Shamed at the Snack Bar

We took the hooligans to the movies to see Kung Fu Panda over the weekend.  When we go to the show we always let them get popcorn and some candy.  That’s part of the experience right? 

However, let me preface that by saying I live in a town, that amongst other things, is very health-conscience.  Organic is probably a better description.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  It’s just how it is here.

However, I have no problem letting the hooligans splurge a bit, especially at the movies.

So here is how our trip to the theater snack bar went:

16-year old ball-busting-worker girl: Hi, what can I get for you?

Me:  We’ll have two kid’s size popcorns.

16-year old ball-busting-worker girl:  Okay.  Did you want butter on those?

Me:  Yes.

16-year old ball-busting worker girl:  (condescendingly)  You know…the butter has saturated fat in it.

Me:  Yeah, that’s alright, we’ll live.

16-year old ball-busting worker girl:  Anything else?

Me: Yes, a pink lemonade and a rootbeer.

16-year old ball-busting worker girl: You know…our rootbeer has caffeine in it.

Me:  It’s okay.

Oldest Hooligan:  Mom, can we have some licorice too?

Me:  Yes, and some licorice please.

16-year old ball-busting worker girl:  You know…the licorice has artificial color and flavors in it.

Me:  Thanks for telling me.

16-year old ball-busting worker girl:  Well, I just want you to be informed about what you are putting into your body.

Me:  So do you have anything that’s healthy?

16-year old ball-busting worker girl:  No.  Well, we have water, that’s it.

Me:  Okey-dokey then, I’ll try to remember that for next time.

Please tell me why this person is working at the theater snack bar, the biggest junk food venue in town? 

This just cracked me up.

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  1. Diane 1

    I used to work at a fast food restaurant and hated customers who were fussy and didn’t want this or that on their burgers. It was a real pain at busy times and my heart used to sink horribly when someone wanted no pickles or no mustard on their burgers. One day I had a woman with three kids all wanting something different on their food, avoiding various items like cheese and mustard and pickesl and then wanting no ice in their drinks. I smiled sweetly though as always as the kids looked so thrilled to be having fast food, not the normal glazed look of kids who eat it all the time. I could see the mother was uncomfortable with the whole idea of unhealthy fast food and I quipped as she ordered fries “Do you want them with salt?” – and she looked amazed and asked if it was possible to have them without. Of course it is, but it involves a bit of extra work – frying some fresh and cleaning the area of all salt and salted fries. It only took me a minute and half by which time their food was ready too and I piled it all onto a tray for them and off they went to a table to enjoy their almost healthy fast food. Of course now salt is restricted massively on the fries they serve, and quite rightly so! If you want more salt ask they do those cute sachets!
    I think I left not long after that – as much through finishing college and not needing a part time job anymore as anything else.
    I do wonder though how annoyed the next server she got was when she asked for fries without salt like that nice girl had done before!

  2. Jen 2

    Very funny but so true….

  3. Cass 3

    Clearly she isn’t working on commission!

  4. I am sure your town is wonderful but I would never survive my conscience is so unhealthy 😉

  5. Hahaha, very funny story.

  6. Steph 6

    That is too funny! I had a similar experience once, and I remember wondering why that particular person was working there!

  7. Yikes – too funny!

  8. I don’t know, I think she hit the major selling points pretty well. Extra buttah for me please!

    As to why she would be working there, it’s for the same reason a vegetarian would eat french fries at McDonald’s and then complain about the beef flavoring or whatever it is in them. If you’re a vegetarian, what the @#%& are you doing eating at McDondald’s? Most vegetarians I know eat that way as a matter of principle (moral, religious, or both) and not just for their health. Does that not smack of hypocrisy to them? Leave my fries alone!

  9. Get this…my father lives in Newport Beach and goes to the movies in Costa Mesa, at a theater across the street from South Coast Plaza. When you buy popcorn there, they hand you the bucket then you take it over to this little table where you get to put the butter on yourself. I kid you not, my father puts more butter in that bucket than there is popcorn. That poor girl would drop dead if she saw it.

  10. Too funny! After all her comments regarding the downside of movie theater food, I almost hoped she’d have healthy food to offer her. I can just see her little bucket of carrot sticks she keeps behind the butter.
    “Hey Lady! Pssst! Over here! You want carrots? I got your goods right here!”

  11. leslie 11

    Ok now that is funny..I can actually picture what this girl looked like..I am going to take a stab here…Ok, No smile anywhere on her face, Jet black straight hair and pasty skin. Smug smug smug know it all 16 year old!!!

  12. Maybe she is working there for the sheer enjoyment of ruining people’s snack-time.

  13. Harmony 13

    Ha! Carrot pusher…that’s great!

