenos. Mmmhhhhh..

  63. the concept is very cute

    the burger? i’d eat it happily. maybe minus the jalapenos. just to make a statement…

  64. maris 66

    Isn’t grilled pineapple the best? I’ve never had it on a burger, and usually don’t like warm fruit but I like grilled pineapple a lot. Sounds like a great, fun election-night treat!

  65. I made these burgers last night and my husband said they were the best burgers ever!! Thanks for another great recipe!!

  66. My mouth is watering, but I’m too lazy to make it. Will you come to my house and make it for me?

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  69. Laura L. 71

    I made this burger last night. The combination of sweet and spicy was excellent. I couldn’t find goat cheddar cheese though so we used Swiss and added grilled onions. YUM!!! Thanks for the recipe.

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