  14. When did root beer become caffeinated? Is that ball buster right????

  15. Amanda 15

    That is so funny! I love that girl! That girl reminds me of me! HA HA! She has a future in nutrition advocacy.

    I’ve always dispised commercial food, even when I was young, I took a stand. When I was 15 I got caught shoplifting at the local Weinstocks (like macy’s). I had to pay a fine of $250–I was 15 and this was 20 years ago–that was big money. As a punishment, my parents made me work at McDonalds until I could pay off the fine. It was a fitting punishment as I hated every McCrappy. I did the same thing as that little girl, “Here’s your burger. You do realize it’s green, and meat is not naturally green.”

    HA! I Love that girl!

  16. Cathy 16

    Some brands now are.

  17. Alisa 18

    That cracks me up! I love it. As annoying as it must have been at the time, what a great story to have. She probably visits the toad houses every night as well, instead of makeout point. hee, still chuckling here.

  18. Kim 19

    Too funny Cathy, I’m chuckling as I’m reading not believing this girl. Good for you for supporting your local theatre despite her efforts to kill business.

  19. Chinya 20

    You should have asked her for some bacon fat to drizzle over your popcorn!

  20. Too funny. I guess we should be happy that a 16 year old even KNOWS that stuff in the first place right? Here in LA there are so many that haven’t a clue – ingredients? what are those?

  21. She reminds me of Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi! I’m surprised she didn’t say “No saturated fat for you!!”

  22. krysta 23

    funny… but they won’t let you bring in your own snacks, they won’t sell sodas without corn syrup i.e. jones but she does that, ugh I would have wanted to slap her but it is funny that a 16 year old knows all this. in a way i am impressed!

  23. krysta 24

    you know at movie prices those carrot sticks would be like 50 dollars!

  24. Jessica 25

    Haha!! Wow. Its like she wants to sell you the junk food, but she doesn’t at the same time. How was kung fu panda?

  25. Jules 26

    Teenagers…they think they know it all…next time tell her all that negativity will make her boobs shrink!

  26. What 16 yr old cares about such things? What’s life without popcorn and butter with a side of milk duds?

  27. Ruth 28

    surely its part of her job to encourage people to buy stuff, rather than putting people off it?
    fair enough if the law says the staff have to announce these things, like having warnings on cigarettes etc… but i didnt think any cinemas had to do that yet, and i cant imagine any doing it by choice.

  28. Just imagine the “help” she’ll give her own kids someday!

  29. grace 30

    you know, 16-year old ball-busting worker girl, sometimes it’s okay to splurge and really enjoy some good old-fashioned junk food.

    eat more butter! :)

  30. That cracked me up! Here in TN, the snack bar people don’t ask “if” you want butter, the ask “how much”. Gotta love the South!

  31. Teri 32

    Wow, I love someones description of the 16 year old…ha ha dark hair, pasty! So true! This is sad because I’m moving somewhere near your area this month! Maybe we’ll just sneak our milk duds in my purse!

  32. Claudia 33


    Sounds like something my son would do-say. LMAO!

  33. You have to love teen-agers. Because if you don’t, you’d be in jail!

  34. That cracks me up to Catherine:D

  35. ALF 36

    That is too funny! I guess it’s a good thing that people are becoming more aware – maybe one day we won’t be the fattest country on the planet!

  36. Good God.

  37. That is so hilarious! I swear, I feel like the world is now run by 16-year olds…everywhere you go they’re the gatekeeper for something you need and so often there’s this really weird interaction that has to take place first. Oh well…hope you all enjoyed your movie!

  38. Deborah 39

    Too funny!! I’m actually surprised she is even working there – I’m sure if her boss heard her, she’d be sent walking!

  39. Lara 40

    That’s hilarious. I imagine you saying, as you walked away, “Mmmm, artificial colors and flavors! Yummo!”

  40. Wow, she might be better suited to working at Whole Foods! Besides, that takes some nerve to question a stranger’s choices when you are the one selling it.

  41. ROFL!

  42. The only thing more annoying than being warned about the dangers of snack food is being warned about the dangers of snack food by a person approximately 20 years your junior. How irritating. I swear, they watch those Michael Moore documentaries at a sleep over and suddenly they’re experts on everything!

  43. Very funny, but to answer your rhetorical question re: the girl working there – I suspect she won’t be for long…

  44. That was so funny – I can actually visualize the entire conversation.

    Teenagers continue to amaze and baffle.


  45. leslie 46 that I look at my cupcakes..they do remind me of a circus! LOL

  46. Stacy 47

    That is crazy. I’m surprised she hasn’t been fired by now–I’m sure the theater managers don’t want her discouraging purchases at the snack bar. Besides, it doesn’t make sense–a movie just isn’t the same without the popcorn.

  47. Neen 48

    sounds very California… which is sort of weirding me out. Do really hates it when waiters at restaurants do something similar — they discourage him from ordering “too much.” Do’s family likes to eat family style, and they like to take home leftovers, so they’ll often order an extra entree “for the table.” Nothing gets on Do’s nerves more than when the waiter tries to talk him out of it. It’s MY body, and MY money…and it’s YOUR job to sell it to me and make me happy about my choices.

    Sigh. How frusterating.

  48. ha, ha, ha… I bet her co-workers hate her.

  49. Lori 50

    That was too hilarious! By the end I would’ve been looking at her like she was crazy.

  50. Lennie 51

    The best part is that she couldn’t offer up any alternative foods! She truly must hate her job. Funny story.

  51. That is just too funny. Were any other coworkers within earshot of this conversation? I can only imagine what the manager would say. How bizarre. Hope you liked the movie… we still have yet to get to it!

  52. That young girl does seem to be in the wrong job. She should be in a health food store.

  53. Karly 54

    Wonder if her manager appreciates her leading the customers away from sales?

    I’m all for eating healthy, but seriously. LIVE A LITTLE. Everything in moderation, right? Also? What kind of MORON eats movie popcorn without BUTTER? That’s the BEST PART! If they would just give me a bowl of butter and a spoon I’d skip the popcorn!

  54. Absolutely hilarious! At least she was courteous. How was the movie?

  55. HoneyB 56

    Too funny, That would probably make me change my mind and order two large popcorn instead of kid sized 😉

  56. I’m sure her boss would be thrilled to know his employee is steering people away from the high-profit snacks to….water.

  57. I pity the woman who stands between me and my butter!!!

  58. Heather 59

    Makes me think about what I eat now, and what I didn’t eat back then…oh the things I was missing as an “informed” teenager, lol 😀

  59. giz 60

    Organic ball buster may be but at the end of the day…it’s all about the money.

  60. she won’t be there long. If she is the management doesn’t deserve to live anyway, or maybe the world is full of idiotic robots that cannot think outside the status quo. For example. While on vacation my brother is trying to rent a large SUV or passenger van . He keeps saying the same to them, to the car rentall assosiate, “I’m not going far but I am carrying 10 people. The reply woud be, “people don’t want those. “My brother started whopin on his own chest, ” I am a people, you can call me that, AND iam asking you for a large vehicle to hold 10 people!” Guess what the guy started bringing up objections about gas. Do you see what’s wrong with this picture? A customer is asking to purchase something that a company offers,the sales man has objections that the buyer must get over; WHEN BEFORE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME HAS THIS EVER HAPPENED? What’s going on?

  61. Lex the Mom 62

    I find that funny! I know where I’m from that would never happen, but being where you are – it doesn’t surprise me all that much! *chuckle*

    I still want to see Kung Fu Panda!

  62. NICE.

    I’ll admit it, the only reason I go to the movie theater is for the popcorn. We have a 62 inch TV and surround sound at home. I’m fine watching stuff here. But that popcorn? Cannot be duplicated.

    This is such a funny experience, I can’t imagine it happening in Wisconsin. Don’t get me wrong, Wisconsin could use some knuckle heads like that girl, but I just can’t picture it.

  63. sharon 64

    That’s hilarious. I wonder if she says that with every order?

  64. Egghead 65

    Sometimes I just think people are nosier than they need to be. Funny though.

  65. HOW did you keep a straight face?!

  66. what a freaky little jerk. I can remember being jerky in my youth too but that was downright off the charts!!

  67. Medena 68

    I don’t need library any more! :)

  68. Wendy 69

    hehehehehe… I love unsolicited advise. [sarcasm]
    In the teeny village I grow up in – it was considered “snobby” or “posh” to buy “fancy” products in the local tiny village store.
    Everyweek El Husbandino would go in and buy semi-skimmed milk (2%) and not the “usual” fat variety (4%)… and everytime the lady behind the counter would tell him “That’s the semi skimmed you’ve picked up”… and Scott would always have to say “Yes, I know. Thanks!”. He smoked also, and picked a “premuim” brand and not the “usual” cheaper Richmonds. “You sure you want the Marlboros?” … “Yes, thanks”. 😛

    Or… a month ago we’re both at a local Baby & Toddler fair – all excited, first kid etc. Now, I’m a larger lady and so not showing any baby bump, so I’m sporting a Tee that says “Bun In The Oven” and he is proudly wearing “Drinking for two” (just not my Mead!!!!) … and I was told to check out a pre and post natal yoga firm as it was great for meeting new mums etc. So, we get to the stand… and granted, I have no bump – but – they also do POST natal, so I could have been either.
    “Hi, I’d like to some information about the classes”
    … “Oh!” says the Twiglet “you collecting for someone else?”.

    … [weeps]


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